Firefall Closed Beta About To Begin, Trailer

UPDATE: PAX trailer added.
And what a handsome trailer, below. (That bit at the start with the cliff! You’d better be able to do that…) Information about the beta can be found here, and there’s a sign up here. I remain pretty excited about this, even in light of Planetside 2 possibly being awesome. It’s going to be fascinating to watch some prime MMOFPS candidates duke it out in the coming year or two.


  1. Mr_Initials says:

    Looks quite shooty and I can’t wait to play

  2. inertia says:

    I guess my worry is that nobody wins the MMOFPS supremacy war. They’re both good, but because they’re competing, PlanetSide 2 and Firefall (and all the other good ones which are springing up, I guess) end up with crippled playerbases since people have to choose between them, rather than just dive into the one everyone’s playing. I hope I’m wrong, though. I hope they can coexist.

    • Rush Ton says:

      Im not sure it may be as bad as you think. Well at least with Firefall and Planetside as both games are taking different approaches (Firefall pve and planeside openworld pvp) and so are not in direct competition as each game scratches a different itch.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I believe the biggest barrier for the original Planetside was the subscription. Firefall, at least, is going to be free.

  3. NathaI3 says:

    Looks more MMO3PS than MMOFPS to me.

  4. killmachine says:

    ah, finally the rps coverage on firefall.

    official beta launch is actually tomorrow (tuesday) i think.

    heres some more footage from totalbiscuit:

    link to
    link to

    1080p full hd.

    (btw. it is also a first person shooter, @Nathal3)

  5. airtekh says:

    I’m getting mightily confused between between this, Tribes Ascend and Planetside 2.

    I think I’ll just wait for the inevitable MMOFPS punch-up and declare my interests when a victor emerges.

  6. Echo says:

    I for one am really damn interested in this.

  7. Khemm says:

    Firefall and the new Tribes are definitely on my radar.

  8. Jono00 says:

    That the china-joy trailer, isn’t it? It isn’t new.
    Can’t wait for the beta!

  9. Protagoras says:

    Feels sorta like they tried to combine a TF2 style team based shooter with a WOW-FPS surrounding. It’s not bad, just seems like Instanced PvP is gonna be done better by the Tribes, and the big world PvP thing (EVE style) is gonna be done better by planetside 2.

    I guess if you’re into WOW with guns minus the raids it would be interesting. Not my cup of tea, which is too bad, as I did like the whole premise.

    Also, re: “skill based gameplay” mentioned in some of the vids- I resent that RPGs style mechanics are seen as “skill-less”. While I understand the false dichotomy that people present when they separate twitch based gameplay with random chance based ones, and the preference to twitch based (as I’d rather die due to sucking than dying due to random chance), RPG style mechanics require the same tactical and strategic abilities, and have their own execution related skillsets.

    • killmachine says:

      actually the lead designer of firefall is also the lead designer of tribes 1+2.

      also, in the open world there currently is no pvp. open world=pve only. pvp is limited to the instanced arena style things. this might change if the players want open world pvp.

    • Kdansky says:

      RPG mechanics require all the skill of spreadsheets. You figure out the ideal rotation + skill choice (or go to ElitistJerks and go with the cookie cutter), and then mindlessly repeat it.

      In raids, WoW requires zero improvisation, only very little reflexes (mashing is better) and no brains at all.

      PVP is a different story, though gear disparity can be brutal. I claim I can massacre any top player if I have a level on him (which means I’m wearing 85 purple/blue pvp gear and he’s in 84 levelling blues), despite not having played in a year. It’s inherently unfair, which works badly as a PVP game.

    • Protagoras says:

      @killmachine Yup, you’re right. I meant to say the Tribes remake (Asencend?)


      While your point does make some sense, I’d like to counter with EVE. While for PvE it is very similar to WOW, in PvP (especially small scale fights), you can’t discount player skill. While setup and tactics are important, the ability to perform the needed action (be it approaching while keeping transverse speed, keeping in ideal range, using the correct ammo for range, adjusting for new incoming players, etc, OR being able to aim for the head, firing the right amount of bullets, using a flashbang in the right time and location, etc) is based on SKILL in both RPG and FPS games. In bigger fights the individual skill needed is diminished, as it’s much more about placement/support/proper fleet leader/etc.

      Also, look at games like DOTA. You may not like the implementation, but it utilizes player skill like any FPS. The problem isn’t that RPG can’t be skill based. The problem is that most implementations of RPG elements are done in a way that doesn’t favor execution based skill, but rather planning based skill.

      My real issue is that rather than judge each implementation by it’s own merits (and demerits), people tend to think [RPG=NO SKILL] [FPS= SKILL], which just isn’t true. That kind of dichotomy (imo) limits the competitive gaming world to only SC/CS/DOTA style games, where we could have many other interesting competitive venues that have strategic (setups/etc), tactical (in situation decision making) and execution elements (rather than the current view that execution>>>>rest).

