WIN: Sanctum Steam Codes!

Come shoot creeps with us! And in the game.
Sanctum, the ludicrously pretty first-person tower defence game which we exposed to our critical bits just here, can be won right here, right now! Yes, a dozen lucky RPS-reading webnodes will be able to plug themselves into the game by emailing us the answer to this question: the word “sanctum” means holy site. What is your holy site, readers? You know, the one you would defend with towers. Tell us, and the most interesting answers, as judged by an RPS editor, will win Steam codes.

Usual rules apply. Closing date is midnight of 30th of August.


  1. Hideous says:

    Holy website? RPS, of course.

  2. nimzy says:

    I’d have certain convention centers declared holy ground. We do go to E3 et al. to worship our games, after all.

  3. pakoito says:

    -Bum Joke here-

  4. brau says:

    pff… the toilet is the holiest of places. It’s the throne where most innovation and most elemental fantastical ideas come to mind. People that have transcended in life as people that revolutionize life itself have pondered on their thoughts most probably in their comfort of their bathroom. You can read books in peace and be inspired, or try to find a solution to some stress situation that might come to mind. So to me the holiest of places is within my mind, and i tend to access that place in the comfort of my bathroom every single time i am there.

  5. MiniMatt says:

    To shamelessly steal from David Thorne – if our bodies are temples, mine would be a heavily shelled iranian mosque. That’d be worthy of a few towers for defence I think?

  6. Spinks says:

    That’d be the Costa Coffee round the corner. It might not be a very deep and meaningful holy site but by god I’d fight to the death for my morning latte extravaganza!

    I think that’s dead spiritual.

  7. Diggidy says:

    I would defend Valve’s headquarters. The source of L4D, HL, Portal, and soon, DOTA2 – in addition to providing a digital home for the vast majority of my gaming catalog is worth defending with towers both physical and digital. Besides, you never know when those HL3 protesters will get violent. Additionally, Gabe and his company are the undisputed leaders in gaming ideas, and they have the time and resources to experiment with their expressly stated goal of providing gamers like me the best experience possible. They more often then not succeed exceedingly well.

    As an educated gamer, I know I’m forced to choose between DRM schemes when buying my games. The features and sales Steam gives me are worth defending. They made “value added” DRM a joy.

    PS: A tower that fired crowbars would be awesome.

    • Arona Daal says:

      Neotf,a mod for Team Fortress classic,had a Sentry firing Crowbars…

  8. Òscar says:

    The coke vending machine round the corner I go to when I feel the need for coke and it’s 4 AM cause I’ve been playing Civilization too much.

  9. Deekman says:

    Wherever my kids are.

  10. _PixelNinja says:

    @ Jim,

    The link to the review does not work — it sends you to a nice picture instead.

  11. NaturalDre says:

    I would defend PC Gamingfrom developers and (gaming-related) companies who disrespect and lie to their customers, and ignore their fanbase when it comes to basic thing(servers, offline mode, no always-on-drm).

    P.S. Innovative devs would get some special protection while in the holy site of PC gaming :)

  12. Splynter says:

    I pretty sure you can get arrested for exposing your critical bits.

  13. Jake says:

    Is that gun firing numbers?

    • Enikuo says:

      I think the numbers are the enemy in this game. She’s firing at the numbers.

    • LionsPhil says:

      It’s like one of those old edutainment titles on the BBC Micros in school. You must defeat the alien menace using your prowess with basic arithmetic.

  14. A333 says:

    Well I would have to set up the towers around my Swiss cheese factory.

  15. Cryotek says:

    This is an excellent game, with great support from the developers. I highly recommend it. And they have dropped the price down to $10, at that price just get it.

  16. N1kolas says:

    I would defend the Vault secure bunker I built to protect myself in case of a nuclear holocaust.

    And if worse comes to worst, I’d fall back and make my last stand defending the Inner Harem (never build a nuclear shelter without one!).

  17. Dozer says:

    Lane 3 of the M4.

  18. says:

    My Minecraft server, of course.

  19. graypath says:

    hi im 30 and my body is my holy site. that is why i am still a virgin hello

    thanks for game

  20. LinHongJun says:

    i missed discount from steam, i like to play this kind of game.

  21. Skyflakes says:

    any word if anyone has won yet?

  22. LinHongJun says:

    no result?