What Is A Jedi Consular?

Help, I'm stuck like this!
A few minutes ago I didn’t know, but now I do – that’s the magic of online marketing materials for The Old Republic. They’re not just entertaining, they’re educational! And when it’s your job to be an enormous nerd on the internet, as mine is, it’s good to know this stuff. I’ve posted the Jedi Consular trailer below, so that you can see it too. Being a Jedi Consular involves wearing very large shoulder pads, looking at glowing machines, deflecting energy bolts, and basically being a big old space wizard. Good times.

WARNING: The trailer auto-plays, for some reason.


  1. Echo Black says:

    Was expecting the Sith dude to yell “I haaaate yooooou!” at the “jedi consular” when he’s KO’d near the lava at the end.

    • Thants says:

      “From my point of view, the Jedi are evil. Now excuse me while I burn to death.”

  2. emotionengine says:

    “I will study the mysteries of the Force and act with calm and clarity”

    *BOOM! WHAM! STAB! KABOOOM! TAKE THAT, Sith scum!!!*

    • Rii says:

      The irony, it burns!

      (I’m thinking – okay, hoping – it was deliberate.)

    • BathroomCitizen says:

      I burst out laughing when I saw that part in the trailer.

  3. Hyetal says:

    Yeah, that looks pretty shit.

    My apologies for not being very constructive, but thems words of truth.

  4. Orija says:

    This is going to be one drab game.

    • ChiefOfBeef says:

      Why is this thing still being given the oxygen after the dev’s ‘can’t break WoW’s rules or our game will fail’ speech?

      By the looks of it, they’re even taking the shoulderpads from WoW.

  5. Gnoupi says:

    Oh, nice, some more “Two steps from hell” (the music) (go buy their “Invincible” album, you fools).

    About the actual video, it does seem interesting… but all movements, and things happening are showing the usual MMO strings. You see the spells being casted, and they look more or less out of place, unnatural. The lightsaber fights look incredibly “mechanical”.

    Lightsabers weren’t perfect in the Jedi Knight series, looking a bit random, but they looked still better and more “involving” than this (I know, not same kind of game, but still).

    (edit, ok, not the best video example, since it’s a modified version. But still, if lightsaber fights were looking like this in videogames more often, it would be nice.)

    • westyfield says:

      +1 for the Two Steps From Hell recommendation. Though sadly, even their inclusion does not an exciting trailer make.

    • InternetBatman says:

      To be fair, that’s expecting FPS animations from an MMO. The animations don’t look any better than WoW which is a problem, but I don’t know if they can be that reactive in an MMO structure.

    • Gnoupi says:

      @Internetbatman – so far in the gameplay videos, GW2 seems more active, with more lively animations. So apparently it can be done (a bit).

    • Antsy says:

      I kept seeing people talking about Two Steps From Hell recently so I got their Nemesis album. For me its like listening to trailer after trailer after trailer. Bombastic, formulaic and begging for a voice over man.

    • Gnoupi says:

      @Antsy – Two steps from Hell released only one album to the public, the rest is only for professional licensing. This album is “Invincible”, which I recommend you get. Nemesis can’t be bought on legal way for a personal use.

    • Antsy says:

      Wow, well good job I deleted the album immediately after listening to it then eh?

      Its just not my cup of tea. As I said, its trailer music. There’s nothing tying the album together beyond the feeling someone should be saying “IT WAS A TIME OF WAR……” over every track :P

      edit: I just wanted to say sorry Gnoupi. While I maintain that in isolation Two Steps from Hell is bombastic and ridiculous, i’ve discovered its also the perfect soundtrack for World of Tanks :)

    • Wulf says:


      That’s exactly what I was about to point out, too.

      If GW2 does do it, then why is TOR unable to do it?

      The MMO excuse is the most lame and irrelevant excuse there is. The reason why is stated above. It can be done. It is being done. It’s just not being done by TOR. It’s silly to assume that just because TOR does not do something, and WoW has not done something, that it therefore cannot be done. Champions Online, TERA, Vindictus, Aion, and so many others all have combat which looks way more active and involved than this.

