Do You Play League Of Legends? Speak!

1.4 million summoners fighting, yesterday.
The League Of Legends noise machine has been loud this week, with a trailer for the new patch (below) which will nerf some of the more popular heroes, but also a big boasting stats release. Here’s what they said: “As of today, 15 million people have registered to become League of Legends players. Each month, over 4 million people log in to play. And on each day, 1.4 million summoners play League of Legends together.”

Four million! That’s even more people than read RPS each month. My startling powers of logic lead me to reason that this means that some of you lot must also play League Of Legends. You have one comment thread: explain its appeal to me.


  1. Heliosicle says:

    I would, but their crappy downloader won’t work for me any more, every time I download it it corrupts, which is a bit poo.

  2. Coins says:

    I never got the apeal of DOTA games, so both HoN and LoL past me by completely, besides the odd video-play on youtube.

  3. Gorechili says:

    I’ve been playing League for awhile now, usually with friends with a fair share of solo queue. The game is simply addictive. I feel like it compounds the same motivations in progression in an MMO into a 20-60 minute period. You kill things to get gold, you use gold to get items, you now kill things better so you can get more gold to continue the original process, and there is the competitive aspect behind it to throw some gas on that feverish famine feast we call a game. Had a bad game? You want to do it again, anyway. Had a great game? You want to do twenty more of those. The game has this unholy satisfaction to playing it.
    Your range of enjoyment of LoL will be very much tied to how many friends you can drag into the abyss with you. Having some buddies to make fun of or have make fun of you along for the ride is a good solution. Plus, being able to use ventrilo really helps with team communication since the game lacks something similar.
    Being a newbie in this game is not very forgiving. The more you die, the less likely it is not only for you not to win, but for your entire team. This is mildly stressful, especially with the emotional investment most players tend to reveal as you suck. It can be hard to blame, them, too.
    One of the negatives I apply to this game: it is, on average, a 40 minute time investment that you may have lost 20 minutes in. There is nothing more god awful than suffering through a hilariously lopsided game because you and/or your team did poorly at the start and refuse to surrender. This is usually circumvented by playing with friends, which seems like a running theme with multiplayer games these days. God help you if someone on your team is “being hilarious” and “feeding for the lulz” and is a “fleshy totem of societal failure.”
    It offers various levels of play, is “free,” and is actively supported. The color scheme and interface is easy on the eyes. We’ll see how this all stacks up when Valve unleashes DotA 2.

  4. Sojha says:

    Because I am a masochist who likes constantly throwing myself into the walls of abuse from other players.

    Also really messy games with a ton of kills are a lot of fun where players consistently jump each other from bushes

  5. Santiaguito says:

    I started playing it while they were on their closed beta, really sucked at it, got frustuated and left it. It catched my interest again when they entered season 1, and haven’t let go since then. It is a fun game, either with friends or without them you can have a good time. It’s true that joining the solo queve for both normal and ranked games is like playing russian roulette, but i have faith that those problems are going to get solved. Not too long ago Riot implemented their LeaverBuster system, and with ir they are cleaning the community from leavers. Their Tribunal system is very promising too, in which you get cases of summoners(players) reported and with the information from the match and the chat log you get to vote whether to forgive and punish the accused summoner. I really think that with enough time those systems will cleanse the community from both leavers and douches.
    About the comparisions with other MOBA games, i think LoL’s the best, based on their gameplay. It’s true that the first minutes can get boring, but let’s not forget that the early game of LoL is a lot more exciting that the one from DotA. As they feature on their site, they made the early gameplay so that players could play aggresively, using skills and such. If you try to do the same in DotA you’ll quickly find that it’s a lot more unforgiving. And as LoL has no “deny” mechanism, which i think only slows the game and make it more defensive, the pace of the early game’s nice.
    The other point haters usually complain about is LoL’s graphics. In my case i always loved the cell-shading-ish style of LoL, and even if you don’t like the cartoonish looks, you can still find champions that are not that cartoonish. Take Teemo for example, he is a true cartoon, with his big eyes and cute-ish clothing, but you can’t say the same from Urgot, a fat guy sitting on 4 mechanical legs filled with scars everywhere and bad-ass electrical particles on his back.
    I think LoL’s a good game that has something for everyone, wheter you like to support your team using a musical instrument or killing your foes with a lamppost, you can do it.

    P.S.: they have a new map incoming on season 2 called the Magma Chamber, FYI ^^.

  6. Maykael says:

    All my friends play it obsessively and I hate its guts. I really really really fucking hate League of Legends and any MOBA game for that matter. It may have something to do with the type of competition this type of game promotes, but I can’t put my finger on it because I really like online shooters on the other hand. All I see is my friends secretly think that each are better at the game than the others and this really fucks up the concept of teamplay. Only Valve could make me like the genre, but I’m very skeptical. The appeal of these games is inexplicable to me.

