Eight Minutes Of Wildstar Footage

Earlier in the week we revealed that NCSoft will be publishing Carbine’s space MMO, Wildstar, and Alec delivered his impressions on that. Now eight minutes of footage has appeared (below), and holy crap there is a lot in that eight minutes: the player-character starting out getting revived by an NPC, exploring a valley and dodging avalanches, setting up and using bits of equipment, fighting some kind of space yeti, and appearance and destruction of some awesome spacecraft thing. The visual references are clear, and it’s certainly an MMO in the classic sense, but with some surprises. It does look like it might be entertaining.


  1. RF says:

    Looks like a pretty traditional MMO with some next gen elements.

    Like dodging.

    And making bear men explode.

    Yeah, I think I’ll be getting this. This game is what SW:TOR wants to be but is not.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I am more interested in this than SW:TOR.

    • Rahabib says:

      seems like the dodging is canned. So like TOR, you have to stand still and shoot your guns like a sucker.

      Then again, I never understood the whole guns and swords together crap. If you have a gun, why would you use a sword? I mean seriously?!! Haven’t you seen Indiana Jones?

    • RF says:

      The dodging is canned? But… It’s in the footage?

    • Danarchist says:

      I agree this looks far better than swtor. It is very similar in appearance to WoW but that isnt necessarily a bad thing. I have seen some other in game footage and it all appears to be very melee heavy which I find frustrating in a space mmo, But at this point I do not think I could look at another fantasy one without kicking my monitor in.

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      I agree, this looks more interesting than SW:TOR and has (subjectively) a prettier art style.

    • D3xter says:

      Eh, the latest 30 minutes Shit Warrior gameplay with Total Biscuit looked pretty good and gave me some hope, especially regarding quests and features: link to youtube.com Will probably at least play once for story.

      This though looked utterly unimpressive.

    • wcanyon says:

      @Rahabib you see, in the future, ammo is just that gawdamm expensive that sometimes you can’t afford to shoot your gun. That melee tank guy is just on MMO welfare.

    • fenriz says:

      Jim Rossignol:

      at least TOR will make extensive use of choices(which will probably be useless anyway). We don’t know much about this, ok, but shouldn’t they show the good stuff, had they some?

      These games are, as more and more years of cloning pass, so much the abominable fruits of abominable incests, as to make me think that if you play them you get syphilis.

    • eselinks says:

      I can’t wait for the new assasins creed to come out apparently it is going to be the best one yet I am going to buy this and MW3.


    • ffordesoon says:

      Speaking as someone who is excited about TOR (because BioWare have made exactly one remotely interesting gameplay trailer ever, and the rest of them have been boring garbage, so I just take it as read that their games will look terrible until I play them), I have to say: if I were BioWare, I’d be shitting my pants right about now.

      I do think Carbine kind of made a mistake by showing the gunfighter class, because ranged classes in WOW-style MMOs never ever ever have visually interesting animations ever, because it is impossible to make firing a gun in third-person look interesting if the thing you’re firing the gun at doesn’t die or otherwise flinch immediately. They gave it the old college try with the Woovian spinny crap and the two guns, but the whole point of a gun is that it kills things faster than a sword does. Take that away, and you’ve basically got an uninteresting sword with range.

      On the whole, though, I’m very pleased with this footage. And someone finally realized that double jumps are the best jumps!

    • RF says:

      Better Gameplay Footage.

      The stuff shown here isn’t all that great, but I think that actual footage is quite a bit better. Looks AAA standard and DEFINITELY better looking than SW:TOR.

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  2. endintears says:

    Looks utterly generic and uninspiring. How disappointing.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      It certainly looks like an MMO. Very Wow/Allods. But it might be interesting in that way.

      The exploration stuff is bizarre. It’s sort of counter to what exploration is in my head. Unlocking it because you can and it’s part of a quest, rather than finding it because you are poking about deliberately. Hmm.

    • Sarissofoi says:

      Meh. I hope you are wrong and it will be fine game.

    • Lobotomist says:

      I figured why Carbine kept this project secret for so long : They were ashamed.

    • Captchist says:

      After 6 years of playing WoW I see a pattern of randomly milling around quest NPC’s and I just… I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t! Don’t make me go back there!!!

