Carmack Talks Rage PC, Bombastic Trailer

There he is.
Mr Carmack was up on stage at QuakeCon last night, and he was talking Rage and PC. Getting the PC version up to speed has, apparently, been one of the sticking points for Rage’s development, which has taken a few years now. Interestingly, release might not be the end of the that particular line of development, either, because Carmack has revealed that he’s already started a new project, and the “research engines” that this new project produces could be added to the PC version of Rage down the line. Quite what this means isn’t clear, but apparently he has a “firm” plan to release this update to PC, as well as a high-quality texture patch. It’s fascinating to see Carmack getting excited about the PC again, a platform whose power he called “crazy”. Increasingly, I suspect, the words out of the mouths of Carmack and other tech gurus are going to be about the untapped potential of the PC, particularly as the archaic specs of 360 and PS3 begin to frustrate those developers who are still interesting in pushing their technology. There’s a bit more detail on Mr C’s talk here.

I’ve also posted a big old Rage trailer below.


  1. InternetBatman says:

    That boomerang blade looks awesome. Reminds me of the Ripper.

    • BathroomCitizen says:

      The Ripper!!! It was fantastic!

      Thanks for reminding me :’)

  2. The Sentinel says:

    You know, I’m curious enough now about the tech upgrades he’s got planned to actually buy the game just to wait for them to appear.

  3. Inigo says:

    “research engines”

    I love it when he talks dirty.

    • Josh W says:

      “Carmack’s research engines” sounds like a great brand for a steam age computer.

  4. hosndosn says:

    I had a soft spot for this game for being just so unapologetically oldschool bad ass (the proper kind, not the fake Bullestorm kind). But that trailer just sold me for good. I just want to jump in there!

    • Bilbo says:

      curiosity piqued: did you actually play bullet*storm? Or are you one of the many people who wrote it off (for GFWL, or because it appears on 360, or because it didn’t have a demo, or because the joke demo they did was SUCH A SLAP IN TEH FACE or for any one of a dozen other bad reasons), never touched it, but still considers it appropriate to call it crap whenever the opportunity presents itself (and awkwardly creating the opportunity when it doesn’t)?

    • Acorino says:

      Well, all the reasons you listed are actually pretty good ones to be not interested in Bulletstorm, Bilbo. I guess Epic flunked Marketing 101.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Bulletstorm had me excited. I don’t give a shit about GFWL or steam or whatever, I just want to play games, if those things are necessary, then that’s the hoop I have to hop through untill they stop demanding it. Whatever.
      I did play BS, and it was way too slow, it was really flat (as in, the levels were flat, no height differences to accomodate playing on joypads), there was not enough of the fun stuff, some sequences dragged on eternally, far past their fun factor (giant robot monster) and the whole skillshot thing just got really old really fast when all it was was the same thing over and over again., And it was just … slow. And unfun, because getting them to fly in any other way than the same all the time was too annoying and didn’t really matter.
      And the too few weapons was also a problem. Why not just let me have all of them in your ridiculous game?
      And all the long long cutscenes that had this totally nonsensical macho story…

    • Bilbo says:

      If those are compelling reasons for you to not check out a game, you really need to reassess your priorities.

      Alternative response: “No they aren’t” etc, which is the kind of thing you’re obviously looking for

    • Rich says:

      “you really need to reassess your priorities”
      My priorities are set to not wasting my hard earned on something that all of the reasons you mentioned suggest will be crap. It may be that if I played it I would be massively surprised, but it’s not worth the £25-£40 risk.

      …maybe when it costs £6 on sale in a year.

    • Thants says:

      I’ll take multiple RPS writers saying it’s fantastic over some bad marketing, but that’s just me.

    • Bilbo says:

      It’s a hiding to nothing argument, because plenty of games don’t have demos, use GFWL, have annoying marketing things attached to them, or are multi-platform, and we don’t let those “incredibly compelling things” stop us playing them and treating them properly. For example, everything valve makes – demos are extremely rare, most of it’s multi-platform, often they do irritating marketing things. GFWL? Plenty of serious games use GFWL and we don’t just write them off as a result – we bemoan GFWL, sure, but the idea that GFWL integration = no sale is horseshit and needs to be dropped.

