Quicksmart: DOTA 2 Beta Registration Open

I still can't decide if this is friendly or frightening.

With Valve’s DOTA 2 Championships about to happen tomorrow, the developer has also announced that it is taking sign-ups to the beta. Registration is open now. You need only head here, sign in with your Steam account details, and then click “Get on the list”. That’s it. Whenever the beta happens, they then promise they’ll get in touch. Meanwhile the championship will be streamed live from tomorrow morning, the first starting at 9am tomorrow morning (UK time), and then pretty much going on non-stop until Sunday, at which point anyone left awake/hydrated will be declared the winner. And that’s all the weather. Cheers to Chris.


  1. pakoito says:

    SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH keep it quiet! I want mine!

  2. Insolentius says:

    I already foresee a future without beta access… my luck is that crummy.

  3. Hardtarget says:

    I signed up, why not!

    sadly 10am german time is 1am canada pacific time so i won’t be able to watch any of the matches :(

    • Arca says:

      I’m sure somebody will put them up on Youtube or elsewhere a day or two after.

    • pakoito says:

      They all will be in the official page too, if you look at the schedules (link to dota2.com) only one of each batch is going to be casted tomorrow, while the others will be available as replays I guess.

    • zeroskill says:

      I dont think it will take 1 day untill somebody uploads that stuff to youtube, more like 10 minutes. Also: Signed up, yayness! Lets hope beta starts soon.

  4. Zakkeh says:

    So happy that 10 am german time is 4 pm here

  5. Linfosoma says:

    In other news, Trackmania 2 is supposedly available for purchase/download, but their purchase site seems to be broken.

  6. TheGameSquid says:

    That top picture is going to give me serious nightmares tonight…

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      Yeah, seriously, staring eyes or not, can you please stop putting that picture on the website! Its scaring the children! (and me)

    • Timonoo says:

      Its more like a creepy uncle face.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      There’s a thread in the forum. HE LOOKS JUST LIKE KOTICK.

      EDIT: Or… *cough* look below. Yeah.

  7. Metonymy says:

    You know I’ve still never bought into this notion of holding a tournament before a game is even released. Does this mean that the sequel is so much like the original, that the competitors can put on a convincing show with just a little play experience? Wouldn’t that make it more of a remix than a sequel?

    And what exactly does it mean that we are having a tournament that isn’t open to the public? Isn’t that just a little presumptuous, to assume that no one from the general public could possibly give a challenge to the hand-selected competitors? At least with something like SC2 you have some time to prove yourself on a ladder, before the invitationals are held.

    • pakoito says:


      The game is the same as Dota1, it’s a port of all the mechanics and numbers to a 2010s engine. Heroes of Newerth tried (and kind of succeded) to do it first, but it lacked the Dota brand and big studio name, so it got to a point of 40k people always online, better than TF2, but never actually exploded into the million players; and lacked enough comp players, tournies and sponsors to become an e-sport. LoL pretty much the same, with more ads and players but the pros running from it “en masse” because the game is not suited for competitive matches because of the business model and weird design changes to the dota formula.

      Now Valve is smart, bought everything dota-related, hired the guy in charge of it (word is he was secretly working on HoN then) and started updating the game. They are trying to get the competitive people in, and let them drag the rest of the dota1 fanbase, while adding some features to attract newcomers and people from other MOBAs. Also, create a new e-sport franchise and get all the royalties it implies, as it’s been seen with SC2 upraise.

      The comps have been playing in a closed beta for months, learning and improving, testing the heroes, etc…they know how to play. Then Valve just gathered some skills associated to names and teams, put 1M$ for advertising, and tempted everyone to watch their new e-sports and be willing to play themselves.

      Personally, unless there’s a major fuck-up in the business model, I’m in.

      EDIT: I kind of missed some points here. Dota sells because it’s Dota, meaning that it has only 1 playable competitive map, 100~ish hero pool, same items, same mechanics with same numbers. The original dota needed a remake-update-sequel because it runs in a 2003 untouched Warcraft 3 engine with probably the worst netcode ever (p2p!), no features dedicated to the game needs, no way to punish griefing and most of the map features and hero skills are just pure code hacks. The limitations of the engine were what made most of the stupid rules anyway, and you cannot take those away as the game becomes…well…League of Legends. You change something, the game becomes different, people is going to be angry, ALOT. It’s like asking for soccer to have a circular field, you can’t do it because the game is though to be played in a rectangle.

      HoN tried to deviate from Dota in the past months by changing heroes and basic mechanics and strategies and the community was outraged at best, some leaving some just trolling.

