Anno 2070 Trailer Shows Off Underwater City

We were pretty gosh-darned excited when we learned that excellent trade and building series Anno was going to continue its exploits in the near future, but the glimpses of futuristic island cities were only half of it: the full game of Anno 2070 will contain underwater colonies, too. This game is all about painting a portrait of a (frankly fairly likely) near-future of scarce resources and adaptable strategies towards surviving in a changed world. You’ll be asked to choose between “industrial power” and “renewable energy” routes, and deal with the trade-offs that each of them are forced to make.

No precise release date for this as yet, as Ubisoft are still quoting “Winter”. I’m hoping to find out a bit more soon, as it’s the Ubisoft game I’m most interested in right now.


  1. UnravThreads says:

    I do want this, but I’ve decided Ubisoft can go frak themselves. I’d love to support Blue Byte/Related Design, but Ubisosft are really dicking about with us English-speaking fans. Pre-GamesCom (I’ve not looked since), the Anno 2070 site was bare for English community, bar a trailer and a tiny bit of info. The German site had news updates and lots more content. Heck, even the English-speaking forums are horrifically small and barren.

    Plus it’ll probably be UbiDRM’d.

    • Out Reach says:

      Do we know if this will be running with the new DRM revealed on Saturday?

    • UnravThreads says:

      Which DRM is that? I’ve not heard of anything.

    • ArcaneSaint says:

      I take it you’re referring to this?
      link to
      Although, this one wasn’t made by Ubisoft but by Fubisot. It appears there is some customer confusion between the two names, one of them should really go and sue the other.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      The real question is: will Ubi claim to have one kind of DRM and then it turns out to have worse, and then I have to ask for my money back again OR will they just admit it has horrible DRM and then I’ll avoid it altogether?

      You know: even when Eternity’s Child shipped with a bloody virus I didn’t ask for my money back (though I should have). Congrats, Ubi, I used to buy and love your games but am now in a perpetual state of cynical spite towards you. That is truly an amazing accomplishment.

    • Ravenholme says:

      Eep, reply fail

    • goodhegood says:

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    • Barnaby says:

      You had my attention up until I saw the word “Ubisoft”. Being a thoughtful/conscientious gamer is so freaking hard when publishers are so… the opposite. :(

  2. TLGAthena says:

    UBI’s approach to DRM sadly means that I will probably have to pass up on this one. UBI need to stop trying to force their shitty systems upon us.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      That and their inability to release any patches before they release a sequel (and at that point they tend to drop support altogether).

    • Khemm says:

      It worked for Valve, why should Ubisoft be any different?
      As for the patches, Anno 1404 got a patch that made it DRM-free. When was the last time your precious Gabe you all worship did such a thing? He’s got you all by the balls with the perma-DRM called Steam which will only naturally evolve into another OnLive.

    • ArcaneSaint says:

      Yeah, it not like Valve ever made one of their top(hat) games completely free-to-play! Which is like DRM-free. And you all know that Steam doesn’t have an “offline mode” which if it was there could be activated with a “Go Offline…” button right underneath the “Change User…” button. What a shame.
      Steam never does anything for it’s customers or community! When’s the last time they like, asked people about what they think or organized some kind of big event to reward actively participating community members, like an ARG or something.


    • Khemm says:

      If you can’t tell the difference between Steam’s offline mode and DRM-free, time to get yourself informed.
      Offline mode is a joke. Works sometimes, sometimes not, doesn’t work at all for others.
      Offline mode in itself makes me question the point of launching the Steam in the background. If I don’t use it, what the hell do I need it for?

    • TormDK says:

      @Arcane – Making TF2 free to play was a money making call, not for the goodness of Gabe’s heart.

      You can praise him all you want, but he is a businessman first and foremost and TF2 was just a step in that direction.

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      Firstly, Valve has continued to update nearly all of its’ games for FREE after their respective releases, some of which have had so much added content that they are practically different games by now. How many other games devs do that?

      Secondly, I agree that Steam Offline can be troublesome, as you have to be online n you run it first, and then go offline. But that isn’t really comparable to always on, is it? And I’ve had no problems with Steam once it goes offline, and I doubt most people have either.