  7. Zinic says:

    Yes, I play. Why do I play? Because of the Teemo skins, of which there is never enough.

  8. admanb says:

    I’ve been an on-and-off player of LoL for at least two years now. It’s not a game that I can dedicate myself to (because of the rage it can induce) so it needs to be casual-friendly or I just wouldn’t play it (see: DotA). LoL is a game where I feel like as long as I remember the basics, play competently, and have a good item build I won’t be a drain on my team, which is perfect for the amount of time I want to dedicate to it.

  9. trash_hermit says:

    One of the most solid Free-to-Play-at-launch games I’ve played. The game takes a lot of practice to play well, but rewards those who stick with it and give their full attention to the game. Also, isn’t one of those rare multiplayer games that can NOT be played without everyone doing their part.

    Also, the game gives absolutely no advantage to those who pay versus those who play a lot. Skins are the only thing that is paid-only.

  10. MattW says:

    -I get to play with my friends every evening
    -It demands – and rewards – my complete attention and decision-making capabilities
    -I get to develop, refine and take ownership of my own particular champion builds
    -The individual abilities are satisfying to use (both in terms of the mechanical effects and the audio/visual components)
    -The mechanics are transparent enough that when I lose, I can see why I lost – and more importantly, what I need to work on to avoid losing like that again

  11. Evilpigeon says:

    I play because I’m quite good at it, I get enjoyment out of doing things right and improving my game. As a lot of other people have said it’s a game that emphasises teamwork and an intimate understanding of the interactions of the items and champions it’s a deep, if repetitive experience… Kinda like playing football but with my hands and a keyboard.

  12. Antsy says:

    I love LoL. I love it and I’m terrified of it.

    Its a free game thats a lot of fun sometimes and it will NEVER force you to play against a real person.

    Sign up, jump in some co-op vs a.i. matches and see what you think. It’ll cost you nothing but time.

  13. DarkeSword says:

    I don’t think I could ever play this game, because I have this mild social anxiety when it comes to playing online games with a big emphasis on teamwork. I’m always worried about screwing up and being depended on in a big way; that’s why I almost always play Spy in TF2, and almost never play Medic. It also too me a long time to play any kind of healing class in WoW instances; I prefer to sit in the back and DPS. :|

    I think I just need to find a group of friends and play with them only. .__.

  14. TsunamiWombat says:

    I open my eyes after a long period of darkness. I stand upon an ancient pedestal dominated a mystical fountain, it’s cool waters glittering white with unknowable arcane powers of renewal, casting an aura of life and replenishment across the vegetation strewn ground. Beyond the pedastal is an enormous fortification of war, a great magical keep built around an enormous purple crystal. It is flanked by immense stone towers, hewn in the image of wretched gargoyles, arcane gemstones clad in their clawed hands imbued with a dark and violent light. Beside me are five strangers- strangers whose names I do not know and have never met, but their forms I have seen and known a hundred times.

    Ashe, the elvanesque archer of the bitterly cold Freljord mountains, her bows and arrows formed mystically of the very ice itself. Mundo, an enormous purple brute of hulking muscle and maddened eyes, his tongue lolling uselessly from a half senseless mouth, a cruel and bloodied meat cleaver clenched in his meaty paw. Singed, an emaciated shell of a man, the hair burned from his head and brow by a hundred chemical fires, fluorescently glowing bottles of alchemical nature dangling from his many belts and pouches casting an unnatural pallor across his pale face half concealed beneath a scarf. Veigar, the comically tiny dark lord of the yordles, his magically warped visage concealed by heavily buckled blue robes and a bent conical hat, a spiked scepter clutched imperiously in his heavily gloved hands.

    And today, for now, I am Warwick- once a man of science and measure, whose great cruelty and evil caused him to be cursed from humanity itself, now a slavering wolf beast. My fur is stiff and snow white, and buckled to my hunched animalistic frame are plates of armor lacquered gold. My claws are tipped in steel, my teeth daggers.

    A disembodied, vaguely feminine voice booms through our universe – “Welcome to Summoner’s Rift!” Instinctively I know that across the ancient and mystical forest, and the deep cold river that cuts between it, is another such fortification, with five other champions dwelt within. They were our enemies, and I had fought this war a thousand times. I knew them not, but again I instinctively knew their forms and their powers. Amongst them was my doppelganger, an imposter. Like me, his teeth were sharp, his claws deadly. Like me, he wielded mysterious arcane powers- the ability to ignite his enemies in mystical flames, and to summon a spear of light from the heavens that would smite lesser creatures to dust with its power. But his fur was grey with a blue tinge, his armor a dull brass.

    He had the classic skin. Peasant.

