Black Ops DLC Is Dead On The Moon

A fascinating alternate history of what happened to the astronauts who stayed on the moon.
The next instalment of Blops multiplayer cash-for-maps, Rezurrection, is to be set on the moon. Activision claim that the DLC will feature an “enhanced zombie soundtrack”, whatever that means, but the core of it is a new “low-gravity” map set on Earth’s favourite orbiting rock. So Moon Zombies, then. The Windows version of the DLC will be available after 23rd of August (although precisely when isn’t clear) and the price isn’t yet clear either. This is a terrible news story. Must do better.

This concludes your Call Of Duty news for today. (Probably.)


  1. Alikchi says:

    This is like what pandering to gamers was 5 years ago.

  2. Gundrea says:

    I struggle to contain my enthusiasm.

    • Sleepymatt says:

      If it’s any help, I managed to trap my enthusiasm for this under a small thimble. Mind you, there was quite a lot of spare thimble left, if anyone else needs to contain theirs…

    • lurkalisk says:

      Well, at least it’s all zombie maps. If blops had one redeeming factor, it would be the zombies mode.

  3. Longrat says:

    IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Alexander Norris says:

    All the DLC put together is now worth 150% of the full, RRP, base price.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      And the RRP is still $89.99AUD over here. Joy! I am glad my interest in this series was murdered with MW2.

    • ghiest says:

      And for that you get allot more than the game come with …

      stock : 1 zombie map 8 mp maps

      addons (so far) 9 MP maps and 3 zombie maps

      So those who actually bought it for the MP/Zombie, it’s actually not that bad really. If it extends the amount of time I can play and have fun I’m willing to spend cash on it. The day the map packs and endless CoD titles are boring for me I wont bother.

    • hexapodium says:

      Unreal Tournament 2004: came with about thirty maps, across all the gamemodes, had three (four?) free community bonus pack updates with perhaps sixty new maps overall, mostly from community mapmakers. Nine new maps? Poor showing for Treyarch.

  5. yhancik says:

    Rezurrection should really be a psychedelic on-rail shooter featuring the son of God.

    And none of this nonsense.

  6. Lhowon says:

    Wouldn’t corpses not decay much on the moon, or at least decay over a much longer period of time? I’m just not sure this scenario is plausible, and hence wish to express my disapprobation.

    • Plankton says:

      Perhaps what’s causing the zombies is the radiation from the sun or cosmic radiation. So maybe those zombies are not subject to biological decay but radioactive…decay :O

    • mlaskus says:

      I’m pretty sure that there are quite a few species of bacteria that could survive on the moon. Though I’m not sure if any of the ones living in cadavers are amongst them. RPS is full of smart people, we must have an expert on that.

    • westyfield says:

      I think there are bacteria which could survive on the Moon. Anaerobic bacteria might be able to. If the organisms were inside the zombies they might be shielded a bit from the radiation. Not sure, I stopped studying biology after GCSEs.

    • Mirqy says:

      Much of human decomposition is caused by gut bacteria. Therefore this scenario is entirely plausible, biologically speaking. Wait…

  7. Andrigaar says:


  8. The Colonel says:

    The question is, iz it free?

  9. Spacewalk says:

    This means that we can finally make jokes about COD taking up dead space.

    • Burning Man says:


  10. Atlas says:

    I’d be interested in a shooter on the moon if they went full out on it. You can certainly fire a gun in space.
    Maybe even rocket jump using an RPG.

    • Jannakar says:

      I would imagine the problem is to stop rocket jumping with an RPG

    • Nick says:

      shoot it the other way.. reverse thrust!

    • GameOverMan says:

      @Atlas: Shattered Horizon would be the closest game. Asteroids instead of the Moon, though.

      About this new DLC I can only say one thing: That’s no moon.

    • pepper says:

      Haha jokes on you! it IS a moon!!

  11. inertia says:


  12. mihor_fego says:

    So the franchise has moved from WWII, to modern war with pseudo-tech, to zombies. And now to space zombies, all under the same name. This is really ridiculous. So, when is the portal gun coming? Or are they saving it for COD#whateverisnext?

  13. Anthile says:

    Lowered gravity makes it particularly easy to jump sharks. Isn’t that the series that started out as a gritty WW2 shooter? Oh well.

  14. Nim says:

    Zombie demons from outer space!

  15. FakeAssName says:

    “This is a terrible news story. Must do better.”

    dude, WTF else could you do with a bit about COD that doesn’t involve how the titles RL drama somehow exceeds the game’s internal plot drama of terrorists, murder, and nukes.

  16. frenz0rz says:

    We’re zombies on the moon,
    Because we weren’t immune.
    But there aint no brains
    Only our remains
    So we sing our zombie tune.

  17. Nick says:

    @Anthile If you look closely at the earth, you can see that they have in fact jumped *all* the sharks.

  18. Conor says:

    So, erm, what happened to the mod tools that were supposed to be released in May?

    • FakeAssName says:

      mod tools are for pussies! and COD players aren’t pussies, so you really don’t want mod tools if your a COD player.

    • Evilpigeon says:

      I dunno, judging from what I hear in game chat, quite a lot of them must be pussies…

    • ghiest says:

      They were released but with out a map maker so it was pretty much a kick in the balls to ‘modders’

  19. Zogtee says:

    Black Ops on the moon..? What?
    How did the game make jump from ‘modern warfare’ to space? Will player models be equipped with space suits and layzzor guns as well?

  20. Moni says:

    “This concludes your Call Of Duty news for today.”

    Not quite, Hollywood Reporter are reportering Jason Bateman and Will Arnett will be producing content for Call of Duty Elite.

  21. Trelow says:

    Screw you guys, this will be the first CoD map pack I buy, Space Zombies? Hell yes.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      And THIS is exactly what they were hoping to achieve with this map pack…

    • Trelow says:

      Successful market analysis is successful. You don’t get endless hookers and blow by not getting people to give you money.

  22. Iskariot says:

    It sounds interesting, but does your character get to wear a spacesuit?

    This could be great if there would be a minimum of realism in physics and so on.
    Think of what would happen if you would fire a regular gun on the moon.
    It might be just as dangerous to yourself as to the zombie you are shooting at.

    • Trelow says:

      It really wouldn’t be all that different than what happens on Earth, except with less resistance to degrade the bullets energy. It won’t blast you into orbit or anything if that’s what you are thinking.

  23. Teddy Leach says:

    How do the zombies breathe?

    • Trelow says:

      They don’t. If you had read Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide, you’d know that.

  24. chiablo says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the zombie mode in Call of Duty? If they had spent their development time adding one or two more MP maps to their packs, I’d actually be interested in them, but the focus on boring zombies is a little unsettling.

    • gusone says:

      Yes. The Zombie maps are great fun and make a nice change to the MP maps. Looking forward to this.

  25. shoptroll says:

    If the next DLC pack puts zombies on Mars, I’m quitting gaming forever.

  26. Hoaxfish says:

    “low gravity” DLC…

    wasn’t it about 5 seconds of work in ye olde world of Quake to futz with the gravity

  27. soylentrobot says:

    its obvious that the cod guys really want to make a wacky shooty game. please, let them make it.

  28. sinister agent says:

    Enhanced zombie soundtrack, eh? I didn’t realise they were still recording.