      Thirdly, DRM isn’t always a bad thing. Just because Steam is DRM doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad. Why not? Well, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages really. Yes, we have this DRM, which is pretty damn alright considering it’s DRM. But you don’t have to use it for most games out there. Why, then do people use it? Convenience. I can buy a game in a matter of seconds on it, there is a huge library of games to choose from, I can redownload them any time I want, there is a community there, Steam Overlay, while being finicky sometimes, is quite good. Beyond that, the everyday deals are pretty good, and then their sales are probably the best in the business. By far. They also have given opportunities to a whole bunch of indie game companies, which would have unlikely not had their games released otherwise.

      Sure, Valve aren’t perfect, and thus neither is Steam. But they’re one of the best out there, and I’m happy to be, as you no-doubt will call me, a Valve fanboi in that case.

      Lastly, Khemm, I’ve noticed that you tend to troll these halls rather a lot. I have seen it in this thread, and I have noticed you do it in other threads too. Why do you feel the need to deride every other opinion but your own? And why do you feel the need to make practically every comment of yours so inflammatory? On RPS, we prefer to throw off the shackles of internet rage, and emerge unfettered into the civility of the comment threads here at RPS Towers. Differing opinions are welcome, but we try not to let our inability to reach a common ground make us into troll monsters.

      So please, think of the children. Or whoever RPS’ main demographic is anyway. Think of the slightly chubby or rather skinny twenty- and thirty-something gamers! Why won’t anyone think of the slightly chubby or rather skinny twenty- and thirty-something gamers?!

      EDIT – @TormDK – uhm . . . of course Valve are a company. Of course a company would like to make money. Of course Steam makes Valve a lot of money. Is making money a bad thing? Do we truly expect to be given games for absolutely free? I wouldn’t have expected Valve to have made it free-to-play if it hadn’t made fiscal sense. THAT would have been crazy. But the fact is, TF2 is not pay-to-win, nor pay-to-enjoy. It is a game that someone could sink easily a hundred hours into without spending a penny, if they so wanted.

    • ArcaneSaint says:

      Oh, I know it was a money-making thing. The best way for Valve to get more people on the hat-boat was to make it free-to-play (and pay-to-hat), but it was a response to Khemm’s question if Gabe (Valve) ever removed the DRM, which was the case. Of course they still want to get your money, EVERYBODY wants to get your money, there’s nothing special or immoral about that. But at least Valve didn’t lie to their customers about DRM and such, it’s not like they suddenly said: “OK folks, the free-to-play was not true, you will all need to pay money to play now. Those who got the FtP version, we’ve already transferred your money into our accounts, so you can just keep playing :D”

      As for Steam itself, I’ve never experienced any problems with it. True, it does update your games automatically without asking, which can be a pain if you haven’t launched Steam in like two years and it takes a while to update, but at least they don’t delete your account. But that’s the only real problem I can find with it, it’s one of the most non-intrusive, user-friendly DRM systems I’ve ever witnessed. And let’s be honest, you will still have to buy your games somewhere, so why not centralize the whole library of games instead of having to create a new account every time you want to buy a game online.

      Oh, and seconding what DeathHamsterDude said. I agree with him, totally.

    • Kaira- says:

      [Steam]’s one of the most non-intrusive, user-friendly DRM systems

      Unsurprisingly, I have to disagree. It strips me as a customer from my rights to resale the product (physical copies obviously), requires a client to be able to play any games and so on, so for me it’s from the more intrusive side of the DRM. Obviously it has its good sides, how else it would’ve gathered such a large following?

    • Ravenholme says:

      @ Kaira – Weirdly enough, in the game’s industry, you don’t actually have a right to resale a game you’ve bought – hence all this effort to kill the 2nd hand games industry. Digital Distribution in general prevents you from resale of products.

    • Kaira- says:

      Well, technically that is true, but for now there really hasn’t been any way to enforce said restriction to resale. And maybe it will still be able in the future, if the “old” 2008 court decision against Autodesk holds any water.

  3. paco says:

    From Dust was the last straw. If it says Ubisoft anywhere on the title, its a NO BUY. Period. I can handle the always on DRM, its not even that big a deal to me, but the LYING to YOUR CUSTOMERS is TOO MUCH UBISOFT.


    Anyway. I loved Dawn of Discovery/Anno in the past, but I’ll be passing this up unless some serious Mea Culpas starting pouring out of Ubisoft HQ.

    • skinlo says:

      Relax man, don’t take it personally.

    • Ross Angus says:

      This debate needs more capital letters.

