Bill Willingham To Work On Telltale’s Fables?

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Telltale have been keeping pretty tight-lipped about one of their 893 current development projects, Fables. At E3 all they were showing was a cryptic poster of a wolf, and queries about it were met with grins and silence. And all that’s been said is that it’s based on the DC comic that re-imagines fairytales in grim and gruesome ways. So it’s interesting to learn that the creator of the source comic, Bill Willingham, may be working on the game. (Willingham has had brief previous games experience when offering a mission to City Of Heroes.) The news comes from comics site, Bleeding Cool, who very confidently report that this will be officially announced on Saturday during ComicCon. They say that the deal is still being signed, but that Willingham has told friends that he’s happy with the studio, and that “they get it”. We expect more details will be revealed over the weekend.


  1. Choca says:

    “and queries about it were met with grins and silence”

    Amongst yawns, the E3 presentations of Telltale were extremely boring.

  2. Icarus says:

    Yes. Do want. Do want, so much. What I read of Fables was a piece of genius and I need to finally finish it.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      You can’t finish it, btw. It’s ongoing.

      (Though Issue 75’s end of the war with the Adversary could be considered the end of V1, I suspect)

      EDIT: Er… I think it’s issue 75. That’s from memory.


    • Icarus says:

      Bloody hell, it’s STILL GOING? That’s genuinely fantastic. Still, I only have the first couple of trades from a few years back, and kept forgetting to go back to it. Same with Ex Machina (first five trades, then stopped buying comics for a while due to money stuff). I’ll have to actually order the damn trades for both of those and get properly caught up.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Ex Machina is finished by now! Though I’ve yet to read the last few volumes.

      I read FABLES up until the end of the Adversary war, then stopped. While it’s a fine comic, for me, I had reached my natural end. From what I understand, there’s no planned end as such, as long as Willingham has stories to tell in its world.


    • Icarus says:

      Right. In that case I probably thought Fables had finished when I was thinking of EM since I got into them around the same time. Cheers for that KG

    • Ginger Yellow says:

      Fables definitely peaked with the end of the Adversary war, but it’s still pretty good. The story has just reached another climax, so it might be a good time to catch up.

    • OOS says:

      I read the first volume of Fables, and I found it incredibly dull. I just felt like they had written a rather bland detective story, then thrown a fiary tale skin over it to make it more original. Though some of the art (particularly the random little pages between issues) was fantastic. Does it get better as it goes along?

    • Jake says:

      It gets a lot better, I thought it started quite weakly as well.

    • Turkey says:

      I got 3 volumes in and I still found it dull. Willingham is like a poor man’s Mike Carey imo.

    • Om says:

      I tend to have a problem with this in comics. I was brought up to believe that a good story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Without this you just get a soap opera. Fables would have been a great read if it had been wrapped around around issue 50. Or at least before that whole painful war thingy, with it’s fairly obvious allusions to Israel

    • OOS says:

      If I can find it cheap, I may try another volume to decide whether or not it’s my thing or not. In any case, though, the universe and idea behind it does provide a very interesting scenario for a game, and I look forward to seeing what Telltale does here.

    • Jake says:

      I liked the war. Mostly I liked seeing things like the Vorpal blade going snicker-snack or weaponised Sleeping Beauty. Lots of great ideas. I thought the writing was fine and though I didn’t especially like a lot of the characters they were at least interesting, often with flawed personalities like Jack. Oh and the joke about the 4th little pig was brilliant although I think that was in a spin-off.

      And it does have beginnings and middles and ends – at least, there are conclusions to story arcs the same as most comics.

  3. Hakkesshu says:

    Fables is an extremely good comic, and I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what they do with it. I can’t imagine it fitting directly into the continuity without either making it a sidestory or simply retelling the plot from the comics, though.

  4. Gap Gen says:

    New idea:
    – Deus Exes: A story about the women who slept with Zeus and their struggle to come to terms with the experience.
    – Half Lives: The source is decaying, but by how much? 50%? 75?% 87.5%? Only you have the answer.
    – Marios Brothers: Like Mario, but Greek.

  5. davidek says:

    Was I the only one who dropped Fables after the main character suddenly started spouting right wing propaganda about Israel? And it was pretty clear, it was the author talking through his characters, not the character speaking its part.
    The whole death penalty after the rebellion seemed a bit weird, too, did it not?

    • Rinox says:

      I was gonna post the about the Israel thing too. I didn’t stop reading tho – it was a pretty singular moment of the author inserting his political views into the comic in such an obvious manner.

      Overall, I don’t mind an author letting his political ideas shine through in his work, but in that case it was so obvious it became…uneasy.

    • Christian O. says:

      Yeah, that soured me on the series as a whole too.

    • aerozol says:

      Was a real shame.

  6. joeymcjoeysalot says:

    Haven’t read much more than the first trade, but I enjoyed it. I would finish Ex Machina btw because the ending is perfect.