Insanely Twisted Shadow Port?

I’ve not played Shadow Planet Productions’ crazy looking Metroidvania/twin stick shooter beyond the demo yet, but just before I snapped and got it for the console, Eurogamer have lead me to believe that a PC release might be in the works. As one of the more interesting indie titles this year, that’s surely good news.

The official line about whether we can expect a desktop PC compatible release down the line goes a little something like this:

Discussions are also ongoing with publisher Microsoft regarding a possible PC release, though that’s “to be determined at this point”.

We post about this game several years ago, way before it had been roped into XBLA exclusivity, but it seems like most of these sort of games are making the easy leap to PC after all. So perhaps don’t set your Xbox on fire just yet, but after the likes of Braid, Limbo and Bastion coming to our lovely towers, it might be worth holding off from buying the Xbox version if you’d prefer to have it on your PC. It’s bound to turn up for cheap, anyway, right?

Here’s a trailer, to remind you why we should hope for a PC release:


  1. bear912 says:

    Yes, please.

    • Snidesworth says:

      What he said.

    • bear912 says:

      I actually attempted to ask the devs about this via Twitter in the last few days, but, as per my usual luck with twimpering, received no response.

    • Diziet Sma says:

      Don’t worry you’re not alone. About 23% of twitter messages ever get a reply, and only 6% get retweeted. I have no idea if those statistics exclude obvious spam or whether they are taken from a bulk swathe of twats.

    • squareking says:

      I nominate “bulk swathe of twats” for Phrase of the Year.

  2. Stuart Walton says:

    Looks great, but not as good as it could have been. Shadow Complex and Aquaria are far far superior indie metroidvanias. ITSP will do well to have an overhaul to fix a few issues and increase the density of content before releasing on PC.

    • statistic says:

      shadow complex , while being a really great game, isn’t indie.
      It was made by epic

  3. The_B says:

    I’ve enjoyed my time with it on the XBox, I must say. It’s short, but it works really well and obviously has a very distinct visual style. I do hope to see it on the PC.

  4. MadTinkerer says:

    Microsoft are publishing? Hmmm…

    If this is a GFWL exclusive, I may have to break my policy of not buying things from GFWL. I HOPE IT’S NOT, though.

    EDIT: Specifically, I prefer Steam.

  5. Diziet Sma says:

    I hope the price for Bastion and From Dust drops on PC as they’re both currently cheaper on the box of x’s.

    • DuckSauce says:

      What’s the price of From Dust on the Box of X’s? I got From Dust for €10,95 instead of Steam’s €14,99 from Green Man Gaming(with €1,- off because of a trade in, still €11,95, about €3 cheaper than on Steam)

    • Diziet Sma says:

      Depends on how ‘bulk’ you buy your points. Say if you get 2,100 for 14.97 from you’re paying £8.53 for either as they are currently 1200 points.
      *quick edit, I make €10.95 about £9.60, is that right? if so it’s still cheaper on xbox. Which comes as a surprise.*
      *further edit, gmg charge £9.95 for from dust*

    • johnpeat says:

      Bastion, FD and this are 1200pts which at ‘full MS online price’ (£17 for 2000) is £10.20 – full retail price is £17.99 for 2100 which is £10.28

      You can seek out cheaper points – ShopTo do instant delivery and there are usually codes to get their standard price (£16.99 for 2100) down to more like £14-15ish – which is £8-odd…

      PC is, therefore, costlierererr…

  6. Orija says:

    Reminds of that Samurai Jack cartoon.

  7. yurusei says:

    Does the same company publish Patapon? Art direction looks very much the same.

  8. Timmeister says:

    Just going to say, my friend reviewed the xbox live version just before release (You can find it here if interested link to

    I would actually quite like to see this on PC though, since it is a nice game to play and PC gamers deserve nice games to play!

  9. GLSteve says:

    Oh yes. Wrote a bit about this last week, it was such a lovely surprise. Easily one of the best looking games I have ever played.

    Here’s hoping it makes it to our side of the fence, it’s well worth a look.

  10. Hatsworth says:

    I was really disappointed when the XBLA exclusivity was announced. From what I’ve read after its release though, it might not be as good as I’d hoped. It’s certainly aesthetically pleasing at the very least.

  11. StuffedCabbage says:

    This looks nice. It might just rip me away from that gem of an indie game – Spacechem. I’ve heard it’s a pretty short game. Still worth a purchase though.

  12. bglamb says:

    Since when do RPS report on games that are not planned for release on the PC?

    • The Sentinel says:

      …when they want to flag up something as possibly coming to PC? So maybe that generates interest, which feeds back to the developers, who maybe listen and make it happen?

  13. Bhazor says:

    The animations its based on (Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets) are well worth a look too.

  14. johnpeat says:

    I loved the demo for this but the full game is a BIT disappointing. It’s just a bit too linear/short/lacks replayability and variation…

    What’s there is faultless – it just needs a bit more of itself and could be a bit harder…

  15. shoptroll says:

    As cool as this would be, it sounds like they’re entirely reliant upon MS. Who…. doesn’t exactly have a good track record of putting out their published titles on PC.

    I don’t know if it was ever mentioned here, but MS did snag exclusivity for Skulls of the Shogun for XBLA although the devs did hint that they’re still working on PC/iOS (Mac too?) versions for release after the XBLA version.

  16. LTK says:

    It looks like it’s been built out of every retro horror movie alien ever. Which is fantastic.

  17. Vinraith says:

    This is one of the coolest looking games ever, for all that I suspect I’d hate the gameplay. That art style is just magnificent.

  18. Craymen Edge says:

    I seem to recall trailers for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet appearing on Gametrailers in 2007, who were at the time earmarking it as a PC game due 2008. Then everything went quiet.

    Hopefully it does finally make it’s way to the PC.

  19. DainIronfoot says:

    Geographical Explorations of Jasper Morello anyone?