Four Space Marine Trailers (Four!)

Looks like rain. PURPLE RAIN. Do you see what reference I made there?
The chaps at Gematsu have posted four new Space Marine trailers, via THQ, and I’ve reposted them below. They all basically have the same message – “I AM WAR” – but in delivering it they show a lot of varied game footage. It really is looking rather handsome.


  1. Teddy Leach says:


  2. magnus says:

    Wooooo, Gamestop!


    • Lemming says:

      I preordered mine from Game’s uk store to get the extra skins. Wasn’t sure if your ‘bastard’ comment was because you can’t access a Gamestop or you were mad they have forced your hand into pre-ordering? :D

  3. razgon says:

    They are a bit…well, juvenile, aren’t they?

    I’d have loved to have some rpg elements in the game, like we are used to by now in our WH40K games. Its begging for upgradable spacemarines and gear.

    • Lemming says:

      TBF, DoW2 does scratch that itch for you and we have a w40k MMO coming out in the next couple of years as well. I think we need a third-person action game in this universe. The God of War games are basically Games Workshop does Greek Mythology in my opinion, so we need a non-exclusive equivalent. (Not that I’m suggesting the game mechanics will work anything like GoW, I have no idea).

      That said, I’ll be getting this on PS3. I buy third-person action games on console, everything else is better suited to PC.

    • Garg says:

      “Rated I for Immature”

    • Dhatz says:

      if there was a game best suited to fuck all rpg elements, this is it, so i assubme u wear ayronical. Srsly how can they go any better after 40fucking000 years of weapon development.

    • Jake says:

      “so i assubme u wear ayronical” – what’s going on here?!

      In 40k Imperial technology has stagnated long ago, new weapons are merely rediscovered while the most advanced weaponry is ancient technology that is revered and maintained by fanatical priests/engineers that barely understand them and see them as religious artifacts.

    • PoulWrist says:

      “That said, I’ll be getting this on PS3. I buy third-person action games on console, everything else is better suited to PC.” Everything is suited better for the PC. No exception.

  4. Gundato says:

    I played the demo. It is kind of hard to judge right now, but it seems fun.

    Once you get a power weapon, melee becomes very fun (loved the power axe).
    And unlike the leaked video of the previous developers SPace Marine, ranged combat is effective. It still isn’t proper for what a “real” SPace Marine would do, but it is obvious that Relic wants to emphasize melee rather than sniping.

    That being said, the demo just felt “wrong” with a mouse/keyboard, so had to pop out the gamepad. And I found the assault marine almost uncontrollable, but that could just be a practice thing.

    • ZyloMarkIII says:

      I tried it with both a gamepad and a keyboard/mouse combo. The keyboard/mouse combo felt much easier to control (especially aiming). It’s too early to judge from the demo, but it felt like a greater focus on close combat. By the way, Nobz are mean on Hard difficulty.

    • mjig says:

      I went to download the demo, only to realize that in order to download it, you have to preorder the game.

      So to get the promotional material, you have to pay for what the material is promoting.

      It’s like paying for an advertisement. Christ, gaming, get it together.

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      It says that pre-order gets you EARLY access to the Demo, it’s likly they’ll release the demon AFTER the game is launched.

    • stahlwerk says:

      I could do without the setting free of diabolical forces, thank you. ;)

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      Then you have passed the test and will not be burned in the flames of purity.

    • bluebomberman says:

      Some people complain (and might actually have data to back it up) that playing a demo and then finding out the game isn’t out yet is a real buzz killer. Maybe even a sales killer, too.

    • Starky says:

      That might be true for smaller indie titles – because they tend to be “buy right now” titles, which if you look and it isn’t out for a few weeks you’ll forget. Until it crops up in a steam sale that is…

      I doubt however it is true for heavily advertised AAA titles.

    • G_Man_007 says:

      @ stahlwerk; it seems appropriate that they would release a daemon after the releasing the game…

    • Gundato says:

      Zyklo: Aiming is definitely easier with a mouse, but the sensitivity just felt off to me. Maybe if I spent some time fiddling.

      But the emphasis on melee and suppressing fire (just shoot a lot of rounds at the horde while backpedaling) made me go with the gamepad. It also helps that I’ve been playing my PS3 a lot recently, so I am used to not having my preferred pinpoint accuracy.

    • Dhatz says:

      is that so a demon is now used for demo you only get for preordering the final?

