Space Marine Demo Live, Not (Officially) In UK

The demo for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is now live on Steam, unless you live in the UK, where it is mysteriously absent. I’ve contacted THQ again to ask why this might be.

It can apparently still be downloaded in the UK via this link.


  1. Inigo says:


  2. arrjayjee says:

    Demo is available here in Australia, so that’s quite odd. Usually we’re given the short end just the same.

  3. thepaleking says:

    America is just better, guys, come on. Stop living in the past.

  4. Fwiffo says:

    Paste this into your address bar:


    Presumably no (easy access to the) demo because no store page.

  5. Cyberpope says:

    theres ways in the uk to get it

    fire up steam, click this link and lo and behold it downloads


    seems us UK pesants can get our grubby hands on it legit from steam were just locked out from the fun. I assume its for our own good and we wouldnt understand the technical details.

    edit: well done Fwiffo, faster than me

  6. Kreeth says:

    Used that steam link yesterday. It’s bloody brilliant. When is it out again?

    Also, I assume it is going to be on steam, right? It’s just not there for pre-order? Or is there a chance that it’s actually not going to be available there at all? I will make many complains at Game et al if anything stupid like that happens.

    • Valvarexart says:

      September the ninth.

    • Kreeth says:

      Oh great, pick my wedding anniversary Relic, why don’t you? Bastards. Is it possible to get a divorce in just over two weeks or am I going to have to wait till Saturday to buy it?

    • TeraTelnet says:

      On the other hand, it will be an awesome birthday present for me. :D

    • thekeats1999 says:

      It will be on steam for everyone except the UK. As i understand it, all non-exclusive PC games by THQ have an exclusivity deal with Game. This delays the steam release in the UK.

      To add insult to injury THQ use steamworks so the physicl version still goes on your steam account. So far happened to me on Transformers – War for Cybertron and Darksiders.

      Hence my pre-order from Amazon and why there is no real product page on steam.

    • hymnharmonia says:

      April the fourth of September.

  7. AMonkey says:

    Awesome. Been looking to try out this game.

  8. Azradesh says:

    Did game throw another hissy fit over online pre-orders again? Is that why you can’t even see the game in the UK store at the moment? Bastards.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      The really stupid thing is THQ and the like are all big enough to tell game to go and shove it. If Game threaten to not stock THQ games if they allow it to be on steam during it’s first month of release then it is going to hurt Game far more than THQ, after all, I can’t see Tesco refusing to stock THQ games and they undercut Game anyway. I may consider writing to whoever it is that needs to be told about Competition law issues because it really looks like there is one here.

    • Milky1985 says:

      link to

      Game are just one of many there, GG for singling them out.

      The last game i remember that GAME did refuse to stock for unknown reasons was BLUR, you know the racing game, it sold VERY poorly on its opening week (despite being a veyr good game imo).
      Game have a bigger clout and userbase than you expect, theres also the issue of annoying customers, game will jsut say sorry we don’t have it, but we have others , someone will buy somethign else on impulse and just forget about the game in question (another issue with games and gamers currently, short attention sp…. ohhh shiny new trailers!)

      Also why is it fine in the internet world for EA, Steam et all to keep the better deals for pre-order to themselves and exclude the retail stores sometimes (…. well excluding the old republic stuff, as if that is a better deal for us then i’m the king of sardinia) but not retail stores to do it the other way!

    • Reiver says:

      If they were a PC only publisher then maybe that would be viable. If Game flat out refuse to stock THQ on any platform though… Game better enjoy the power while it lasts. Next generation of consoles will have proper hard drives then bricks and mortar stores will be screwed.

    • Azradesh says:

      I don’t care who has the best deal, it does piss me off however, to find that some asshole has deemed it a good idea to remove the game from steam just in the UK.

      I singled out game because they have bitched and whined about how steam is hurting them and how it’s not fair! Bloody children. No other UK retailer, online or off has done this to my knowledge, so my blame goes to Game. :P

  9. Zealuu says:

    Got to try the demo yesterday without fancy URL pasting because of the whole “Honor Guard” thing, and wow, it’s just …. Good. Great, even. Mechanically it’s quite the achievement in third person action, it has appropriate levels of grimdark, and despite being a demo it doesn’t neglect PC users; it even comes with an options screen full of things like “Mouse Smoothing: On/Off”, “Disable Windows Key” and supports resolutions in aspect ratios I’ve never heard of.

    I’m not sure yet if that defies expectations or just adheres to the natural order of things, considering this is Relic. If anyone’s watched TBs playthrough of the demo (he took his sweet time figuring out the controls, but still, a fun 25 minutes), his squeals of fanboy joy more or less mirror my sentiment.

    Edited because jump packs are amazing, and to let you know before you begin that you’ll probably want to play the first (and longest) demo level more than once, as the Power Axe toward the end is easy to miss on your first go (and you really want to try the power axe). Or if you want it straight away, it’s towards the back of the final demo area, in a canister-shaped pod, and prompts you to press E to “Exchange Chainsword for Power Axe” when you approach it.