    • Cinek says:

      NO BUY

    • John Connor says:

      Carrot and stick. Buy games to reward good behaviour, don’t buy them to punish bad behavior.

      I bought AC2 after they cut the always on crap, I bought AC:B because it didn’t have it from the start. I have yet to buy Splinter Cell Conviction, Anno 1404, From Dust, or any other Uplay title that requires a permanent internet connection.

      Simply boycotting the company is counterintuitive. We need to reward good behaviour as well as punish the bad.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      But John, the problem is that Ubisoft are the only ones publishing games of certain genres right now. There’s no one else to give carrots to, in a way that can be proved on a graph in a meeting with fucking marketing drones.

      This is part of why asking for my money back on From Dust gives me hope: it sends a clear message about DRM. [SARCASM] Falling sales must just mean no one’s interested in the genre, let’s fire everyone in that studio (and everyone responsible for the DRM still keeps their jobs, of course). [/SARCASM] But customers explicitly demanding their money back because of DRM? That’s a lot harder to ignore.

      Hell, I’m tempted to buy Anno anyway and then demand my money back again for every Ubisoft game from now on until they stop the DRM madness.

    • Archonsod says:

      Anno 1404 doesn’t need a permanent internet connection. Which is quite lucky, since one of the major complaints with it was the online features refusing to work.

    • Aninhumer says:

      Isn’t that just carrot and absence of carrot?

    • Vandelay says:

      Always on DRM means a cheap buy for me, rather than a no buy. The product has lost some of its value by limiting the times I can use it. However, I agree with Paco and will not be buying an Ubisoft game until they sort themselves out. The treatment of their customers with From Dust was disgraceful.

  4. JohnArr says:

    This looks really good. Hoping the industry/ecology idea isn’t just a binary choice you make at the very beginning.

    • terazeal says:

      If it’s like the last game’s Oriental/Occidental colonies, you’ll need to use both to progress.

  5. Magnetude says:

    The ‘Ubisoft’ tag now means ‘guaranteed comment brawl’ to me. Insinuation of intent to pirate in 5…

    • jon_hill987 says:

      [post indicating that piracy is wrong and not playing the game is the only way to send a message]

    • Magnetude says:

      [analogy equating paying for a game to being punched in the face by your local baker]

    • Burning Man says:

      [post that ignores all rational arguments to the contrary and claims all Ubi games are now FreeToPirate]

    • Joe Duck says:

      [Reminder that Valve are at least as evil as anyone else because Gabe promised something five years ago, so how can anyone accuse anyone else of anything]

    • jon_hill987 says:

      [Deus Ex meme followed by a statement about not buying the game to make it relevant]

    • Nalano says:

      [This just in: HL3 will have always-on DRM and will be released on the 360 a full six months before PC!]

    • skinlo says:


    • Magnetude says:

      [Post you can’t see because you blocked this troll already, which everyone responds to thus derailing the thread]

    • jon_hill987 says:

      [Response to the above troll that most of you have blocked saying that he is now going to be blocked]

    • Magnetude says:

      [further trolling that you can’t resist unblocking to read]

    • heretic says:

      [post about how I love RPS because of threads like these]

    • Aninhumer says:

      [Minor nitpicking of someone’s point that isn’t really relevant to the discussion]

    • pipman3000 says:

      [spam post about shoes]

  6. skinlo says:

    Pity its Ubisoft , I don’t do blanket boycotts, so if they do release it without such restrictive DRM, I might be interested.

    • DustyGerkin says:

      I have no issues with blanket boycotts. If it’s got UbiSoft on the box then it’s not going on my box.

      Shame as I’d love to have Trackmania 2 etc but they can keep their terrible DRM to themselves. Maybe before employees at UbiSoft drive their cars they’d like to prove they own it and then do so at every set of traffic lights on the way home?

    • Khemm says:

      What kind of “OH MY GOSH TERRIBLE DRM WAAAAAH” does Trackmania 2 have that you’re already up in arms over? If you know something we don’t, enlighten us.
      Last time I checked, it’ll have this:
      link to

    • DustyGerkin says:

      Its nothing to do with what’s in that game more that it has anything to do with Ubisoft. I will not purchase any game released by Ubisoft until they treat their customers with respect and not as pirates.

    • Barnaby says:

      If you could punch people over the internet I would punch Khemm right in his stupid face. Twice.

    • Lazaruso says:

      I too , wish the internet allowed me to physically assault other people for saying things I disagree with.