    • Hanban says:

      I have replayed the demo several times. Which is rather unusual for me. Must say I have had a lot of fun, both with trying to go all melee, and all ranged.

      Look forward to the game’s release!

  5. pagad says:

    Actually it’s the teeming billions of Imperial Guard that hold the Imperium’s enemies at bay, not the single million or so Space Marines.

    • Lemming says:

      Yeah but that’s like saying It’s those billions of steaks holding the lions at bay, not the few guns.

    • Keymonk says:

      Steaks with spikes.

    • Starky says:

      It is a tactic that works though, throw infantry (steaks) at the hordes then blast them with high powered explosive weaponry from afar, dying by friendly fire is the noble sacrifice those guards make for the good of the Imperium.

    • ZyloMarkIII says:

      I pity the Imperial Guardsmen. It’s essentially signing up for a death sentence to be carried out at an unspecified time in an unspecified manner and the death isn’t usually very pleasant.

    • soldant says:

      So it’s like a World War 1 commentary then?

  6. CedaVelja says:

    Why hasnt any game so far taken place during the Horus Heresy is what i am really interested in, so far every game i have seen seems to be barely connected to the others.
    With Horus Heresy they could go for an actual sequel.

    • Schelome says:

      To be fair, if they ran it during the horus heresy they would mostly have to decrease your power with each iteration, technology not progressing and that…

    • Schelome says:

      – wrong thread –

  7. 8-bit says:

    I like the bit where he says “rated M for mature” :D

    so I have been away from 40k for a few years now, I got dawn of war 1 but thats about it, can someone explain why the marines are being presented as good guys in these trailers, is this what GW are going with nowadays?

    and why does it have to be marines anyway, I wanna be an inquisitor damn it. and if it has to be marines cant it be someone cooler than the blue boys, why not death wing for example?

    • Shark says:

      in modern 40k they are the lightest shade of grey (but we don’t want kollega to discuss that AGAIN)
      also +1 for Dark Angels as main chapter, I mean there’s Ultramarines everywhere (except for DOW)

    • clockler says:

      The spess mahreens are as close to good guys as we get, yo.

      But then good is all subjective. Tyranid supremacy and all that jazz.

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      Arguably that would be the Tau, followed by the Space Marines, then the Imperial Guard, then the Eldar, Then the orcs, and the remainders are out and out the physical manifestation of evil or forces of nature (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHH)

      I don’t get all the Ultramarine hate. I like the blue boys. They have a bang on color scheme, and I like their ‘prepared for anything’ mentality.

    • Boozebeard says:

      Probably because you will be playing as a space marine, so it’s obviously going to be from their perspective. I would have classified tau as the closest thing to good but I don’t really know that much about 40k lore so I’m probably missing something.

    • SlayerCake says:

      Orks and Tyranids aren’t really evil per say, they just really really love fighting and nomnomnom respectively. Tau are the most good if you are willing to look past the possible (probable) brainwashing and mind-control they use to control their allies and people. It varies depending on which chapter of SMs it is your dealing with, same for Guard forces. Eldar are neutral good arrogant bastards and the rest are evil.

    • Lemming says:

      Their hands are kind of tied with the Ultramarines, though. They are the only Chapter that actually follow Space Marine codes and laws to the letter. It doesn’t do your broader audience any favours if you start throwing those rules out for other Chapters with “well you know how we told you Space Marines can do this and that, well these can do different stuff…”. If you want to get people into the universe, you want to start with ‘vanilla’ space marines, really.

      It didn’t matter in the DoW games as the Blood Ravens don’t do much different that the layman notices. (they have more psykers…ok).

      And I’d rather see the Ultramarines in this game than the Ravens because, well, we’ve done them to death a bit now haven’t we?

    • JLeach says:

      I couldn’t agree more with this. The 40k universe is so rich and has almost limitless possibilities for most game/story variables. I’d love to see a game set in the 40k universe that wasn’t heavily connected to the “main” story (i.e. one that isn’t about “save the galaxy/sector/planet/town). Basically something that takes all the dark, grimy atmosphere of the setting and rolls with that.
      OT, I’d love the same thing in a LOTR setting.

    • Lemming says:

      JLeach, sounds like you’ll be keeping an eye on the MMO then!

    • JFS says:

      I’d say Tyranids are pretty much eat eat eat (pub club sleep), they are not evil per se. Although they look strange. However, that is an eternal discussion.

      Edit: Yeah, eternally ninja’d.

