Minecraft 1.8 PAX Wobblecam Footage

Minecraft 1.8 aka “The Adventure Update”, aka “When Jim Plays Minecraft Again”, has been shown on the show floor at PAX, and you can see a bit of that in action below, along with graphical tweaks, dungeons, Endermen, and so forth. You get to see the new inventory and some other stuff such as “creator mode”, but the really interesting thing about 1.8 is the existence of “NPC villages”, where groups of baddies will spawn and live. Check out Notch narrating a video of the update below, via IGN.

Also check out this 20-minute documentary, Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, on Penny Arcade TV.


  1. nubbuka says:

    I really hope that when the game will be officially released there will be more threats on your building projects, for example if you build a wall there will be some mob that will start to take it apart just because you are behind it.
    Something that will make you want to protect yourself in any way, and maybe some flying mobs? :P

    • Jekev says:

      There is going to be a new mob in 1.8 called the Endermen, they pick up blocks and redistribute them around the landscape, but I don’t think they specifically target things nearby to the player.

    • nubbuka says:

      @Jekev yeah I know, but as you said, he doesn’t really threatens your buildings directly.

    • Meusli says:

      I do not like that idea, if I put time and effort into building a magnificent house I do not want something to come along and dismantle it.

    • Dominic White says:

      What’s the point of even having monsters if you can defeat each and every type by buiding a tiny shack with just enough room to stand in? There’s a Peaceful mode for if you don’t want to deal with threats.

    • Sheng-ji says:

      Reply Fail :(

    • nubbuka says:

      @Meusli as Dominic White said, there is peaceful mod for that.

      @Dominic White, I agree, the way battles with mobs act aren’t really worth any though into them.
      There should be more threats in Sruvival mode. There are a few ideas from Terraria that if they were
      implemented in Minecraft, I am sure that it will appeal to more people and make Survival mode more… well Sruvivalish (talking about mobs-wise, and battles).

    • Meusli says:

      But what if I want some monsters in my peaceful mode? There should be a compromise then, the harder the difficulty the more likely that all your hard work gets attacked. Maybe even the option to build defenses for your house? Also @Dominic White I said magnificent house not a “tiny shack with just enough room to stand in”.

    • Cheese says:

      Wasn’t there a zombie survival mode or something of the likes planned at some point? I think it would be quite fun to build fortresses to hold off zombies that can gradually dismantle it.

    • nubbuka says:

      @Meusli If I remember correctly versions 1.0-.13 (???) offered different levels of difficulty.
      Peaceful, easy medium and hell? If there weren’t any levels then that could solve the problem.
      Easy being normal monsters, such as zombies,spiders and skeletons. Medium shall offer mobs that can “re-decorate” your building if you know what I mean.
      Hell shall be… well hell :P

      @Cheese Yes I do believe that. Hordes of mobs will suddenly spawn and try to hunt you down, something in that matter. But I didn’t hear anything about it for about 2 months now.

    • Tams80 says:

      I think some kind of defensive block would be needed. It would balance out if it wasn’t too easy to make, yet not too difficult. Maybe different types of defensive block?

      I wouldn’t be a fan of degradable defensive blocks though.

    • terry says:

      Switching to Peaceful is not really a solution when doing so removes access to useful resources (gunpowder, bonemeal, bones).

    • Jackablade says:

      Something like the rock moles in Nethack could be pretty neat – a guy who’ll bore his way through mountains looking for tasty minerals to eat and who’ll chew his way through your house and eat any metal or stone you have lying about if piss him off.
      If you could put him on a leash or some such and put him to work digging a tunnel for you, I dare say it’s be a pretty useful thing to have in Minecraft.

    • nubbuka says:

      @terry Well that is true, but don’t remember switching to for example “Hell mode” doesn’t require any
      restart to your world or any loading process, so you could just gather your resources and then turn back to peaceful without any affect. Just wait until the sun comes up and your in the clear.