  7. d3vilsadvocate says:

    Lookin’ good.

    But a few posts ago I’ve sworn not to buy Ubi games again. BlueByte should stop working with Ubi

    • skinlo says:

      Surely if they release it DRM free, its a good idea to buy it to support the DRM free games?

      Doing a blanket ban is just cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    • UnravThreads says:

      Blue Byte are partially, if not wholly, owned by Ubisoft. They haven’t got much choice.

    • Jhoosier says:

      skinlo’s got it right. Buy non-DRM, boycott DRM. Everything else being equal, they should look at their balance sheet and see which sells more. Not that they’d do anything about it, but hey.

    • Chris D says:

      @skinlo, jhoosier

      You guys sound like me from the younger, more innocent time before I bought From Dust on the basis it wasn’t going to have DRM. I used to have so much mercy once. Now? Kill it with fire.

    • skinlo says:

      Well I just plan on waiting a month or so after its come out to see what people say about it. Of course, if everyone has my idea, I could end up waiting considerably longer for peoples opinions :P

  8. kupocake says:

    Blue Byte? Underwater cities? Sounds positively… archemedian…

  9. Godsmith says:

    Buy game.

    Crack game.

    Problem solved!

    I see a crack like nothing more than a mod. Sure, it’s not endorsed by the publisher, but neither is rooting your Android phone.

    • Magnetude says:

      Buy game.
      Crack game.
      Lose all consumer rights.

      Mo problems

    • d3vilsadvocate says:

      I shouldn’t have to put up with such crap.

      -Downloading a crack is annoying. You have to find the right source, go through websites such as rapidshare
      -Often cracks come with some sort of malware if you get it from the wrong source
      -you can’t play multiplayer anymore
      -when you update the game you’ll have to find a new crack.

      Nah thanks, I don’t pay for that. I could just get the pirate version in the first place.

    • Burning Man says:

      It’s not a bad solution to the ‘Great games, Shit publisher’ conundrum. Only buy Ubi games that are singleplayer-only and have a working crack available. Skip everything with multiplayer, unless said multiplayer is the mainstay of the game and it doesn’t make sense to not be connected all the time.

    • Nalano says:

      @ Magnetude

      Buy game.
      Crack game.
      Lose all consumer rights.

      What consumer rights?

  10. skinlo says:

    Hmm, when was the last PC only Ubisoft game to come out? Did that have DRM?

    • UnravThreads says:

      The Settlers 7, I think, and it did. The upcoming MMH VI doesn’t have it, but has something reportedly similar.

    • skinlo says:

      Ah ye, I forgot about the Settlers. I was trying to come up with a pattern of Ubisoft only putting DRM on non PC exclusives, so they could drive sales to the consoles. I guess it doesn’t work though.

    • Cinek says:

      “The Settlers 7, I think, and it did.” – yea, and it was one of the worst DRMs. Not only it was Always-online, but also at these early days the Ubisoft servers constantly had problems throwing you out of the game in least expected moments (usually in few minutes after starting it).

    • Jnx says:

      Granted, I jumped on the settlers 7 boat a bit late, but I had 0 issues with the drm while playing it. Great game too. Trying the demo (which had the drm too) actually pushed me over my boycott fence. Couldn’t resist some settlering. Still agree with it being wrong and stupid on every level, but can’t say it had caused me much grief.

    • Archonsod says:

      Yeah, I bought it late and have had nil issues with the DRM. Same goes for Silent Hunter V and AssCreed II for that matter.

    • UnravThreads says:

      I’ve had no issues with UbiDRM itself. My biggest problem with The Settlers 7 is that graphically it’s a mess. It looks like you’re playing the game in a drunken haze.

      But I still don’t agree with it, and I won’t be purchasing another title with it.

  11. Zanchito says:

    What to do? I’d like to support the Anno series, but I despise Ubisoft’s DRM and general customer handling. :(

  12. patstew says:

    I hear that Ubisoft have acknowledged the complaints about their always online DRM, and are not using it anymore. Instead, they’ve found a way to make their games give you cancer as you play. A single dose of vaccine will be included with every retail copy.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      That does sound more effective as DRM and less hassle for legitimate customers than their current system…

      Sad really.

  13. BurningPet says:

    I dont know why, but i found Anno 1701 to be better than 1404, cant quite put my finger on the reason though. maybe it is the fact it was the last game to be developed by the original developers..

