The Secret World Beta Sign Ups Actually Up

The delayed beta sign-ups for The Secret World are now open. You can sign up here. But wow, who put the beta sign-up behind a trailer? Obviously if I have clicked “sign up for the beta” I already decided I am interested! Anyway, you should be interested, not because of the trailer, but because of this RPS preview of the game. The game is out in April, so either the beta itself isn’t going to kick off for a while, or it’s going to be a very long beta.


  1. Anjiro says:

    I predict another Age of Conan.

    • derFeef says:

      Awesome! Age of Conan is a great mmo.

    • Mac says:

      I completely agree – things promised at launch are still not working in AoC. Sieges which were a major selling point are STILL incredibly broken.

      The F2P model adopted for AoC is a joke also – I cannot access Khitai even after buying the expansion unless I pay for temporary passes … bloody joke!

      Best to avoid IMO.

  2. Kadayi says:

    Illuminati ..but yeah Facebook sign ups

  3. Anthile says:

    I am confused. Do I need a Facebook account?

    • Snargelfargen says:

      Looks like it. What a shame.

    • Jake says:

      You can just make a fake one, it’s less hassle than signing up to most websites.

    • Dana says:

      @Jake Little birdie told me, that the more facebook friends you have, the higher chances of getting into beta. I shit you not. Apparently its a marketing thing.

    • Anthile says:

      I never asked for this. :(

    • Jake says:

      But… I hardly have any friends! That’s why I want to play their stupid MMO! Anyone want to be friends?

      Hmm, I wonder if all this Facebook integration is just part of the Secret World mythos, with Zuckerberg in the Illuminati and conspiracies to collect all your personal information in order to sell it to aliens.

    • Eagle0600 says:

      Nonono, you have it wrong. The Illuminati wants more control on augmentation development, and a devastating “friend overload” is going to be the proof that more control is needed.

      They already HAVE your personal information.

  4. MuscleHorse says:

    It would appear you need to link the sign-up to your facebook account. I don’t really have an issue with that as long as it’s not required for me to post trash to my wall. What ever happened to good old email submission?

  5. elnalter says:

    this is why i made a facebook with completely false information. fb is retarded im not giving my info to anyone

  6. danoot says:

    I would really like to play this, but I deleted my facebook account for good reasons and I’m not building a fake one for this game.

    • mechabuddha says:

      Agreed. I really was excited about this game, but not if I need a Facebook account to play it.

    • Arglebargle says:

      Good to see they got hoist on their facebook petard. I’m another one for absolutely no chance via that route.

    • Ezhar says:

      Same, hope it’s just for the beta – was really looking forward to the game, but I hate Facebook religiously.

      Also, with Funcom’s launch history, the Beta period is probably too short.

  7. JuJuCam says:

    This is where all the conspiracy theories that were conspicuously missing from Deus Ex: Human Revolution all went to hide…

  8. Jake says:

    It’s too hard to decide what faction to be, the Dragon sound like they are probably the most interesting and devious, the Illuminati sound the most ruthless and organised and the Templars have cool clothes. All these things are important. In the end I went for Illuminati because I am a rather ruthless and organised person, but I better not be boring or scruffy.

    • Dana says:

      I always pick the underdogs.

    • Jake says:

      The Dragon are just pretending to be underdogs – ‘when we look weak we are really strong’ etc. Of course, this does sound like the sort of bullshit that a weak faction would say.

    • Dana says:

      I meant population wise, player base :D

  9. Jimmy Z says:

    No fucking way I’m giving them access to my facebook account. The last thing I want is to find out at some point that my profile is making status updates about The Secret World on its own.

    Guess it’s time to finally create that fake facebook identity, in case this kind of moronic praticises become more commonplace in the future.

    • roman2 says:

      This. I got as far as checking which features they want have access to.
      “Post something on your wall” – K, no way! I’m out of this.

  10. KauhuK says:

    What about those who signed up before this? Do I have to sign up again with facebook account?

    • .backslash says:

      Np, you are already in ‘the System’. But participating in the Secret War event might raise your chances for beta, earn you shiny exclusive items once the game launches and give you the satisfaction of helping your faction against its enemies.