  10. skyturnedred says:

    I must say, I was positively surprised. The demo was rather short, especially the second demo mission (with the jump pack) was over way too soon. You really feel like a god stomping through large hordes of orks and at times you can’t see anything because there’s so much blood and gore on the screen. Which is quite a lovely sight. Although sometimes I felt the camera was a bit too close and in tight environments all I could see was walls and stuff blocking my view. Option to zoom out just a bit more when you’re smashing stuff in melee would’ve been nice.

    Also, the game runs very smoothly on my rather old rig, which was a nice surprise (thanks consoles for keeping my pc viable!).

  11. MonkeyMonster says:

    Disable windows key – loving that. Fecking little buggery key that it is. Alas no bb at home after moving house is putting paid to my idea of mashing some orkies. Poo.

    • Starky says:

      I popped my left windows key out of my keyboard, something every gamer should do (you still have the right one for actual use).

    • UnravThreads says:

      Or if you have a G15, like myself, there’s a slider to disable the Windows keys. It’s awesome :)

  12. Bilbo says:

    Live, and well worth the half an hour or so it takes to rock through. Great performance on my aging system. I’m with the body politik that the Ork voice overs are a bit off, though – not at all like they usually sound in relic’s 40k games, which I found a little confusing to start with – I thought my marines were the ones saying “chop ’em to bits!” etc. But no.

    Even so, I’m very excited about this one! Pity they’ve relegated co-op to some manner of post-release patch, guess they ran into some bugs?

    • Sky says:

      “Space Marines, kill them!” I thought our guys were talking about killing orks.

    • Bilbo says:

      Ha :D

    • Jerusahat says:

      It caught me by surprise, but I think it’s genius myself.

      Space Marines sound like a cross between Daniel Craig and Star Wars Imperial, roll around with flashy hardware and are partial to the title “Lord”.

      Orks sound like proper geezers, rob everyone blind and use their own teeth as money. The whole thing’s a thinly-veiled class war reference.

    • Bilbo says:

      It’s always been that way, it’s just the orks usually have deeper, throatier voices. They’ve always sounded like Millwall fans.

    • Jerusahat says:

      Ah, yeah. I just watched an old DoW II vid and I see what you mean. Never noticed it before, but I didn’t play a whole lot of it.

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      I thought it was pretty well known that orks were basically Chavs crossed with Hooligans?

  13. JB says:

    What I found annoying was on the forums they are saying that the demo is unlocked but not telling you that you have to paste that link. They’re talking like it’s freely available as any normal demo. Why have the file available on Steam if you’re not going to have a link in the demo section, or a Space Marine page at all, ffs!

    • jon_hill987 says:

      There is a page as long as you are not in the UK. It is almost certainly because a certain Game retailer, wanted it to be a retail exclusive in the UK for the first month like we saw with Brink. I doubt RPS will get confirmation out of THQ about this though, I expect yet another “no comment” or a ” to give our customers the best possible service we have decided blah blah”.

    • Bilbo says:

      “In order to effectively deliver the agile service our customers expect we’re opting to stick our fingers in our ears and shout “na na na i’m not listening””

    • Cyberpope says:

      share and enjoy!

  14. Red Squirrel says:

    Whilst RPS is asking THQ why Spacemarine isn’t available on Steam in the UK at the moment can they also ask Bethesda Softworks why Brink wasn’t available upon release either.

    Then ask Valve for a comment on the whole mess. Like it or not Steam is the de facto digital distribution method at the moment so if a game is unavailable on it it effects the customers.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Anyone got a contact address? I feel like sending them an email for comment on this myself. (not that I expect a reply).

      Also did this have a UK store page on Steam until just recently like Brink did up until just before the pre-orders started?

      EDIT: This wasn’t supposed to be a reply… Doesn’t fit too badly though.

    • Enso says:

      I found a couple of links that might be interesting. From the retailer’s point of view
      link to
      link to

    • jon_hill987 says:

      It seems to be a case of:

      “archaic business model failing? We have two choices, change to keep up with the times or bully everyone else into keeping us going. Lets do the latter.”

      The music/film industry is just the same.

    • Red Squirrel says:

      I just wish the publishers (and I think it will be the publishers capitulating to the bricks and mortar retailers) would tell the shops where to go with their demands.

      Fact is, if it’s not on Steam I’m going to get it from another online retailer like Amazon or Play. I’m not going to go to their physical shop, neither am I going to buy it from their online shop because they’re usually the more expensive option!

  15. Fox89 says:

    I downloaded the demo. Honestly? Didn’t like it. I can see why people are raving about it though, if you like this kind of game it’s a really good example. I just sucked at it and wasn’t having enough fun to persevere and get good!