    I must say that desite loving the series i have my doubts about this one.

    • UnravThreads says:

      The recent ones are all by the same developers, but the publisher changed between 1701 and 1404.

    • Gaytard Fondue says:

      Wasn’t 1503 the last one developed by Max Design?

  14. Inigo says:

    This makes me realise that a Dungeon Keeper/Evil Genius style Sealab 2021 game would be pretty interesting.

  15. Coins says:

    I am utterly heartbroken. This is the game I’ve been looking forward to so much since the first screenshots, and it’s just looking better and better. I mean, how many games do have underwater building? Spore once promised that, and I can’t recall anything other than that. It looks to me as a geniune innovation.

    However, this will most likely come with truckloads of DRM. I hope that the From Dust screw-up has shook Ubi enough to not put in severely crippling DRM, but I very much doubt it. I don’t say it often, but what a shame!

  16. Jimbo says:

    Too good for an Annolantis title, eh?

  17. Ashpolt says:

    Looks interesting, but as many others have said, Ubisoft = no buy. (No, I’m not saying I’ll pirate it, I just won’t play it.)

  18. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Won’t buy even though it looks bloody good. Fuck you Ubisoft.

    • Khemm says:

      And not a single fuck was given at Ubisoft this day.
      You never wanted to buy this anyway, so it’s not like you’re Ubi’s target demographic.

  19. Khemm says:

    Oh look, RPS is the new Pirate Bay. It won’t be long before these spoiled, self-entitled dumbfucks who have no idea what DRM the game will use, yet already come up with excuses to steal it start posting download links. Good job, RPS staff – it’s nice to know you’re promoting piracy on this site.

    The future of PC gaming looks bright for sure. Kind of funny the same retards openly expressing their desire to pirate a new installment of one of a few PC franchises left are usually the same ones who bitch about games getting consolized or going online-only. Guess what fucktards, YOU are responsible. Torrent more often.

    • skinlo says:

      What is wrong with you?? First, chill out. Second, the original article doesn’t mention the word piracy or DRM once.

    • Nalano says:

      We’re responsible for the companies continually reapplying the wrong solution to their woes?

      Just because there’s a virus in the system doesn’t mean Ubisoft isn’t the lupus of games companies.

    • Galcius says:

      Ubisoft aren’t doing themselves any favours by sticking draconian DRM on everything which only punishes paying customers.

      The PC platform isn’t going down in flames, but it is stuck in a feedback-loop: too many people are unwilling to pay what is actually a reasonable price for a game, instead deciding to get it for free (for whatever reason), and this pushes the publishers to enact ever more nasty DRM (and Ubisoft DRM is pretty much the satan of the DRM world, punishing people with unreliable Internet connections, or who perhaps dare to want to play the game on the go with no Internet access). As a response people are put off buying the game, because they know that the publisher treats them like a criminal. This forces otherwise paying customers to way up their options, do they 1: Pirate the game, knowing that it’s against their principles to do so, or 2: Forgo playing a game that they want to play.

      The same market forces which are forcing triple A titles to be released on consoles rather than PC are the driving the push for DRM, but also driving change in what kind of games we see. For example, we see more low budget Indie games for the PC which have less capital at risk, but we also see the explosion in the dreaded free to play MMOs.

      At the end of the day, unless we lose Internet anonymity and see a huge crackdown in piracy, these changes are happening and are inevitable. Piracy has become too ingrained in our culture; I am literally the only person I know in my age group who does not have a single torrenting program installed on my PC, and I doubt the tide is going to suddenly reverse. However, this won’t kill PC gaming: as long as there’s money to be made on the PC, there will be games produced for it. The market will adapt, and though this change is scary and maybe not ideal, we only have ourselves to blame.

    • Khemm says:

      Check the comments under the article. Funny that whenever Ubisoft is involved, making “snicker snicker will torrent lol snicker” remarks is allowed. Check older articles, it is the norm. It is the anti-Ubisoft crowd which needs to chill out and think for a frakking second (courtesy of Christian Bale).

      There was a time when Ubisoft released their games totally DRM free. They tried that model and it totally failed. The new one apparently works better for them. Can you blame them? Do you run your own business? It’s a simple one-time activation, what the hell is so horribly wrong about it?

    • Nalano says:

      It’s working better for them just like suing 14 year old Korean girls worked better for the RIAA. Their games still get pirated to hell, and they’re getting constant bad press from hurting legitimate customers.