      @Tams80 I do enjoy defensive components, but I don’t think they’ll be well places inside of minecraft.
      Meanwhile most of the job in minecraft is maintained by the player itself, except the pet wolf that helps you fight other mobs. No kind of automated machinery is being used by the player so I don’t know about

      @Jackablade Sounds like a great mob :P very useful indeed.

    • steviesteveo says:

      Endermen sound fine until you look at your huge, delicate redstone circuitry.

  2. surv1vor says:

    Cool, but surely it’s weak man hand rather than wobblecam? Its like blaming rats for the bubonic plague!

    • surv1vor says:

      Well I actually meant that the plague was carried by the fleas on the rats than the rats themselves, but of course the CIA is responsible for them too.

    • The Colonel says:

      I was taught that the plague was most likely a strain of the ebola virus and nothing to do with fleas at all. Definitely not CIA either. Bacterial cultivation is more FEMA’s bag…

  3. KauhuK says:

    Creative mode with unlimited supply of stuff? HELL YES! This is the feature I’ve wanted officially. Also gief dat update quickly. I wont play more minecraft until that update comes.

    • Kaira- says:

      I’d like to second this.

      Also, won’t play until Better Than Wolves updates to 1.8, I don’t know if I can play Minecraft without it anymore.

    • heartlessgamer says:

      You do realize the game was launched as Creative mode right? And creative mode has been there the entire time as a free to play version of the game.

  4. CaspianRoach says:

    But when will it become a game?

    • Lars Westergren says:

      It’s still a game, even though it has intrinsic goals and rewards

    • pakoito says:

      You mean extrinsic, right?

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      what Lars says…just because you lack imagination and self-motivation doesnt mean its not a game…

    • Dozer says:

      A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

      How about a nice game of chess?

    • PoulWrist says:

      More of a toy than a game.

    • sneetch says:

      Just because he’d prefer goals and a purpose beyond building for the sake of building doesn’t mean he lacks imagination or self-motivation. I’ve played Minecraft a bit now, setting my own objectives and it was fun, but now I’ve built a couple of impervious floating castle with lovely views above my enormous cavernous mines I’m left with no real goals of any “importance”.

    • Lars Westergren says:


      Intrinsic. :)
      link to en.wikipedia.org

    • Wulf says:

      I’m with PoulWrist, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. :|

      I also agree with Patric and disagree with him at the same time!

      Yes, Minecraft is about imagination and if you have one then you can do amazing things with it, and I love Minecraft for that reason. But it’s a sandbox toy more than a game. Should it be a game? I really don’t think so. Terraria shows why Minecraft should be Minecraft and not a game. Does that make sense?

      I love Terraria and I love Minecraft but they’re both entirely different beasts. In Terraria you actually have ‘game maps’ which present you with mobs, parkour, challenges, puzzles, and bosses. And to be honest, that’s where Terraria shines. Terraria is better as a game. Minecraft is better as a not-game.

      There was this wonderful toy-not-game flash thing I played a while back, I bought it on Steam and loved the hell out of it. What was that it called… blargh. Oh! Windosill. Yes, Windosill. It even described itself as a multimedia toy, and yet I had more fun with that than I do with some games. Not everything needs to be a game, sometimes you can have multimedia art, sometimes you can have interactive stories, sometimes you can have sandbox toys, and none of these things need to specifically fill quotients which people might expect a game to have.

      Minecraft is fine being Minecraft. I don’t think Minecraft is a game, but I think Minecraft is better because it is not a game.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I see what you’re getting at Wulf and I do pretty much agree with you. Except, there is absolutely no reason Minecraft can’t have modes which are games, as long as it keeps its sandbox modes.

    • Bart Stewart says:

      Not to get hung up on semantics, but a useful working definition is that games are play with rules.

      By that standard, Minecraft has so far been more “play” than “game.” Some people prefer a more externally-directed play experience, so they mod Minecraft heavily to add more rules, making it more gamelike. Others (including me) love vanilla Minecraft; exploring new worlds is intrinsically entertaining.

      But that does raise a question: in Minecraft, or more generally in a simulation of any world, are world-physics “rules?” In other words, Minecraft has procedural rules for how worlds are created, and operational rules for how objects behave — are those rules sufficient to say that even vanilla Minecraft is a “game?”