      And playing CO myself currently, with it being a game where (OH GODS) you actually have to move around a bit and have skills which require mobility, I can say that TOR’s approach is just trying to mimic the technological limitations of WoW for some reason. Now, see, I get trying to mimic WoW. They think that’s going to bring them in money, yeah? (I disagree, Blizzard is in a quicksand pit, currently, and the direction they’re going in does not seem to be up) So they mimic WoW, strike for strike. They even said that their mission is to create WoW in space with a TOR skin. So yeah. BUT… why mimic the technological limitations?

      The way WoW combat looks is because it was designed to be run on late ’90s hardware. Is TOR being designed to run on late ’90s hardware? I mean, you have to ask yourself how much of a per centage of PC owners (not even PC gamers) are running late ’90s hardware, versus the amount that would be put off by a game that looks like it’s from the late ’90s or early ’00s (oaties!).

      It’s just a really silly decision. But then trying to mimic WoW in the first place is a really silly decision. (See: WAR.)

    • Robert says:

      @Gnoupi, have you seen different GW2 vids then I have? I remember seeing the underwater combat one(with some above water as well), and it seems as disjunct as all other MMO’s. Especially in that video, the moving seems superfluous.

    • skalpadda says:

      WoW has far better animations than TOR. I think it’s the fact that you can still see the “edges” of the motion capture that makes it so appalling.

  6. Mikkoeronen says:

    Well it sure is easy to make facial animations for him. Just move the eyebrows.

  7. wintermute says:

    Was mastering the Force worth having all muscles removed from face?

  8. Rii says:

    Bald + goatee is the new black.

    • emotionengine says:

      Actually, he looks a bit like the character I made while trying out Brink. Now all the Jedi dude needs is a Glasgow smile and you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

  9. neolith says:

    And yet another trailer that makes me not want to play the game. Bioware are really getting good at this.

    • 8-bit says:

      what do you mean “getting good at this,” Bioware have practically made bad marketing into an art form the past few years.

  10. Symitri says:

    One of the things that has kept me from a lot of MMO’s of late is this lack of ability to make combat animations look visceral. The speed of the combat and how terrible it looks are one of the things keeping me from being excited about TOR. I remember watching the group dungeon video, or whatever you call it, and thinking to myself how unexciting it was. This trailer has just reinforced that perception.

    • aircool says:

      All the more reason to look forward to Planetside 2.

    • Flame_US3r says:

      Game-related PR has made me distrust anyone who uses the word “visceral” in a sentence.

      Begone! Foul Dwimmerlake, Lord of Carrion!

      (agreed on all counts)

  11. noom says:

    So a Jedi Consular is master of making some people fall over and other people stand up, thus leading to the prevailence of justice.

  12. 8-bit says:

    click a button watch the awkward animation, very boring, very wow.

    think I will reinstall dark forces and play though the entire series to remind myself what good starwars games are like.

    • Solidstate89 says:

      To be fair, although this game looks really bad, it’s not like the combat in KOTOR wasn’t exactly like that. You click attack on a target, and if it’s a sword battle, you get the entire parry and slicing animation without any input.

    • Symitri says:

      KOTOR was released a while back now, Bioware has gone on to make other games with more interesting combat systems since, if not more interesting combat scenarios. Going backwards in something that players will be spending a lot of time doing is a rather big issue.

  13. skyturnedred says:

    Playing a mage-like character in this came seems rather boring, if considering spell effects. What I’ve seen of the Sith mage-class was Lightning Spell 1, Lightning Spell 2 and Lightning Spell 3. Seems the Jedi equivalent is Greyish Force Effect 1, 2 & 3.

    I know that’s not the truth, but that’s how the trailers make it seem.

  14. Zarunil says:

    I am getting this, but I do so wish the graphics were more detailed. Not a fan of the low polycount, cartoonish look at all.

  15. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    They put pauldrons on a robe? I… wha..?