    • Khemm says:

      This is something I don’t understand. That mass hysteria.
      HOW are they hurting legitimate customers? What exactly is it that makes everyone feel so punished?
      – buy the game – retail or digital version, no difference
      – install offline
      – start the game – let it automatically update or apply a patch manually downloaded previously (you can back it up)
      – let the game perform an online check, takes a single second

      When it comes to Steam, I keep hearing the nonsense it REWARDS paying customers.. What?
      – insert DVD
      – be forced to install Steam
      – be online to install Steam and update it
      – only then be allowed to install the game – wait, you still have to be online for the whole installation process (your connection drops, installation fails and quits)
      – wait for the files to decrypt
      – wait for missing data from Valve’s servers to download (the data on the disc lack the most improtant files)
      – wait for the game to patch
      – finally be allowed to launch the game – Steam HAS TO run in the background
      – if you can go offline, consider yourself lucky – offline mode does not work for many people, for them there’s no difference between UbiDRM and Steam DRM in this aspect.

    • Jimbo says:

      “There was a time when Ubisoft released their games totally DRM free. They tried that model and it totally failed. The new one apparently works better for them.”

      There’s nothing to say the old model ‘totally failed’, they just figured the new model would work better. We still don’t know whether it does or not. They say it has reduced piracy, not that it has resulted in more sales, and sales are all that matter. If Ubisoft were *certain* that their always-on DRM policy was increasing their sales then they wouldn’t keep flip-flopping on it.

      I don’t know what DRM this game will use yet. Personally, I will have no problem buying it as long as it isn’t always-on DRM (or something I deem equally terrible), and as long as they don’t lie about what it is again.

    • Nalano says:

      I still don’t understand the reasoning behind the “DRM to reduce piracy, not increase sales” meme (not to mention that, due to the nature of piracy, they can’t actually make that claim with any degree of accuracy)

      To me, keeping it relatively open actually increases the market for potential gamers – especially in this “we don’t do shareware anymore” day and age. If 10 million people pirated your game, that’s a ready-made market for your next game, if it’s worth buying. After all, not every pirated copy is a lost sale. Believe it or not, customer loyalty runs strong with our fanboyish PC gamers, and Steam and other services have shown that they’ll put their money where their mouths are.

      We can’t all make our own market from scratch like Blizzard did with its WoW and its pool of formerly non-gamers, after all. FPSs and RTSs aren’t quite so pick-up-and-play, so paving the way is generally a good thing.

  20. Pardoz says:

    *sigh* Looks like a neat game, very much up my alley. Sadly, it’s an Ubisoft title, so in addition to UbiMalware ™ it’ll probably ship full of bugs and post-release patches (if they can be arsed to release any) will be late, incomplete, or only available for the Elbonian 5.25″ floppy disc version.

    Oh, well, I’m sure I’ll find something else to spend my money on instead.

    • Khemm says:

      Cry me a river. Many of the games published by Ubisoft were rock solid. From Dust might have its problems, but it’s not like it’s a rule applying to all releases.

      I swear, some people are worse than sheep. Either fanatically licking one company’s boots (Valve) or frothing at their mouths and jumping on the “hate for the sake of it” bandwagon when it comes to another (Ubisoft).

    • skinlo says:

      I’m impressed, managed to get your hate for Valve in a completely unrelated article!

    • Khemm says:

      Hate has nothing to do with it. I’m just describing a strange phenomenon – one company get away with everything (including the introduction of a restrictive DRM) and still get worshipped, the other has an arguably less intrusive DRM model, yet gets bashed for it.

    • Gaytard Fondue says:

      So Ubisoft finally managed to pay people to defend them in the comments at RPS?

    • Vinraith says:

      Hanlon’s Razor would seem to apply.

  21. Zeewolf says:

    This looks neat. I’m a naive fool so I won’t condemn it yet because of Ubisoft (besides, I quite enjoy From Dust on the PC, I’ve had no problems so far and if my internet connection were to die I’d be barred from playing everything on my Steam-account, including the lovely Bastion, and not just From Dust).

  22. LarsBR says:

    Weird the narrator didn’t mention his father’s research ONCE.