    I instinctively knew where he would go and what he would do. As I purchased equipment for myself from the mystical aether surrounding the ancient fountain, I sent my will through the tenebrous lines that connected me to my fellow champions – there was a clicking sound, then a ping, and a point of interest flashed across our minds, in the lower right corner of our collective vision. No words were exchanged – we had never met, these people and I, but we had all fought the same battles again and again. The intention was known without thought. “Thirty seconds until minions spawn!” declares the mellifluous voice.

    I raced from our fortifications accompanied by my fellow champions, through twisting and choked ancient jungle grounds, and across a deep but gently flowing river. Veigar broke off from the group, diving into a large tuft of tall jungle brush that lay along the river’s edge, utterly concealed within its dense vegetation but able to see all that occurred around him.

    The rest of our squad pressed on, into the very heart of the forest on the enemies side of the river, where we lay in wait in some brush beside a copse. Long seconds pass. Silence. The voice once against thunder across the universe – “Minions have spawned.”

    Soon now. I can smell him coming.

    The doppelganger comes running through the woods, towards the very brush we now occupy – to lay in wait for the ancient defenders of the wood that will soon awaken to the sound of our clashing armies, no doubt. Along the three central lanes of the jungle, magically summoned minions march- petty goblins shrouded in robes and armor, wielding spiked maces and magical scepters. Chaff. A necessary resource.

    The doppelganger breaks the brush and is immediately confronted by us. A dozen things happen in an instant- Mundo hurls his filth encrusted cleaver, sinking it debilitating into the doppelgangers thigh. Ashe, cool and prepared, fires a single devastating arrow, followed immediately by a volley of five simultaneously which spread from the curve of her bow like the spray from a blunderbuss. Singed barrels forward, and with shocking strength for his spry form, grabs the battered grey wolf and hurls him bodily over his shoulder, clear over our heads.

    And even as he lands with a painful thump, I whirl and lash out at him with a hungering strike. My claws gouge flesh from his back, which I immediately stuff into my maw and consumed. The doppelganger slumps with a groan of pain.

    “First blood! An Enemy has been slain!” The voice cries out. The imposter is dead, and the world knows I killed him. I am rewarded. An invisible sum of gold is accredited to me, to buy more weapons, to kill more.

    Even in our moment of triumph we begin to retreat, falling back across the river. Alerted by the battle, a visage hurries down river towards us. Pale skin, glittering with flecks of gold- elegant charms barely concealed by her gauzy garments. Torn, ripped wings, trailing streamers of blood and bone behind them, and a beautiful face twisted by cruelty and malice. Morgana.

    But Veigar see’s. And what he sees, I see, and what I see he sees. As Morgana hurls her skill shot, a virulent purple orb streaming brimstone choked smoke screams through the air like the wails of the damned, I swerve at the last moment, juking the shot. As it lazily flies over my shoulder, I can smell the stench of death upon it, and for an instant everything tastes purple. We flee to the safety of our side of the river, briefly pursued by the enemy, who eventually break off to wage war upon the lanes, slaughtering our minions in vengeance. The gank squad splits, each heading to their assumed place. Positions are called. I press deeper into the jungle- an ancient golem awaits me, and it will die.

    The clock reads two minutes, thirty seconds.

    This is why I play League of Legends.

  15. PFlute says:

    I seriously enjoyed LoL during my time. Unfortunately even playing with my friends got a bit unfun, as they started to take things pretty seriously. I keep thinking about giving it a try now that there’s more to do with bots, though.

  16. ChainsawCharlie says:

    I used to play it, but haven’t logged in for couple of months. The appeal: its free

  17. Polysynchronicity says:

    I play both HoN and LoL.

    They both have their merits graphically, so I’ll just go into gameplay stuff.

    To me, HoN seems like a more varied and exciting game. Picking a good hero setup and smart gear choices have a big impact on whether your team will do well. Fights seem to be faster but (and maybe this is just me personally) I have an easier time figuring out what’s going on when compared to LoL teamfights. I think it’s because the HoN map is visually bigger and heroes are naturally further apart on screen. That said, HoN players do definitely seem to be angrier than LoL players, although this has decreased some as I’ve gotten better at the game and gone up in rank. The part of the community that actually helps with community projects (I’m currently volunteering as part of a S2-sponsored effort to mentor new players and help them have actual enjoyable games while learning) also seems very friendly and social.

    That said, LoL is more consistent. While I might have an absolutely terrible time or an absolutely amazing time playing HoN, I always have at least some fun playing LoL. The hero design which allows almost any hero to benefit well from items, and game design choices like respawning inhibitors, seems to encourage relatively long games where both teams farm a lot, but also means that nobody is stuck with the “support bitch” role too hard. On the other hand, the fact that everyone benefits from farm means that people with no farm are usually twice as screwed.

