Masters Of The Broken World “Revealed”

Oh dear, hexagons.

Dragon Commander isn’t the only turn-based game to be announced today. Along comes Masters Of The Broken World. Funded by the same organisation that gave us Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword – Snowberry Connection – this was originally the creation of one man, Russian Alexey Bokulev. His force was combined with that of Unicorn Games Studio, and they received the funding to do a complete remake. That’s what it says here, anyway. Which is what we’re talking about now.

It’s described as a “non-linear fantasy turn-based strategy”, but the one mistake the press release makes is to forget to say what the game is actually about. Here are the scattered clues:

“Offering global, strategic and tactical levels of gameplay, MBW features the traditional “good vs. evil” decision dilemma where consequences of player’s choices significantly influence the outcome of the main game. Rebellions are best put out with a few legions of zombies… but if you’ll need this particular province at a later time, you’ll live to regret some of your easy decisions.”

So it’s on a large scale, there are zombies, and moral choices.

And er, that’s it. Lots about how the game has come about, nothing about what the game is. Oops. But more will apparently be revealed at Gamescom.


  1. D3xter says:

    This looks cool, whatever it is… I wanna see a Trailer.

  2. Makariel says:

    Does every second game have to have Zombies by law or something?

    • RF says:

      Is there a law that people have to complain about zombies even in settings where they’re perfectly fitting or something?
      ( Also, I think it was an example, not an outright statement of zombies. )

    • Jeremy says:

      Something tells me this isn’t a traditional zombie game.

    • JFS says:

      And moral decisions? All the games have them now, what’s up with that!

    • Buttless Boy says:

      What is with all these fucking games where I have to click stuff?

    • KaL_YoshiKa says:

      So sick of games with graphics using dimensions, Like what’s wrong with text!

  3. RF says:

    Looks cool, but WF&S sucked at release.

    More info, please?

    • SK@Snowberry says:

      WFAS – yes, there were some issues. First time we had co-production between TaleWorlds and Snowberry. Next time we’ll just grab more time for polish.

  4. Sergey Galyonkin says:

    Dear Americans, he is Ukrainian, god dammit!

    Game is actually sequel, first one was quite popular here despite really ugly graphics.

    • Sergey Galyonkin says:

      First one was called Eador, here are some screenshots

      link to

      In CIS territories second one is also called “Eador: Masters of Worlds”

    • Fumarole says:

      Dear Ukranians, they’re British, god dammit!

    • Vandelay says:

      How ironic. RPS is British, not American.

      Although, now I type this, I realise that might have been a joke…

      Edit: Beaten to it.

    • Sergey Galyonkin says:

      Vandelay, Fumarole: my point, exactly.

    • The_Player says:

      As if there is any difference.

    • SK@Snowberry says:

      @Sergey –

      Sequel it’s not.

      And I loved the 2D graphics in the original prototype. Would not call that ugly. But it was unscalable, with a fixed resolution, and at some point the functionality was hampered by the execution. We’re working to remove those limitations now.

    • Sergey Galyonkin says:

      SK – Is it you, Sergei? :)

      I apologize for my mistake then. I’ve read a preview and thought “We will change campaign to address issues: means that they’ll introduce new campaign.

      Anyway, looking hot, can’t wait to try it :)

  5. Ian says:

    Good VERSUS evil? Now I’ve seen everything!

  6. DenGW says:

    Alexey Bokulev is from UKRAINE, not Russia.
    The same thing with Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light – developers from 4A Games are Ukrainians (but some Mass Media still think they’re from Russian studio). And S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is Ukrainian game. Remember that, forever!

    • skurmedel says:

      A scary amount of people think Chernobyl is somewhere in Russia as well.

    • jp0249107 says:

      I was one of those…CURSE YOU PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS!

      See! Look! Games DO teach you stuff.

    • SK@Snowberry says:

      But who cares, really? If Alexey moves to Belgium tomorrow, will he become a Belgian? If you so insist, then let’s be precise and call everyone who was BORN in the USSR “Soviet”, which would be the only truth there is. Anyone pre-1991, that’s Soviet for you. STALKER is a Soviet game in that sense.

    • DenGW says:

  7. westyfield says:


  8. vash47 says:

    Stopped reading there. I’ll pass.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      You read most of it then.

    • Magnetude says:

      Hahaha I love it when people use “stopped reading there” wrong. It’s my favourite meme-misuse.

      Also, the logic of your statement – it’s a hexagon-based strategy game, nothing whatsoever like CoD, L4D, Dead Island, any of the myriad other zombie games, yet the word zombie puts you off?

      I like what I think they’re describing here. You can put a rebellion down by releasing a bunch of zombies and watching them kill the peasants, but then you have a zombie-infested province to deal with later on. Like the slaughter/enslave/occupy decisions in the Total War series. I like it, and I’m sure there are other units besides zombies to get angry about the genericity of, so don’t worry.

    • SK@Snowberry says:

      …wait, there’s goblins and mermaids and other creatures, too. If you ever played the original King’s Bounty from New World Computing, you must have been fuming – they also had dragons, and sprites, and elves, and what-not. Around here, we call that “classic fantasy”.