      What happened is these pretentious toolbags said “Dick jokes? In my srs bsns games? And bonus points for shooting people in the POSTERIOR?! No thankyou” and then used a few paper-thin complaints about the handling of the release to exonerate themselves for condemning a game they had no bloody right to even comment on because they’d never touched it. It’s sickening.

      So I stand by my assertion, references to your poor tortured wallet entirely sustained: If you’re HONESTLY saying to me that no demo, irritating marketing, and multi-platform releases are a TOTAL DEALBREAKER then you’ve denied yourself some amazing games like Half-Life 2 and Portal, and hence yes, you absolutely need to readdress your fucking priorities. Or alternatively get real and stop being a lying piece of shit, and admit that you judged Bulletstorm on the box art and that you’re vacuous and shallow. Either is great.

    • Wraggles says:


      This a thousand times, isn’t it why we all come to games news outlets that seem to cater towards our individual tastes. I purchased Bulletstorm thanks to reviews from several of my favorite games writers, which in my eyes, is more than enough to overcome a poor marketing campaign…..and they were right, I loved every minute.

  5. grasskit says:

    dammit with every news clip Rage is looking more awesome. im actually quite excited about it at this point.
    p.s. its pretty funny how since Inception almost every trailer has this “bwoooop” moment in its soundtrack. or maybe it was always like that and Inception just made the ultimate bwoooooop.

    • _Jackalope_ says:

      Yeah it is a bit annoying. Anything with weird pointy metal robot/alien hybrid type things appearing as the threat also seem to use it in the trailers too.

      Still, the game is looking good.

    • Rii says:

      I think Shutter Island started the trend.

    • grasskit says:

      i think you might be right. it came out before Inception

    • Moni says:

      I like to think Terminator 2 was the progenitor of the modern day BROOOOAM.

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      Well, actually, really interesting fact about that BROAAAAMMMM sound. You know how they played Edith Piaf’s song ‘Non, Je Ne Regette Rien’, as a signal to wake up? Well, four or five layers down, that song would have been slowed down by a lot. Guess what that BROAAAAMMMM sound actually is? Yup.

      link to

      This has been confirmed by Nolan himself. The Composer, Hans Zimmer, actually wrote the entire score using that Edith Piaf song, but made mathematical equations to mix them up and whatnot (something I don’t entirely pretend to understand), so every song in Inception boils down to ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’.

      Another weird coincidence is that Marion Cotillard had just recently played Edith in the biopic ‘La Vie En Rose’, as well as playing Mal in Inception.

      I do agree that it is getting used to death now though. Just like ‘O Fortuna’ did, and Clint Mansell’s ‘Requiem For A Dream’. Also, to a certain extent, ‘Invaders Must Die’ by The Prodigy.

    • Carter says:

      Inception Button! link to
      Best for chuckles if I’m doing something mundane

    • skurmedel says:

      Anybody else notice the Howie scream? link to

      Wonder if they’ve hid a Wilhelm scream in there as well.

      Hint: guy with gas canister on back.

    • Vandelay says:

      I know loads hated the Inception soundtrack, but I personally thought it was great. Although, DeathHamsterDude’s explanation is the intended one (and very cool,) I personally thought it was meant to be the sound of the train in Limbo, when I first saw it.

      And I could press that button for hours.

    • RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

      @skurmedel Ah, that is what that was! I wondering if anyone posted about that. I didn’t know it as the Howie scream yet though, I only recognised it as the Half Life 2 fast zombie sound. Gotta love those reused library sounds :P.

  6. Tei says:

    This could be the game for what id has ben trained all this years, ..technical excellence, solid gameplay and good story. I am looking forward for this.

    • Vorrin says:

      heh, technical excellence and solid gameplay, totally agree there.

      But a good story, would be a definite massive first for ID, as far as I’m concerned (and well, the trailers aren’t getting my hopes up on that specific point).

    • Rich says:

      Well it looks like Mad Max. Not much to live up to, but could be a lot worse.