    At the end of the day, I enjoy HoN when playing with friends or helping with community projects (teaching is actually really fun!) but LoL is great for a more laid-back, less competitive game, and would probably be the one I recommend to new players as its learning curve is much easier. Any fan of the genre should eventually play both though, IMO.

    I will note, though that the top HoN player, chu, switched to LoL as chu8 and got to the top of the LoL rankings within 2 months. I’m not sure about the SIZE of the competitive scene in LoL, but I definitely find the HoN one more exciting to watch and the players seem more impressive too. :P

  18. Thirst says:

    Rarely, mostly Starcraft 2.

  19. Maldomel says:

    I play it because I saw a friend do a game, and since it was f2p and a bunch of my friends (ok, most of them) were playing it I gave it a try. And I like it, even though I’m not quite the skilled player yet.

    Now, the one thing that puts me off sometimes is the community. I rarely saw a worse pack of assholes (minus my friends and the RPS gentlemens here of course). People whine, insult others, have excuses when they play badly… all the friggin’ time.
    It’s gone to the point where not playing with 4 friends is a challenge, ’cause the last random peon you get can and will usually be a prick, or a feeder. So maybe I fell on the wrong guys a lot of times, but it’s almost depressing to lose a(nother) game because my teammates do shit.

    To give an example to show my point: today our Mundo did what he does best: he goes where he pleases. Except he did seem to forget that ennemies where in front of him, all the time. So he feedeed a lot, and we losed while he insulted us because we asked him to play correctly (it’s not that difficult to watch the minimap).

    But don’t get me wrong, the game can, and is still a lot of fun to play, specially with friends.

  20. Abndak says:

    Been playing from the start. It has become my daily game, i used to play some dota. Not obscene amounts but enough to know around the heroes and be able to deal with any hero coming down the road.

    What appeals to me. Riot has done amazing job balancing the game, it’s impossible to make these games 100% balanced but the way riot has tweaked major gameplay issues like the global abilities in this patch. There will always be the flavor of the month heroes which tend to do better in some surroundings but in the end. Things are much more balanced than they ever were in dota or the short time i gave hon a try. Adding to that they have open and friendly PR section, something you can’t say about some of the players. Luckily it’s just a loud minority. The new champions every 2 weeks continue to be fun to play and are at least a bit innovative. Rarely completely over the top.

    As a competitive game to follow lol rivals sc2 imho, and most high end players do tend to stream daily. This makes it easier to get better in the game.

  21. Teddy Leach says:

    I’ll give it another shot when the community calms down and grows up.

    • skyturnedred says:

      I’ve found that your overall gaming experience is improved immensely if you play after midnight. Kids are asleep, so the mood is usually more relaxed.

      That is, of course, until someone does a silly mistake at some point and someone who is tired just snaps.

    • Thirst says:

      Pretty sure that won’t ever happen, just look at the DotA community, hardly anything as changed.

    • InternetBatman says:

      That’s what /mute all is for.

  22. Reapy says:

    I think I spent time figuring out how to play the game to a certain point, but I felt that without a reliably group to play with the game sort of falls flat as a pick up and play…. and I mean that for DOTA or whatever the f its called style games.

    The concept in itself is really cool, I like the IP/RP and free to play thing. The multiple heros that are easy to learn and a bit harder to master. The customization and micro char builds… all of that is really cool…but I feel like the whole dota tower push laning last hit blah blah mechanics are just not fun.

    I find the group fights a bit too explosive and spazzy in contrast to the rest of the game. It really is a game of micro heart and soul.

    I have no clue what would be better, but I feel like you could take the whole DOTA architecture and place it in another type of game that isn’t RTS and doesn’t have towers, creeps, or lanes. I think there is something there that is great, but it just seems like the whole genera is afraid to try new things and push it into a place beyond that one f’ing map.

    Yes I saw bloodlines champions, I thought that might be the way of it, but a sort of spazzy arena shooter wasn’t the way either.

    Well all that said, I thought LoL was a pretty well put together game and did love the artwork and character design, but ultimately it wasn’t a gaming system I wanted to commit myself to. I really do hope that in the future someone else takes the dota model and places it on another format.

