Counter-Strike: GO Explained Properly

This picture's gonna get a lot of use over the next few months, I fear

Friday saw the sudden news of a brand new, all-formats Counter-Strike game, which in PC gaming news terms is probably the equivalent of simultaneously swearing in a crowdpleasing new president and announcing a world war. The coming months will be characterised by both excitement and rage, I don’t doubt. What we don’t know is much about it, other than that it’s broadly going to be CS with new stuff. Turns out, Valve have been quietly showing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (I don’t know how long it’s going to be until I stop initially typing ‘Global Agenda’) to pro-gamers to get their thoughts on how it’s shaping up. Craig ‘Torbull’ Levine from ESEA is one of the lucky few, and he’s shared a few details on what to expect from a game Valve are claiming will fit alongside, rather than replace, CS 1.6 and CS:S.

Craig summarises CS: GO as “a multi-platform team based FPS similar to its predecessors, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and Counter-Strike: Source. It is designed on the updated Source Engine, but is not built off of Counter-Strike: Source and due out in early 2012 with beta access beginning this fall. It will maintain the traditional de_ and cs_ map types and would not include new game modes. Valve was keen on hearing the input from top CSS players to make CS GO an e-sports title and that is reflected by the game featuring both casual and competitive game modes with a built in match making system and support for dedicated servers.”

He was pretty taken with how the thing looked: “The maps look beautiful, the player skins and animations are smooth, and the gun models are cool! We got to play dust, dust2, inferno, and nuke with confirmation that other CS classic maps such as train and likely some new ones will be included in the release. Visually, the game looked a lot further along than pre-beta.”

However, he noted that despite similarities it was on its way to being a subtly different game to its predecessors/peers: “It didn’t feel like 1.6 and despite being built on the Source engine, it didn’t feel like CSS. By design, Valve wanted to create a game with a different feel, and overall it was really smooth.”

The various pro-gamers in attendance grumbled somewhat about creative liberties taken with the weapons and a suggestion that all players start with full kevlar body armour (thus potentially undermining CS’ classic money system), and also noted that “headshots were difficult to score and came at a premium.” From Craig’s account Valve are very interested in getting the pro-gaming scene to return to CS, so these things may well change following feedback.

Also new were two particular items: “molotov cocktails, an expensive $850 item, which can be used to slow down opponents and re-route opponents through AOE damage” and decoy grenades which “can be thrown to emit gun sounds and give the illusion of there being a player. The decoy grenade currently produced an AK / Glock when thrown by Ts and M4 / USP when thrown by CTs.” Craig’s thought was that experienced players wouldn’t necessarily fall for decoys, but they might buy their user vital split seconds if used wisely.

He seemed halfway between excited about dubious about the changes, but repeatedly observed that Valve were taking their pro-gaming testers’ thoughts very seriously, so there could be plenty of change between now and when it launches. He also adds that “By their own words, CS GO is a new game not meant to replace 1.6 or Source. Is this simply a political statement to help fend off unrealistic expectations?”

Or, perhaps, to stop the existing CS community feeling they’re being strong-armed into moving to a new game – no doubt Valve have learned a lesson or two from the Left 4 Dead 2 fandango.

Much more of Craig’s thoughts, in some places including an eyewateringly precise level of detail, here.

Oh – and if you see a CS:GO trailer doing the rounds today, don’t fall for it. It’s an old one from the Asia-specific Counter-Strike Online, with new words added by some mad fan/hoaxer.


  1. jon_hill987 says:

    No mention on hats yet then?

    • RalphORama says:

      I don’t think balaclavas can differentiate much.

      Bright orange armor, however, I would pay $5 for.

  2. Bilbo says:

    Molotovs that cost $850… good to see CS’s lack of realism isn’t changing

    • Forceflow says:

      Yeah, that’s some quality liquor going to waste there.

    • Cim says:

      None of today’s top-selling shooters are realistic anyways… why would CS, of all games, go that route all of a sudden?

    • Adamamam says:

      It’s not the petrol bomb that’s $850, silly! It’s the go-slow weapon.

      Must. read. All. The. Wordums.