  9. Danko007 says:

    Alexey Bokulev and Unicorn Games Studio – Ukrainian.

  10. Vexing Vision says:

    But… but… turn-based strategy is dead!


    What a blissful day!

  11. karry says:

    “the one mistake the press release makes is to forget to say what the game is actually about. ”

    Thats kinda your own fault for not knowing what Eador was all about, innit ?

  12. The_Player says:

    Oh. My. God. In original the game called Eador. Lords of the Worlds, and what the fuck is the new name? I hate that stupid marketing moves, to make a Russian (ok, CIS) games called like they’re made for retarder children. Sublustrum turned into Outcry, Anabiosis into Cryostasis, and now that. Ughhh!
    BTW, the game is just a 3D remake of the original Eador. The Creation which has neat 2D graphics and very beautiful music.

    • pakoito says:

      SO the game is already out and playable in ANGRISH language?

    • Sergey Galyonkin says:

      pakoito, you mean American language, right?

      Not as far as I know

    • The_Player says:

      Nah, it isn’t on English, what is pretty sad to me. There’s too much of a content to translate, and the original game was made by single indie developer, so it’s obvious that such a task was impossible to him.

    • Magnetude says:

      Sergey: I believe American is what The_Player was speaking, specifically the dialect found in Youtube comments.

    • pakoito says:

      ANGRISH is English with Rrussian accent from 80s movies.

    • The_Player says:

      @Magnetude @pakito looks like I’ve lost thread of the conversation.

    • SK@Snowberry says:

      Wow, this bot knows how to spell FUCK. I am impressed.

      Before you continue to criticize the international title of the game, go to and check the titles of the last 10 releases. See any that would use a non-descriptive name? I don’t, and that’s the reason we’re not rolling out a turn-based strategy with a name of the game world that nobody knows of, nobody associates with anything, and nobody will remember.

      Our goal is to helpt his game succeed. You “hate those stupid marketing moves” – so you must be the one supporting the US release of Drakensang as Drakensang? Now, how cool was that. Took me weeks to memorize “Drasomething”. We were looking for a title that would spell “strategy” and that would link to the game’s story (the world was broken; each island now has its master; they compete). I think we managed quite well, for retarded Russian marketers…

    • The_Player says:

      > this bot knows
      Very, very rude.
      > Our goal is to helpt his game succeed.
      Yeah, pure marketing move, no one giving an old fuck about the game’s soul, right?
      >Took me weeks to memorize
      Sucks to be you. Never played the game but know it’s name and can easily write it down. What am I doing wrong? Not working in Russian marketing department I suppose.
      >for retarded Russian marketers
      Kudos to you for acceptance.

  13. Magnetude says:

    What is it that makes Eastern Europe, and the Ukraine in particular, such a game development powerhouse right now? Is it an economic thing, cultural or what? Some damn fine games been coming form the east these last few years.

    • Sergey Galyonkin says:

      It is Soviet Union, really. We had (and still have) a lot of good technical universities, which are free. So, if you’re a talented kid from low-income family, you too can get into university to learn something. Free education sometimes makes a huge difference.

      If you’re really talented (like Grigorovich), you don’t even have to go to university :)

    • The_Player says:

      Hehe, Sergey, you become pretty famous person on the internet recently.

    • Joof says:

      I would guess because in Eastern Europe, game design isn’t driven by huge publishers who want to min max profits from every game and don’t focus group the shit out of every game they make.

    • Subject 706 says:


      Now please, please, please Snowberry, DO NOT RUSH JOB the english translation!!

  14. Malk_Content says:

    Love the sound of this. Easy solution that bites you in the arse later, perfect. Anyone ever play War on Terror ( a board game) it had a similar mechanic that worked wonderfully. You could fund terrorism in an area to help push an opponent out, but if you actually wanted to take the area later you’d have trouble as it was filled with terrorists.

    So what if the game has zombies, it’s a fantasy strategy game, I’d be disappointed if necromancy wasn’t an option.

  15. inertia says:


  16. Phandaal says:

    This studio has burned its bridges. WF&S was just awful, which is quite a feat when you have the M&B engine as your base.

    Won’t be touching this without a demo.

    • Vinraith says:

      You’re going to want to read the original post again, you’ve misunderstood something.

  17. Lnzu says:

    Doesn’t look promising enough…

  18. Dawngreeter says:

    I dislike games based on land-shard provinces floating in space. I just wanted to say this so that no one accidentally ends up thinking everyone likes games based on land-shard provinces floating in space.

  19. Dreamhacker says:

    This sounds alot like a variant of Dominions 1-2-3, but with good graphics! I’m looking forward to more info.

  20. innokenti says:

    Thank you, John Walker, for this has allowed me to look up the 2D already-released version of this game and have a go at the demo and then buy (through a surprisingly painless and magical way, actually) it!

    Thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to the shinier remake. (While generally very pretty, the 2D version’s interface is a touch on the hard-to-read side).