  23. Stylosa says:

    It’s a great game. I was never a fan of DotA style titles until I worked my way round to League of Legends, It’s shown me the light. We even have a LoL playlist up on our youtube channel:

    link to

    Feel free to join our TeamSpeak server if any of you guys fancy some LoL action :)

  24. Melf_Himself says:

    “explain its appeal to me”

    DOTA-styled games in general:
    1) RPG click-reward syndrome = happiness
    2) Playing a strategy game that doesn’t require 200 APM to be competitive

    LoL vs DOTA itself:
    1) Much more accessible, especially in terms of having a sufficient n00b population that you can learn the game without being abused
    2) Much better looking

    LoL vs other contemporary DOTA games:
    1) Huge playerbase means you get games quickly against appropriately (relative to other games) matched opponents
    2) Huge number of champs, each with really colorful theme/style/personality
    3) Free to play, free to unlock champs (with time)…. or you can pay money to unlock new champs more quickly. Money also is put down if you want some of the cooler looking skins. i.e. money spent does not give you a competitive advantage.
    4) New champion released usually every 2 weeks… they’re up to something like 70-80 at the moment.
    5) Competitive scene that is starting to become “serious business” e-sports material. Recent $100,000 dreamhack finals were covered well and quite fun to watch. Huge number of champs means that there are several that are quite OP, but ranked match system of banning and draft-picking champs allows the players to strategise around this. Frequent balance updates mean that OP champs often don’t stay that way for long.
    6) If you’re not competitive, you can just play with other people vs AI.

    I’ve not played Heroes of Newerth, which seems like the only competitor at the moment in this genre (until DOTA 2 is released). HoN’s flat cost means that you get access to all champs right away. I’ve heard rumors that their community are full of more meanie poo-poo faces and that it’s very difficult in HoN to recover from mistakes early in the game (big snowball effect)… but then again such rumors are from talking to LoL players, so this is probably a biased sample.

    Apologies if repeating some of the above, but as the first poster managed to ignite the HoN vs LoL flamewar I decided not to bother reading the ensuing comments.

  25. MeatGrowBrain says:

    Feel the need to add my voice to those proclaiming LoL’s weirdly addictive nature. However to raise something which I haven’t seen anyone else discuss so far; the Tribunal. When I get tired of playing matches with the somewhat more wearingly abusive contingent of the LoL community, there is little more enjoyable than going through cases, weighing up the idiocies others have had to suffer, and then finally getting a nice little reward for it at the end.

  26. heartlessgamer says:

    I had to stop playing because the matches just take too damn long, especially when half are almost always over in the first 10 minutes in the lower/less organized tiers. This may get better later on, but its too much of a grind to get to the more organized play.

  27. heker_88 says:

    I always here allot of people saying that in games like LoL they always get greifers and bullies who ruin a game from the very begging, and although i do no dispute this fact i don’t think its as deep rooted in the community as people make out. I play almost exclusively in solo que and i get good games mostly 80% of the time (even the ones i lose!). I think its a simple trick but i find it always helps, and that is to start every game with a chat to all of glhf. I know it doesn’t sound like much but i find this generally gets people talking positively to each other from and it takes very little effort to keep the conversation positive from this point on. This is by no means 100% effective but it can really help allot.

    I didn’t mean to write this much but I’d like to ask if anyone would be interested in starting a RPS LoL crew so i can get to playing with nice and affable people 100% of the time rather than just 80. If one already exists could someone point me in its direction

  28. Davie says:

    It was fun for a good bit, but I simply got bored of playing on the same map every single time. Yes, I know there are two maps, but almost no one plays Twisted Treeline, and still: Two maps. The only reason DotA had one map was because a single map was the easiest way to package a Warcraft III mod. I’d hope its many imitators would try to improve on that particular limitation.

    • InternetBatman says:

      Twisted Treeline is usually a thirty second queue for me. Plenty of people play it, but the problem is that the characters are not balanced on TT so you run in to tons of Mundos, Gragi, and Tryndameres.

  29. freethezoo says:

    I like Leauge of Legends because it is competitive, yet still possible to play without performing 9000 actions per minute like in starcraft.

    The gameplay is like a 60 minute action rpg with awesome skills for each character; if you like games like diablo, dungeon siege or torchlight, this should have immediate appeal.

  30. Deschain says:

    I play LoL semi frequently, and am currently a decently highly rated player (1450ish). I like LoL because it’s competitive, fun, and has many unique styles to its champions for delivering whatever experience I want at that time. I used to play HoN and Dota, but I hated the defensively dominated passive play. I hated the feeling that when I was pushing to make a play I was putting my team at risk because of the snowballing nature and the defense oriented meta strategies that permeate the community. Denying may seem skillful, but at it’s heart it just isn’t fun for either party. Too much passivity, so much less focus on doing things that require more input and reaction. But different strokes for different folks- if you like denying and passive play, HoN may be your game. I prefer LoL’s summoner spells, art style, and general game play trends, as well as their actual innovation instead of lifting champions straight from DOTA (Some are certainly inspired and have many of the same skills, but HoN’s are literal copies).

    As for the community, yeah LoL’s community has it’s issues. But honestly, so does the entire internet. I rarely can even read the RPS comments because any time anyone mentions LoL, WoW, or so many other subjects (femshep anyone?) it immediately devolves into a flame war. A well written flame war perhaps, but just the same baseless insults.

    In short, I enjoy LoL because it’s fun, has relatively short game length, satisfying spells and abilities, and has a rewarding skill curve (at times).