  7. tanith says:

    And no positive words on Rage for Linux.
    id has been pretty dead to me since then. ):

    • cptincognito says:

      They’ve been fairly consistent on the Linux stuff actually. They’ve said there’s no official plans, and Carmack isn’t really that interested. They do have a guy there, ttimo, that’s said he’ll probably make it a personal project to get a build that works after launch. The osx version, otoh, was supposed to be a launch platform at one point.

  8. neolith says:

    This is the first id game that I want to play for its setting.

  9. Rii says:

    I expect this game will have a lot of folks wiping egg from their faces. Bring it on.

    • The Sentinel says:

      I agree. That trailer looked fantastic! I can’t wait to play this one now!

  10. gganate says:

    Two things:
    I thought Rage wasn’t supposed to be a mature game, but I saw an awful lot of decapitated heads in the trailers. Which is good!
    Also, I’m pretty sure I heard one of the mutants speak with Mark Hamill’s Joker voice.

    • Baboonanza says:

      I think you are using the opposite definition of ‘Mature’ to me.

    • Kaira- says:

      What baboonanza said. I mean, sure, decapitation is not for children [sic], but it isn’t the first thing that pops in my mind when somebody mentions a game being “mature”. It would be one of the last things.

  11. DSR says:

    John Carmack. Talking about pushing the technology. Rage engine is using pre rendered shadows.
    Like its 2004 all over again.
    This guy is funny. I give it to him.

    • cptincognito says:

      Actually, in 2004 he wrote an engine that did realtime per pixel lighting and shading. The RAGE engine does fancy realtime lighting, but they used precalculated lighting for static environments because it comes free with unique texturing.

  12. Rinox says:

    That’s an awesome trailer. Colour me interested.

    • Chufty says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Annoying, as Dark Souls comes out on the same day.


  13. Pie21 says:

    Needs more slide guitar.

  14. Anarki says:

    Was nice to hear John Goodman in there, alongside the ever present Steven Blum

    • Subv3rse says:

      Yeah, I’ve just noticed how Steve Blum is in pretty much 90% of my games. Cracking voice mind, but so distinctive that it’s beginning to be “oh, him again!”, which then cues memories of other games.

      For me the one that always stood out the most was his voiceover narration for Company of Heroes.

    • The Sentinel says:

      I’ve been wondering what the voice of a child of Steve Blum and Jennifer Hale would sound like….

    • MajorManiac says:

      Agreed, it was great to hear John Goodman’s voice.

      I hope they’ll use Roseanne Barr’s voice for the token hot-lady. If the two characters have extended dialog together, it’d make the game worth buying all by itself.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      @The Sentinel: Steve Blum and Jennifer Hale, eh?

  15. Andy says:

    That sounded a lot like Steve Blum in there too. He’s doing heaps of video game work these days.
    Honestly didn’t think I’d be quite so excited about this game. I imagined I’d become a little jaded by the whole dusty post-apocalyptic shooter thing but my finger hovers over the pre-order button about twice a day…

  16. BobbleHat says:

    ‘Take him to the Kill Room!’

    Sounds wonderful.

    • Novack says:

      Really? Beautiful?

      When I heard “Authority” and “The Resistance” as faction names I inmediately felt uncomfortable. This people are more and more literal (and basic) with each game!

      And that without counting the ONCE MORE REPEATING authority-vs-resistance cliche. Everybody thinks that can make a good story by using it.

      Half Life, come back, please, teach’em!

  17. EBass says:

    First piece of media thats even got my slightly interested. Not incredibly interested mind you but at least on my radar now.

  18. kael13 says:

    Steve Blum IS… Steve Blum.

    • Subv3rse says:

      Actually, they should do that. Every game he’s in from now on, he goes by a character who shares the same name! Regardless of the game or setting. :)

  19. Srekel says:

    What’s the Anarchy Edition update? Anyone know?

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      Do you mean what’s IN the Anarchy Edition? From what I’ve seen it’s just some unlockable items in game. Also, you get the Anarchy Edition for no extra charge if you preorder the normal version (if that’s what you were asking instead).

      Oh, and now you get a wingstick for TF2 (which is probably what you were asking… Right?).

