Men Of War: Vietnam Is Close Now

The project lead on Men Of War: Vietnam, Nikita Altman, has a fascinating taste in shirts, as you can see from the developer diary I’ve posted below. In this dubbed interview, he explains why his team were interested in the setting, and how historically accurate its portrayal of the conflict might be. There’s a bunch of game footage to illustrate all this. Even more interesting is that we have review code, which I will soon be playing. You can read my early impressions of the game here. Will it live up to the legend? I’ll soon find out. And then tell you, I suppose. Mm.


  1. MNO says:

    I like that shirt.

  2. kuran says:

    Hope it fixes the absurd control scheme..

  3. pepper says:

    He is going to a war zone where the graphics drivers are glitching.

    EDIT: Blast, was supposed to be a comment on the dev-shirt-thread thingy.

  4. dejoh says:

    I like the Ruskie Rock & Roll. Toss me a demo and I’ll let ya know.

  5. Nullkigan says:

    Maybe they’ll finally let us host our own dedicated servers rather than putting up two per time zone and thereby forcing us to rely upon kindly Swedes for matches with more than three players in total.

    The Philipines map in the Assault Squad DLC seemed like it could have been a testbed for the levels of vegetation Vietnam will bring. It runs prety well for me.

  6. Navagon says:


    Looking forward to the WIT, guys.

  7. Shortwave says:

    This has caught my interest without a doubt. : P
    It’s looking really sharp, like his shirt!

    Does anyone know the song used at the end by chance?
    I was really groovin’ man!

  8. Apocalypse 31 says:

    Is it safe to say that the game is in the reach zone now?

    Shameless helmet popping at 2:33.

    The amount of micromanaging in this game is insane.

  9. WPUN says:

    Somebody make a “Doomfarers of Coramonde” mod!

  10. CalleX says:

    I love the way that vietnamese is casually walking up to the tank when the world is falling apart around him from the airstrike.

  11. tigershuffle says:

    hope the NVA have the ability to flank those pesky Imperialist loafing Yankees at break neck speed whilst carrying an RPG through thick jungle …ala Platoon :)

  12. BeamSplashX says:

    Is the English voice the same one that was Trestkon in The Nameless Mod?