  23. Leo says:

    AMAZING game! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m going to watch the trailer now…

    *hits play on the trailer and begins watching..*
    *first thing on screen is Ubisoft logo…*
    *Leo shudders twice and walks away, saddened and disappointed*

    • Khemm says:

      Were you trying to make sense here? How sensitive must you people be if it takes a company logo to scare you away?
      What a bunch of primadonnas.

    • sneetch says:

      Jesus Khemm relax, your arm waving hissy fit isn’t helping here.

  24. shoptroll says:

    I’ll wait for more information on DRM and actual reviews before biting on this one. From Dust’s release left a very bad taste in my mouth.

  25. Jnx says:

    I will most certainly be getting this, looks great so far. When it was first announced it seemed like a joke though.

  26. Vinraith says:

    I’m very interested in this game, and very skeptical that I’ll ever get to play it. This type of title magnifies the negatives of any restrictive DRM attached to it, as it’s the kind of thing that (if it’s good) one plays for a long time and comes back to year after year. Fingers crossed that Ubi does the right thing here, but I’m not holding my breath.

  27. Tams80 says:

    Putting all the DRM concerns to one side; this looks like a brilliant game! It maybe because I’m interested in what we will do in future as resources dwindle and have studied alternative power generation technologies, or it may be because it looks really cool. Or both. Nah, it’s just because it looks cool.

  28. The Hammer says:

    Ah, dang and blast.

    I forgot that this was published by Ubisoft. I’ve still got a bad taste in my mouth after the From Dust scandal, so I doubt I’ll be chucking money at this. :(

    Looks so glorious, too.

  29. Tasloi says:

    This does look interesting. Leave out the UbiDRM (including the “lighter” one time activation version) in favor of another solution and i’ll probably buy it.

  30. Lycan says:

    Anecdotal evidence: I loved Assassin’s Creed 1. Played it and finished it once completely, and started it a second time some months later before getting bored with it. Assassin’s Creed 2 was gifted to me and I installed it, happily accepted the always-online DRM and UPlay and all that other stuff. I played it and was starting to enjoy it, when I reached the town with the first assassination mission (can’t remember the name of the guy, some young obnoxious fellow who killed people who beat him at some competition). I played through that mission 4 times because Ubisoft servers wouldn’t register my save games. I gave up. It was a gorgeous game, but this was too much. I’m a working professional in my late 20s and I don’t need this shit from games I legitimately own.
    On the other hand, my honest thoughts on Steam: I recently bought a PS3 and am playing a PS3 exclusive classic (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune). It feels weird after being a PC gamer for over 10 years, but I could get used to it. I still game on my PC, though, because of Steam. The last 3 PC games I have bought are on Steam sales and cost me single digit figures (in USD) each (Aztaka for 3 dollars and change over the weekend was a steal). It’s true that Steam was forced on me a couple of years ago when I bought Empire: Total War but today I can’t honestly imagine PC gaming for me without it.
    That’s not to say other digital distribution services are crap (GOG looks very inviting, but I haven’t bought anything there yet), but Steam undoubtedly provides me with a net positive contribution.

  31. MythArcana says:

    I’m excited about this project, but not so much about Ubi$uck.

  32. Jake says:

    This looks great, although I am pretty sure that there has never, ever been a good underwater level in a computer game.

    I love the narrator as well, he sounds like he does nature documentaries. It would be brilliant if he narrated as you played.

    • Eclipse says:

      I beg to differ: Sub Culture, Aquanox and X-Com: Terror From the Deep had ONLY underwater levels, and they are great games

  33. cliffski says:

    I think this game looks amazingly good and will be buying it on day one. It’s sad that a singleplayer big budget and complex sim can only really ship on the PC with DRM, but it doesnt surprise me. In a sea of identikit fantasy MMOs and cute Facebook crap, I’m happy a game like this is even made. It’s sad that all people want to talk about with games is the DRM or the price. What matters to me is if it looks like a good game, and this does.

    • Eclipse says:

      agreed. DRM is a plague, but some games are just too niche to be skipped out only because the DRM. I was going to buy From Dust for example even with that DRM on it, then I heard it was capped at 30fps and a shoddy port and THAT is something you really don’t want on a pc game.
      I don’t know if I’ll get this one, Ubisoft is getting on my nerves, I’ll wait for reviews

  34. sinbad269 says:

    I’m OK with games having an “always-on” connection. Even if it’s just for save-game and game options backup. But if the connection is non-existent, or drops for whatever reason, then the game should be OK with that, and just deal with it.

    Like Steam