      Or is something else required to be able to think of Minecraft as more than a sandbox for play? If so, what else is needed? A developer-imposed story? Quests? Achievements? Limits to movement?

      If many such forms of external direction were added, is there a point at which this game would no longer feel like Minecraft?

  5. pistolhamster says:

    Yeah, I can’t help be bored, and I hope to find some stuf . I love the sense of Digging Too Deep. But its not like, I have any creative desire to build huge castles for nothing any more. Still, for the money I paid for the game it has been quite rewarding as a sandbox. But yeah, moar gameyness. Stuff To Do With a Purpose.

  6. MythArcana says:

    I’m just impressed that Notch got up long enough from playing Xbawks to even narrate the video! Now that is busting ass over there at Mojang!

    • Prime says:

      Myth, this is getting really fucking boring. Your rage-obsession with the guy is not healthy – get over yourself and quit polluting these threads with your pointless bile.

    • Ondrej says:

      @Prime: Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, have we?

    • JB says:

      @Ondej – Seriously? You’d say that of the two of them, it’s *Prime* who got up on the wrong side of bed? Wow.

    • poop says:

      @JB wow… nice raging… angry man

    • JB says:

      OMG poop, take a chill pill. Man!

    • Garret says:

      Leave poop alone JB! Go take your internet rage somewhere else!

      (Am i doing it right?)

    • max pain says:

      @Garret: What? How can you say that when it’s obviously ME who’s the flamer here?

    • RichardFairbrass says:

      You need to calm the hell down Max, no need for that here!

    • Prime says:

      Hello?! Hello?! What’s all this shouting!? We’ll have no trouble here!

      @Ondrej: I apologise. I really shouldn’t feed trolls but this one in particular really irks. He’s said variations of the same stupid thing in every Minecraft post going back months and I really wish he’d just quit it, or explain that Notch personally violated his mother, or something.

    • Napalm Sushi says:


  7. Merus says:

    Would have liked to see a bit more talk on the dungeon stuff; the idea of coming across abandoned mines and things and having them be actually useful is pretty appealing, and as it is Minecraft absolutely has problems with there not really being much to do if you can’t stand strip-mining for diamonds.

  8. Turin Turambar says:

    I was always a proponent of really separating the game in Creative and Survival. You have a build game, a 3d sandbox Lego? Play Creative. Do you want a more traditional videogame with challenge and combat and goals? Play Survival.

    That’s why i don’t understand the complains of some people of MC focusing too much on combat and levels and stuff in the next update, if you want to build in peace, you can play it in Creative!

  9. Big Murray says:

    I don’t get the point of playing this game by yourself at all.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      I’m of the opposite view. I prefer playing by myself. But then I generally do not like playing games with other people.

    • Dozer says:

      Don’t play with yourself. You’ll get hairy palms.

    • skinlo says:

      I do. Its the only way I play the game, because me> everyone else

    • poop says:

      I wish I could play minecraft multiplayer but every cool populated PVP server is run by fascist 10 year olds

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      I do, because, I cbf’d getting whitelisted etc etc just to play a game for a few minutes, and setting up my own server seems hard.

  10. McDan says:

    This looks excellent, I really like the look of the endermen. And it looks like it’s finally becoming more of a “game” game, which is nice.

  11. HexagonalBolts says:

    I play minecraft with a couple friends and still the world feels so lonely, so everything feels a little pointless – some NPCs that could live in the buildings you make (and not just stand there useless as in Terraria), would make a world of difference. I hope the NPC villages go some way to redress this but I’m not especially sure it will.

    Also I still wish there was more of a reason to explore above-ground, there’s nothing that’s especially useful to be gained by wandering around. Again, hopefully NPC villages will change this a bit.

    • Tei says:

      Yea, Minecraft can add NPC’s, like guards, vendors, and peasants. Then have guards shout HAIL if you steal something. The local vendor can sell scrolls. And portals to the Nether can open outside of cities.