  20. HelderPinto says:

    Looking forward to that high res texture pack for PC! :)

  21. Baboonanza says:

    It’s a shame they couldn’t come up with a better name for the resistance than “The Resistance”. That’s shockingly unimaginative, and leads to the worst line in the trailer: “We call ourselves ‘The Resistance’.”

    • KlaxonOverdrive says:

      “What do you do?”
      “We resist.”

    • Burning Man says:

      “But what do you resist?”
      “It depends. We had to resist breakfast today. It was marmalade on toast. It was difficult.”

    • DK says:

      We fight the authority around here. They’re called “The Authority”. We call our selves “The Resistance”.

      The apocalypse must have fried everyone’s brains if that’s what they come up with.

  22. 0p8 says:

    …….first time for AGES that i’m this hyped to get playing a game.

    (yeah,”the resistance” was a bit unimaginative but that what they are so….).

    …..but looks like a story i could get into and actually play thru the end! along with great grfx and sold gameplay.

  23. Nallen says:

    More and more I am thinking this is the last year for PC games based on crappy console limitations and the start of the consoles getting the scrub ports from our mighty platform :)

    • shoptroll says:

      Except in about 2-3 years they’re going to catch back up with the Xbox 3 and PS4. HOPEFULLY, the current re-interest in PC gaming (primarily due to NPD getting their heads out of their asses and the rise of indie games via digital distribution) means the platform won’t be relegated to the kid’s table again when the next console generation hit.

      EDIT: Also, this site has done an exquisite job providing a nice central focal point for all the wonderful things the PC platform has to offer.

  24. Calneon says:

    ~15 hours.

  25. Pobblepop says:

    Well, that trailer makes the game look derivative and predictable. The ‘Room with the big spinny thing’ that is in every shooter in existence, the gruff talking badass that’s in every shooter, the big bloke with the big gun that looks at you and screams, the wasteland that looks like every other wasteland. Can’t say this one’s on my radar at all.

  26. shoptroll says:

    I’m definitely interested in this game, but I’m not quite sold on it yet. I think Borderlands scratched my need for post-apocalyptic shooty-things. Put me in the hopeful but cautious category.

    Definitely good to hear Carmack talking about PC as a platform again. I’m guessing he’s bored with the mobile phones and consoles again.

    • DK says:

      Carmack and all the other ID/ Bethesda crew talk big but haven’t actually done anything whatsoever to indicate they care about the PC at all. And people just eat it up.

  27. Acorino says:

    Reply fail

  28. BlueJohn says:

    well that trailer got me interested

  29. kochanneo says:

    For anyone else who couldn’t find it, the video is here (youtube)

  30. Coriform says:

    Spike Spiegel?

  31. XM says:

    Looks like the big guns were right PC gaming is dead. Epic/ID: “you better get used to this gamepad thing it’s the future. M/K is dead along with PC gaming”.

    Funny how they come crawling back now they are at the end of console hardware.

  32. Vile Vile Vilde says:

    I’ve been planning to buy this since it was announced.


    Big news.

  33. DougallDogg says:

    One of the few people I have any time for in this industry. Great to hear John’s genuine passion the last couple of months.

    It’s rare to have someone from a company show true enjoyment from just coding and working on new theories and ideas and not just marketing gumph and corporate spiel trying to get you to part with your cash. Then again Id have always given so much back to their community.

    Plus he’s crazy into rockets what not to love about that!

  34. Oak says:

    That’s a good trailer, man.

    Also: this will be the second Idtech-powered, post-apocalyptic FPS involving an Ark and a battle between Resistance and Security Authority that Bethesda releases this year.

  35. virtualmatrix258 says:

    6 year development cycle for a 15 hour game? I sure hope not, but then again id does very odd things with their games.

  36. Christian Dannie Storgaard says:

    Was that a wink at the “hidden” voice work in Doom 3?
    “For years… [pause]… we’ve been running, hiding” – Rage
    “For years… [pause]… man has looked to science for answers” – Doom 3

    Also, very nice trailer – a shame that the intro film isn’t as good ;)