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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Pure Reactions

Everything’s gone a bit indie this week, with all the best deals being from those little developers we love the most. Way to go, guys. Not one of the games will set you back more than a fiver each, so there’s something for every wallet. Have a look and see if the bargain bucket is holding anything for you this weekend. You can always find more gaming cheapness over at SavyGamer.Blocks That Matter – £3.59/€4.49/$4.49
You may remember this as one of the games featured in the RSP Xbox Indie Roundup earlier in the month. Well here it is, receiving it’s PC release as promised, at the bargain price of under four quid. Lets show the developer, Swing Swing Submarine, a warm welcome into the PC fold. I’ve not had a chance to try Blocks That Matter yet myself, but it looks a little bit brilliant. New to the PC version is Steam cloud support, and there’s a level editor “coming soon”.

Atom Zombie Smasher – £3.95/€4.52/$5.95
Alec’s got the skinny on this one:

I do recommend this to you, I really do. It feels fresh and clever and oh-so-PC-gaming-in-2011: no rules but its own, and convincingly realising a concept through smart design rather than empty gloss. Something about it can feel just shy of being as vital as I’m convinced it should be, though. It needs a little more give to really find its voice – but between the regular patching and the slow trickle of mods, I’m pretty sure it’s going to find it soon. Even so, it’s the best thing to happen to zombies in a long while. Run away!

Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony – £4.15/€4.75/$5.95
Registers on Steam.
Rather brilliant scrolling shooter that brings new ideas to the table, whilst still harking back to a time when you had to put coins in the machine to play games like this. Total Biscuit had a good look at this if you want to find out WTF it is. If you can all fit round a keyboard (probably best to grab some controllers really) it supports up to four player local coop, and has a pleasingly diverse range of resolution settings.

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard For Gravity – £3.02/similar prices in other currencies
Here’s that Kieron bloke on AaaaaA [snip]:

Since you have this freedom of movement and a variety of methods, it’s actually a game as much about exploration as pure reactions. Looking around and working out what’s the best way to raise your points at any fall is paramount. Of course, also being able to nip around skillfully isn’t exactly of no importance. It’s not anywhere near as death-happy as Trials – but since there’s no save points mid-fall, it really couldn’t be. Generally speaking, the missions are short enough so the instant-kill isn’t a problem. In fact, it’s a boon. And, much like Trials 2, a cause of comedy.

Deal of the week
Multiwinia – £2.04/€3.40/$3.40
I had a bit of a lie in this morning, so instead of having six or seven hours left to get this deal, you’ve got a bit over fours hours left to snap up this brilliant deal. Sorry about that. This is the multiplayer-centric Darwinia sequel from Introversion, first of a new wave of bedroom programmers. It’s as silly as it is beautiful: Do the right thing and get it bought. RPS coverage here. Surely it’s about time we get to hear something new on Subversion soon? Pretty please?

Also of note:
Machinarium, Lume, The Tiny Bang Story, Outpost Kaloki & Cloning Clyde – £12.95/€14.80/$19.95
Magicka – £3.15/€3.60/$3.95. Registers on Steam.
NightSky – £3.50/€4/$4.95
Amnesia: The Dark Descent – £5.15/€5.89/$7.95
Fate of the world – £4.99/similar prices in other currencies.
GOG promo on some games for the PC

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