Dishonored Honours Us With Screenshots

Don't worry, he's singing.

Also spilling from Bethesda’s bosom this new week are a few shots of Dishonored. If you didn’t catch up on what that one’s all about, check out the video here. But key points: Made by Arkane (Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah), who now boast Deus Ex’s Harvey Smith, working on a game that is aiming to reproduce the style of Looking Glass. YES PLEASE. You can see the five new shots below.

I’ve shrunk the fullsize pics down a bit, since some of them were over 7000 pixels wide. Um – for those who play on monitors the size of a cinema screen?


  1. LarsBR says:

    The linkie-things on most of the images are wrong.

    And there are people who don’t play on monitors the size of cinema screens???

    • xotobacco says:

      c’mon — it’s 1280 x 720, my heart goes out to you if your monitor is under that.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      I still use my nearly decade old monitor with 4:3 aspect ratio…

    • stahlwerk says:

      5:4 here.

    • YourMessageHere says:

      16:9 is for squinters. 4:3 is called the golden ratio for a reason.

      EDIT: I am demonstrably wrong. Bugger. Wonder what pit of stupid I got this idea from?

    • glassd says:

      The golden ratio is actually ~1.6180339887, which is much closer to 16:10 (1.6) and 16:9 (1.777…) than it is to 4:3(1.333…). So no. 4:3 is not the golden ratio, 16:10 is.

    • godgoo says:

      i favour the 16:10

    • Theory says:

      glassd: FINISH HIM

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      May I respectfully request that you also provide larger versions of these images, since you had enormous ones? I’d love to use some of these as wallpaper, but your ‘large’ sizes are only a quarter of my screen area :(

    • Guhndahb says:

      @Raiyan 1.0: Same here, my monitor is pretty old, but 1600×1200 still looks great to me.

      I know I’m going to have to replace it soon, but when I do I figured I’d grab a newfangled 120 Hz/3D monitor. But the big problem is I can’t stand to use a monitor with less than 1200 vertical pixels, and those seem rare or non-existent w/ 120 Hz/3D.

      I am getting a bit tired of actual game-play being letter-boxed though. There’s no excuse for that and it’s happening more and more. Cutscenes? Fine. 2D games? Fine. But there’s no excuse for 3D games in-game being letterboxed!

    • YeOldeSnake says:

      1024×768 native resolution T_T

    • Dhatz says:

      fuck off, keeping CRTs for framerates is useless, you dont get any pixels.

  2. Orija says:

    I like almost everything about this game but for the nauseating art style and the fact that you play a ‘good two shoes’ guy kinda puts me off.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      I demand at least 3 good shoes in my action games.

    • Mr_Initials says:

      I demand at least 1 good foot in my games.

    • TychoCelchuuu says:

      I’m pretty sure the developer interview video posted earlier makes it clear that you can be a bad (or bad-ish) person.

    • Lambchops says:

      I put my best foot forward. I have no idea how many shoes this requires.

    • Orija says:

      You guys better start praying that I don’t get those superpowers that are in Dishonored.

    • Unaco says:

      Yeah, Orija, you’re so right. That’s why I never played Super Mario games, being the good guy and all that. Or DOOM… Why do I HAVE to kill the Demons? Why can’t I join them? That totally put me off. And Thief… Don’t mention Thief. Having been the victim of theft, I have serious problems with it… and FORCING me to play a Thief is not my idea of fun!

    • TheGameSquid says:

      I think what Orija is trying to say is that making you a “good Assassin” is pretty bad way of giving the player a “bad-ass” character to play without giving the player the idea that they’re doing something bad so as not to offend them. He was only talking about this specific case.

      It’s kinda like in Assassin’s Creed 1 (and AC2, to a lesser degree), where they make the bad guys commit absolutely over-the-top disgusting crimes moments before you assassinate them so that it would be “ok” for you to kill them, because, y’know, they were OBVIOUSLY despicable human beings. That was more than a little facepalm-worthy.

    • gwathdring says:

      Agreed on the sloppiness of Assassin’s Creed in that respect. They try to balance it by having you go after people from both sides … but that’s the most rudimentary form of moral ambiguity short of being given a choice between good and evil. There are two sides to a war? You don’t say. And they both have problems?

      It would have been nice to see more targets you could actually feel conflicted about.

    • Wulf says:

      Does it help that I’m rooting for the fascinating, slender, flamethrower-laden robots? I mean, for all we know, that bloke could have tried data-mining one of their tiny, innocent, slender, flamethrower-laden children! Go flamethrower-bots, for great justice!

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      Those aren’t robots! They’re people on stilt-walking contraptions that protect them from the plague-ridden rats that roam the city.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      In Assassin’s Creed you’re playing as muslims in a sci-fi world where the crusades essentially have no beginning or end. I guess you’re still a “good guy” but it’s ambiguous enough that they feel the need to put that hilarious disclaimer at the beginning of every game.

    • John P says:

      Has anyone mentioned yet that you don’t actually play a good guy necessarily? You’re an assassin. You could kinda kill everyone if you wanted to. The game tracks it with the ‘chaos’ system and you’ll see effects in the world if you do a lot of chaotic things.

  3. jellydonut says:

    Why are you complaining about the high-res? That just indicates to me they care about the platform that can actually display 1080p and beyond.

    As for a goody two shoes guy.. I don’t know. He *is* an assassin, regardless of his mission.

  4. Miker says:

    I think some of these screens are actually artwork, and the other ones have to be “bullshots” — they just look too good to be true.

  5. Outright Villainy says:

    I’m loving the art style. And everything else so far. DO AM WANT.