    • fenriz says:


      i knew WoW veterans like you would come to this realization one day: “can’t do it anymore”

      beautiful. Finally.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      they’re at least a little ashamed of the purple lion-rabbit mage girls… seriously, prettiest princesses need apply.

  3. cafe says:

    uh… this looks bad.. i was expecting something better after that awesome trailer :(

  4. Koozer says:

    I hope them all the best, it’s an original setting at least. I have a feeling you’ll have many skills just to make your rotation longer, instead of having a specific purpose for a few though. I hope it’s free to play, for their sake and mine!

  5. db1331 says:

    After seeing the GW2 “small” dragon fight video, and now this, I think ToR will be DoA.

    • Abundant_Suede says:

      I too don’t think the the game with both a Star Wars AND a Bioware logo will sell a single copy, based on a few minutes of a comparatively obscure game trailer I watched. People who try to give the game away will be physically spat upon. Because Star Wars products have always been known for their unswerving level of quality. There’s never been, say, a suboptimal Star Wars product or game of dubious merit that people purchased or paid to see regardless. The fans simply wouldn’t stand for it.

      If the internet hype-backlash codespeak for “significantly under-performing by EA’s lofty expectations” has become “dead on arrival”, and I missed that memo, I apologize for the misplaced sarcasm. Otherwise, let’s not lose our heads here.

    • db1331 says:

      No one had to pay a subscription for the three prequels.

  6. AlwaysRight says:

    I like the artstyle.

  7. tstapp1026 says:

    Seeing as how this is an NCSoft release, I just can imagine it being very successful while, generally speaking, mmo players seem to be currently blinded by the brilliance that is Guild Wars 2.

    I simply find nothing impressive now that I have seen some of the GW2 trailers (especially the dragon fight from Gamescon…OMG!)

    • Askeladd says:

      That dragon fight didnt seem very challenging, nothing they did seemed to change the outcome of the fight. Just hitting it the normal way would have made it go down too, but only slower. I hope they increase the challenge somewhat, or is that supposed to be just a public quest?

      Making things too accessible takes out the fun of doing them, or not?
      Probably toned down in difficulty for the convention.

  8. Torgen says:

    I still want the cinematic trailer to be expanded into a full length movie in the theaters.

    • Askeladd says:

      Thats what I first thought too. I didnt understand that it was a game till they screamed the name of it in the audience as they showed gameplayfootage of it. At that point I was half looking forward for that CGI movie to come to the cinema.

    • Keymonk says:

      Would be a fantastic movie, wouldn’t it?

    • Askeladd says:

      I’m a little sad they made a MMO out of it.

    • Armante says:

      Ohmygod YES!

      I would totally watch the movie of the trailer. The attitude and timing is great, the characters perfect little stereo/arche-types

      Do it NCSoft :)

  9. nimnio says:

    On the subject or cartoon art-style action MMOs, I’d like some coverage of Dragon Nest. I know it’s an Asian F2P, but it looks unusually polished. It also looks generic, but if you’re going to play a generic action MMO, it might as well be F2P. Plus, multiplayer/co-op can make any game fun: just look at poker.

  10. Keymonk says:

    That is looking very pretty.

  11. jellydonut says:

    Not interested. Unless it’s F2P and cheap to buy.

    I’ll stick to GW2

  12. Urthman says:

    I love this art style.

    Now I know how it must’ve felt to hate FPS games in the 90s. All these MMOs–so many beautiful games–that I have no interest in playing.

  13. Felixader says:

    Sigh. Looked okay, and i love some of the animations especially of the caster character, but the Battlesystem, the goddamn battlesystem again.
    It ruins this, it ruins another MMO again.

  14. Geger says:

    i still don’t get it, why RPS is previewing “iphone game” Õ,Õ

    • Baconberries says:

      Probably because it’s not an iPhone game, it’s a PC MMO.

  15. Xzi says:

    Looks like they took WoW’s asthetic, put it in TF2’s engine (Source) and used several gameplay mechanics from Guild Wars 2. It will likely be better than TOR, but then again what won’t be? I expect that in the near future, most MMOs players will be divided between GW2, Planetside 2, and whatever Blizzard’s next MMO is. Stuff like this and TOR will get left in the dust.

  16. mjig says:

    I wonder if EA has realized that they wasted 300 million dollars yet.