    • applecup says:

      I’d play it.

    • Mattressi says:

      Guards shouting greetings at me would sure scare me off…

    • sneetch says:


  12. Olivaw says:

    I am curious what purpose the skill points will serve! What skills would be useful and interesting in Minecraft?

    And the NPC villages! Will there be more to them beyond “here there be monsters”?

    • Stephen Roberts says:

      Crafting skills could mean you get more planks per tree or sticks per plank. Fightin’ skills could mean you hit harder. Survival skills could mean you heal faster and get more health from food (maybe you could learn how to stack pork chops). Blacksmithing skills could be a subset of crafting and mean you can make more durable armor and eventually learn to repair it.

      Then there’s an entire section devoted to baking skills, and most of minecraft becomes all about making nice muffins and cookies and what not.

    • DD says:

      “Then there’s an entire section devoted to baking skills, and most of minecraft becomes all about making nice muffins and cookies and what not.”

      My dream of hosting lovely parties inside of Minecraft is nearly complete.

    • ZephyrSB says:

      indeed DD, all that remains now is the ability to make tea!

  13. Kent says:

    I’ve been mostly playing with mods on Minecraft. I would an official mod manager and mod creation tools like the ones Bethesda does.

    • nubbuka says:

      I don’t know about the Bethesda’s mod manager, but Notch is planning on adding a easy method to
      use mods.

  14. Lobotomist says:

    I became much more impressed by Terraria and its sand box RPG approach. Instead of just building things to no end.

    This is probably the step in right direction for Minecraft too.

    But it would need more.

    NPCs , intelligent enemies that build and destroy your buildings…etc

    • Hematite says:

      Just as a counterpoint, I don’t mean to argue, I prefer the Minecraft style. Terraria is a lot of fun, but I can’t make much of it other than dig dig fight fight. I spend all my time in Minecraft fussing around making a house on a hill with a nice view and a garden, digging paths, flattening hills and more recently pulling up weeds. Looking forward to animal farming with persistent animals.

      Is it weird that the thing I’m most interested in from the adventure update is rivers? Finally rivers!

      But I do like that there’s combat as well. I think it’s a brilliant move having it segregated out into night time and caves, and I also like the fact that it’s not actually difficult as long as you have your wits about you. It makes the world feel dangerous and respectable, but not like it’s actively opposed to you.

    • Hey What? says:

      I just prefer terraria simply because of the grappling hook. Im not sure i could go back to minecraft as long as it doesn’t have one.

    • Pointless Puppies says:

      As an impartial player of both Terraria and Minecraft I have to say Terraria is overrated. Not in the regular “I hated it” way, but in the “This certainly is no MC killer” way.

      My biggest issue with Terraria is the fact that there’s absolutely no real sense of pacing, mostly because the game worlds are completely random. Yeah, yeah, I know it can make for “interesting” procedural outcomes, but 90% of the time it’s simple and boring. I go dig up caves and I often play for the better part of an hour and I find absolutely nothing of interest. I’ve heard of all kinds of weapons and craftables but I can’t get to them because the damn game just won’t let me advance.

      I don’t know if the concept of “open-world, procedural Metroidvania” just doesn’t work, but at least its execution in Terraria leaves much to be desired. Not to mention it barely has anything in common with MC so it really makes me wonder why it was championed as the “MC killer” for a couple of months when it was releasted.

    • The Colonel says:

      I concur. Minecraft was something very special and beautiful and still has facets that no other game I’ve played has. Terraria seemed too much of a “game” to my mind, and once entering that bracket suddenly didn’t match up to very much else in the world of games.

  15. Prime says:

    This is supposedly due to drop sometime soon – Notch stated “sometime after PAX”, which many have interpreted as “within the next few weeks”. I really hope it’s soon: this is a HUGE update and I, for one, can’t wait to get stuck in!

    Here’s the most current list of features known to be part of 1.8: link to minecraftwiki.net

    • Sheng-ji says:

      He said in this very video he’s splitting it in half and some things will come in 1.8 in a few weeks and the rest in 1.9 later

    • Dozer says:

      I’m pretty sure that happened with the last update too.