  6. delialli says:

    Most of those link to the same screenshot for me. The one of a giant metal chicken farting in Johnny Cash’s face

  7. John Walker says:

    Dammit – sorry – links now fixed.

  8. Soon says:

    Apart from the other stuff. I’m expecting some of the most beautifully-crafted environments we’ve ever seen. I don’t ask for much.

  9. CaspianRoach says:

    link to
    So I heard anti-aliasing is some new awesome feature that only pro developers use (nevermind the jpeg artifacts)

    • The Sentinel says:

      So I heard that John Walker, in the article right up there, says that he himself reduced the pics from their original size. Jaggies are what happens when you scale a pic down. Maybe you want to rethink that snipe at the devs?

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Well I googled these screens and it seems these jaggies persist on all versions. Plus if they were happening because of downscaling, the app that made it has no resample algorithmes and therefore sucks.

    • Zelius says:

      These are probably screens from the console version, as is mostly the case with multi-platform games. I think it’s safe to assume that the PC version will feature anti-aliasing.

    • Theory says:

      Sentinel, if you scale a pic down without filtering then every pixel becomes jagged. If it’s just the edges then the problem lies with the original render.

    • Davie says:

      I never understand you AA fanatics. It’s a minor visual effect that, granted, makes a game look very nice, but it also a massive waste of processing power considering what you get for it. Yet some people make it sound like the devs forgot to include dynamic lights or something.

    • CaspianRoach says:


      It’s easy to include, it looks really pretty and after you’ve gotten used to it, you will notice the lack of it everywhere. Don’t know if you know it, but Windows uses antialiasing too. It smoothes fonts to make it a lot easier to read, so your mind isn’t tripping on all the weird letter edges.
      link to
      The effect AA has on brain makes you see the object as a whole and not a puzzle of bits and pieces meshed together.

    • adonf says:

      Well, no. the only reason for anti-aliased fonts is to give people headaches and sell more reading glasses. I have proofs!

  10. Groove says:

    More dueling pistols, more dueling swords. I am space-fop, hear me decry you vehemently.

  11. ResonanceCascade says:

    Please be good. Please be good.

    The developers seem to have their heads in the right place on this one, I just hope the execution lives up to all the great ideas.

  12. Kompatriartes says:

    Hopefully the gameplay will be really good, because I doubt I’ll be able to suspend my disbelief about a world in which chicken robots and sword duels coexist.

    Frankly the game itself sounds/looks great coming from what I encountered on Game Informer but I just wish they’d picked a less silly setting.

    • YourMessageHere says:

      It is neither robot nor chicken. The left one is clearly a man in a skeletal armature with really long legs, sort of sprung stilts with clawed feet. I can believe that.

    • Wulf says:

      And is the possibility that shield technology might have outpaced most ranged weaponry more creative thinking than you can handle? Excuse me whilst I weep openly at your lack of imagination.


  13. YourMessageHere says:

    Looks bloody fascinating, really.

  14. Lantzalot says:

    I really hope you can disable those strider-like things by cutting the tension wires running down the back of the legs, causing the legs to immediately straighten and catapult the operator far off into the distance.

  15. WrongThinker says:

    Super hyped for this, actually. Dark Messiah was buggy, but incredible. Their multiplayer had some really, really interesting ideas as well. I have great expectations for this one.

    • gwathdring says:

      I loved Dark Messiah for what it was trying to be, and had some good solid fun with what it was. Sort of like Mirror’s Edge.

      I have high hopes.

  16. Sinnorfin says:

    This game’s shots always reminds me of Brink.

  17. gwathdring says:

    Damn, that’s mighty pretty.

    P.S. Why would someone complain about technical things at this stage in the game (like AA) when the much more important visual style check box is so clearly ticked? I suppose not everyone is as much of a sucker for the pseudo-illustration school of animation as I am … but still, it’s much to early to be complaining about the engine. Then again, I think it’s always too early to complain about that side of graphics.

  18. Squishpoke says:


    What is this game about and why does it look so cool? The perspective reminds me of Zeno Clash, but I doubt that it would be anything like that, right?

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      It’s a first person immersive sim ala Thief, but the fighting isn’t gimped so you can be a one man slaughterhouse if you want to. There will also be limited magical abilities. It’s all about open-ended levels (NOT open world, mind) and using physics and AI systems for emergent gameplay opportunities rather than scripted events.

      At least that’s the way Harvey and Raf have been selling it in the recent interviews…

    • gwathdring says:

      So, think Blood Money + Dark Messiah + Original goodness and you’ve got a nice picture of what they’re selling so far.

  19. Araxiel says:

    The picture with the War-Of-The-Worlds robot…thingy reminds me a lot of a scene from the movie 9 (the movie with the ragdolls)

  20. Daiv says:

    Does it have a boot to the face button?

    I love the boot to the face button.

    Boot to the face got used more than walk forwards in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      Boot to the head! Nya nya
      Boot to the head ! Nya nya

  21. Snack says:

    Please link the 7k images.

  22. Jason Moyer says:

    I can’t wait for this. Arkane is the only studio that really seems to “get” the Looking Glass philosopy. They’re also one of the few that has never released or been a contributor to a bad game although I guess that’s less impressive when they’ve put out 2 titles in 10 years and assisted on another.

  23. Gabe McGrath says:

    Respectfully John, I think another BIG ‘key point’ worth mentioning is the involvement of City 17’s “architect” Viktor Antonov… it’s most obvious in the ‘flamethrower’ pic featuring HL2-esque robots and Bulgarian-esque architecture.