Airship Apocalypse: Guns Of Icarus Online

Floay! Pretty!
Remember dieselpunky web-based airship defence game Guns Of Icarus? Well it turns out there was more to that project that we might have imagined. Developers Muse Games have announced that they are developing an MMO based on the idea, with players able to enter a post-apocalyptic world in which airship combat is the norm, and where sky-bandits threaten to plunge you into the barren world below. Players take on the roles of various crew archetypes aboard the airships. Sounds intriguing! There’s a website here, although no in-game shots yet, and it talks about airship PvP and exploration of the wider world. There’s also a cinematic trailer which I’ve posted below. Lovely stuff.


  1. KauhuK says:

    I have been wanting a game like this. MMO if done right might work but that remains to be seen. I have read Retribution Falls (and reading Black Lung Captain now) can you lot suggest a book that has steampunkish flying ships?

  2. Mhorix says:

    I’m gonna watch Porco Rosso until this game comes out :)

    • KauhuK says:

      You should also watch Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Laputa Castle in the Sky for the weird flying ship things. Gotta love Hayao Miyazaki.

    • Mhorix says:

      Yes, Laputa was probably the one I was thinking of ;) I’ve seen them

      Edit: Steam Boy is also a good one :)

    • Synesthesia says:

      if you guys love miyazaki, you’ve got to read Starting Point, it’s sort of a compilation of his letters and thoughts on his movies, and a lot of it is about airships. Good stuff, it’s stupid cheap in amazon too i think.

    • Protagoras says:

      I <3 MIYAZAKI!!!!!

      Just felt like saying it. Also the music in his films is fantastilicious!

  3. CaspianRoach says:

    Silly MMO games for kids, in my days we had singleplayer games only, splitscreen if we were lucky and damn we enjoyed it!

    • TheDreido says:

      It’s a circle! First, we had multi-player table top games. Then, we had single-player table top games, playing through a glowing portal into another world (I still hold true that if I were to hold my monitor, whilst powered on, and spin round two hundred times at the same time as falling into an upside down, inside out volcano which spews ice, then I would be transported into a Tron-like computer world). And now! We have multi-player table top games! Playing through the same glowy portals!

      I like steampunk. It’s like normal steam, but with a mohawk and big boots.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Tabletop games are for old™ people!

  4. Squishpoke says:

    I’m curious, would it be anything like Air Buccaneers?

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Sounds a bit like it. With larger ships I reckon.

  5. Dyst says:

    I’ve played quite a lot of Guns of Icarus, and I actually really enjoyed it. It’s not a good game by a long shot, but for some reason I find it oddly compelling. Looking forward to see what they can do here.

    I think if Guns of Icarus had the combat stuff, but then had trading and stuff too, then it would pretty much better my perfect game.

  6. Dozer says:

    I don’t think these will reach 13,000mph Jim.

  7. Davee says:

    Looks very interesting. With some luck, maby it will be the next Crimson Skies? :)

  8. jellydonut says:

    Our fires high and the airbags tight
    Food’s low but the skies are bright
    Props spinning all through the night
    We’re low on cash but seen another target

    Goggles down and the cannons up
    My blood starts pumping as I drain my cup
    I give the wheel a spin and I turn this girl around
    We’re way above ground but we’re closed in on our target

    Flying Jib is filled with air
    East India ships filled with despair
    We even up, her broadsides bare
    Our cannons flair but it’s just a show of muscle

    Steady on, she doesn’t need to burn
    She tries to flee and she tries to turn
    Grappling fire, we latch her hull
    She’s starting to roll, but we’ve got her on a leash

    With a crew of drunken pilots
    We’re the only airship pirates
    We’re full of hot air and we’re starting to rise
    We’re the terror of the skies, but a danger to ourselves now

    Expendable crew starts to reel her in
    Our swords are sharpened and we’re ready to sin
    I’m three miles up, we’re about to swing aboard
    My tether’s made of leather so I’m not about to fall here

    A swish of air and my boots hit deck
    No cash, no fuel, no not a speck
    Our grape shots made this bird a wreck
    And a glance below deck shows a crew of nuns and orphans

    With a crew of drunken pilots
    We’re the only airship pirates
    We’re full of hot air and we’re starting to rise
    We’re the terror of the skies, but a danger to ourselves

  9. DdCno1 says:

    Anyone here remember Project Nomads (floating islands in the sky with guns, basically)? I really liked the demo back then, nice concept and execution.

  10. Iskariot says:

    Oh hell, not again an MMO.
    I am so totally and utterly sick of MMO’s.
    I think it must be an allergy of some sorts.

    I would have loved a cool single player action/rpg game of this kind.
    To hell with it.

  11. DrGonzo says:

    Why wouldn’t they just shoot the balloons from a coupla miles away and just wait for it to crash? I don’t understand.

    • Daiv says:

      Because a gentleman knows that is unsporting. The only proper way to solve disputes between airships is with the airship equivalent of fisticuffs: Broadside to broadside action, grappling hooks, grapeshot, and boarding parties swinging from ropes with swords clenched in their teeth.

      Or, shorter, because awesome, that’s why.

    • Koozer says:

      I was thinking that Gonzo. We would be despotic governors within weeks in a steampunk world.

    • Wraggles says:


      Well in the age of sail, ships at sea had a hard time getting elevation and angle on cannons right from a long distance, not to mention windage from substandard cannon manufacturing, along with limitations in elevation due to cannon positioning So in general it was hugely inaccurate and costly to fire from distance. This was dealt with to some degree in the age of steam, thanks to turrets being developed which could obtain greater elevation and a wider degree of angles (even during maneuvering), along with improved guns.

      But in general,the common tactic even in the early19th century ,was to concentrate fire on a general area, rather than to try and hit a particular ship unless at close range. It was mostly the development of the mine and torpedo that forced these standoffish scenario’s even then (there was a lot of talk about ramming each other for a long time).

      Now take into account the difficulties of aerial combat, airships have variable elevation, and you would be under considerable weight restrictions. The amount of ammunition and guns you could bring to bear in combat would be considerably less than a ship of similar size in the water.

      So close range combat, I imagine, would probably be the standard for airships, especially with the need to carry close range fighter defenses……hrm I now need a Gratuitous Airship Battles (complete with boarding actions).

  12. Nilokey says:

    link to

    I think this video is appropriate

  13. Matt says:

    More like dieselCLUNKY, right guys??

    …I’ll get my coat.