    • Bilbo says:

      @Cim I’m not saying it should. Just revelling in the silly.

      @Adamamam You’ve misunderstood. They’re referring to the molotov being used to slow opponents. It’s fairly clear if you read it properly.

    • Adamamam says:


      That’s some politic-speak right there! “Petrol on fire is used to ‘slow’ the opponent.” In other news, bullets flying from guns are used to distract the opponent, and hammers in the ball-sack are used to baffle the opponent…

    • Duke of Chutney says:

      link to

      presumably terrorists and counter terrorists are now connoisseurs

    • Bilbo says:

      “bullets flying from guns are used to distract the opponent”

      That’s basically all the TMP and Mac-10 are for. :D

    • Magnetude says:

      Military grade aerodynamically stable Pyrex bottle – 200$
      Heat resistant kevlar-laced synthetic cloth – 150$
      1 litre of weapons grade Tactequila/Depleted Sambuca – 400$
      Wind resistant lighter with 6x zoom and laser sight – 100$

      Adds up.

    • Moni says:

      That’s actually what a MOD procurement receipt looks like.

    • Renfield says:

      Magnetude, that totally made my day.

      Here’s a question, though: traditionally, in CS you can drop weapons for other players to pick up. How does one harmlessly drop a molotov cocktail?

    • ankh says:

      You can only drop guns.

    • Renfield says:

      Oh yeah; and it counts as a grenade, obviously. *facepalm* Goes to show what almost 10 years of not playing a game can do to your memory.

    • LionsPhil says:

      How do you drop a gun without risking buggering up the sighting? How do you pick it up by running over it at full pelt?

      I think you’re expected to fill in the put-down/pick-up details with a little imagination.

    • Renfield says:

      Sure, although giving someone a molotov cocktail by dropping it next to them is like giving someone a gun by shooting them in the face. Which is why it struck me as even less plausible than usual.

    • Legionary says:

      @Moni: SATIRE.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      First of all, it’s not always about realism, but about having a fun game. The mere fact you buy anything at all with cash between rounds is proof enough they aren’t aiming for realism. I mean really, you’re complaining about the price, but not the entire process of even buying the stuff anyway. I don’t know of too many terrorists or counter terrorist squads who get cash for kills and buy new equipment with said cash between firefights.

      Costs shouldn’t be equated with what the item itself actually is, but its use and power. I haven’t played CSS in ages so I can’t comment on its weapon pricing, but Killing Floor uses the same mechanic and the most powerful weapons are expensive and/or heavy.

    • Bilbo says:

      Read the thread, scubatroll, I wasn’t complaining about it I was simply making a humorous observation.


  3. Gap Gen says:

    Counterstrike: GO. Is the best name. Might be made better by being called Global Operations Global Operations Global Operations, but you can’t have everything.

  4. DSR says:

    No thanks, I’d rather play a proper new GAME like Battlefield 3 than some “rehashed experience” built on dead engine.
    Its not even funny anymore.
    Hell, I bet 10$ they will release HL3 on the same engine with some minor “improvements”…

    EA Sports are pushing new football game every year, but at least they look different.
    Portal 2 was the last overglorified and hat infused HL2 mod I’ve bought.

    This is it.
    I am mad.

    • Wang Tang says:

      I understand you.
      I also always get mad at games I don’t want to play.

    • Bilbo says:

      OP clearly doesn’t understand how software gets made – check

      Alternative take: BF3 is to BF2 what “Half-Life 3 in the source engine with some minor improvements” is to HL2, basically. A software house that throws out all its work every time it starts a new project is an unprofitable, shitty software house.

    • Magnetude says:

      Known troll, do not feed

      (In before “Robbing Walker” and other puns)

    • zeroskill says:

      Battlefiel… I mean Bad Company 3 is that way -> Bye

    • jon_hill987 says:

      They say great software is built on the shoulders of giants – not here. At Valve we do all our code from scratch; no hand holding.

    • SprintJack says:


      We shall see soon if it’s more Bad Company than Battlefield. Hopefully tomorow.

    • Ovno says:

      See they need to start calling the updates, Source 2, Source 3, Source+ etc… to keep the wingers happy….

