Just Deserts: Dungeon Siege III DLC

Ray Harryhausen receives royalties every time you look at an animated skeleton
Yesterday I spoke to two people about Dungeon Siege III. One claimed that playing the demo was such an agonising experience that she cancelled her preorder, the other boldly stated that it was the finest ARPG of its time. I was tempted to make them fight it out by furiously clicking on one another but it didn’t seem right. Not in the real world. Today, there is news of a big chunk of DLC due in October. You’ll have to shell out for this, around $9.99, but it does sound there’ll be a healthy amount of content. That’s if you consider searching for treasure and ruins in a desert full of monsters healthy. New monsters and items are par for the course, but there’s more! An enchanting system will allow you to make your shiniest loot even more shiny and you’ll also be able to respec your character. Cue cries of: “It should have been in the base game!” No word if there’ll be a further patch for us PC folk alongside the DLC. Personally, I stopped playing the game before the keybinding patch so don’t know how much that did to improve things. Any thoughts?


  1. moarage says:

    it was a console game, nothing like the originals, not getting my money

    • Dominic White says:

      Not being anything like the originals (I swear, the original Dungeon Siege was 90% on autopilot, wheras DS3 has probably the most involved and skill-oriented combat in a dungeon crawler in a while) is exactly WHY I’m interested in this one. Just haven’t had the money to justify buying it yet.

      Everything I’ve heard suggests it’s far closer in gameplay to the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance series, which I’d pick over Diablo any day of the week.

    • Velvetmeds says:

      But it’s a good console game

    • lhzr says:

      no, it’s a bad one.

      how can anyone like an arpg that has shit loot, corridor levels (through which you had to backtrack), awful camera and zero combat feeling is beyond me. i like to think that quinns’ like of ds3 and dislike of new vegas (that is to say his sometimes terrible taste) is one of the reason he ain’t with rps anymore (would have liked to read more of his writings, since he was one of my favorite rps-ers, but he should’ve been kept away from actually reviewing stuff).

    • Velvetmeds says:

      Cause it doesn’t have a awful camera, the combat is good (certainly better than the so hailed Witcher 2 *yawn*) and the story is good

    • Lars Westergren says:


      >”i like to think that quinns’ like of ds3 and dislike of new vegas (that is to say his sometimes terrible taste)

      I like both DS3 and NV. Does that make my taste 50% acceptable?

      >”is one of the reason he ain’t with rps anymore ”

      I know if I was a semi-public person, I wouldn’t like people to speculate about the reasons I quit/was fired/took temporary leave, because A) They don’t know any of the details. And B) I think it’s not any of their damn business.

    • lhzr says:

      @lars: you liking ds3 cancels out liking new vegas, so you probably have no taste at all.

      also i was joking about quinns’ taste (and yours), liking a bad game ain’t that terrible.

    • evilmatt says:

      For a console game port it was a pretty good one – supported PC technologies like Eyefinity, natively, with a properly centred HUD. Some more PC-focused developers like Blizzard and CD Projekt could learn a thing or two.

    • MikoSquiz says:

      If people who liked the gameplay-free first two dislike 3, that seems like a solid recommendation. I might have to check it out.

    • drewski says:

      I love the idea that a videogame’s set of random attribute boosting items can be qualitatively assessed.

      “This +17 crossbow is outrageous! Why, it needs to be at least +21 to meet ISO 1337.”

    • Cerius says:

      @Ihrz Zero Combat Feeling? Dunno what game you played but my enemies took flight lessons in all kinds of directions.

  2. thepaleking says:

    I quite liked the demo, though I have never played the previous entries in the series and from what I hear from fans my enjoyment may have been stifled if I had. Depending on the quality of the DLC I may, if the DLC is sub-par (the par being set by the New Vegas DLC, which has been some of the only DLC I have not minded paying for), just wait for the eventual compilation to be released at a discount.

  3. Jumwa says:

    I played the demo and found it to play very poorly. I felt like I was leading around a sluggish hero that could hardly move and controlled awkwardly.

    It’d take more than key bindings to fix that, so I wont bother.

    Never played the originals at all, my dislike of this one is based purely upon the demo.

    • nofing says:

      If you have a gamepad lying around, try playing the demo with that. While it was almost unplayable with M+KB, it controlled extremely well with a gamepad, which was one of the few really good things about the game.
      I’ve only played the demo, but even after this short time I found the skill and loot system insanely boring. The skills didn’t seem like much of a choice, more like “I’ll probably have all of them at the end of the game” and the loot was pointless in the sense, that you could only get slightly better versions of the same 2 weapons (one for each combat stance), which you will always have to use.
      No equipping your mage with a 2-handed hammer or funny stuff like that, not even very basic stuff, like giving your fighter the choice of an axe or a mace… nope only a one-handed sword and a two-handed sword… yawn!