  16. Sheng-ji says:

    Anything which makes combat easier is a bad thing in my opinion, it’s too easy as it was, and the bow seems to be more powerful too, its arrows seem to fly straighter and still knockback.

    But everything else looks great!

    • Hematite says:

      There are a lot of ways it could be balanced – the enemies might do more damage or spawn in larger groups to flank you, perhaps the bow IS win, but only if you’ve invested the resources to make a massive stack of arrows. If you can only regain health by regenerating when your food meter is full it would make any damage you took much more troublesome. Hard to say really until it goes live.

      Edit: so the point I’m trying to make is that one of the things Adventure Update should do is make combat a more nuanced and tactical affair. Knockback bows give you new tactical options, and presumably there will be new tactical challenges also.

    • Sheng-ji says:

      I hope he does make combat harder, because from what I see, it looks easier… Arrows are not hard to find, especially if you have a mob farm. Even if not, you just need gravel, feathers and wood, none of these things are rare.

      I think the best way to make combat more difficult is to give the mobs really good AI. Give them the ability to flank, to use terrain to their advantage etc

      I’m just saying that the update seems to give the players more options without removing any of the old ones, however the mobs get nothing, combat was too easy to begin with.

    • terry says:

      He got shot at by a couple of jumping skeles and didn’t seem to take critical damage from the arrows, ditto the spider’s attack, so I guess the crit system only works for the player just yet. Not that I fancy spiders with magical one-hit abilities.

  17. Davee says:

    Looking forward to this a lot. Finally something meaningful and challenging to do in Minecraft! And the new features to combat are just what the game needed. :D

  18. skinlo says:

    Tbh I probably won’t see most of this new content since I only play in peaceful. The fun for me is digging up the resources to make something then making it, which is why I wouldn’t play in ‘creative’ mode either, no sense of achievement.

    I don’t want Minecraft to be made more of a game, I played Terraria for a bit and got bored of it because there was always the pressure of having to protect yourself.

  19. Hematite says:

    So I’m looking forward to this update, but I’m a little sad as it means the end of some of the things that have shaped my Minecraft experience. Adding villages, ruins and other detritus of civilisation is pretty clearly the direction the game has to go in, and it WILL make it a richer experience, but so far Minecraft has been devoid of any organisation which wasn’t done by the player (in SP at least, MP is a different beast).

    There’s no explicit narrative to Minecraft, but I can’t help but infer one.

    I wake up (usually on a beach) disoriented; I look around and see mountains and seas sparkling into view (Maybe I shouldn’t have turned my head so fast! What happened anyway?). A few sheep bounce around lazily on a nearby hill. It seems to be mid-morning under a clear blue sky.

    Confused, I start to climb the nearest hill for a better view. As I climb higher I can see further away – more mountains, a wide ocean, forests, a barren desert. No cities. No farms. A pristine land. A lonely land.

    After a few minutes I identify a good spot for a camp – a hilltop near a small lake, with a forest nearby. It is after midday now, and I set about making a shelter and fire before night falls. I dig a small cave into the side of the hill – it will do for a storage cache, uninviting but well protected from the elements.

    I fit the door as the sun starts to set, and walk up on top of the hill to watch for a while. The sunset fades and the stars come out, crisp squares (?!?) of light in the dark sky. The land is dark though. No glow on the horizon from city lights, no yellow candlelight from a cottage in the distance. I can see something moving down in the valley now – it’s not a sheep, it moves differently. Suddenly aware of my vulnerability I hurry back into the cave and close the door behind me.

    Through a gap in the door I can see the stars edging their way across the sky. Outside I can hear the growls and hisses of the masters of this land and I cower, an interloper in their primordial domain.

    After an age the sky brightens. I hear enraged howls as the shadows retreat, and those creatures follow the shadows back to their home under the mountains. Still I wait. Suddenly a pink face appears at the door. “Ooooink? Oink!”

    I suppose it’s safe now.

