Minecraft Extraordimoddery: Mine 4 Dead

Just this image alone is enough to bewilder me.

Oh my word. Look, you may have seen a lot of things created in Minecraft, and sure, you may have thought over the passing months that you’ve had enough of them. But you’re wrong. Because you haven’t yet seen Left 4 Dead created in Minecraft, in the form of Mine 4 Dead: Blockhawk Down. Your attention: I have it.

And that’s not, “Oh look, they made something that reminds me of L4D in Minecraft.” It’s, “Bloody hell, they made Left 4 Dead in Minecraft.”

I’ve been trying to run it for myself, but yet again have run nose-first into the unexplained misery that is trying to get a mod to work in Minecraft, and honestly don’t have time to pick through 900 forums of people complaining that it’s already been explained elsewhere to figure it out once again. But you may know what you’re doing. Especially if you’re Notch, who might want to PUT SOME BLOODY MOD SUPPORT INTO MINECRAFT. Today, preferably.

But shitting crikey, take a look at this:

Here’s a walkthrough by someone who didn’t make it:

And here’s another:

And then in other news, there’s this:

Big thanks to Jason for the Mine 4 Dead tip.


  1. Dreamhacker says:

    “Blockhawk Down”. That made my day :)

  2. Jams O'Donnell says:

    Ha! I was about to say the main screenshot looks like Chicago but didn’t want to look like a tosser if I was wrong. After a moment of research I find it’s based on … Chicago!

  3. mojo says:

    that 3rd video looks alot like heretic gameplay

  4. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Anyone else notice the rotor on the helicopter was facing the wrong way? :P looks good though!

  5. SilverSilence says:

    Wait you don’t know how to copy and paste a folder? That’s all you need to do..

    • Kaira- says:

      Don’t some mods still require actually fiddling with the contents of the .jar-file? That has always proved troublesome for me.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      @Kaira, yes, but you just open it, look for a file, copy & replace, and delete one other one, then close it ;P unless you are trying to run a high resolution Texture pack, then you need another program too.

      E; It has a texture pack to go with it, oh wait. I’m stuck in the old days -_-. nvm hahah

    • Khann says:

      And all of a sudden you’re not just copy/pasting a folder

    • SilverSilence says:

      This is just a map file, all you do is copy paste the map folder. What are you guys even talking about?

  6. WMain00 says:

    If this gets linked the Blade Runner Minecraft map should get linked as well!

    (if it hasn’t already…)

  7. Fetthesten says:

    So I get to play a game in the style of another game, only not as good? How fantastic.

    This kind of thing always seems utterly pointless to me. You’re basically spending hours and hours trying to simulate something that already exists. I’d rather play something I haven’t seen before.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      I think a lot of the fun was to be had in making it, changing it ;P it is minecraft after all. although I have to say I use MCEdit(shit takes too long >.> ) and I think these guys would’ve too.

    • Tei says:

      Whats the point of education? If you educate a man, theres always another uneducated to take his place.

    • absolofdoom says:

      Congrats, Tei, that’s the worst analogy I’ve seen in years.

  8. Winged Nazgul says:

    .jar files are just zip files with pretensions. If you know your way around winzip or, even better, winrar, you shouldn’t have any problems messing around with .jar files.

  9. Nesetalis says:

    yippy skippy, black screen with a few blobs of fire in the distance… wtf were they thinking when they made that first video? I cant see anything, just some music, and i think something is moving, maybe the camera?

    • terry says:

      4 minutes of barely visible blobs with awful chiptune music sure sold me on this experience!

  10. Zogtee says:

    As much as I like Minecraft and L4D, I was not impressed by the first video. Possibly because most of it was just a black screen. Are the other videos any better?

    And seriously, fuck that music.

  11. Shadowcat says:

    And that’s not, “Oh look, they made something that reminds me of L4D in Minecraft.” It’s, “Bloody hell, they made Left 4 Dead in Minecraft.”

    Wow, RPS have been saying some really weird things lately.

    That near-four-minute video featured exactly 15 seconds of first-person footage, comprising the playing beating something to death with a melee weapon. Most of the rest of the video showed players slowly and jerkily moving around what I’ll assume, based solely on the roof-top, was a Minecraft version of the first level of L4D (but frankly it could have been just about anything).

    That video was so far away from being L4D in Minecraft that I’m left totally bewildered by the above quote. It barely even reminded me of L4D.

    I’m not saying it’s not a good effort by the modders, but come on. How about a bit of perspective?

    • torchedEARTH says:

      They should have left the helicopter upright, put it on a mall and called it Dawn of the Block (or something).

      Then no comparisons would have been made.

  12. vanilla bear says:

    I watched the first video, which was a black screen, and then the Meet the.. video, which was terrible.

  13. yet2bedefined says:

    I would like to note that no mods are required for this map – you just install it like you would any other map or texture pack.

  14. calavera says:

    Sadly, even with the massive amount of effort that went into this, my ADHD brain would only be entertained by it for approximately 3-4 minutes. Then I’d go play L4D.

    Actually, I don’t think I’d make it to 4 minutes because I couldn’t even watch the video for more than 30 seconds.