    • Xzi says:

      They won’t realize it until everybody starts cancelling their subscriptions about six months in.

  17. Baconberries says:

    So… Torchlight: The Old Republic?

  18. Brise Bonbons says:

    Skipped to 45 seconds in, saw guy standing in place, doing choreographed gunkata with a similarly stationary bear at point blank range. Stopped video.

    I’ll try to muster the fortitude to open it up again and perhaps skip to 5 minutes. Who knows, maybe something interesting is happening at that point.

    Nah, why bother. I’ll just follow games that are interested in me being awake while playing them.

    Seriously, I cannot swear enough to express my rage at the MMO industry after this Gamescom. Even GW2 is disappointing me somewhat. At this point Tera and Dragon’s Nest are the only games that appear to have engaging mechanics, and Tera has basically already flopped from what I hear.

    Maybe I’m being unfair. I dunno, either way, this sort of stand-and-bash-hotkey combat needs to die before I’m willing to even consider one of these games. I guess I’m just not their target audience…

    • vecordae says:

      If you want to try something a bit different than the same, tired old “stand around and spam special attack buttons” combat, there are a few MMOs with more actiony controls. Dungeons and Dragons: Online and Vindictus spring immediately to mind. Though not F2P, Star Trek Online’s ship-to-ship combat feels like a pared down version of the old Star Fleet Command games, while its ground combat got a revamp lately that makes it play more like a 3rd person shooter. Age of Conan tries to encourage you to move and fight, but the default controls make it awkward by positioning the basic melee attacks directly over your movement keys.

    • Brise Bonbons says:

      Thanks for the tips. :) I’ve tried DDO at least, which I thought was quite nice.

      Honestly I’m not even looking for another MMO to play, since I don’t really have the time or will for it – I’m just so bloody frustrated at the creative inertia in that section of the game industry.

      I shouldn’t be so hard on Wildstar, it looks like a decent enough game that’s trying to do some new stuff, I guess.

      Ah well, the struggle with internet anger is never ending…

  19. utharda says:

    PC combat animations look like the strange love child of Alvin Ailey, Divine and John woo. The two pistol kata thing seems really weird to me. The mobs seem quite content to stand 20 ft out and get shot, possibly damaging the pc through unknown means.

    Graphical Style feels a lot like allods. Or soviet wow, as I’ve been thinking of it. (I spent a good 3 4 months in allods, i like it, wow is more of a soviet brutalist style, this is nicer.) Jumping / Running animations are mildly insectoid and disturbing.

    That having been said, my mmo list is currently looking like this.

    The Secret World > Salem = ArcheAge > Wildstar > SWTOR so I’m in agreement on this looking better than SWTOR. I do like some of the ideas presented for this game, the over completion bonuses, and the challenges are interesting. This just looks a bit funny at this point.

    (currently playing rift, lotro and eve, so I’m not exactly the normal consumer.)
    but good luck to ncsoft and carbine with this one.

  20. wcanyon says:

    I think this looks like a game that I could totally play with my 8-12 year old kid and have a good time. I tried playing Spiral Knights with my kid and found it pretty boring.

    Great art style.

    Treasure chests? WTF. Can’t there be something more… quantum or something?

    • BeamSplashX says:

      They’re quantum treasure chests, obviously. Their quantum nature just doesn’t survive video compression.

      So quantum right now.

  21. Zarunil says:

    Looks bland and boring, to be honest, though probably a hit with kids due to the art style.

  22. fenriz says:

    Nice. This game appears good anytime the player isn’t able to do anything. Linear corridors, runs and kills and runs and kills. Players are treated like donkeys

    MMOGs: Multi-Mules Online Grunting

    Tim Cain, what have you done son? What happened to the gameplay of the vault guy having to deal with 2 factions+peasants, a power generator to be shut down with a science book and a secret puzzle to deactivate it without the use of skills at all?

    Can’t they come here to answer, the ladies?

  23. lobstilops says:

    Oh. Wildstar? Trailer was nice. Let’s watch this 8 minute footage thing. Standing there, shoot guns. Boss charges attack. Dodge. Shoot more guns….

    Well. Back to Guild Wars 2.

  24. Jim9137 says:

    There was the expanse of silence, intermittently broken by hissing wind and flora. Random bleeps and bloops, a bang, and something stood erect. Footsteps. Footsteps again. Spoken like an true actor.