    • Magnetude says:

      Jon Hill – that’s exactly what I thought when I first read his comment, well played

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      @ DSR: Did you know that every single one of the Call of Duty games (yes, even MW 1, 2, and 3, BlOps, etc) all use at least some code from the very, very old Quake 3 (idTech3) engine?

      ZOMG!!!! I CAN NO PLAY!!!!

  5. Eproxus says:

    For me, CS stopped being interesting because of the spawn times. MW2, for example, is more interesting because I can play non-stop.

    Of course, changing the CS concept might be too much. Especially if targeting e-sports. But it also means I likely wont play it.

    • skinlo says:

      Thats the whole point of it, its much more competitive and skill based than MW2 is, where you just end up insta spawning.

    • Bilbo says:

      …CS has always been round based so I’m not sure when it “stopped” being interesting for you. Installation, maybe.

    • Eproxus says:

      I know. :-)
      I’m just saying that I prefer games where I can play 99% of the time instead of 50%. And as such, would welcome a new game mode similar to team deathmatch. Perhaps I’m just being unrealistic (or upsetting the hardcore CS players too much).

    • Bilbo says:

      I think your preference is entirely fair but we’re reasonably well catered for in the military shooter team deathmatch department these days, right?

      There’s always the fy and gungame type maps for CS, anyway, that do kind of do what it is you’re asking for – speed the whole experience up and slash the downtime. I’d be very surprised if CS:GO didn’t have community maps.

    • Glycerine says:

      I can understand that, but it’s just not CS really. I’d be surprised if it was in there as a regular mode, the whole pacing just seems too slow to not be incredibly frustrating in an instant-respawn environment.

    • Mr E Meats says:

      It’s not like the “elimination” or “survival” style rounds are exclusive to CS, they are just less commonly played. I think people NEED instant gratification these days or their heads will explode, but personally I find Deathmatch in Cod getting insanely boring, the multiplayer aspect seems to be designed by tweakers on every game.

    • MiDi says:

      There are many deathmatch servers around, just search through the server browser.

      Or use a site like and search for Deathmatch in the name

    • MrEvilGuy says:


  6. Forceflow says:

    Also worth noting: it’s developed by the same team who did Defense Grid.


    • Bilbo says:

      Here’s hoping they get that plummy voice actor to do the announcer noises. “Counter-Terrorists win, and shall be rewarded with delicious raspberries.”

    • Orija says:

      Quite sure I read somewhere that they are ‘one’ of the guys working on it.

    • Wunce says:

      When a player dies, they join a minigame whereby all of the dead players must co-operate to defend an arbitrary location on the map from a number of aliens. The players place towers down in such a way to build the longest possible path to the arbitrary location- if the alien gets to the zone it will steal a hostage and make a run for it.

      That would actually make death more interesting.

    • Gnoupi says:

      @Wunce – Or when you die, you are sent to this kind of “hell”: a path surrounded with towers, with an energy core able to bring you back to life at the end of the path.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Counter-Terrorists do not actually spawn as first-person players any more. Instead, they must sit back at base with a TV screen and deploy UAVs and concrete barriers to force the Terrorists to take the most circuitous path to the bomb site while being raked with airborne gunfire.

    • LQ says:

      If you consider that they currently maintain CS:S, it makes more sense.

  7. skinlo says:

    I’m glad this isn’t. just 1.6 again, need to change sometime.

  8. Maxheadroom says:

    I’m still unclear. So It’s different from 1.6 because…it’s prettier?

  9. Makariel says:

    Valve could start on a new engine, source is getting a bit… old?

    I remember playing a bit CS back then when it was the crazy new thing on the block. Might have a look at the updated version.

    • zeroskill says:

      Woudl it be more to your liking if they would just start calling it “Source 2” from now on? Because thats how all the other companies do it.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Just because they call it the same each time and don’t throw out all their old code does not make it the same engine. Have a compare of Portal 2 and Half-Life 2, they are very different engines. I mean COD:MW2 is technically running ID Tech 3 code, but you wouldn’t say that it looks like it was made in 1999 would you?

    • Koozer says:

      I can’t believe people are still using PCs! Such prehistoric technology these days. Can’t everyone just move on to the PC2 already?

