Pride In My Flock: Blipzkrieg

A rare period of mid-morning downtime finds me poking about in the netherworld of browser gaming, and – as usual – I’ve quickly bumped into something that has left me vaguely mesmerised. It’s called Blipzkrieg, and it’s a a sort of maze/puzzle/tactics game. In it you drag around a blob (optimistically called a “battlesuit”) and pick up other blobs which act as a buzzing flock of weapons. These can be used to fight enemies, or to take out forcefield locks and so forth. Usually there are more enemies than you can actually deal with, so running away isn’t simply an option. Tense and interesting little game, I would say.


  1. max pain says:

    Sometimes it’s annoying that there’s no direct control with keyboard.

  2. CMaster says:

    Pretty neat. Got a fair way through, will probably go back to it later.

  3. Pani says:

    I enjoyed this one too. Although I feel like there’s a design flaw somehow. Something to do with in some of the later levels, I’d be attacking one base, only to find the shields back up because the other base had spawned mobs and they’d traveled to the shield generator. And so I’d go to the other base and the same thing would happen. A little frustrating.

  4. tenseiga says:

    Armor Games, where free time goes to doe a painful and enjoyable death