  31. Insanity says:

    I see people saying that the HoN community is worse than the LoL community. I didn’t know you could get worse than the LoL community?!

    I can see how Moba games breed anger though as you are so reliant on your team, much more so than most types of game.

  32. johnadreams says:

    LoL, and the entire DoTA genre in general, is probably the most up and down genre I’ve ever played. The rush of winning feels like the greatest thing in the world, but on the other hand, playing out the string on a losing game is horrible.

    I think this up and down nature contributes to the absolutely awful communities. Losing is extremely frustrating and self-control is an ability that a lot of players just don’t have. If you can’t put up with players who will start harassing you at your first mistake, this probably won’t be a good experience. As others have pointed out, the /ignore function or playing with friends is the best way to handle it.

    80 percent of games will probably be out of your control. You’ll win/lose them because of your team’s play, not because of your own. This is the nature of a truly team-based game that has a somewhat balanced matchmaking system.

    Games can snowball out of control quickly. Because a winning team will quickly take a gold and XP advantage they’ll probably use those advantages to gain more gold/XP. There are some in-game mechanics to help curtail this, but it can often feel impossible to beat a team who has taken a large advantage.

    But despite all these problems, the genre is just too addicting. You have to mix aggression and playing safe, consider your champions and their champions, and generally play strategically. Team fighting is more than just “focus the squishy DPS” because chasing that ranged attacking champion through the entire enemy team is likely to get you killed. The early build up (where you are in a lane gathering gold and XP) is more about farming up gold, but trying to prevent your opponent from doing the same while avoiding getting ambushed. Getting a kill actually feels like you accomplished something. Same for victories.

    Finally, Riot seems to actually understand game design. They didn’t remove denying (killing ally minions so your opponents couldn’t gain XP from them) because it would “drive away the noobs” but because shooting your own minions was way easier than shooting enemy minions which lead to passive laning phases where you’re just trying to deny experience from your opponent. You can slice it any way you want, but without denying you have to actually move in closer to combat to farm. Standing on that knife’s edge creates more tension, champion interaction, interesting gameplay, and fun than denying would. There other decisions and forum posts have convinced me that they are trying to always move toward that direction. If that equals “catering to noobs” than I’d rather be a noob honestly.

  33. ker0ton says:

    A LoL talk awesome!

    I’m still playing the game whenever i get a chance, started like a year ago, no homo but i play 99.9% time only with one character (Master Yi), had another account where i played with different chars but not so much important, because if you play league of legends you know every tiny bit of every corner of that game. I know every ability or stat of all 96097+ champions in my head every day, you really have to learn a lot (and its very fun) to play this game and feel like you are doing shit done.

    About 6 months learning curve and even now a game can feel like I’m playing it the first time. Last 5-6 months mostly play every game with very sick score 25-35 kills and 1-5 deaths, and here is the best part of the game, I still can feed the other team and play those 40 minutes like a total first game ever noob. Weirdest game ever, never saw that stuff in online fps or other games. If you are great in a game it stays that way but not in LoL, everyday is a new challenge or a different experience

    I played HoN when it came out, but i preffer LoL and think 1000 times better, also its very different from HoN don’t really like the comparisons except both games being a DOTA game.
    It definitely has its bad sides, and good sides but lately its been more good times than bad times and its not going to stop.

    My favorite part about LoL or Riot Games are the updates, Every goddamn week there is a new patch or a new champion or a new fix….the dedication is beyond crazy, I think they hired like 200 people only in 2010/2011.

    The in-game and forum community is as said probably the worst in any game i ever played (like in all dota games), bunch of aggressive kids that start breaking their keyboards and crying if you play a bad game because its 5v5 and everyone brings up to something.

    But also i have met some amazing people, plus the fan community outside of game, places like surrender at 20 or red-tracker are amazing, the riot guys are also checking the board all the time you can make suggestions ask questions etc.

    I know this game came out in 2009, but this has transformed now into something totally else and it needs some kind of press reboot which i hope RPS will bring. many ways. It really is a MMORPG in some weird way…. Its so addictive in a nice fun way that everyone just has to play it.

  34. innociv says:

    Just me, or is RPS getting a lot more comments now days?

    Anyway, I play Bloodline Champions. It’s much better.

    The core gameplay of LoL is broken. Most of the devs even admit it. Games take too long and at higher elo are decided at champ select.

  35. MrBeats says:

    League of Legends has an art style that compliments the frenetic gameplay well. I attempted to play Rise of Immortals, which just hit open beta. The graphics are less cartoony, as are the maps on which you play. The problem that arises with this is the characters blend into each other and the background too easily in RoI. In LoL, the characters are all distinct, and each skill animation clearly shows what is going on. For example, an archer will put arrow to bow before letting lose a volley, whereas a mage raises his hands to conjure spheres. This allows for more strategic depth than simply spamming abilities on groups of enemies.