    The morning has little to say about the night before. There are a few scattered bones and feathers but their purpose remains a mystery. I survey the land again. No civilisation, but now I imagine the dark caverns that riddle the mountains and the creatures that slumber there, biding their time until night falls again.

    And what am I in this world? Am I lost, thrown overboard from a ship? A changeling fallen through the void from another world? Or lost in time, awakened a million years after my kind last walked the earth? Perhaps I will never know, but I must keep hope. Hope that one day I will remember, or that some other wanderers will chance upon me. Perhaps a ship will pass on the ocean, or a trading caravan will cross the desert. I must build a beacon, a fortress, impose my will on this rude land and bring order in the hope that one day another sentient mind will chance across my creations and recognise a fellow, and together we can leave this place.

    What else is there here? Nothing. Only my determination to live in an ordered world, a civilised world, the world I knew although I cannot remember how I know.

    After breakfast, my work will begin in earnest. I beat the pig to death with a stick.

    • Bart Stewart says:

      Exactly, and very nicely said, too.

      The only problem is that the only folks who will appreciate this are the ones who constitutionally like this “the journey is the point” kind of thing to begin with. Most other gamers will still be puzzled that the game’s developers (so far) don’t tell them what they’re expected to do next.

      I don’t have any problem with the latter feeling… but it doesn’t imply that the current non-directive game is broken and needs to be “fixed” by adding rules I can’t ignore.

      There are already plenty of such games. Why force Minecraft to become yet another one?

  20. Shivoa says:

    I can’t complain about the open and public development of a game you can play from pre-order day one, but this 1.7 Adventure update is now being completed with 1.9 (so speaks Notch in the IGN video) which is a bit of a shame.

    • Urthman says:

      I can’t complain about the open and public development of a game you can play from pre-order day one…

      …but you will anyway.

      Imagine the fanboi rage if we were able to watch the internal development process of a game like Deus Ex.

    • Deltadisco says:

      Well, keep in mind that the only reason 1.7 was released when it was was they decided they didn’t want to make people wait for pistons until the rest of the Adventure update was complete. Splitting 1.8 into two pieces also seems to make sense given the number of changes and the need to expose as many bugs as possible before the “official’ launch. (haha!)

    • The Colonel says:

      What difference does it make how many pieces they release the update in? It wouldn’t be completed any quicker either way, surely?

  21. Maldomel says:

    This looks so good :)

    But I’m a bit confused about how NPCs villages will work, and what they will hold for the player.

    Also, that biome reform will be really useful and looks super ultra good.

  22. Kaira- says:

    Max Pain, stop being so bloody mad at everyone! Sheesh.

    Edit: Oh glorious reply fail. You know where this belongs.

    • thegooseking says:

      Oh, you just had to take the rage into another comment thread, didn’t you? There’s no need for that! Calm down!

    • The Colonel says:

      @thegooseking you’re clearly one of these entitled commentators who persistantly can’t help but fault other people’s posts. BACK OFF MAN!

  23. metalangel says:

    So long as the NPCs do more than just blunder aimlessly around, getting in your way and then staring blankly at you (like the animals) it should be good.

  24. killerkerara says:

    I’m really disappointed with the creative mode. It looks like you decide between creative and survival when you make the world, and that is it. I would want to play in creative to make myself a giant castle, then switch to survival to defend it against mobs, etc. Hopefully a mod will make this an option.

    • madtoaster55 says:

      I did hear somewhere that creative maps would be playable in survival, and likewise. I hope it’s true, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be.

  25. johnpeat says:

    The main thing that documentary reminds me is that C418’s music is awesome and he deserves more credit than he gets :)

  26. Moonracer says:

    The new terrain/dungeon features look great and I look forward to exploring newly generated worlds.

    I think some of the other features like leveling will be good for creating foundations for interesting mods. I’ve heard the endermen will make geometrical shaped sculptures with the blocks they move. It would be cool if someone modded their construction blueprints so they make large pyramids or towers or other complex buildings. Or like someone else said, modded zombies to move blocks in order to get closer to the player.

    lots of potential.