    • Steven Hutton says:

      I feel your pain. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while but having played the demo I’m a touch disappointed. The demo levels at least are very linear and felt restrictive (especially when wearing the jump pack). And the combat system feels really simplistic and shallow. I wasn’t expecting Bayonetta or anything but a little more than just mashing the one attack button over and over to tear through the enemy would’ve been welcome.

      It breaks my heart to say that because I’ve been waiting on this game for a long time and it’s true that they’ve done a great job of making you feel heavy, solid and powerful in the game but there’s just not a lot of depth to the combat and it all feels a bit sloppy and chaotic. I don’t feel that I have tight control of my character and hence the terrible destruction becomes something he is doing and not something I am doing.

      Maybe I was just spoiled by the combat system in arkham asylum.

  16. Chris D says:

    I tried watching Total Biscuit’s video yesterday, but I had to look away as it felt indecent to watch a man in so much pleasure.

  17. ananachaphobiac says:

    It’s probably that I just suck at this game, but it once again drives home the belief that the person who invented and then popularised the checkpoint system over quick save needs to have their reproductive organs removed with something blunt and ill designed for the surgery.

    Otherwise it was fun.

    • Bilbo says:

      *resists temptation to get into highly volatile quicksave-makes-games-crazily-easy debate*

    • ananachaphobiac says:

      *Resists temtation to get into highly volatile use-a-bit-of-self-control-with-quick-save-if-it-bothers-you-so-much debate*

    • Bilbo says:

      That wouldn’t make the game itself less easy, would it? By that logic if modern warfare 3 gives players infinite ammo, we’ll have no right to complain about it being too easy – players should simply impose a four-second reload interval on themselves for every 30 rounds they fire if it bothers them so much! People who moan about regenerating health? Why, those people should just hit the power button every second time they get a bloody screen!

      Sounds like what you’re looking for is better checkpointing rather than the immediate disembowelling of whomsoever deemed it a workable idea in the first place, anyway, tbh.

    • ananachaphobiac says:

      It depends whether “The challenge” is the primary reason that you play games. Not everyone plays a game like it’s some sort of endurance exercise. Maybe having both, with an option to select which one you prefer depending on the way you like to play. (In the same vein, roughly speaking, as say Hitman: Blood Money, where the easiest skill setting has unlimited or up to 10 saves and the hardest has only one or two, or none at all)

      That said I do agree that it would have been a bit better if the checkpoint placement had been more frequent. They were just too far apart in this case, I feel.

    • lasikbear says:

      Semi off-topic, but I had a friend who loved Hitman (not sure which one, think 2), but didn’t understand how the save system worked. He assumed it was per game rather than per level. So he never saved. He just beat every level in a perfect run.

      While I would never have the endurance for this, he became good enough due to this restriction that he could beat pretty much any level in 1-2 tries with any restriction you gave him.

      Personally I prefer quick-saves, and they tend to not make the game too easy as I generally forget to use them.

  18. Khordal says:

    I’m curious, surely if this does have something to do with retailers refusing to stock all copies of the game if THQ posts it on steam this is against some kind of consumer choice law/Retail trading law?
    Because it smacks of foul play to me.
    This technique isnt going to help places like GAME with profits as I find they have a tiny PC section and treat us like crap (in my personal opinion), so if it doesnt come to steam I’ll just go to another online retailer like Amazon and the the shop retailers still lose out…

  19. TooNu says:

    It’s damn good fun that’s for certain. Worth €49.99?? I’m not so sure I will pay that much for this game.

  20. johnpeat says:

    This “let’s deprive the UK of stuff” thing is getting a bit tiresome.

    Can I suggest we send all these publishers a photo of the General Belgrano??

  21. OJSlaughter says:

    Thank you for the link RPS, I’ve been waiting for this demo to hit the UK! :)

  22. Carados says:

    Tried it. One of the most broken demos I’ve ever played. Two missions. First mission, my character never loaded after 5 minutes and nothing happened, so I was stuck panning the camera in a circle. I tried 3 more times. Then I tried the second one and there was no sound effects whatsoever.

  23. thjdm says:

    Tried it too, but on gamepad. It’s an idiotic button masher.
    At the end of the first level there is massive horde and the only thing you see are explosions everywhere. It’s like Randy Balma.

    I’ll try it on keyboard hoping that I’ll finish the first level.

  24. Ogun says:

    Has anyone else found themselves stuck in the level geometry?

    Has happened to me twice so giving up on this game for now – will keep an eye on the patches and see if one comes out that addresses the problem.

    If you want to see the bug, go to the room where someone opens an elevator door for you. The room is divided into areas by buttresses coming out from the walls. Stand next to one of those buttresses and roll toward it, find yourself inside the buttress :(

  25. Kaira- says:

    I’m late to the party, but just played the demo.

    Well, all I can say after using the jump pack is: FOR THE EMPEROR. Damn brilliant and gory, just what I wanted Gears of War to be instead of that horrible, horrible borefest.