    • Wulf says:

      He’s just not completed his armour set yet. It’s WoW clown syndrome. He’s wearing a beginner robe and has to grind for the other bits of his outfit, the only problem is is that the more he does that, the more ridiculous he’s going to look. He’s likely going to get oversized gloves and a hat with a huge spike on it, next.

    • Big Daddy Dugger says:

      My favorite part of wow was looking like a clown wearing the ridiculous random brightly colored pieces of armor that you recieved as quest rewards in the burning crusade era.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      “Hobo-clown syndrome.”

  16. Bilbo says:

    It isn’t new, they’ve been using the term Jedi Consular for years, etc

  17. Drake Sigar says:

    Everyone in this game looks like a professional wrestler. What was all that crap about size not mattering in Empire Strikes Back? Does anything Yoda said hold up today?!

  18. aircool says:

    There’s still a little too much of the ‘standing around whilst firing lots of bullets and standing still whilst someone else fires lots of bullets at me’ crap for me.

    I’m sure whichever side comes up with the idea of crouching behind a rock will win the war.

    • aircool says:

      Also – at 1.40, he seems to summon a broken immersion heater from solid rock. Jedi & Plumber.

  19. Askeladd says:

    Star Wars was already bleed to death for me. Oh, its dead yes, just look at that trailer.
    Where is the new Star Wars?

  20. BobsLawnService says:

    Wow, the negativity in this thread is astounding. I think I’m going to reserve judgement until after it has been released and patched a bit.

    • Grygus says:

      I have a friend in the beta and his vague feedback has been almost entirely positive; it’s apparently much more fun to play than watch. I also wonder how much graphics really matter in an RPG. If the story is great and building a character is interesting, the visuals are just icing. Then again, the whole obsession with graphics mystifies me so maybe I’m an aberration.


    • 0p8 says:

      i dont mind the look of it and i’m hoping some nice story driven quests will let me enjoy this alot.

    • InternetBatman says:

      Yeah. It’s obviously going to be WoW with a better story. That’s what it’s been billed as so I don’t know why people are expecting anything different.

    • Wulf says:

      “You can’t tell anything at all about a game by watching a video.”

      That argument is so ridiculous that I often wonder why it’s even made. Of course you can! You can make out plenty of gameplay mechanics from a video:

      – Game requires all players to stand in spot A and press butans B, C, and D over and over.
      – This leads to static combat, with awkward animations.
      – This betrays the lack of mobility the game has, meaning players are chained to one spot.

      That right there is enough for some people to know that they won’t like the game. It has shit all to do with graphics and everything to do with game mechanics. Some people like to be able to move around (Guild Wars 2), dodge (Guild Wars 2), block projectiles with their shield or environment (Guild Wars 2), and have fluid animations that work well with movement (Guild Wars 2).

      The point being here is that you can tell plenty about how a game will play from a video alone.

    • psycho7005 says:

      Are you looking forward to Guild Wars 2 Wulf? :P

    • Chesterton says:

      Oh Lord, look…it’s Wulf! Posting in a SW:TOR post about how horrible it is.

      Absolutely shocking!!

      Look, I’m looking forward to playing SW:TOR and GW2. But this video doesn’t inspire confidence: link to youtu.be

    • zomglazerz says:

      Holy balls look at all the dodging this fellow does! link to youtube.com

      It’s a paradigm shift! Never been done! Some other character is fighting something…AND THE ROGUE STEPS BEHIND IT!


  21. Amun says:

    MASTER YODA: “A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”

    EA MIDDLE MANAGER: “Oooh, sorry, I think we’re going to need to spice that up a little! (Can you find your own way out?)”

  22. WJonathan says:

    FFS Jim, edit your posts. “a enormous”?!? You’re the only RPS editor with major spelling and/or grammatical errors within the first few sentences of every entry.

  23. fiddlesticks says:

    A miserable little pile of secrets!

  24. Tei says:

    For the jedi healing is a forbidden tecnique. I think is because would destroy what a jedi is. Healing is fighting against the “let it go” thing. Jedi are not let have these strong emotions. Also a jedi will probably fall in love, and turn into a sith because of this. Exactly like how it happened to Anakin.

