Codies Announce A Different F1 Game

Free cars! Sort of.
Codies are apparently working on another F1 game (as distinct from the standard full-priced simulatoryish racing game offering) which will be a free-to-play thingum snappily entitled F1 Online. It is powered by that lovely Unity engine, and as such will appear in a browser, allowing you to manage a Formula One team but do some fancy (what appears to be top-down Micro-Machines style) racing against other online petrolnerds. F1 will, of course, play host to the names (and maybe even the wealthy faces) of the actual drivers, as well as having up to date teams and circuits from this season.

Interested? Well, you can’t play it yet, but you can sign up for news over here. It’s due early next year.


  1. chabuhi says:

    Could this be the macroview micromanagement Formula 1 team racing management browser-based simulation I’ve been waiting for my entire last 3 minutes of my life?

    Perhaps … perhaps.

    • GetUpKidAK says:

      Such a long-held dream. Don’t let us down, Codies.

    • Vagrant says:

      Things needed in a macro-F1 sim:

      1. punching Berni Ecclestone in the face.
      2. Stealing his watch.
      3. Extorting track states/regions for millions of dollars.

    • Joe Duck says:

      And Max Mosley’s moves with the ladies, of course!

    • Jason Moyer says:

      I don’t understand the hate for Bernie. If it weren’t for him the same 5 people who cared about F1 outside of England up until the early 70’s would be the same 5 people outside of England who would care about F1 now.

    • dazman76 says:

      I’m sure the decision to sell some rights to Sky has earned Bernie a few more haters here in the UK. I’ll admit he’s done a good job, but so have the BBC in the past couple of years – only to have half of the rug pulled from underneath them.

  2. playworker says:

    Could be a good antidote to half of the races being missing from the BBC coverage next year :(

  3. Lambchops says:

    Free to play? That’s not the way Bernie rolls. Expect Bobby Kotick to have his grubby paws over this in no time!

  4. Jake says:

    Oh I love top-down/isometric racers, though they tend to be best if you can either ride a sponge across a sink or tow a caravan as a cow with wheels.

    • terry says:

      I agree, I love the look of this. It reminded me of Supercars 2 and now I wish they’d bolted on rocket launchers.

      So is this likely to be a simplified experience where you set the pace of your driver but not directly control him, as in Gran Turismo’s B-spec mode? That view looks a pain to be anything like precise on if it’s an arcade dealie.

  5. Vagrant says:

    This is a clever re-use (I assume) of assets. More companies should find ways to spin new games with existing content and tech they’ve created.

    Not sure how they’ll monetize it, though.
    Pay for better tires?
    Cars are free but fuel costs you Codebucks?
    a Helmet store?

  6. Gothnak says:

    I still want a proper management game :(…

    • Alfonso says:

      Well, i dont know if you know about the existence of GrandPrix Manager2 but if you dont just have a look to it. It used to make a lot of fun but if you´re looking to an actual game about it then you´re right, there´s none at the moment.
      In the mean while if you feel like guys check it out NSGP. Its a Top Down F1 2D game with plenty of fun, specially if you play the official online championship. Check info on the forum if you feel like. Theres a dedicated community there.
      About the game from Codi…it sounds interesting, lets see what comes out from this as i´ve been quite disapointed with the development of some of their games. And as Vagrant says and well….it will be free!!? Strange, why i dont believe it will be just like that. Maybe its free for the first 5minutes you play and then you have to upgrade to premium… :D
      I hope i could help in some way.

  7. Jason Moyer says:

    If someone made a sequel to Grand Prix Manager/World as a Facebook app, it would be the only Facebook app worth playing thusfar. The thought of those games with FB’s instant multiplayer possibilities makes me salivate, as well.

  8. thesonglessbird says:

    Anybody remember Slicks by Codemasters?