    • JakobBloch says:

      To be fair: The blue boys are the quintessential Space Marine Chapter. They are what the space marine is and in GWs first couple of books they were the space marines. All the other chapters came along over time. And do remember that there are 10000 chapters (roughly) and each has 10000 space marines (also roughly) Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Blood Angels and all the rest are just a few of all the chapters. More also: Fully half the chapters in existence draw their lineage to the Ultra Marines and as such it is only normal for them to be the most recognised chapter. The Warhammer 40K universe is being introduced to a larger audience. Isn’t it appropriate to introduce them to the most iconic chapter? Veteran warhammer fans may find the Ultra Marines bland but I wager the stoic Ultra Marines will ring true with them too.

    • JLeach says:


      That was my initial thought, but now it seems like the playable races/classes are Space Marines/Guard etc. I want to play a “normal” 40k/Imperium inhabitant. Like the original Star Wars Galaxies where the classes were fairly loosely tied to the films but fitted into the overall universe. I think what I’m really wanting is the original SWG back. I could talk for hours about that game. It has some of the most brilliant ideas and game mechanics that I’ve ever seen. Characters not speaking the same languages making player-player interactions difficult? Such utter genius.

    • G_Man_007 says:

      Ultramarines are just too blue. Give me Blood Angels, Space Wolves, or if you want a standard Marine force, Crimson Fists – they look so much better, and have a lot more character. But then, having a vanilla representation of the Marines is always going to be best for those new to the universe.

    • noerartnoe says:

      @JakobBloch: I think you might have an extra ‘0’ there. Seeing as this is post-heresy following the Codex Astartes a Space Marine chapter is divided into 10 companies of roughly 100 Space Marines each. Also, according to Lexicanum there are around 1000 chapters.

      Of course, counting the number of Space Marines based on the rules in the Codex Astartes becomes a bit silly when you add in chapters like the Black Templars – whose Crusade Fleets have several thousand Marines – and the Space Wolves, with their 12 Great Companies (each supposedly larger than the standard set by the Codex Astartes).

      I highly doubt anyone gave a figgin’ about that, but there it is.

    • iniudan says:

      @JakobBloch You made a slight mistake, Codex Chapter are composed of around 1000 marines.

      But there is some chapter like the Space Wolves (unknown number but most likely between 5k-10k, since they were one of the smallest pre-heresy Legion and still follow the same structure), Black Templar (5000-6000), etc. who are not Codex Chapter, using their own internal structure.

      Also the number of ten thousand marine date back from before the Horus Heresy, when Space Marines were devided into Legion and not Chapter, and that number of not definitive for it varied between Legion.

    • Octoviam says:

      Pfft, Chaos is the only real good.

      There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.

  8. Shark says:

    *reply failure*

  9. Jnx says:

    Actually these are all old videos. They’ve been up in Gametrailers for quite some time. As a warhammer hobbyist I’m all for some hammerwar, but there’s something I’m concerned about. I’ve never seen so many trailers with almost no gameplay at all. You don’t hide good gameplay, so I imagine it is lacking. I’ll wait for a wot I think.

    • tocard2 says:

      I preordered Space Marine so I got early access to the demo. After playing it through four times, I can honestly tell you the gameplay is good. Switching between dakka and smashin is as easy as hitting left and right mouse buttons.

      If you are a diehard fan of the 40K universe, even if you are just a little interested in it, or want to get in on the lore, check out Space Marine.

    • Bilbo says:

      hold the phone, you got early demo access by preordering?

      from where?

      *edit* Oh, it’s on Steam if you aren’t in the UK. Fuck the fucking UK Steam thing that’s happening these days. They need to sort it.

    • 1R0N_W00K13 says:

      Yeah, can someone explain why you can’t get Space Marine at all on Steam UK? I’m all for boxed versions, but it was a little bit frustrating.

    • TheFlyingWooly says:

      I think the reason it’s not on steam right now is the same reason why Brink wasn’t on steam when it launched, something to do with retailer exclusivity.

      It might just suddenly appear a few weeks after its out.

      That’s my assumption anyhow.

    • Red Squirrel says:

      I wish the games in the UK that are being blocked from Steam would get some more publicity. Its like a massive elephant in the room. I suppose the authors of this site are sitting pretty on beta and free copies of the games but its so frustrating to have the biggest online distributor restrict a game like this and no one is talking about it or trying to get some answers.