  36. cyrenic says:


    You liked Demigod, right? LoL is very similar to Demigod, so I’m confused why you don’t at least understand the appeal.

    For me, coming up with skill builds, item builds, and even team builds once you get into it enough are some of the primary appeals of the game. The vast roster of characters and items is appealing because you can always try to come up with something new. Again, that’s just me. There are a lot of people that enjoy the game for its other aspects.

    The game being free to play and easy to play with friends has to help with the mass appeal, too.

    • Berzee says:

      I don’t think he doesn’t understand the appeal, he just wants us to speak because there is not enough news. =P

  37. veerus says:

    1. Free – easy to try and, most importantly, get YOUR FRIENDS to try. When i started, I only knew one person who played. Now that group has grown to half a dozen. All after “man, this game is hella fun, you should try it” “naw” “but it’s FREE” “oh, ok then”
    2. On that same point, now that I know people who play, solo queue is rarely a maddening experience.
    3. Even though it’s F2P, I’ve spent enough money on it to buy your average AAA title. All money was spent on either skins or for convenience. I didn’t HAVE to spend it. I WANTED to.
    4. It’s like pvp in bite-sized portions. It’s tweaked well enough to where games never last long enough to make you hate it (rather love it as those games have an epic feel to them) and never short enough to not be satisfying (if you win).
    5. Makes me feel like I’m playing a mini-diablo session every time. I kill stuff. I get exp. I get money. I buy items. I kill more stuff.
    6. Variety of champions to play. If you can’t find a champ or ten that you don’t like playing, you’re not trying.
    7. Casual enough not to suck up all of your free time. Hardcore enough to make you want to anyway.

  38. InternetBatman says:

    I played for about 500 games and had a great deal of fun but I stopped recently. The games been crashing more often since the Nocturne update, and most of the recent characters have been relatively uninspired. Nocturne is kind of a lame Mcfarlane villain, that stupid fire guy is watered down Nocturne, the Tree was kind of meh, Jarvan smolders with generic rage, Vayne is pure trope, Lee Sin is just bland. There are so many really cool moves in the game, Blitz’s hand, Pantheon’s jump, Mundo’s Cleaver (which isn’t that unique, just incredibly satisfying), Singed’s throw, Kenen’s lightning thing, Cho’s growth, Heimmers cannons, and Fid’s crowstrom, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve been coming up with new ones.

    I think that with the current success they have now they should start developing either more maps, do a separate balance for threes, or a new game entirely.

  39. D3xter says:

    Eh… there’s not much more to say than it’s damned fun… in the same old kind of way that made me play WarCraft 3 Mods like a lot of Strife/Footie maps (I was never a DOTA fan) or RPG/Puzzle/Tower Defense/Spellcraft or “Clicky-Walkie” maps for weeks on end with friends… right before Blizzard managed to ruin all that with their new Battle.Net and Xbox Live developers trying to do PC systems assigned by Activision.

    Also it has that certain “requires Skill and Tactical thinking” to play thing that is missing in a lot of games lately aside of a few Indies like Super Meat Boy and it’s always a somewhat new experience depending on which hero you pick, which the other team does and generally who you have to hold your “lane” against or who manages to get map control against the other team/destroy towers first etc.

    I haven’t been playing much lately though… they keep pushing new heroes, nerfing/buffing or generally rebalancing everyone else, ruining some of the heroes I liked to play in the process like say Twitch or Heimerdinger and if you don’t play for a few weeks you have to readapt all over again which makes it very hard to get back into it again if you haven’t play for a few months. I’d rather they add more maps and gamemodes to the game instead of a new hero every 2 or so weeks.
    Here’s a great must-see “Guide” on how to play the game successfully for Newcomers xD: link to

  40. MrMud says:

    I play League of Legends because I like the game type but at the same time prefer the more “casual” approach that LoL has over HoN and DoTA (no denying). It is fairly newbie friendly and it is only once you get a up a bit in levels that the infamous hatemongers start rearing their ugly head.

  41. lunarplasma says:

    I played it last night. I was crap.

  42. Catastrophe says:

    I play LoL – its competitive and lots of fun, it has a great artstyle and the developers listen to their customers.

    You get whiners/flamers like you do in many online games. Sometimes you get 1 or 2 in the same game who start a flame war, but you get used to ignoring them.

    HoN’s community is 10x worse than LoL’s. LoL also holds leagues and championships like at Dreamhack this year, where as I have not heard of any of the such for HoN.

  43. Robert says:

    It has RPG-like progression in a 30-60 minute timeframe, and you can play other Champions/classes every other game. Plus, you can make it as competitive as you like, full of strategy-lite.

