Do You Play League Of Legends? Speak!

1.4 million summoners fighting, yesterday.
The League Of Legends noise machine has been loud this week, with a trailer for the new patch (below) which will nerf some of the more popular heroes, but also a big boasting stats release. Here’s what they said: “As of today, 15 million people have registered to become League of Legends players. Each month, over 4 million people log in to play. And on each day, 1.4 million summoners play League of Legends together.”

Four million! That’s even more people than read RPS each month. My startling powers of logic lead me to reason that this means that some of you lot must also play League Of Legends. You have one comment thread: explain its appeal to me.


  1. weizur says:

    Mostly LoL has devolved into them figuring out ways they can recycle 5 abilities and combine them differently to make a new champion that they charge too much for and the community complaining that they charge too much for it but then apparently buying lots of them.

  2. Rabbi says:

    I played maybe 25 games of DotA a long time ago, and now I’ve played somewhere between 50-100 games of League of Legends. I’m having a really fun time with it so far, and I plan to keep playing it. It’s only worth playing with at least one friend though. I would never solo queue except against bots to try a new build or hero.

    I think LoL is a much better game than HoN, because HoN was designed for one small niche: the people who loved DotA and wanted to play more DotA and thought DotA did everything 100% perfectly. LoL was designed for people who liked the genre but thought DotA had a lot of flaws.

    My biggest concern for LoL is DotA 2. Valve’s polish is notoriously good, but from everything I’ve read I think Valve is going to make the same mistake as the creators of HoN (Icefrog had a hand in both). They’re aiming to recreate DotA instead of just trying to make the best ARTS game they can make. This is just such a huge blunder, and it’s going to cost them players. Unfortunately, their polish is definitely going to allow things that LoL is lacking like mass spectators and replays (confirmed with leaked patch notes), and this could be enough to move all of LoL’s competitive community to DotA 2. LoL needs these features in before DotA 2 is released.

  3. Crescend says:

    I picked up playing LoL because I enjoy competitive games but I suck at traditional real-time strategy games like starcraft 2, I simply do not have the multitasking capabilities to be anywhere competitive with it. I figured with LoL I can focus on a single character and have a blast rather than ripping my hair off in frustration not being able to keep up with economy and fighting at the same time.

    I continued playing LoL because I enjoyed the character design, each champion being distinctively different in looks and gameplay alike. I kept on testing new characters to see what would be my favourite. Oh and did I mention LoL is free? Excellent value right there, and the people who say it’s unplayable without wasting money on unlockables are just impatient brats. I’ve played the game for hundreds of hours without spending a penny on it, I enjoy slowly getting access to more stuff to test with as I progress in the game.

  4. iob says:

    I play LOL because it has matchmaking, it’s easy to play with friends, has great artwork and story and because the gameplay is very good. Also, the ability to “level up and unloc another hero” has it’s certain pokemon appeal “get em all”.

  5. Lib3rtine says:

    I play LoL everyday. It’s great fun with my friends, as we can discuss tactics and such. Also, the constant updates and new champs means it never gets boring.

  6. Triangulon says:

    I really like LOL. I haven’t been able to play regularly as I only have mobile broadband at the moment. The main draw for me, apart from playing with mates (which is always good) is the fact that I play what is essentially a Tyranid in a top hat with a monacle, cane and brandy glass.