      This site bangs on about DRM until the cows come home but DRM is pretty much irrelevant if you cannot get the game in the first place …

    • Bilbo says:

      There’s definitely something suspicious in the way they aren’t mentioning it at all.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Speaking of showing gameplay, I still want link to

    • Bilbo says:

      I think this “hiding gameplay” accusation is pretty unfair based on those trailers actually but I don’t ever judge the RPS HIVEMIND HATE WHEEL accurately so I’m not going to go into it any further

  10. bleeters says:

    Do they have any with Orks doing a proper ‘WAAAAAAAAAAGH’? The vague ‘hurr!’ noises I’ve heard them make so far don’t quite do it for me.

    • tocard2 says:

      Yes. In the demo I have heard a couple distinctive WAAAGH!!!’s in there. The audio in the game really shine. It’s all top notch, and plays great on the mouse and keyboard.

    • bleeters says:

      I am encouraged!

    • Metonymy says:

      The Nobz say WAAAGH, as was mentioned, and they are quite brutal. They certainly don’t approach timidly. The problem is that all the shoota boyz very distinctly say ‘space marines” which gets old really quickly. I don’t think I heard ‘humies’ or ‘beakies’ a single time. Or dakka, or flash, or stomp, or get em, or boyz, or anything of that nature. I really hope they have a lot of classic ork expressions mixed in.

  11. Stevostin says:

    Not excited. Lack of soul, GoW view. TPS could make sense because it’s tactical and work with melee, but GoW TPS is just cinematic misguiding. It’s a game, not a movie, we don’t need to see ourselves up to the point that it blocks us to see things we need to see.

    • fenriz says:

      agreed on it’s a game not a movie.

    • Hellraiserzlo says:

      Sure bro, gow invented the over the shoulder view.
      It’s too cinematic, totally no soul, just don’t set yourself on fire as a protest I heard it hurts.

  12. piratmonkey says:

    Is that…is that the Iron Warriors?! IRON WITHIN, IRON WITHOUT!

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      Sorry, Ironwarriors are my absolute fav CSM chapter, but I think those are Black Legion

    • 1R0N_W00K13 says:

      ‘s all about the Night Lords. Technically the only chapter which has raptors (correct me if I’m wrong) which they rely on for the multiplayer, so they must feature somewhere.

      EDIT: I am wrong, but apparently most of the raptors in all CSM chapters originate from the Night Lords.

    • piratmonkey says:

      Forgive me, I saw the Iron Warrior heraldry on the shoulder pad of the lead CSM in the 4th trailer. And here I was thinking how much sense it made to have the Iron Warriors siege a forge world to steal siege weapons to perpetrate more sieging…siege.

    • Octoviam says:

      Iron Warriors :D I think this is the second time in any 40k games there have been another chaos legion than the Black Legion, the other being the Alpha Legion at some point in the original DoW


  13. Tei says:

    I think this can be a good intro to the W40K universe. I think all these RTS games are nice, but don’t give a proper feeling of scale. The world of W40K is massive, with canons the size of a skyscrapper, and buildings the size a city. The game has this, and things like that.

    Too bad the game want to be played with a control pad. The keyboard is not a good interface to do combat games wen you have to coordinate 3 or 4 different things… and you need to do that, …to heal your character, you have to stun the enemy, then “consume” it in a attack that cut it in two (or more pieces), but first you have to weak this character, and probably take it alone, separate so you can do it withouth interference. In practice is hard. In practice the keyboard is not very practical at this, and probably is something that feel natural with a control pad.

    These videos tell me the rest of the game have even more of the over the top awesomeness that you can expect in a battle marines vs chaos vs orks in a forge planet with some variety.

    • BuboNulus says:

      I feel the kb+mouse interface is more comfy due to a quicker camera movement.
      After the “oi, where’s the next guy to be cleft in twain” – thing gets clear, it doesn’t matter if you push B on the Controller or E on the Keyboard.

  14. liquidsoap89 says:

    I’m really liking the music in the last trailer there, sounds suitable epic for this game. And now I’m getting really excited for the cinematic trailer for this game, because Relic has always done a really good job with those in the WH games.

    • fenriz says:

      music is too obviously epic, it’s hackneyed.

      I’d rather hear Homeworld Cataclysm cyber ambient minimalism. Composed by Paul Ruskay.

  15. Bfox says:

    The violence wont be offensive, the only thing that will be is how mediocre and safe this game will be.