    • Sic says:

      The thing is, you’re probably going to have to allow this rubbish to have access to your Facebook account eventually, if you want to play the game.

      A big part of the game is what you do outside the game, sadly, so this seems more like a way to ease people into using Facebook with the game.

    • Hypatian says:

      Still not making a facebook account. If facebook is required to play the actual game when it comes out, then I won’t be playing, even though I’ve been looking forward to TSW for a while.

      Dear gaming industry: Not everybody uses or wants to use facebook. Sometimes it’s not a matter of “I don’t want you to harvest my facebook account”, it’s “I don’t have a facebook account for you to harvest, and I’m not going to make one just to make you happy.”

      If there *is* a need for some sort of social network for the ARG stuff, they need to make a fake social networking site for it. If I *did* use facebook, having fake ARG shit associated with my account would be unacceptable.

    • Guhndahb says:

      @Hypatian: Agreed. This is really disappointing.

      Ah, well, I’ll live without Ragnar until the next TLJ, I guess.

  11. John P says:

    Way to limit the potential signups, Funcom. I prefer to keep my Facebook profile and my secret nerd activities separate.

  12. Jorum says:

    I registered on their site like a year ago, so they’ve been emailing me pointless screenshots and crap every so often.

    But when it comes to actual beta signups, do they email me? Of course not.

    While I’m here, facebook login sucks and makes you look a bit like cowboy outfit.

  13. RF says:

    > Really wants to play this game.
    > Sees the beta requires Facebook and gives exclusive items.
    > Loses all interest in the game immediately and cancels his newletter.

  14. neolith says:

    No way I’m creating a facebook account for a beta. I hope this shit isn’t needed for the real game.

    • skyturnedred says:

      Actually, since the game does involve alt-tabbing and browsing the internet, a Facebook account might be necessary for some parts.

    • Jumwa says:

      Likewise on both counts.

      I’ve never used Facebook, and I don’t intend on starting now.

      And if this junk with Facebook and friends in it is somehow going to be involved in min-maxing the game? Balls to it altogether. Sounds horrendous.

      A shame, this game was definitely near the top of my list for interesting games I’m following.

  15. ChainsawCharlie says:

    Carp, no Facebook no go

  16. McDan says:

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy funcom? Whyyyyyyyyyy? Obviously having to sign up through facebook will lose you many potential players, you’d think the people smart enough to create an MMO would be smart enough to realise that, but no. Time for my fake account to come into play once again.

  17. jRides says:

    Does anyone know if a facebook account is going to be a requirement to play the full game or is this just a them using the beta for marketing access to as many fb accounts as they can?

  18. Henneth says:

    link to

    “If you are an existing member of the community (e.g. you took the original initiation test or even left your e-mail in the newsletter sign-up) you have been automatically registered as
    a beta candidate. As such it is not necessary for you to re-register through the first phase of The Secret War experience if you only want to be considered for beta.”

  19. int says:

    I like Funcom, I loved Anarchy Online.

    But I am not signing up for facebook just to join the beta. What the fuck? Just have a mail register instead.

  20. Tei says:

    The best thing about The Secret World.

    The next time the servers are down by a emergency hotfix, the error message can be IC.

  21. Calabi says:

    It could be kind of ironic them hooking themselves into the social site results in them having less customers. Do that many gamers even use facebook? I’m doubtful.

    But I couldnt even decide what faction anyway, I dont like being locked into an important decision right at the beginning of the game.

  22. Coren says:

    I bring information to set things right in the world! Funcom also allow you to sign up for the beta if you don’t (want to) use Facebook. See the following link:

    link to

  23. .backslash says:

    Hm. Apparently enough luddites raised up a stink about this that funcom enabled beta registration, bypassing the facebook login. Next target – those horrendous mechanized looms. Enjoy!

    link to

    • Ezhar says:

      Thanks for that! Someone get that Jom Rissignol person on the phone so he can deliver us from the evils of Failbook by putting this link in the posting.

    • jeep says:

      It’s got nothing to do with people being luddites, potential employers regularly check facebook and other services to see what kind of dumb shit you get up to. Even assuming you’re smart enough to not post pictures of yourself doing lines and slamming tequila, maybe you’d also like to keep other embarrassing hobbies out of your background check.