Hard Reset: The PC-Only, “Old-School” FPS

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Time for a proper look at Hard Reset, the PC-exclusive FPS from new studio Flying Wild Hog, a supergroup of Polish devs formely from CD Projekt Red, People Can Fly and City Interactive. The initial trailer was really just a bloke very slowly looking up, with occasional flashes of some manner of urban dystopia. This one’s a full minute of cyberbunk manshootiness aimed to demonstrate Hard Reset’s graphics card-troubling techno-clout, but take heart – it also includes more footage of a bloke slowly looking up. Except he doesn’t look very well this time.

Looks like utter carnage, hopefully in a way that lovingly tickles all the requisite fun-glands. Oh, and the combination of city streets, alien-looking things and oddball megadeath weaponry has me wondering if perhaps this will be the game to give the Duke Nukem 3D faithful some of what DNF didn’t manage to.

Over on GameSpot, Flying Wild Hog boss Michal Szustak explains why they’ve elected to go PC-only on this one:

“If you want to show some amazing graphics, it’s better and easier to develop the game for PCs. Also, in the era of movie-like shooters almost ‘on rails,’ with player-environment interaction as limited as possible, we wanted to create a game for old-school PC players, raised on all those forgotten Dooms, Quakes, and Painkillers.”

They’ll be using their own engine too, by the way, and the cyber eyepatch thing that keeps cropping up in these trailers will indeed have an in-game purpose that Flying Hog are keeping mysterious for now.

Hard Reset lands in September. Oh, it won’t have a multiplayer mode because “We had to choose whether we wanted to put all our efforts into creating the best single-player experience or add a multiplayer mode just to fill the check box and still get it done worse than in other games focused on multiplayer modes.” I concur with this line of thinking.


  1. bernlin2000 says:

    CD Projekt Red made the excellent Witcher 2 this year, can’t wait to see what some of the (former) guys from this studio can do with an FPS.

    Edit: Sept 2011 release date?! Damn…they really don’t like hyping games.

  2. antikythera says:

    Doom, Quake and Painkiller have great single player AND multiplayer modes. Somehow they managed to pull it off.

  3. Seannnnn says:

    Old school shooter you say? Without Multiplayer? I read through the comments and nothing said comes close to my thoughts on all of your opinions. Here we go..

    When I think of a classic FPS title, I don’t look back on the single player quality of Doom or Duke Nukem. How great they were, there was nothing to keep coming back day after day, month after month to increase my abilities within said games. Then multiplayer gaming broke its way into the scene. I CANNOT remember the amount of hours spent as a teenager blasting away on Quake 2, Quake 3, and CS 1.6. Even with mediocre connection speeds, these games had such an amazing vibe to them and were so flawlessly developed that you couldn’t help but lose yourself. (I have never met anyone who played Quake 2 online saying the game was bad) It was titles like this that really drew a fine line to how we should enjoy MP FPS gaming.

    Then came online abilities to consoles. Anyone with a connection had the ability to enjoy titles with their friends or against random people across the universe. This was a great time for us all as we imagined the titles we enjoyed or dreamed of, being played at the same level of hardware, thus allowing for more skill instead of frame rate. Anyone who played the original Socom online with their PS2 knows exactly what I’m talking about. The only problem with everyone having the ability to play is that we started experiencing more casual players clogging up our favorite servers. This was not a big deal because skill vastly outweighed a hardcore player from a casual.

    As the years grew longer, and the titles kept launching, console game forums began being flooded with people who stated that MP FPS titles were too hard for casual players to effectively enjoy. This began the leap into games being produced for the masses. Shoot up through a time frame of shitty FPS titles and we stand in 2011. As there have been few MP FPS titles that stand alone in the amazing quality and love that created MP FPS, we have been introduced to casual over hardcore. Developers have admittedly dumbed down our multiplayer titles to be played by people who admit to only spending a few hours a week “owning” it up online. As most of these gamers have joined the multiplayer FPS community in the last 5 years or so, I now have every other person asking me what my K/D ratio on any given game is or why I’m a noob because I think shooters have lost their touch.

    Now you may be saying, “Seannnnn, what about single player games as this title falls within the genre?” There is a very easy answer to this question; your side of the universe has been given extremely immersive and cherished (by many) titles. There are very few great titles that have given their direction of a game towards the multiplayer. Halo and Gears of War are the only two series I can give the benefit of holding equal representation in both MP and SP, (Notice how I list MP first, lol) but these titles are slowly dying in terms of quality design.

    Now we are coming to the end of my post. This is where you begin to understand the drive behind my anger. When I witnessed the first game play trailer for Hard Reset, I was in complete disbelief that we might have a MP title to bring back the veterans who have since moved on *RIP*, I was ecstatic. I can’t imagine being able to enjoy a new title that brings back the elements of movement and precision. Out strafing away from your opponent and then jumping on to an unsuspecting enemy to melee them to death is something we haven’t been able to do in new-age titles. My reference was only describing how one of the many simple elements of a game can turn a decent shooter into an amazing one. Beyond in-game, the sheer thought of getting back to the roots of FPS MP where complete skill made great players look bad had me on a high I can’t even begin to describe. I clicked my way around the interwebz only to immediately find out Hard Reset will only offer single player. An emotional person would have cried, I decided to post about it. How dare you break my heart.

    My plea to this developer is to PLEASE realize the amount of people who are looking to go back to the “good” days of when MP FPS gaming was truly beautiful. If that means money for you to do so, I will gladly buy the game and never touch it until you announce the MP patch. Yes, I am stubborn.

    Until then, go fuck yourself.

    /rant over