These Robotic Hearts Of Mine: 24 Hour Beta

Hearts in the right place
Bristol Coventry based indie dev Draknek has got a new game in the pipeline, which he’s pitching as a “Narrative-driven abstract puzzle game”. It’s simple, but efficient and minimalistic use of words, pixels and sounds result in a fairly atmospheric little game. It’s still a work in progress, obviously, but is currently playable here. As part of this time-limited beta testing, why not give him some feedback over twitter too? You’ve got until about 1am UK time tonight to try it.

There’s a trailer, but it contains solutions to all the early puzzles, so I’d suggest just playing it yourself.


  1. Fede says:

    Seems done and working well, only weird thing is that I was able to complete one in less moves than expected. Maybe the demo’s purpose is to check if his solutions are already optimal or not?

    • Alan Hazelden says:

      The demo is mostly so I can judge if certain levels are too hard for their position in the game. Checking optimality of solutions is another benefit, but in an ideal world the “you’re awesome, you did better than me” message would probably fit on the screen rather than being garbled…

    • Fede says:

      I understand, thanks.
      The graph you get at the end of the level tells how many clicks everyone else used to solve it, right?

      Sometimes you just need to mess around a little until it clicks and becomes easy. I cannot really understand why, but the fact that the hearts pointing at the same direction beat at the same times helps. I think #20 and 31 were the ones that took me longer.

    • Alan Hazelden says:

      That’s right, yeah. Need to make it clearer I think, but I have some ideas on how to do that.

    • Quasar says:

      Ah, I hadn’t noticed the beating patterns. Makes it a lot easier to understand what’s going on.

  2. Matt says:

    Got stuck on level 18 20. Pretty good up until then. I like the ambient music.

  3. JFS says:

    Beautiful game. I didn’t manage to continue at around level 10 or so. I would love to know how the story continues.

    • Alan Hazelden says:

      There is a skip button or you can access all the levels from the menu. Glad you enjoyed despite difficulty!

    • JFS says:

      Aha! That’s a nice feature. I’d feel like a cheater, though, if I were to utilize it. Yes, it’s always nice when pride gets in the way :)

  4. VoEC says:

    FlashPunk ftw!

  5. Quasar says:

    You’re all missing the best part:


  6. povu says:

    Oh look, it’s Companion Cog!

  7. RagingLion says:

    :) Well done Alan. You have officially made it! (as much as I’m sure you want to go much further)

  8. gaming headset says:

    Nice little game :)
    Getting harder and harder :)

  9. NathaI3 says:

    Cool little game. I got stuck around level 14. Maybe implement a hint system to push players in the right direction (which cogs need turning first etc)? Because I’d feel like a cheater if I just skipped a level, but some levels had me completely stumped and I only solved through trial and error.
    Also, for the first few levels I thought the number in the bottom left corner (eg 0/3) meant i only had 3 moves to complete the level, so I unnecessarily restarted a couple of times. Maybe make it clearer that that’s the optimum number of moves.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Edawan says:

    Game is down. :'(