Last On RPS: The Indie Games Arcade Lineup

Announced over at Eurogamer the other day is the full list of finalists for the Eurogamer Expo Indie Games Arcade. Hang on, aren’t we in charge of that? I suppose we best get the list up here too. Read on to see which games you’ll have a chance of playing in the cool corner of Earls Court when E2 kicks off later on this month.

At a Distance – Terry Cavanagh
Blocks That Matter – Swing Swing Submarine
Fotonica – Santa Ragione
Molecat Twist – iwait4 Developers
Pineapple Smash Crew – Red Produkt
Really Big Sky – Boss Baddie
Rimelands: Hammer of Thor – Dicework Games
Smuggle Truck – Owlchemy Labs
Stellar Impact – Tindalos Interactive
These Robotic Hearts of Mine – Alan Hazeldean
Waves – Squid In A Box
Xenonauts – Chris England

Exciting lineup, no?

Some of these are already available, so if you fancy pretending you’re at Eurogamer Expo ahead of schedule, download the likes of Blocks That Matter or Fotonica, stick this on in the background, turn any lamps you’ve got on full blast, get some mates round and form an orderly queue behind your PC.

Details of our plans to collectively pile into a nearby pub sometime during the Expo will appear on the site next week, and see the rest of the games that will be at the expo here.

I’m going to be having my wisdom teeth forcibly removed just three days before the Expo, so I’ll be the one in pain, eating soup.


  1. ChainsawCharlie says:

    Though they renamed it to Snuggle Truck

  2. Anthile says:

    I can’t access the Rimelands homepage. It demands a login and a password. Huh?

    • arzi says:

      The Rimelands website was closed for renovations, but it’s open now. You can find info on the game and some screens on the website.

      It can be found at

      – Arto / Dicework Games

  3. McDan says:

    Very much annoyed that I can’t get there for the games and the pubbing, darn it.

  4. simoroth says:

    Well done to everyone who got in. :)

  5. Bilbo says:

    Xenonauts is an exciting prospect, although it’s available in pre-order beta-access format anyway

  6. arienette says:

    Looking forward to the Eurogamer expo, if I have to queue all day to play GW2 it’ll still have been worth it.

  7. shoptroll says:

    Nice list. The Waves beta that was distributed to the subscribers list was a good bit of fun. Played Smuggle Truck @ PAX East, good stuff there too (also, they’re local to me!).

  8. orange_magik says:

    Dear RPS,
    The official site of Molecat Twist can be found at, if you could update the link we would greatly appreciate it! You can watch the trailer, browse screenshots and play a prototype version of the game. The site will be updated with a new look and prototype in time for EG Expo as well,
    Kind regards,
    Molecat Team

    • iisjreg says:

      Yeah, I’m surprisingly surprised at the hive-mind’s lack of Googling today… :(

  9. JohnnyMaverik says:

    Kind of disappointed to not see Nidhogg, Monaco or Hawken, and the distinct lack of point and clicks after Gemini Rue being one of the games that really stuck in my head after the last expo, and ended up my favourite game so far this year and one of the best point and click adventures ever.

    Looking forward to Xenonaughts though, and some of the others certainly look intriguing.

    • iisjreg says:

      Nidhogg was there last year! Oh, the joy :)
      Monaco Andy is probably too busy with the “important” Americans for us.

    • JohnnyMaverik says:

      I wasn’t aware of what Nidhogg was last year so I didn’t bother doing any more than glancing at a couple of people playing it and going O.o

      The fool I was :'(

  10. felisc says:

    good luck with the teeth.
    maybe you can offer them as some kind of prize.

  11. jeremypeel says:

    Fourteen comments? I THOUGHT WE LIKED INDIE GAMES.

    Interesting to see Rimelands here, an iOS RPG – hope for the genre! Also, the fact that many of these games are not yet released to the general public is making the EG expo indie arcade our medium’s Mercury Prize; only instead of lack of inclination and disgust at the idea of listening to bands called things like These Wooden Knives, we’re just physically unable to get at entries.

  12. Tatourmi says:

    Wow, I will actually be in London at that time. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!