    • Barnaby says:

      Everything pakoito said. I’d agree for most games it seems a bit ridiculous, but this one it seems very appropriate. Either way marketing is marketing, so if it seems a bit skanky that’s because it prettymuch is.

      I am most interested in the payment model/cost of the game. I’ve heard people say free to play but is that confirmed?

    • pakoito says:

      I’m not sure either. LoL’s (and now HoN’s) model is quite profitable but it basically screws players by not allowing them to access to the whole pool, it’s like playing Street Fighter with only Ryu and Zangief available while your opponent gets everyone on the board.

      Now, the one time fee model makes the game sales stagnate after some time (HoN, TF2) and it makes maintaining the servers and adding more heroes costly over time by eating revenue.

      I’d say a variation of the first or a mix of both, nothing confirmed still tho.

    • Thants says:

      Personally, I think LoL has made some smart changes to the formula and striped out some of the needless complexity. I’m worried that DOTA 2 is going to stick too closely to DOTA.

    • Tokamak says:

      Rumor mill says, right now all/most of the heroes that are played in the current metagame are implemented, with more to come. There will be several maps and new modes along with the “classic” mode, though whether or not they are implemented right now is not clear.

    • age says:

      If you’re good enough to play LoL competitively you’ve played the game enough to own the all the content. If not, drop some money into the game to get your arsenal up to speed. There have been plenty of interviews with top LoL players in which they state they have access to all the champions and haven’t dropped a cent into the game.

      If you only own a couple of champs you’re probably not ready to be playing with the big boys yet from a skill perspective anyway.

    • pakoito says:

      @Thant Stick to LoL then, those “stripped complexities” is what made dota THE GAME. For casual matches and general fun it’s still a good game. LoL competitive scene is not, it’s raised using ad money buying their way into tournaments and events, meta is ugly, there’s no replays, spectator is meh, pause not implemented and rune system, skill trees and, avobe all, free Blink, drives dota competitive players away.

      While those Dota guys could play any game great (chu getting LoL’s Top#1 ELO in two months) LoL new competitives can barely play mid-high level games of dota/HoN.

  8. kyrieee says:

    Meh, I’ll pass

    Also, the login dialogue seems broken here on RPS

  9. RF says:


    link to assets.portfolio.com

  10. Epsz says:

    I really hope the make playable 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4 maps. It’s very hard to get 10 people you know to play, and playing iwth people you don’t know is not nearly as much fun.
    Also, I hope they make some decent bots

  11. somnolentsurfer says:

    Huh. Steam seems to have acquired an API to let external sites verify with your Steam ID. How long’s that been there? Is it new, or have I just not been following the right games to notice before?

    Clearly this is just another Valve site using it, and presumably it’ll only be open to Steam devs anyway, but could be interesting.

  12. Asskicker says:

    I can’t seem to be able to sign up any more?

    Did it all happen while I was sleeping? :(

  13. Dusk777 says:

    I can’t get to the beta signup page from that link. Maybe because there is a live match going on? If anyone could provide another link i’d be very grateful.

    • TurquoiseTail says:

      I can’t find the sign up button either, help anyone?

    • etusa says:

      It’d appear that the registration already expired.. Why o why didn’t check RPS before going to sleep :/ karma, I guess. As for the stream, I enjoy watching the high caliber play almost in any game, but the stream has lagged and cut off all morning. Which is a bummer. As for the game: (probably) F2P, looks ok, probably is pretty refined, will probably have a big (competetive) community, and hopefully won’t have any that pay-to-unlock schaibe; I’m looking forward to it.

  14. Atic Atac says:

    Been watching this. I’m not a Lol or Hon fanboy (I’ve played both) but damn Valve dropped the ball on this one. Firstly the livestream so far is a total fail. Game is buggy, Servers are bad and the worst is that commentators don’t explain anything (just shout mostly) and we don’t have a handy website to tell us what the heroes do. Game would’ve looked just fine 2-3 years ago but it is completely lacking in any sort of innovation and the competition is fierce and frankly quite far ahead by now. Heroes look uninteresting and not full of character like Lol heroes and the game is just very grey overall (which does serve gameplay well though). Valve, I am disappoint! :/

    • bglamb says:

      I dunno what’s up with the livestream. I have sound but no commentators, and the camera keeps being left showing just empty areas of the map. It’s like they’re broadcasting the wrong stream.

      Plus the game kept lagging out. The video was playing fine, but the chars were all running on the spot.

      I’m watching now and it’s just an empty shot of the red base.

      Am I missing something?

    • etusa says:

      @bglamb: change to none, there atleast the camera was spot on. But very weird indeed, no commentatory, video playing fine but the actual game lagging out.

  15. Waxxy says: