Extruded: Intruded

No, really, everything's fine.
It’s Friday night! And I’m distracting myself from the random horror of the real world with some mild invented horror, via IndieGames. It’s a browser game called Intruded, by A Small Game. It’s a sort of 3D puzzle/escape thing, where the difficulty is generated by trickiness of judging what is going on from the surveillance camera-style (think Alone In The Dark with more static) views you get of what is happening to your odd-looking protagonist. It has an disconcerting atmosphere to it that manages to imbue empty, featureless corridors with a sense of threat. It’s very simple, and not quite clever enough, but certainly interesting.


  1. rayne117 says:

    She is a very good moonwalker.

  2. Scandalon says:

    Interesting example of how far style and/or doing something first can take you, and it’s limitations.

    I only got as far as the pointy conical spikes, playing a bad rendition of just the movement portions of Resident Evil 1/Alone in the Dark was not fun, and only interesting for a short time.

    Could be the first “get something up and running” pass of something better with some work.

    • Tei says:

      “pointy conical spikes”
      I automatically nicknamed that room “the backgammon table”

  3. piggydiggy says:

    The gameplay is very similar to a game on Kongregate where you play a drunk or something and the perspective and camera angle keeps changing, although this is more arty.

    Like the person above, I left at the pointy conical spikes, it just wasn’t that fun to play in my opinion. Looked cool though, just didn’t live up to the art style.

  4. Harley Turan says:

    Man, I really enjoyed this. The later stages are stunning.
    link to i.imgur.com link to i.imgur.com

  5. Gonefornow says:

    I liked this one a lot.
    Played it through twice, second go in the ghost mode obviously, and, boy, was that fun.
    I really don’t know why thought.

    The style was excellent and music brilliant so it comes down to the gameplay.
    I just enjoyed the gameplay, especially being chased by a ghost, eerily similar to the fairy eating monster in pan’s labyrint when it comes to the eyes, dodging objects with clumsy controls.
    And now I know why.

    I took the challenge of bearing with the controls and overcame it, with style might I add.
    Well done me, and the creator(s) of this short game (that really isn’t such a great equivalent for short story, is it?).

    Right, a small game, that is kinda catchy.

  6. yhalothar says:

    Frustrating Camera Angles – The Game.

  7. Text_Fish says:

    So as far as I can tell the only challenge is to survive in spite of the terrible controls and intentionally prohibitve camera angles. I got to the big room with the floaty mace thing and yellow catwalks and just decided I was too bored.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Yeah I couldn’t get passed there. As soon as I make the first turn I fall off. Very frustrating.

  8. Eukatheude says:

    Played through the whole thing. It’s got some quite interesting visuals, though the gameplay is frustrating and ultimately boring.
    I’m not sure if the ending thingy is nice or terrible.

  9. TonyB says:

    In many ways this is broken and barely controllable. On the other hand, this is the nearest I’ve come to playing a game that feels like I’m in Knightmare (as in the actual show, not the bizarre and largely unrelated computer game versions). For this, I have to give it considerable respect.

  10. airknots says:

    So, it’s like “The Experiment” then. I’ve been wishing to try that game for quite some time but I don’t have time.:(

    • Gabbo says:

      If you have patience, I would recommend checking it out. it’s a different, if unforgiving experience.

    • unangbangkay says:

      I recommend giving it a try. Feels about as first-person as it gets in a way. You should keep a walkthrough handy, though, since some of the puzzle answers weren’t translated from French to English, though the questions were.

    • Nezuji says:

      No, it LOOKS like “The Experiment”, but it doesn’t play anything like it.

      In “The Experiment”, you try and guide a woman around a deserted research ship, primarily by switching things on and off repeatedly to encourage her to look at them. The thing is, she is quite capable of missing/ignoring pretty much everything except the overhead lights. Plus, there are red herrings in the form of things you can fiddle with, but have no purpose within the game, which the woman has some psychic ability to detect (she seems even less likely to respond to those items). So you get into a situation where you’ve made that microwave next to the woman ding 27 times and she’s not responded, so you give up and drag her around the rest of the ship. Giving up, you read a walkthrough: “Make the microwave ding so she opens it and finds the whatever”.

      I can see the appeal, but it just frustrated the heck out of me.

  11. thepaleking says:

    It’s not really horror, is it. I mean it’s got an air of ominousness about it, but there are also random brightly colored cubes floating around. I got to the point where you have to move along a narrow walkway while giant spikes shoot out at you, and at the same time collect some apple, then I gave up. I like the concept though.

  12. 8-bit says:

    to me it started with the idea that you were some sort of thief caught on camera, before slowly transforming into a dream/nightmare, it was all done rather well imo. I also liked that the camera angles were using the resident evil style, which made it just difficult enough, but not to the point of giving up in frustration.

    Then it finished with an “oh is it over/is that it?” moment and gave me a score telling me how well I did…..

  13. unangbangkay says:

    This reminds me of Lexis Numerique (the Majestic-12 ARG people) and The Experiment (aka Experience 112 for Europeans). The whole game was manipulated by you operating a facility’s security/maintenance systems and shepherding some crazy lady through the ruins, by blinking lights on and off or unlocking doors.

    Then you could solve puzzles by digging through the email databases and figuring out passwords and such. Except that some of the puzzles had questions translated into English, but the answers still in French, which kind of broke the game unless you used a walkthrough.

  14. CaspianRoach says:

    This game shows what camera should you expect dare you ever try to play a console game.

  15. soylentrobot says:

    changing camera angles while walking on a thin bridge over an instant death pit: Nope

    • Sinomatic says:

      I think the game is short enough to get away with it to be honest. I actually found the maze section to be more difficult/frustrating than the rest of it.

  16. Bilbo says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed that. Good catch.

  17. Navagon says:

    Interesting art style and decent music but so very many gameplay mistakes that it wasn’t enjoyable at all.

  18. kzrkp says:

    Neat camera, neat filters. Music doesn’t fit. Uninteresting game, bad controls. I don’t like art games – not because they are art games, because they’re not rated the same as “game” games and get a pass on very poor game mechanics. Something that could be an enjoyable game isn’t because the game side is neglected. Bleh.