    I know this is to be it.

  25. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    The artstyle looks nice.. and gameplay looks generic. Kinda like WoW. And I’ve already played that for four years. No.. no more.

  26. mkblin says:

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  27. johnpeat says:

    It looks VERY much like WoW and the idea of close-up combat with guns is not appealing…

    At one point he jumps CLOSER to a giant monster so he can shoot at it – I mean WHAT!?!?

  28. voidburn says:

    I have a bad feeling that since everybody screams “WoW graphics” when they see this style, the day WoW will die, so will this kind of art direction. Pity, cause I absolutely LOVE it, and there is nothing I don’t like about Wildstar from an eye-candy point of view: very very good animations, nice color palette (way less saturated than WoW), very pleasing spell effects, and adorable landscapes / characters.

    I am honestly intrigued to see how the mechanics fit together and how their vision of these game mechanics will coalesce into a finished product. It sounds like it will have a simple but interesting story background, which could lead the way to a more than decent offering in terms of immersion and feel.

    Just because I’m fed up with WoW (or to be honest its end-game), doesn’t mean that I don’t like the way it plays, heck I spent 5 years playing it, I’d be a pretty darn idiot if I did that while not having fun or finding a challenge in it. I still do, it’s the game environment and its players that make the game feel stale and artificial now, not its art style, not its features. There’s no hiding my misanthropy, but I really hope one day these companies will provide the server software along with the client, so I can choose who I play with, pretty much like FPS clans do with their private servers.

    You lot are becoming awfully quick at dismissing a game before it even has a chance to prove itself. Too much choice is spoiling the crowd.

    • Wulf says:

      Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the graphics of WoW I have a problem with, it’s just that they feel like an excuse for a lack of depth…

      How to explain.

      It’s sort of like their designers figured that if they went with a Saturday morning cartoon style, they wouldn’t have to bother with lore or anything, they wouldn’t have to explain things, and they wouldn’t have to bother with providing people with any sort of meaning or purpose beyond Saturday morning cartoon ones. (“This is the darkness and darkness is the corruption! This is the light and the light is the good!”)

      Didn’t you ever get that feeling?

      I read all the WoW lore like I do with all lore and I just ended up rollling my eyes at it. After coming off of Final Fantasy XI, which had relatively rich lore by comparison, the lore of WoW just made me groan. It was a Saturday morning cartoon thing, and it just left me feeling devoid of purpose. I suppose this is one of the reasons that it failed to hook me in the way that it hooked other people. I was looking for purpose and I found none. “Here are some enemies, here is a weapon, have fun.” just does not work for me, personally.

      Now, look at that trailer…

      “We have a planet. We have weapons. Here are some bad guys.”

      The only part that was remotely interesting about the trailer was the high-tech temple thing right at the end. It doesn’t seem to have any real compulsion to it and that’s a problem for me just like it was with WoW, I worry that this will just be another Saturday morning cartoon game. With writing that’s meant for developing minds, much younger than mine. Sure, it’s going to suit the younger arm of youngsters, as it is doing the Saturday morning cartoon thing, but it’s not going to suit me.

      For a young one, having a planet, a weapon, and some enemies is enough. And that’s how it was for WoW.

      People get butthurt when I bring up Guild Wars 2, but fuck them, because it’s the best example I can give you. Look at what Guild Wars 2 has been doing with the race weeks. If you haven’t been following them then go and check them out. There is purpose intertwined with purpose. Personal purpose, the purpose of one’s faction or race, the overarching purpose, the purpose of one’s alliances, and so on. There is a lot going on there that make you feel as though you actually have a reason for doing something beyond “The darkness is the corruption, the light is the good.” and that works for me.

      There’s one faction in the latter part of Guild Wars 2 that wants to learn about the dragons and why they arrived just when the gods departed, which is incredibly suspicious to me. That’s a good purpose for me because I want to know, too. I want information. That I find compelling.

      Another thing with Guild Wars 2 is that it provides visual purpose. For example: I’m not told to go and kill 12 wolves because it doesn’t work like that. Why kill them? What’s the point of that? They’re just wandering around and not bothering anyone so why would I even hassle them? What purpose is there in doing that? Some nutty arsehole told me to go kill things? That just doesn’t work for me. But again, in Guild Wars 2 (deal with it, butthurt people) you have visual purpose.

