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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Super Meat Buy

I’m a bit weary this week, I’ve had several heavy late night, uh, networking sessions one after the other as part of Develop conf in Brighton. Luckily, my ever reliable SavyGamer contributors Tony and Will have been keeping an excellent watch over the cheap games in my absence, so when it came time to compile the bargain bucket, they’d already found loads of good deals for me. Everyone say thanks to them please. Here’s this week’s selection.Frozen Synapse x2 – £9.49/€11.24/$12.47
That’s two copies of Frozen Synapse there, so if you choose to split it two ways you’ll be paying £4.75/€5.62/$6.24 each. Bit of a megabargain there. Alec Euroviewed this back at release, ending with this snappy gambit:
“Frozen Synapse takes the old, the stuffy and the traditionally glacial and it makes it brand new, instant and brutal. It’s such an achievement.”

Eufloria – £2.99/$4.99/€4.99
Jim was quite keen on this abstract, pretty, RTS:
“There’s a certain small crowd of gamers I know that will love it unreservedly. The game is as stylish and as soothing as a this kind of game has ever been, and it has a distinctly clean, modern charm, like an Ikea of space strategy. But like the furniture, it’s not going to appeal to everyone. The peculiar pacing will frustrate some, while the abstract presentation will deflect others – it doesn’t always even distinguish well between you and an enemy, giving you similar colours – an added frustration.. I can see why all these things would be problems – hence mentioning them – but my tastes do warm to this odd kind of strategic puzzle-solving. It almost feels healthy, like it’s a good meal of a game, rather than simply another sugary treat.”
More thoughts here, or go and grab the demo.

Cogs – £2.75/$3.75
Cogs – £3.49/$4.99/€4.49
I’ve listed both here because I’m not sure when this offer ends at either outlet, so if the cheaper one runs out, you can jump on the next best offer. This is a stunningly lovely square-sliding puzzler, where everything clicks and whirs mechanically. John’s thoughts are here, and if you’re at all interested you should definitely try the demo.

Batman: Arkham Asylum – £3.74/€7.49/$7.49
Quite probably the best Batman game to date, here’s Alec on why this is amongst the caped crusaders finest hours:

Arkham’s greatest feat is establishing exactly what makes Batman Batman, distilling them down into a few core features, then presenting them with oodles of flair. He’s not a jack-of-all-trades hero, his Batrope isn’t magically able to attach to anything, he isn’t invincible, and he can’t duff up 38 guys a minute. He just does a few things very, very well, and these few things are presented excitingly enough to rarely become boring.

I’ll be first in line for Arkham City methinks.

Deal of the week
Super Meat Boy – £4.98/€6.99/$7.49
This was my game of 2010, I’ve spent more than 100 hours on it since release, and have only got very very close to 100% completion (I will finish those last two Cotton Alley dark world levels). It’s bursting with creativity, never shies away from pushing you to get better at the game, and has a deep respect for its players in every fibre of it’s design. After VVVVVV & Limbo, SMB cemented 2010 as one of the best years for 2D platformers so far. Say it with me: SU-PER MEAT BOY!

Also of note:
The Tiny Bang Story – £2.75/€3.12/$4.48
Amnesia: The Dark Descent – £5.15/€5.54/$7.95
The Whispered World – £3.74/similar prices in other currencies
Altitude – £3.49/€4.49/$4.99 (free weekend too).

To keep you finger on the pulse of what is cheap in gaming at all times, keep a close watch on

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