Team Fortress’ 15th Anniversary Gift Thing

Oh, I guess this is just about expired, but there’s probably still time to get on Team Fortress 2 and receive your party bag for the 15 year birthday hurrah of Team Fortress. Yes, it is that long since the class-based mod originally appeared, spawning an entire sub-genre of FPS, and some of the most popular games of all time. If you log into TF2 before the 24 hours expires (I am not quite sure how long is left) you will get a party hat (obviously), a noise-maker, and a free cake (remodelled health pack). Mmm, virtual.


  1. Doug says:

    Waiting until it’s over to tell the others…. Only to make the party hat rarer, right?!
    Stay classy, RPS, stay classy.

    And thanks to you, I’ll be selling my party hat for 3 unusuals in some weeks.

    • xp194 says:

      According to the wiki it’s untradable, so… well, good luck with that, unless this changes in a later patch :-)

    • Wang Tang says:

      There’s always gift wrap…

  2. CMaster says:

    It’s still good for the moment. I checked the TF2 blog sometime yesterday evening, and no mention then, so it should still be available for a while. Until midnight 25th Seattle time?

  3. Dances to Podcasts says:

    Just logged in and got two items. Untradable. (I’m on GMT, btw)

    • starclaws says:

      Ya I got them just now too… GMT-7

    • LionsPhil says:

      I’m somewhat peeved—I logged in and played a little as soon as I saw this show up in the changelog, a couple of days ago, and did not receive hats.

      There was delicious cake, though.

  4. Tei says:

    From the readme:

    “Any player who attempts to change their _pants_ color away from the Team Color will be kicked. Shirt colors can be changed freely.”

    Changing your pants used to be a banable ofense in Team Fortress.

    From the readme:

    TF Facts you didn’t know you didn’t know

    – Version 1.0 of TF was released on the 25th of July, 1996, making TF almost a year old. As far as we know, we’re the oldest patch still being worked on (?)

    25 of july. This celebration is 1 month too late. ooops….

  5. Tokjos says:

    TF2 is fifteen years old!?

    Oh, the original. I felt really old there for a sec.

  6. Stormtamer says:

    Just logged in (12:23 GMT) and got my items aswell

  7. d3vilsadvocate says:

    sigh… TF2 used to be great before all this…

    • mindlessrant says:

      Yeah why wont Team Fortress 2 just die off like all the other online shooters, why does it have to keep being alive am mock me with all its tasteless items all the time!

      / sarcasm mode off line

    • Real Horrorshow says:

      Yeah it sucks that all these cosmetic items are ruining TF2s gameplay. Oh wait….

      You’re a game hipster.

    • Wilson says:

      In fairness, there are some items that can cause quite notable gameplay changes, like the Demoman’s melee weapons or the Sniper’s bow. Whether changes like this have stopped the game being ‘great’, I don’t know.

  8. Moni says:

    Urgh, we’re not too far away from the point when the average TF2 player wasn’t born when the game was first conceived.

  9. JohnnyMaverik says:


    *runs away with cake*

  10. Afro says:

    Anyone on RPS play Quakeworld TF? It was awesome, and it was really cool at the time to see a mod become much bigger than the regular game Q1 DM. As mentioned it spawned many beutiful babies.

    And I played in clan Vallasherra. Best TF clan in the world!

    • etherbadger says:

      yep, i played quite a bit of tf1. the old grapple hook, shooting through the walls on 2fort, 4fort4 maps, etc.. DETPACKS (why wont they bring those back?!)

  11. diamondmx says:

    I did not get cake. This make me sad.

  12. thecat17 says:

    Ah, so this is why there was confetti and balloons all over the server I was playing on last night.

    I hadn’t logged on in months, and just thought it was a server mod since it’s a surf server.
    Didn’t get any new items though, what the eff.

    • wu wei says:

      I’m kind of annoyed there was no mention of it on Steam at all.

  13. kickme22 says:

    Phew. I was born 4 months before tf (original) came out. Btw. I got v. Equalizer and v. Homewrecker I want to sell for real games. Anyone wanting to take up my offer. My steam name is kickme22

  14. villiam44 says:

    absolutely , i would like to say that i do compeletly understant I’m kind of annoyed there was no mention of it on Steam at all.

  15. dylan1313 says:

    hey i got the hat and the noise maker but i didn’t get the cake