Win: Lucid Steam Codes!

I bet you’d like to spend some time a-puzzlin’ this week, eh? Well perhaps you can, if you enter our shiny Lucid competition. It’s a puzzle game! We’ve got a bunch of Steam codes to give away, and you can win them with a minimum of effort! All you have to do is email us here and tell us what puzzles you. The most puzzled people will win.

Usual rules apply. Closing date is midday, 13th August.


  1. Tony M says:

    You can trade it for a hat!

  2. thepaleking says:

    Yer mum puzzles me lol! In bed!

    • Gnoupi says:

      I guess that’s because it looks like some pieces are missing…

  3. Farewell says:

    So there’s a game called Lucid, and another game called Lucidity; and yet Mojang is getting sued over calling their game Scrolls.

    • Jam says:

      Puzzling isn’t it?

    • rayne117 says:


      You have completely changed my views on the Notch vs Bethesda scuffle. I originally seen Notch as the underdog (like many of you), but I now feel that position is not right. Common words should be free to all and never trademarked.

      Get ’em Bethesda.

  4. Ondrej says:

    Jim, err… what about the other unresolved compos, like a month back?

    • Mechdahl says:

      Yes, this is what is puzzling. Especially since you said “No, it hasn’t actually been judged. My fault, I’ll fix it early next week and post the winners” three weeks ago. Just call us the compo police.

    • westyfield says:

      Also the BF3 compo. Should I still be excited about the possibility of going to Sweden?

  5. hotcod says:

    It puzzles me why you would go out and riot when you can stay in with a nice cup of tea?

    link to

  6. ChainsawCharlie says:

    I like free games, but not free match-3 games

  7. Urthman says:

    I love the look and idea of this game, but the fact that you have to constantly hold the mouse button down as you’re selecting blocks makes my wrist hurt just thinking about it.