Rock Opera: Tommy’s Back In Prey 2

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Yes, it’s that oldest of all the jokes. But I’m afraid a screenshot of Tommy’s actual back is all we’re getting from Human Head today. Given exactly thirty-two in every five hundred and twenty-eight people on the internet were vocally distressed to discover that Prey 2 would be ditching the first game’s Native American protagonist Tommy in favour of a white soldierdude named Killian Samuels, you’d have thought the first unveiling of Tommy’s NPC appearance in Prey 2 would have a little more hullabaloo. But no, just his back. And a bit of his nose, admittedly. Will he be purely a talky character, or will you fight alongside him somehow? I don’t know these things. I’m sorry. Look, I’ve got this picture of his back, and that’s all. Stop looking at me like that. What do you want from me?

So there you go. There’s the picture of a man’s back. That’s my story. We’ll always remember this moment.


  1. Nalano says:

    Aww. Demoted from a half-original protagonist to a Magical Native American. Lame.

    • Cyberpope says:

      now correct me if im wrong but wasnt his character in the first one a native american with magical powers?

    • Nalano says:

      Yeah, but that’s only half the trope. The other half is, “…who teaches the white protagonist something insightful about himself.”

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Actually Tommy’s real trope is “Stupid, stubborn, genre-ignorant asshole who doesn’t listen to mentor figure despite the screams of the player controlling him, and as an obviously predictable result, gets his girlfriend killed.”

      Have I mentioned how much that bothered me? Well at least in this game Tommy can’t screw up any worse because most of the named characters from the first game are dead.

      Oh, sorry. Spoilers.

  2. Ephaelon says:

    Good to see that in the future, fashion sense hasn’t changed.

  3. Lambchops says:

    Don’t make me turn my back on you!

  4. hydra9 says:

    “I was like you once; a stranger in a strange land. Now I stand guard over these crates. There are monsters behind those crates. I’ll give you 50 creds if you take ’em out.”

    • yoggesothothe says:

      OH my lord I laughed. The 50 creds really sold it. 50!

  5. Orija says:

    With the amount of expectations I have for this game, I’m bound to be disappointed. Yet, I fervently hope this game to has S.T.A.L.K.E.R.’s open levels and atmosphere, Ass Creed’s fluidity and a deep, interesting storyline as in The Witcher 2 without any of the Mass Effect games’ pretentiousness.

    • Nalano says:

      Damn you for bringing my hopes up. Now I want all games to be like that.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I sort of want Cyberpunk: The Masquerade from these shots.

      Slim, slim chance of it being that level of good, though.

    • Thants says:

      Cyberpunk: The Masquerade sounds a lot like Deus Ex.

  6. Heti says:

    I have a feeling he’ll be a bounty target at some point but then you’ll find him and he’ll do something magical and you’ll realize you were working for the bad guy all along ™

  7. Cirdain says:


    Was I the only one who want’s to see Tommy die in a length court case.

  8. Unaco says:

    “But no, just his back. And a bit of his nose, admittedly.”

    And his luscious, long locks. Reminds me of my hair… I just want to run my fingers through it. Which I can’t do, obviously. It being a digital representation of a digital character and all. But, I do have my hair. Which is awesome. As good as Sterling Archer’s, if not better. Now I’m going to find a mirror.

  9. Ovno says:

    He may well be magic, but finding another human in a strange world of aliens will probably be quite a big plot point for the game…

  10. Kid_A says:

    He’s the only other human out there, and [veiled spoiler] after the choice he made at the end of the game, and what was hinted at by -insert big nasty who shall go un-named here- after you dealt with it, he’s clearly going to be a major plot point, if not THE major plot point.

  11. Cyber Rat says:

    That left arm…

    • John P says:

      Good implied question.

    • BathroomCitizen says:


    • lokimotive says:

      In his right hand, he holds his gun… also in his left.

    • Orija says:

      While we are at it, what is that thing protruding downwards from his right arm, that looks suspiciously similar to whatever he may be holding on the other hand?

    • Saiko Kila says:

      Maybe he just holds a spare magazine in his left hand. Just after taking it out of his underpants. Where he was keeping it to prevent security guys from finding it. And to impress girls.

  12. Deekman says:

    We know he’s going to be the twist right? Through out the first 3/4 of the game we’ll be hunting him then he’ll let you know what’s really going on and you’ll team up to take on the big bad.

  13. ResonanceCascade says:

    Man, he’s still wearing the same clothes, too. Those things must be rank by now.

  14. Wooly Wugga Wugga says:

    Leather jacket and a jean pant. They never go out of style, do they?

  15. magnus says:

    He’s got a bar to run,who’s going to look after it when he gone off Alien shooting?

  16. Kilrathi says:

    He must be working out.

  17. Felixader says:

    PREYs endiong was so goddamn predictable.

    Would have really been a surprising mindbender if he would have started to do good things with the structure instead of the clicheed and visionless “Oh no, power corrupts, i must destroy it!”-crap.

    • DK says:

      Except that he was right. It wasn’t the case of “Oh no, this untested and wholly new power will surely corrupt me if I use it” – it was “this thing has been corrupting people for thousands of years, there’s no indication whatosever that I would be any different, better destroy it”

      Tommy actually had an arc in Prey. He started out whiny and petulant, sick of ancestry, a drunk and he breaks down and beats a guys head in. With a wrench. In the first 5 minutes.

      His familiy and girlfriend died because he was all “shut up, grandpa I got this magic bow now, gonna go save my girlfriend!” instead of listening and getting his actual superpowers.

      He got a lot humbler the longer the thing went on.

  18. yurusei says:

    I wonder where he buys those jeans in space.

    Maybe aliens can clone clothes as well.

  19. mbp says:

    I liked the original Prey a lot. It good old Sci Fi corridor shooter with a strong storyline and a couple of technical gimmicks to keep it interesting (portals and gravity shifting). The game did have one humungous flaw however: There is no penalty for dying rather you actually get rewarded for dying by being jetted off to the nether world where you can pick up extra health and mana.

  20. Askeladd says:

    Rock Opera: Tommy

  21. Kdansky says:

    I am in favour of having more minorities as main characters. But Tommy? His story (while above average in depth for shooters, with actual character development (GASP!)) is told, and you can only fuck it up by adding to that. I refer to the exemplary Matrix 2/3, which clearly have never been made.

  22. Navagon says:

    I was kind of disappointed with what they were removing from Prey in Prey 2. But then I saw what they were replacing it with and decided it was best to shut the fuck up and let them make that awesome looking game for me to play.

  23. acidtestportfolio says:

    wait, who is tommy

  24. eclipse mattaru says:

    That Native American kid sure plays a mean pinball.

  25. moondog548 says:

    IB4 Turok!

  26. dc2005 says:

    and on today’s character porn, here is a nipple shot of Tommy!