    In the movies, the only healer is palpatine (darth sidius).

    • Sidorovich says:

      Your jedi gets to fall in love, but only after he’s chosen the right dialogue options and raised the approval rating of his companion with appropriate items.

    • InternetBatman says:

      I’m sure you’re right, but why is healing a lightside power in all the games then? Unless it’s one of those jedi philosophy does not perfectly match the lightside instance.

  25. Nim says:

    “The trailer auto-plays, for some reason.”

    Not with Noscript it doesn’t.

  26. cairbre says:

    I dont think it looked all that bad but you can see the wow influence all over it. I know I l know we are all supposed to hate it.

  27. Calabi says:

    And people want to play this?

  28. Solidstate89 says:

    What’s with this autoplay video garbage?

    • 12kill4 says:

      probably some kind of ‘do or do not, there is no try’ bullshit.

  29. Nero says:

    Trailer directed by Michael Bay.

    • Stupoider says:

      Two Steps from Hell? Check!

      Narrating over action sequences? Check!

      Walking away from explosion? Boy, you betcha.

  30. 12kill4 says:


    *cough* sorry.

    • Morte66 says:

      Not just wizard, but “Earth Mage” judging by the spell mix on show there.

  31. Iskariot says:

    I’ll bet that most gamers will play jedi or Sith like characters. The MMO will be swarming with them. It will feel very wrong.

    • Big Daddy Dugger says:

      You’re right, they should make it so that you can only play a jedi character once you have a high level character of a normal class. Just like how you barely ever saw a death knight in wow when they came out because nobody had reached the level cap of the previous 2 year old expansion yet. I saw a grand total of like 20 death knights the entire time i played wow but then again i had only played 1 battleground and then quit. Nobody will play jedi’s at all and those classes will be retired by the devs in favor of a handful of new mercantile based classes because nobody likes laser swords they’re totally last week.

  32. Herbert_West says:

    This look [i]horrible[/i]. Very, very clunky animations (I dont expect FPS quality, but I do expect KOTOR quality and flow), boring combat, and overall underwhelming performance.

  33. DarkFarmer says:

    Hah hah, wow. How does this look like shit exactly? Looks like a fine Star Wars MMO to me. if you dont like themepark MMOs (I dont) i can understand not wanting to play it, but there if you do like themepark MMO’s there is nothing wrong with this games appearance so far.

    Its like looking at a tennis video game and going “Yup, hitting a ball back and forth… check. Looks shit.”

    • Big Daddy Dugger says:

      Are they called theme park mmo’s because once you’ve payed for admittance and a monthly seasons pass they still charge you micro transactions to enjoy the biggest rides and walk away with the best shwag? ‘Cause that’s what I see everytime I read “theme-park mmo”.

  34. Azrael says:

    Oh look, it’s a Paladin.

    They even have the shoulder pads :D

  35. vlonk says:

    well i picked up Kotor for a shameful shameful low price during the steam summersale. I just forced my wife to watch the trailer – her response: “Why do I have to watch stupid trailers from that game you play all the time?”

    Yeah… got me thinking

  36. Chesterton says:

    Oh look, an RPS post about SW:TOR!

    Let me guess: comments on how this is will be a dreadful, horrible game that they assuredly never, ever play.


    • Althilor says:

      In all fairness I think most people aren’t as negative as they make out. They just don’t want to make Wulf rip their face off through their monitors by actually saying something positive about the game.

    • Askeladd says:

      Its just making my heart bleed looking at this awful trailers.

    • Dominic White says:

      I really like Bioware, and have been a fan of most of their games… but I really haven’t seen ANYTHING about SW:TOR that makes me want to play it. Nothing. Zip. Nada. And each of these trailers somehow makes the prospect of playing the game even less appetizing.

      I’m the guy that gets yelled at for being too positive about games, and I really can’t see what they’re trying to sell here.

  37. f4stjack says:

    KANE! What are you doing in the SW universe?!