  44. Dave says:

    also anybody interested in regular 5 man’s and long theory crafting rambles get in touch with me (sumoner name “Ebenn”) and i’ll hook you up with all the RPSH bittervets. We have a vent server and everything. If your really nice Zekk might let you on his forum.

  45. Dusk777 says:

    I play LoL, pretty much addicted to it atm.

  46. HappyWulf says:

    I’ve been playing solidly for 2 years. The game launched with 40 characters, and gets a new one about every 2 weeks. They’re nearly up to 80 characters now and this is one of the major reasons it stays fresh. With a fresh new character twice a month there is always some new mechanics being thrown in and new methods of play, flavors of the week, etc. The current flavor of the week seems to be teams based on characters who can Stun or otherwise disable targets for a second or two.

    When there are multiple builds you can run with any one character that are each viable, and building items to counter your enemy team, everything works out as a very well put together game that gleams with the shine and effort that Riot has put into it. And the commitment to “No pay for power” in their shop is also nice. The only items worth paying for are cosmetic-only costumes for characters, and I’ve dropped quite a bit on them as I feel Riot deserves it. For at the very least producing a product that can hold my interest for 2 years, unlike just about anything else I’ve played in the last decade.

    The game also ramps up new players quite well with getting their newbie legs pushed out to a good start. There’s a nice tut that teaches the basic principles, and players will mostly be glad to give a new player tips and tricks. Play a few dozen games with a team Vs. AI and you’ll be fine in normal matches once you find a character you really ‘click’ with. If you ever want a partner in crime to learn with, let me know. My in-game name is the same as here, “HappyWulf”

  47. Styrium says:

    I’ve been playing LoL for a while – I think, if you like this kind of game, it’s very difficult to get bored of it. It has almost 80 champions to play, many of them can be set up in a couple of different roles.

    I don’t actually think the ingame community is any worse than other multiplayer games, it’s just the way the game is set up doesn’t help avoid or mitigate that. Usually when I find myself in a server / group of absolute mongs in another game I just leave and find somewhere else to play. That’s not possible in LoL, as your account is locked into the game you were in until its finished, and leaving is actually a bannable offence. Although I have left some games where it was particularly unbearable and haven’t gotten banned yet, I’ve seen people claim to have received 3 day bans for leaving one game.

    So, generally, you’re expected to endure it for the length of the game, which, as someone else mentioned, is pretty long and longer than it needs to be. The fastest possible game is 20 minutes, and that would require a surrender (which is rare, because surrendering requires the agreement of 4/5 of your team, and there’s generally at least 2 people with a “never surrender!” policy) with an average game lasting around 40 mins, and 1 hour+ being possible.

    The nature of the mechanics also causes people to rage excessively. If you have a bad player in your team, it’s not just that they aren’t contributing to your team, they’re actually contributing to the enemy team, by “feeding” them. When you kill someone in LoL, you get a chunk of exp and gold (used to buy equipment) so when you die, the person who killed you gets considerably more powerful.

    Therefore, someone who dies a few times early in the game creates an enemy that is much more powerful than they’re supposed to be, and a good enemy will use that early advantage to balloon in power and cause you to lose the game even when 4 out of 5 of your team is “better”.

    • Robert says:

      The leaver policy is -imo- a direct measure against the heaps quitters in dota. Where people would just disconnect if the other team got the first kill or something like that.

    • Thants says:

      Of course you not supposed to leave! It’s a team game. When you leave you’re ruining it for everyone else in the game.

  48. porps says:

    yeah i play, it’s a great game, and free. It’s appeal? Well it’s a teambased, competetive multiplayer game where the biggest deciding factors in a game are always skill or teamwork. To me thats fun. I dont play single player games anymore, and a lot of todays multiplayer games have such incredibly low skill caps that i cant bring myself to play those either. Just compare the current crop of realistic FPS games to quake 3 or unreal tournament and you will understand what i mean.
    Also, the other thing that appeals, is that everytime i reccomend LoL to a friend they quickly become addicted to it, and playing with friends is fun.

  49. porps says:

    PS – why do you hon fanboys have to turn every lol related thing into a Hon is better than lol debate? You were asked to explain LoLs appeal to the article writer… not explain why you prefer hon instead. If you dont play lol then you cant very well answer the actual question because lol doesnt appeal to you. So just dont type. It’s that easy. I do understand that compared to LoL, HoN is utterly failing, but i dont beleive you will significantly increase the HoN playerbase by bashing LoL at every opportunity.

  50. Railby says:

    Never should anyone mention anything about LoL or HoN because a great flamewar always approaches…

    To answer the original question: Yes, I play LoL because:
    a) It’s bloody free (Yeah, call me cheapskate if it makes you feel better)
    b) It has the best community of the related games (Though still horrible, but compared to HoN for example, LoL has godlike community)

    k thx bai