Despotic Ruler On Trial: Tropico 4 Demo

Man, I wish I were a fascist dictator.

Banana el presidente despot republic. I have just summed up every opening line ever written about the Tropico series. Also I’ve probably done something clever regarding SEO witchcraft. We will be number one! But are there bananas in Tropico? Really? You can now find out for yourself, as the Tropico 4 demo has been released. It’s 1.7GB (you know what – that’s 116 Peggles), which you can pick up from here or here, or even here. In there you’ve got four tutorial missions, and one campaign mission, which should give you a fair idea if it’s something you want to buy. Something you’ll be able to do on the 1st September.


  1. Richie Shoemaker says:

    Interested, but I don’t have a despot to piss in.

  2. Rii says:

    Props to Kalypso for doing a demo.

    … and it’s pretty sad that I felt the need to say that.

  3. llfoso says:

    Yay demo!
    I was looking at Tropico 3 a while back, but had no friend who played it and there was no demo. I love building sims but it seemed like a risk to put forward the money.
    I never buy games unless they’re 1) in the $10 range 2) my friends force me to buy it 3) its a sequel to a game I love and has good reviews or 4) the demo is awesome.
    Too bad Sim City 5 is never coming out though. I would give them all my money if they asked for it.

    • Shinan says:

      I’m pretty sure there is a demo of Tropico 3 out there. I know I played the demo before buying the full game. (On Steam even)

    • masiif says:

      Yes there is a demo of Tropico 3 on Steam. I hope they add a demo for Tropico 4 on Steam so I may be able to bypass the restriction to install it to my system partition.

    • JellyD says:

      There’s a demo up on steam right now. Can’t download it though. Steamservers too busy…

      EDIT: Oh wait I actually did it!

  4. Heliocentric says:

    Does this game feature much on the way of riots, looting or chavs?

  5. Malfious says:

    Thanks for the heads up, quite enjoyed 3, was thinking of going back and playing a little more, this should keep me occupied for abit

  6. Will Tomas says:

    I’m very pleased to see the poor, neglected Peggle coming back in as a unit of file size.

    • Frank says:

      Yes. I never could appreciate Peggle as a game, but as a unit of measurement, it is undeniably superior!

  7. PickyBugger says:

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  8. Urb says:

    Looking forwards giving thisone a whirl, I really enjoyed the previous ones alot!
    Hmmm, am i blind or is there no way to choose a target HD to install the game to?
    The default HD is stuffed so i can’t seem to finish installing.

  9. A Pair of Pliers says:

    The demo doesn’t seem to have an option to install to any other drive than C. Or the prompt to select install directory is after the free space check which I can’t pass due to my C not having enough space. Well, then!

    e: Yeah, it goes directly onto Program Files on C, no questions asked. Hooray.

    • Urb says:

      The demo is out on steam aswell now, so that seems like a better option for us… ;)

  10. Inigo says:

    You should include GamersHell in that list, as they’re at least decent enough to provide a torrent.

  11. satsui says:

    I wish more companies did demos like this. Good job Kalypso.

  12. Nikolaj says:

    I don’t get to choose where to install it to? That’s a good first impression…

  13. MrXswift says:

    ew this game has ugly graphics *uninstalling* i better keep playing dawn of discovery

    • Rii says:


    • MrXswift says:

      lolwut ^^ did you play the demo? when i play an economic simulation i expect the graphics to be awesome.. what else can u do than build some buildings and look at the city?
      i expexted paradise island and got polygon island where you can actually count the polygons and see the layers of the watershader :P

    • pazmacats says:

      Graphics are exactly the same as Tropico3. Only difference is that it doesn’t lag like Topico 3 does. So, Topico4=Tropico3 but faster, lol. Another brand branded on a bin.

    • Edawan says:

      I found the graphics to be significantly worse than Tropico 3.

    • Rii says:


      Well that would explain MrX’s comment, but is itself somewhat perplexing. Maybe the graphics are locked to low or something?

    • Edawan says:

      The textures have the same definition as in T3, but they’ve increased the saturation which makes them quite ugly.

      But the biggest problems are the lighting and shaders which are way worse than in T3, and I don’t see why they’d cut that for the demo.

      And in the options panel -at least- I could set everything to the max.

  14. Ginger Yellow says:

    Hmmm. Seems more expansiony than sequely. It’s very much Tropico 3, but with a few extra layers of complexity added on. So now the Middle East is another faction to placate (Really? The Middle East was interfering in Cold War Caribbean politics? Who knew?) . Security now has the secret police. Education has grade school. Pollution now has garbage dumps and wind farms (again, not very Cold War). But the basic mechanics are identical, as far as I can tell.

    • Vinraith says:

      Security now has the secret police. Education has grade school. Pollution now has garbage dumps and wind farms (again, not very Cold War).

      Actually all of that was in Tropico 3 with the expansion.

    • Oneironaut says:

      I feel the same way. I really enjoyed the demo, but it feels too much like Tropico 3. If it were a cheaper expansion I would probably buy it at release, but as a sequel I’ll probably wait for a Steam sale to get it at around $10-$15.

    • Nikolaj says:

      I agree. It seems to like an upgrade to Tropico 3, more than an actual sequel. And a rather small upgrade at that. I do love Tropico, though, so I’ll probably get it anyway, if the price is right. Otherwise, I’ll wait for a sale.

    • Ginger Yellow says:

      I never got the expansion. All that was in it? So what is actually new?

  15. Josh W says:

    I’m not sure, but that might be the first Mubarak reference in RPS.

  16. Navagon says:

    I’ll have to give this a try when my internet connection is less crap.

  17. Ondrej says:

    Clocked some 80 hours over Tropico 3, but I’m not too convinced if this is worth the money, it looks very much the same to me!

  18. luckystriker says:

    Lovely headline, John. You can pun for England.