      You can actually see stuff like centaurs or pirates attacking towns and trying to kill people. I can see that and I can defend them. That gives me a sense of purpose. In fact, that gives me more of a sense of purpose than most single-player games do. And believe me when I say that the problem of “Here is a gun, here is a world, here are some bad guys, so go killing.” isn’t just restricted to WoW. But WoW IS the primary example of it in MMORPGs. Is that so hard for everyone to understand?

      I want a game with purpose. A WoW clone is never going to give me purpose. We’ll have a bunch of butthurt people bitching at me here about how I’m going on about Guild Wars 2 but I don’t particularly care. They’ve chosen to remain uneducated and clueless, so that’s their prerogative. Their lack of a clue is showing. But it’s still a truth for me, personally, that whenever an MMORPG clones WoW it’s not going to have any sense of purpose.

      Perhaps eventually stuff will start cloning GW2 even, but… I don’t know if that would be so bad.

      Can I explain?

      The WoW clone will just have people standing around with an exclamation point above their head. “Hi, I am Mr. [!], I want you to kill ten X and take them to Mrs. [?]. ‘Kay? I can invent some bullshit reason if you want but you know it’s going to be bullshit, and often badly written, so just… just go do it.” And off the player goes to do that.

      GW2 and its clones would see you heading out into the world and seeing what’s going on. You’d see a bunch of thieves hassling some poor sods, waving swords in their faces, and threatening to kill them. You’re on patrol and you see that. Then you choose whether you want to do something about it, but you can actually see this happening.

      WoW never gave me purpose. This is why I want games to stop cloning WoW. No purpose via lore, race, faction, world, or mission… no purpose at all. The funny thing is is that my chosen champion, GW2, seems to be doing the exact opposite. Purpose via all of those things and more.

      I mean… if I were to play Wildstar, what would happen?

      “Hi, I’m Mr. Space [!], we are in Space, have a Space weapon, now go kill me 12 Space X by standing near them with your Space weapon and pressing buttons. Then take their bits to Mrs. Space [?]. Okay? Super.”

      I’d be amazed if people couldn’t see why I have a problem with that. :| Can we stop cloning WoW and its complete lack of purpose, now?

  29. johnpeat says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the WoW artstyle too – but Allods used a similar style and yet managed to look VERY different (IMO) and this, well, it doesn’t look so different…

    I’m far more concerned with the WoW combat ‘but with guns’ tho – that seems to be a nonsense to me.

    Guns are ranged weapons – if your combat engine only supports close-range combat then switch to swords and knives and lightsabers and fistweapons etc. etc.

    Making people use guns close-up is daft…

  30. haihaiq says:

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  31. DOs says:

    Yeah, I can see that awesome trailer Blur made sure didn’t do the game any favours. This game looks really nice, visually, but it’s still one of those MMO games lacking any personality and character development.

    Turn this one into a heavily story-driven co-op action adventure game, instead, with the characters from the trailer. That’d be more like it.

  32. evenflowjimbo says:

    Yawn. Of course, I am still waiting for a space MMO that you can board enemy ships and kill their troops.

  33. poop says:

    I think we should stop refering to these games as MMOs and start using the term “WoW clone” so I know what to not be interested in in the future

  34. cmi says:

    Looks kinda boring. Art style is nice, but I don’t really like “standard mmo(rp)gs” with guns. It feels (looks) so… static.

    • Wulf says:

      I just wish they’d copied the gameplay elements of Phantasy Star along with some of the visuals. This could have been amazing, then. Well, that and a less lazy attitude to terrain and open areas.

  35. TariqOne says:

    Guild Wars 2 blah blah you’re all idiots Guild Wars 2 blah.

    • Wulf says:

      Yes indeed! Well, except the idiots part, I disagree with you there. But the rest of it? Absolutely!

    • TariqOne says:

      Nah. You also agree with the idiots part. Your incessant condescending diatribes against people with differing tastes have made that perfectly, resoundingly clear. For ages.

  36. Zepp says:

    That rabbit-woman has nice boobies. I see furries playing this.

  37. adonf says:

    “This video is private”


  38. eightbitrobot says:

    “This video is private” ?