    • MisterT says:

      Looking at that game’s animations and texture resolution, I do.

    • Magnetude says:

      People need to stop saying this every time Valve announce a new game. Portal 2 looks damn gorgeous and runs like a dream (I can run it at almost full settings on a Macbook Pro, for god’s sake).
      The only thing they need to work on is level streaming. Guerilla Games managed it on PS3 with Killzone 2, so it’s not consoles holding Valve back, but I’m guessing it’s a big job. I’m also guessing that might be one of the things delaying HL3… (third surprise anyone?)

    • LionsPhil says:

      This is what happens with marketing constantly bombards into consumers that “PRODUCT N+1 IS A REVOLUTIONARY STEP FROM OBSOLETE PRODUCT N”, and then you get some developers who don’t keep spewing that line.

      Total rewrites are very bad ideas. (Seriously. Read that article. Joel is good people.)

      Go play through the developer commentary for Lost Coast. Valve did a huge amount of churn in the engine adding HDR support, which was probably the biggest “paradigm shift” of late and wasn’t big enough to force a rewrite. Short of raytracing taking over from rasterising or something, they seem good for now. They’re doing day-to-day tidying and additions, as the TF2 changelog shows.

  10. Duke of Chutney says:

    if for one am excited by any game that can bring together two gaming greats, GO, and Counter strike

    link to + link to

  11. arrjayjee says:

    I miss the old days of the AK recoil immediately pulling the gun upwards, so aiming for the gut on first hit would land a headshot on the second.

    I really would love it if they could make the guns more useful instead of it just being a choice between M4, AK and AWP. And I hope they fix the hitboxes. CS:S has terrible hitboxes that make no fucking sense to me.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I thought the awful hitboxes were a concession to the HARDCORE crowd who throw gigantic Internet tantrums if anything changes? “IT WERE BROKEN IN BETA 5, IT’LL STAY BROKEN THAT WAY ‘TIL THE DAY I DIE”

  12. Radiant says:

    What struck me about that report was that valve/hiddenpath had no clue how their game was played competitively.
    they didn’t even know basic bombkit and econ strategy.

    Also I quit CS in beta 5 or 6. I FEEL FUCKING OLD.

    • skinlo says:

      Well if the CS nerds have been playing it solidly for the last 11 years, of course they are going to know more about the game than people who probably only joined Valve in the last 5/6 years.

    • Radiant says:

      I would hope the people developing a new multiplayer fps have actually looked at the most popular multiplayer fps of the past 10 years in some depth.

      What was the point you were making?

  13. Glycerine says:

    Please ship with an updated cs_backalley. Please ship with an updated cs_backalley. Please ship with an updated cs_backalley.

    (It definitely won’t ship with an updated cs_backalley)

  14. Joshua says:

    “headshots come at a premium and are dicfficult to score”

    Sorry. How’s that bad?

    • zeroskill says:

      Well I guess you have to see it in the light of a pro gamer. If it means a pro had trouble getting headshots, how will it be for regular pubbers?

    • Bilbo says:

      I don’t think mouse control is the big divider between “pro gamer” and normal gamer.

    • zeroskill says:

      You think wrong then.

    • Joshua says:

      If pro’s have trouble getting headshots, its really pro to shoot someone in the head. Since headshots are extremely valuable in CS, I see no problem with it.

    • Bilbo says:

      Middle finger for you?

      Here’s what seperates “pubbers” from pros:

      A dedicated community with which to discuss tactics.
      Clearly-defined roles.

      Any fucking monkey can learn to recognize a target, move the cursor onto it, and click the button. The idea that it’s mouse control that develops when a gamer goes “pro” and not the above, and that ordinary individual gamers lack the ability to click the mouse but are still able to form terrifyingly efficient and organised death squads with the other individuals is incredibly fucking stupid.

      That’ll be all.

    • zeroskill says:

      Dont get angry matey. I never said Team work isnt a part of professional gaming, but you cant be a pro if you lack precision in you weapons handling. Not even in Team Fortress 2. And saying that most pubbers come close to pro precision is simply wrong. Which was the point of my post.

    • Bilbo says:

      “I don’t think mouse control is THE BIG DIVIDER”
      “You think wrong then”

      Sorry, but how was I meant to extrapolate any of what you just said from that one glib statement? All you said effectively was “Mouse control is THE BIG DIVIDER between pro gamers and normal gamers”, or in other words, the main difference between pros and pubbers is that pros are better with mice. Which I still think is really stupid, the other stuff is miles more prominent in pro gaming and borderline nonexistent in public gaming but you’ll find plenty of great accurate shooters in public games – they just can’t cooperate to save their lives nine games out of ten. Your argument is entirely invalid – and more to the point I’m quite happy to get angry when someone chucks a glib rebuttal of my point at me with no attempt at explanation, and if you’re gonna make a habit out of doing that then you’d better grow a thicker skin to go with your irreverence

    • ankh says:

      Mouse control is not easy to perfect in cs. I’d say it is the big divider.

    • Bilbo says:

      Good lord.

    • Gpig says:

      This all sounds pretty good. I’m glad they’re not making it feel like 1.6 or source.

      @Bilbo. Really, you can find people with good aim in pubs? Even a decade ago when the competitive scene was first starting it was popular to make demos of pro players in pubs racking up high scores just because the *aiming* skill difference was so much larger. You’re flat out wrong on aim not being a divider. Teams need to be able to work together, yes, but I have definitely lost to teams simply because of being out shot. I remember we won the southeast qualifier for cpl and so we finally got to play some of the world teams on lan. Yes, the skill gap isn’t tremendous because there’s only so much you can improve, but we would lose bombsites without the defenders getting a single kill. I remember multiple times watching a spot, expecting a guy to come out, and then not even getting a shot off before I had been shot in the head.

      @Joshua In the article they explain what they mean by that. The first 3 bullets from the ak/m4 didn’t fire straight, but rather in a random pattern, essentially nerfing any benefit the pro might get from being able to aim better.

      @deathhamsterdude “Also, one thing you’re missing from your list is Map Knowledge. That is one of the main things that seperates the men from the boys in CSS. The fact that I know/knew a whole bunch of maps not only well but inside out won me more matches than anything else. I used be able to instinctually figure out nearly to the second how long it would take to get to a certain point, and how long it would take enemies to get to there as well from different routes. The fact that I could fairly regularly predict when an enemy would come around the corner meant that I got accused of hacking fairly often, far more than being able to pull off good headshots, but that’s something that you can really only know from playing a map hundreds and hundreds of times, and maybe spend some time discussing it with friends.”
      Exactly. Behind aiming this is definitely the second biggest thing that takes forever to acquire. Hosting empty servers and going in to practice spam spots, grenade throws, and jumps. Plus watching matches to see what other teams do.

      @Everyone. Anyone else find it funny that they superpowered the p90 again?

    • Barnaby says:

      Been playing CS for years now and aiming is probably the most important factor. While teamwork and strategy are important, they are really only so helpful when the opposing team has some badass that never misses a shot. We played plenty of league matches where the opposing team was carried by one incredible person.

  15. fionny says:

    What im really looking forward to is the elimination of crappy netcode…. memories of speccing a guy shotting frantically at someone’s head and them not dying…

    The trick for CSS… shoot where they were not where they are or are going to be.

  16. DK says:

    Listening to the “pro-gamers”. That never ends well – because they’re IDIOTS.

  17. 0p8 says:

    the decoy grenade is a totally fucking ridiculous idea that is just a slippery slope to shit, add to that free kevlar as standard starting gear,which really needs leaving out.
    also if they are seriously intending this to be a competitive game then why not invite any 1.6 players to seattle, only cs:s?

  18. DeathHamsterDude says:

    Bilbo – did you know that the first letter of every word in that bullet point spells out OPSTACC? Why oh why didnt you make the last word start with an o? OPSTACO! I for one would LOVE to be involved in operation taco. Sign me up please!

    Secondly, Zeroskill is right man. All of those things you mentioned don’t mean all that much until you actually get good at the SHOOTY part of the game first. Sure, a pro gamer doesn’t necessarily have to be the best shot around, but most are in the top few percent. I was semi-pro in a clan before, so I’m not talking out of my ass here (nothing too serious mind you, just local and online tourneys).Precision aiming allowed us to compete with other clans, precision aiming and OPSTACC allowed us to dominate them.

    Also, one thing you’re missing from your list is Map Knowledge. That is one of the main things that seperates the men from the boys in CSS. The fact that I know/knew a whole bunch of maps not only well but inside out won me more matches than anything else. I used be able to instinctually figure out nearly to the second how long it would take to get to a certain point, and how long it would take enemies to get to there as well from different routes. The fact that I could fairly regularly predict when an enemy would come around the corner meant that I got accused of hacking fairly often, far more than being able to pull off good headshots, but that’s something that you can really only know from playing a map hundreds and hundreds of times, and maybe spend some time discussing it with friends.

    Also REPLY FAIL! Damn it! ;(

    • Bilbo says:

      I don’t believe with/agree with you. Watch a pub match and a pro game side by side and tell me the big difference in what you’re seeing is that the pros can aim and the pubbers can’t. It’s balls. THE big difference is that the pubbers won’t piss on eachother if they’re on fire and the pros actually use planning and strategy

    • ankh says:

      Bilbo I think you might struggle to find anyone who knows about cs who would agree with you on this. Maybe you just have awesome aim naturally or something, but you’re wrong.

    • Bilbo says:

      Seemingly not. Or maybe the CS pros are just that sad that they need to convince us they are the winnar because they’re teh fasts and not because they organise themselves. It’s a real sport and they’re athletes etc. Not buying it. Seriously, the idea that every time you pick up a new FPS you can’t aim for shit until you take it to pro level makes me want to tear all my skin off with how stupid it is. It’s recognizing silhouettes and colours and clicking on them with your mouse, there’s a learning curve, sure, but cooperation is fucking binary – pros do it and pubbers don’t. Everyone’s trying to aim.

      I really can’t believe none of you get it

    • Clockwork Peanut says:

      I agree with you Bilbo! I mean sure aiming is very important and separates the complete amateur from someone a bit more practices, but I’d say that once you reach a certain threshold it’s more often good team-play that wins you games.

  19. clownst0pper says:

    So basically pro players just want CS remade with new graphics? Thats all I’m reading from that guys feedback.

    If he thinks CS’s money system has been honed to perfection boy is he the wrong person to test CS:GO

  20. jonfitt says:

    I wonder how they will address the issue of the nagging concern that you have wasted your life after playing hours of the same round over and over with minor variations?
    Weapon mods?

    • LionsPhil says:


      Dear god. I would love to see CS with pre-order special hats. Perhaps a nice giant sun hat with a palm tree on it for Tropico 4. The rage would be glorious.

    • Jahkaivah says:

      After playing Frozen Synapse I found myself thinking how a tactical FPS game like CS could benefit from a random level generator. Essentially when it’s time to load a new map players would load up an environment they all have no prior knowedge of which they then play round after round in order to grasp and understanding of the layout.

      I imagine loads of people would hate it of course, and there would be difficulties like finding your way to the objective in time or garunteeing the levels produce by such a system are any good. But having said that it would be interesting way of rewarding skills like scouting and tactical analysis in the early-game while also keeping things fresh and new.

  21. Radiant says:

    Troll force is strong in this comment area. yes.

  22. NathaI3 says:

    so do valve actually want anyone except pros to play this?

    • ankh says:

      Yeah they also want people who think they are pros to play and maybe a few people who are high at the time and didnt know what they were doing.

    • I4C says:

      Marek “.PhP” Kadek is one of the players in seattle. This is what he wrote on :
      – this game is not going to replace CS 1.6, or CS:S, it is primary made for consoles, PC version is just kind of a “bonus”
      – at the moment, the game looks more like HL2DM
      – There is no recoil and there will never be. (because of the consoles)
      – the game runs on L4D2 engine
      – SourceTV is NOT a priority
      – they are working on match making system
      – new money system
      – no kevlar (this should be fixed in the future)
      – maps are simplyfied for XBOX style, less ways, most fights are close range
      – Hidden Path (Valve only finances the game) is trying to make all weapons balanced.