    • blackjackshelak says:

      @Protagoras Excellent post on that response to Kdansky. If there was a thumbs up button or something like it I’d be clicking it right now. I had a brief stint with the MOBA genre and I definitely agree on the skill required to be successful at them. WoW itself requires fairly little in terms of execution, but the moment that game becomes the sole representative of an entire genre I shall become rather vexed. Breaking it down into strategy/tactics/execution is a great way to illustrate how different games can be equally skill-based, just with different skill sets.

  10. Tei says:

    It looks good. I love teamplay and MMOFPS games is where you can get more interesting teamplay experiences. But MMOFPS is a niche market, that already have good titles. I can’t wait to play this one. Looks like Borderlands MMO in the future :D

    • mx3goose says:

      “But MMOFPS is a niche market, that already have good titles.” could you name some good mmofps titles for me please.

    • thenagus says:

      WWII Online! Although Perhaps that should be thought of more as a MMOsim than an MMOFPS…

    • killmachine says:

      there is only global agenda that goes into that niche. but thats 3rd person only and i dont get that shooter feeling in it at all.

      i dont know any other mmofps/tps that really have a persistent open world and thats why i am so interested in firefall.

  11. Kdansky says:

    Looks interesting, but am I the only one who is immensely bothered by the art style? Carrying around backpacks the size of cars (similar to Starcraft Marines), but leaving your thighs and shoulders exposed? How are these femurs still in one piece?

    It might also be the animations though. The characters look like they are floating, not running.

    And yeah, 3FPS + Iron sights is not exactly what I want.

    • sneetch says:

      That seems to be ok: I’ve noticed the thighs thing only appears to be the female characters and – as we all know from playing video games – women have massively reinforced and armoured thighs, midriffs and breasts.

    • Alx223 says:

      You can switch aspects between first person and third person, it is not a third person shooter plus iron sights. So if you want to play it like a fps you can if you want to play it like a tps you can too. Actually I like the art style I actually like the stylized cell shaded graphics, however your complain about the armor design which isn’t the entirety of the art style.

  12. bluebomberman says:

    I wonder if I’m the only one who wants to try to play this as a single-player action RPG…

  13. ImOnTheRadio says:

    Wow, you were slow with posting this. Well, better late than never :P Nice to see my favourite gaming news site covering Firefall news. FYI, they’re sending the first wave of beta keys this week.

  14. DrGonzo says:

    Red leader standing by…

  15. PatrickSwayze says:

    link to

    Here’s the awesome music from the trailer in full.

  16. SoulOfOrigin says:

    Firefall looks really amazing, can’t wait to play it. I hope I get in the beta though. I’ve heard from a few people that went to PAX that Firefall was really fun and felt really polished, so I’m definately going to play this game

  17. hoder says:

    Going to play the crap out of this game when it goes into beta/live. Shouldn’t be very long now. Hope to get my hands on this game and share it with everybody else. Loved what they did at pax. They showed off so much at the same time, keep up the awesome work red5!

  18. BathroomCitizen says:

    I don’t really like the art style in this one. The cartoonish look puts me a bit off.
    It’s just in this setting that the graphic style grates with my taste. In WoW it’s good.

    My next big fps is probably going to be Tribes: Ascend.

  19. iLLuSioN says:

    Great trailer there. The game is looking so awesome I can’t wait to give it a try which will hopefully be soon.

  20. JBWill says:

    I just love everything about this game. The videos for it seem to be getting better and better. I really wish I could have tried it out at Prime, everything coming out of there looked super awesome.

    Here’s hoping my prayers are answered and I get into the beta when invites go out ^^

  21. Uz3r013 says:

    Firefall is awesome. Firefall is great. Firefall is the number one game of pax and 2011/12! I cannot wait to beable to get my hands on this game.

  22. Glowbeans says:

    While the RPG based skill is different from the FPS based skill, in a true FPS you always have the ability to turn things around. There is less planning and more actions which determine your success. This is in contrast to RPGs, where if you look at Warcraft’s arenas, competative skill is OBVIOUSLY there, but most of it is in the team composition (RMP) and what little remains is in the execution of your strategy. There is the incremental portion of it left for excelling in your class, but its nearly an afterthought.

    That said, I am eager to try another MMOFPS. the leveling aspects and persistent character should prove interesting additions to a solid FPS base. I eagerly await firefall’s debut, or beta, whichever is first available.

  23. TheJayde says:

    I used to make videos for League of Legends, and still sorta do. I just havent made one in a while, but I have plans for one. Anyways… I totally mean to make a few videos for this, some story driven, and some that are just me rocking faces with sniper rifles, or battle medic pwnage. I just need to figure out a way to manipuate the game enough, and record it properly.