Bounce Bounce: InMomentum Trailer, Beta

I wish static shots could do this game justice.

After a short delay, the InMomentum beta is officially starting today. 25 of our lucky subscribers already received keys to access the game, and they’ll be joined by anyone who previously signed up for the beta starting later tonight. (It could take up to 48 hours for all the keys to reach people.) To celebrate the news, there’s a lovely new trailer for the game which you can see first on RPS.

So, have a lovely, colourful trailer:

Digital Arrow, and their publishing arm White Rabbit Interactive have also declared that they’re partnering with Quantic Lab for the QA for the game. They also intend to let the beta stage properly influence the game, listening to player feedback and adapting accordingly, rather than just seeing it as bug testing. They seem to be very serious about making this work. The game is due “later” this Summer – a time which will presumably be defined by how the beta goes.

If you want to know why we care about this game, check out our preview here.


  1. Gnoupi says:

    So much for the subscribers who were busy EATING when you sent the keys :P

    Well, at least I had home-made bolognese spaghetti. The amount I ate justifies I don’t play this game right after, anyway.

    • pitak89 says:

      7:30 am to 8:15 am is just about the exact time that my drive to work takes up.

    • shoptroll says:

      Speak for yourself, I was still asleep when the email went out!

  2. Derppy says:

    I have to play this.

    Anything that resembles Mirror’s Edge even the slightest bit and has real-time competitive multiplayer, has to be good.

    I’m so mad ME didn’t have it, would have made it a great game.

  3. AndrewC says:

    Less than half an hour for all those beta codes to get nabbed up. Man!

  4. Vexing Vision says:

    This does look a lot better now than the first gameplay video posted a few months ago.

    Will wait and see.

  5. KauhuK says:

    I was one of the lucky 25 to get the beta code. I happened to be at my comp and saw the popup for new email. But only 25 codes? There are like MILLIONS of RPS subscribers me thinks and it’s not fair.

    • AndrewC says:

      Gosh: *BILLIONS*

    • Daiv says:

      All humans, most dogs, and a few voles read RPS.

      IT IS DER LAW.

    • M0squ1t0 says:

      There were only 25?! I don’t even remember signing up for the beta. Now I feel bad for being one of the 25 people that has this game on his Steam list.
      Edit: Never mind. It seems that I got a beta key straight from the developers, and not from RPS.

  6. Createx says:

    This looks a whole lot like Warsow Race mode :)
    You get a similar kind of optic on a few race maps.

  7. Orija says:

    Have any of you heard of their other game, Dilogus? I came across it right now and it looks very interesting.

    link to

  8. Tom4J says:

    ooooo! i just got a code! wonderful.

  9. Desiderium says:

    We’re hosting games continuously for the next 4 hours. Join for some fun. :)

  10. The Sentinel says:

    It looks gorgeous. Just the antidote to the hyper-realism juggernaut.

  11. johnpeat says:

    I registered when this first came-up and a key arrived earlier so I gave it a quick whirl.

    Not going to talk about it in-case they NDA me but I seem to have walked straight into some graphical issues (and there’s me with an ATI card playing a UDK game – unsurprising I guess!!) – I’ve reported them on their forum as best I can (but it’s a moving thing, hard to explain or screenshot).

    nVidia owners should probably be a little more excited right-now I guess??

  12. I4C says:

    Looks like a crappy version of defrag.

  13. Oozo says:

    Got me a code. Just logged a few minutes of play, and the first impression is:
    It’s misleading to think of it as “Mirror’s Edge”. Think rather Trailblazer/Cosmic Causeway with a Z-axis, and you could steer right out of disappointment’s way.

    PS link to For the soundtrack alone.

  14. Hakkesshu says:

    It doesn’t look like they ditched the “shooting” mechanic. Really, this game looks awesome except for that one thing. It seems completely contrary to the focus on movement.

    • LukeAllstar says:

      The shooting machanic is actually only used to open paths that would otherwise be blocked by huge walls
      you can either shoot between your jumps (which is difficult, but with slowmo action i guess its doable), jump around the wall (which should be possible most times) or just stand somewhere and shoot the trigger, that takes away more time but if you repeat a certain part over and over bacause you fall off the whole time, it if faster to just destroy the wall :P

  15. syntax says:

    Wait. What? What was the deal with beta keys getting used up within 5 minutes of them being sent out?!?

    I got an email saying I got into the beta, I put the code into Steam and successfully activated it when this article was 3 hours old. I won’t be able to play until I get back to my PC in a week, though :(

    • rayne117 says:

      Me thinks you applied to get one on the website a while back, just like I did. Those keys the article and everyone is talking about are the 25 RPS was giving away if you didn’t sign up for the beta.

  16. mbourgon says:

    This is so up my alley, but the sheer openness of it actually causes my fear of heights to kick in. Same thing with the Mirror’s Edge extra pack, to be honest. The regular game? AWESOME. Having it waaay open? Acrophobia. :(