  16. mkclin says:

    I love this game very much,top and have nice pictures in link to

  17. fenriz says:

    wow. This is a case where the awesomeness of the setting and characters is so high that the poverty of gameplay can be overlooked.

  18. TsunamiWombat says:

    Query: Anyone else having a problem with the system eating their comments?

  19. TsunamiWombat says:

    I’ve played the demo several times, and it’s good hacky slashy shoot choppy fun. Guns are more like sub weapons, used in specific situations, and playing on hard you can go down pretty quick if you don’t try to keep from being surrounded and make use of your grenades. Space Marines have weight to them, but are still agile, and they make a pleasent thunk thunk as they walk about in their cor big armor, towering over those poor Imperial Guard chaps. Visually, the game is very detailed and seems to capture the aesthetic of the 40K universe, it remains to be seen if the bleak humor remains as well, though I have heard dispassionate loudspeaker voices telling me to serve the machine god by not panicking and volunteering for corpse removal at my evacuation centre.

  20. Ultra Superior says:

    A reference to the Slaaneshi PRINCE of DARKness ?

  21. TsunamiWombat says:

    I will say that killing orcs with a chainsword got kind of old, but there are 3-4 melee weapons in the actual game rather then just the one (yes I know theres a power axe at the end of the demo, I didn’t figure this out till playing through it for the fifth time though). My only concern is that going through the same 2 or 3 canned execution motions, which you will be doing OFTEN because it’s necessary to regain health and also spatters blood prettily all over your armor + Boyz swarm you like chavs on gold chains, will get boring quickly. The games quality depends on how many set peices it has, how varied enemies and weapons are in the finale product, and wether or not there is an imperial choir somewhere.

  22. rivalin says:

    mankind’s “lassed ‘ope? That narrator sounds less born for war and more born to work in a butcher’s shop in Yorkshire. They really couldn’t find someone who’d been to a proper public school to do the voiceover?

    What next, Scouse Marine?

    • One Pigeon says:

      Watch Sharpe and shut up

    • Sleepymatt says:

      Aaaarite, carm down carm down, DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FOR THE EMPEROR!!

      Hmm.. It could just work.
      Meanwhile, Mr Bean would like a word….

    • Prime says:

      Sean Bean and Mr Bean are two VERY different people!

  23. Bilbo says:

    Interesting story associated with this shit – Space Marine is the latest in a spate of games that fucking disappear from the UK Steam Store close to launch for no fucking reason, meaning that UK gamers are missing out on a) the game on Steam Sale this weekend and b) the fucking demo

    Why is this shit happening?

    • Ganj says:

      I too would like to know what g’wan with Steam in the UK. So much stuff that’s seemingly available everywhere else just isn’t in old Blighty.

  24. Drake Sigar says:

    Only one force can hold the annihilation of mankind!

    Wait, what?

    • Metonymy says:

      Yeah I realize this is called Space Marine, but I’m pretty sure the IG wins more engagements than any SM Chapter. I’d be far more interested if some Adeptus Sororitas or an Inquistor were on the scene, cleaning up heresy along with the xenos. Those guys gel more neatly with my ‘kill everything that moves’ life strategy.

      Hopefully this game does well enough to merit some sequels with branching events, location choices, and different main characters. I definitely wouldn’t mind playing a better Fire Warrior game, a Eldar run’n whine, or just a nice clean rampage by any bad guy; chaos, necron, ork, etc.

  25. Napalm Sushi says:

    This looks almost as manly as this: link to


  26. Wubbles says:

    You know, I’m able to take seriously a great amount of stuff in 40k I would think is profoundly campy anywhere else, but this “I AM WAR” stuff is pushing it.

  27. Zepp says:

    Narrator is so weak, sounds boring and uninspired as fuck. Couldn’t they find somebody who is at least liking the universe? He could be a snooker commentator. I… AM… zzzZzzz WAAAR. That or space marines are FAGS. ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ!!!

    • bill says:

      I wasn’t hugely impressed by the narrator either, until the first vid suddenly cut to the crushingly out of place comedy Gamestop Guy doing his silly voice… after that the narrator came across like Orson Welles.

  28. McChes says:

    Is it wrong that watching these trailers just reinforces my wish that someone, anyone (at least, anyone reasonably skilled) would make a Necromunda game?

    • Lemming says:

      Necromunda needs the same love and hoo-ha that TF2/CS gets. It could be an amazing online team-based multiplayer game.