  4. Anthile says:

    How anyone can say this game is a dumbed down console game and then cite the two predecessors as evidence is absolutely beyond me. Those games basically played themselves and it doesn’t really get much dumber than that. You can probably train your cat to beat the games.

  5. ReV_VAdAUL says:

    I really liked the first game, I bought it about a year back and had an absolute blast. Sure it is far from the most indepth or involved game but it is a lot of fun.

    As for DS 3 I really need to give the demo another go now I have a gamepad.

  6. Jockie says:

    I picked up DS3 for £10 (thanks Lewie!) and thought it was well worth it, the combat and upgrades are rewarding, it has a good story (for an ARPG) and the player-characters are diverse and demand different playstyles. The demo was a shocker mind and I used a 360 pad to play after experiencing the horrendous M&K controls in that.

    • Bhazor says:

      “it has a good story (for an ARPG)”

      Well it was written by George “Mask of the Betrayer” Zeits so I found it disappointing. I mean it’s good, but not good good.

    • Cerius says:


      Yes, yes it is good. Well and logical structured lore that combines perfectly with the main story (Best Attempt in an Obsidian “related” RPG since the original Fallout). Plays its themes well and Jeyne Kassynder is one of Video Games Historys most unique Main Antagonists. Not mentioning that she is in a perfectly grey area (And in a way better one than New Vegas Cesar ever was) she was not ONCE shown to do something evil just for the sake of doing something evil.

      In fact most of the really bad stuff is what YOUR side does in the game. (Like burning enemies alive as a means of stopping them.)

      I don’t really see what could have been done better or whats disappointing here.

  7. Lajcik says:

    Too bad this does not add any replayability value to the game. DS3 is a solid arcade hack and slash, but it’s designed in such a way that makes multiple playthroughs boring. Addind respec and a basic form of crafting doesn’t change the fact that there is nowhere to use them. The game lacks a dungeon (or something, like a proving ground) where any such changes to the build could be tested, where the player could have some fun with their modified character…

    • Bhazor says:

      I see your point about not having any way to really duke out a new character but I will sau the core game does have plenty of replayability. All characters play pretty differently and the dialog and characters change depending on the player character. The story may always play out the same way but I’d still say the differences make it worth at least a second go.

    • Nesetalis says:

      indeed.. and the story is so linear, without any meaningful forks… there is no way to replay it really, since the story isnt that good.

      Also it felt like half a game, i reached just before the end boss, and was sure i was at the middle of the game, like “Okay, now its about to open up on to the more interesting story arc…” then it was over. 9 hours is what it took me, so no matter what their DLC contains, i’m not going to pay for it.. if its another 2 hours of content, its just not worth it.

  8. NothingFunny says:

    worst camera in like recent 10 years of games and awful controls killed this game for me
    particularly unplayable with ranger class (there are other flaws, but not nearly as game-breaking)

  9. Freud says:

    This will delay my purchase of the game because now I have to wait for both the game and the DLC to be on sale.

  10. Nim says:

    I remember Dungeon Siege! I made a bland dude running through a linear forest, then more linear forest, then some linear crypts for a change then more linear forest, linear cave, linear snowy mountains, linear cave, linear forest, linear swamp, linear dwarf/goblin stronghold, linear fores… AAAAGGHHH!

    I remember Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna! I made a bland elf running through a linear forest, then a linear cave, a really really long linear cave, a linear jungle for change, a bland city, then more linear jung… AAAAGGHHH!

    I remember Dungeon Siege 2! I made a bland dude and ran around a linear island and then I ended up in a linear desert followed by linear tombs, then more linear des… AAAAGGHHH!

    I don’t remember Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World! I’m not falling into this trap ever again.

    I remember Dungeon Siege 3 demo! Guess I did fall in again. First I ran through a linear castle but suddenly there were talking. I was quite taken aback! Lots and lots of talking. Then I ran through a linear forest followed by lots of talking then I ran through a village, also with lots of talking. Then I went into a cave system followed by lots of talking.

    Those Aaagghhhs were when I quit the games and uninstalled them. To this day I still haven’t completed a single Dungeon Siege game.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      The DS games were best as platforms for mods and user created content. There were some really good DS1 mods.

    • Yernn says:

      I’m a fan of the series, but I can understand the negative reaction.

      When it came out, DS1 was pretty interesting from a technology perspective, but the complaints about the game ‘playing itself’ were justified. Playing it again, especially after having spent way too many hours in DS2, it just doesn’t hold up very well. It is kind of dull.

      DS2 though (with Broken World – playing DS2 without Broken World is like playing Diablo without Baal or Titan Quest without its expansion) is really a pretty solid game. Part of the problem though is that the game doesn’t move past that ‘playing itself’ problem until you get to the intermediate difficulty level (equivalent to Diablo 2’s Nightmare level). Also, the DS2 loot generating algorithms aren’t as good as they should be.