      Valve is going to continue updating CS:S, and tomorrow they will also talk with the players about the future of CS:S…

    • 0p8 says:

      so if this guy is to be believed all this game is, is CS going mainstream into console land, and they are basically just using the CS testers knowledge for that purpose alone?!

  23. Grobmotoriker says:

    Maybe someone should tell the devs at valve that there is a brandnew invention called ironsight

  24. vodkarn says:

    “The idea that it’s mouse control that develops when a gamer goes “pro” and not the above, and that ordinary individual gamers lack the ability to click the mouse but are still able to form terrifyingly efficient and organised death squads with the other individuals is incredibly fucking stupid.”

    I believe it was Fatal1ty who learned that the hard way when he walked into CS 1.6.

    • biz says:

      mouse control is 99 percent of it for a game like CS

      if you look at the games he was good at they involved map control, item control, anticipating enemy movements, things that involve a bit more strategy than headshots

      there is just zero place in CS for people who don’t have godly aim

  25. The Pink Ninja says:

    CSS was the first online game I played and I really enjoyed it… at first.

    Over a period of months and weeks however I began to realise more and more than I was just point fodder for players with faster reaction times and better aiming skills. I’d die more often than I got a kill and most rounds were very frustraiting, with a lot of time spent waiting for someone to come who would then kill me or dying early and spending a long time dead with nothing to do for three minutes.

    No amount of playing time, watching good players or changing strategy, tactics or weapons helped. I tried standing still when shooting and a running and strafing player would kill me while I missed him. I tried running and my bullets would go wild. Every weapon I had seemed to do 4 points of damage in 4 shots while everyone else could kill me in two hits. Every server seemed to have at least two players one on each team, who were much better than me.

    Every round was just waiting for an enemy, a fight I would inevitably lose without doing much damage and tedious death downtime. I gave up and recent brief returns informs me that while I can kick ass at TF2 and MW and L4D2 I still suck the big one when it comes to CSS.

    They seriously need to change things to make it playable for the likes of me… but hopefully COGO will at least invigorate the Zombie Escape community.

    Also, since CS and CSS are the most played games on Steam and most players are fodder for the top two or three or each team, exactly where all are all these sacrificial lambs who keep playing it coming from?

    • kyrieee says:

      I’m sorry but why should they? It’s a game about skill, that’s what people like about it

    • The Pink Ninja says:

      I never said they should

    • 3vi1 says:

      >> “I never said they should”

      >>>> “They seriously need to change things to make it playable for the likes of me…”

  26. Big Murray says:

    I give it about a day before someone mods in the Quake sounds again.

  27. ttloko2 says:

    i did really was from Counter-Strike era i could say codition zero and counters trike source were a fail try to get Counter-Strike 1.6 players to play source atleast here in brazil we fans of Counter-Strike 1.6 were going every day to an lan-house to play Counter-Strike 1.6 on a lan connection we got 1000-9000 servers per map but Counter Strike is becoming boring i say that cause the creator of counter strike left the game project cause valve scrwed it up, we cannot continue that game or try to amke it even better, thats what the Counter-Strike creator did hes creating a different new game, CS:GO will be a fail try to get popularity to the game the game is old and hes “expansions” didnt make him better, i love Counter-Strike im not saying its a bad game its great however we cannot change it to better, there is MW3 and Battlefield 3 to gain atention, there are more interresting games out there,

    -I have nothing against counter strike
    -valve just call the CSS players to test, the original pros from Counter-Strike (1.6) didnt got call thats why i think it will be fail :(.

  28. MrDLX says:

    Heres a list of things the game need befour ill buy it.

    1. Dedicated servers on the ps3.
    2. Zombie escape mod.-(THIS IS A MUST HAVE)- without it the odds of me getting the game drops to 0%.
    3. The ability to bunny hop. would be nice to do but can live without it
    4. A way of turning of the anoying FIRE IN THE HOLE god damn sound that go’s off every 5sec.
    5. Keybored & mouse suport for ps3 would be nice.

    i would prefer to buy this on pc but seeing as my pc cant even play minecraft without bad lag its a no go for me.