      DS3 is a totally different kind of game from DS1 and 2. It’s a Dark Alliance style Action RPG. DS1 and 2 are actually closer to Relic’s recent Warhammer games.

      I wanted to like DS3, but I was kind of bored with it by the time I got to the end.

  11. innokenti says:

    Probably one of the best ARPGs in a while. Shame about the online multiplayer being rubbish.

    Looking forward to more of it.

  12. MadTinkerer says:

    I wish DS3 was a game I wanted for better reasons than the fact you have to buy it before you can get DS1 and 2 on Steam.

    But worse games have been patched into better states. We’ll see if it eventually turns into a game I want for it’s own merits. Stranger things have happened before.

  13. Pharos says:

    But does it come with a 5:4 aspect ratio, or would I still have to play the game with two black bars at the top and bottom of the screen?

    By the way, thank you for spelling “just deserts” correctly.

  14. Spider Jerusalem says:

    People who liked this game are weird.

    I felt it entirely too bland to inspire anything other than apathy.

  15. mktlin says:

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  16. Homo_erectus says:

    I enjoyed DS3 and I might actually buy this dlc, a first for me.

    The story was light but reasonably interesting and the combat was pretty solid. I had a lot of FUN playing it. That’s more than I can say for the gaggle of games on my steam account that have less than 10 hours played on them. A game doesn’t have to be OMG Ground Breakingly AMAZING to be fun to play.

  17. TsunamiWombat says:

    I loathed this game with the fury of a thousand loathes at first, however once I managed to play it on a gamepad (as it was clearly intended) it was a revelation. Yes, this is a console port of the first type – an unabashedly console game simply being shipped onto a PC to capture more market space. And yet, for the time that I spent upon it, (some 16 hrs total according to steam, 12-13 of that on a single play through) I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the most fantastic game no, but it was an ARPG that managed to involve me in it’s combat, even though half the skills were utterly useless never to be used again and that CITY BOSS WAS COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT.

    Details were lavished on the games backround, which transformed the previously generic fantasy-o world of Dungeon Siege into a kind of eastern european forest with giant spiders. Infact, many of the fantasy elements were gone – the Dwarves for instance, were all extinct from fighting in the war.

    Oh it had it’s fault- repetition, like any ARPG, and it’s plot was thin and despite a curosry attempt to create the illusion of choices, a not very deep manner of delivering it. I’d give it a solid B, maybe a C for the lack of replayability. Which it has in spades, that lack of replayability. So much so that i’m wondering what the point of this DLC is? I played the game with Lucas, beat it, and felt no further desire to fool with it except to be cheeky and try to zoom in on Anjali and Leliliana’s bums*.

    So who is this DLC for? Does it countinue the story at all?

    *Suprisingly for being the straight-man emotionless knight-templar fire robot, Anjali’s is better then the gypsy tramps. Must be the tight pants.

  18. WrongThinker says:

    I, for one, have recently come to the discovery that the best console to play console games on is the PC. I get all the advantages of a controller (I use my Dual Shock 3) and all the advantages of my ridiculous gaming rig. Dungeon Siege III was no exception.

    It is an action RPG in the vein of Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath… and a damn good one at that. It’s okay to not get a game because you don’t like the genre, that’s fine. But ruling a game out simply on the basis of it being a “Console Game” is silly, especially when (like DSIII) the PC version is absolutely definitive. The visuals kick the snot out of the console version and their 3D support (for those that have it) is excellent.

    If you liked Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath, and you actually wan’t some skill in your combat, then this game is worth a buy.

  19. malkav11 says:

    Dungeon Siege III is the least interesting of Obsidian’s games. It’s the best of the Dungeon Siege games. All around it seemed pretty solid but suffers from being released in close proximity to Witcher 2.

    • Cerius says:

      NWN2 and SOZ?

      Both are pretty objectivly worse

      Personally really liked DSIII. Compared to other Obsidian games it probably has overall the best core elements (and is actually challenging at times).

      Just have to go full out with content in a sequel.

  20. Zarunil says:

    While I liked Dark Alliance, I could not get past DS3’s controls and camera angles.

  21. miateila says:

    I couldn’t get over the “Bob Dole” speak.

    It’s pretty mediocre in every other respect, nothing ground breaking for sure. Mechanics-wise, it looks to be aspiring to be Champions of Norath. It’s not a bad game — I certainly wouldn’t say “ewwwww,” but if you were to ask me “was it a good use of the money I spent on it,” well — no. When it’s $15 or $20, it will be a good use of the money…

    In general, the dialog is awkward — and in the places where it is not ackward, it’s just plain bad. If you pared that with an excellent game, I might forgive it… but, DSIII really is pretty completely generic from what I’ve seen.

    Also, the level designs remind me of the intestinal tracts of snakes for some reason.