On My First Whistle: Starpoint Gemini DLC

American Gladiators was always eighty times better, anyway.

When I see the initials “DLC” not preceded by the word “free” it always makes me wimper a little and remember the effort that once went into expansion packs. Fortunately the generous folks behind Starpoint Gemini have remembered the correct prefix for their freshly announced new content for the space tactic-em-up, called Gladiators.

You’ll be devastated to learn this doesn’t mean it’ll feature bank managers and flight attendants fighting steroid-infused beasts in a series of bewildering events. BUT IT SHOULD. Instead what you’ve got here are four new ship designs, fifty new “special ship systems awarded for victory, some new, more difficult combat situations such as “Free-for-all” and “Team fights”, and the Outer Horizon – a new sector where “the special tournament is held”. The special tournament on the reversed travelators above a pit of foam spikes? No John. No.

It’s free, because say developers LGM Games,

“We feel there’s no better way to thank all fans of Starpoint Gemini, Iceberg Interactive and Little Green Men for their tremendous support than offering a free add-on to the game and we hope gamers like this little gift called SPG Gladiators.”

You can read Jim’s thoughts on the game here. And you can download the demo for it over here. In fact, the game is currently 20% off at Iceberg’s shop. And if you’ve already got the game, then click here for the English version of the DLC, and here for the German.


  1. ASBO says:

    And here’s me being a fan of developers doing stuff like this, but having never heard of this game.

  2. SF Legend says:

    This game sounds a bit like mount and blade in space. Is it a bit like mount and blade in space?

  3. Zeewolf says:

    Hm, I do have the game actually (in a nice box and all). Just haven’t played it yet. So this is good news. Guess I should move the game a couple of notches up on my to play-list.

  4. Jajusha says:

    Looks like freelancer (and i loved that game). Anyone gave it a go yet?

  5. Kerchenko says:

    I’ve played about 15 hours of Starpoint Gemini and enjoyed it. I echo the earlier comment of mount and blade in space, mildly broken, lots of grinding, but getting bigger and better ships never gets old.

  6. roethle says:

    Played the game for a few hours but go tired of the voice overs. They were even worse then Men of War.

  7. Droopy The Dog says:

    I still don’t know what was wrong with the term updates, or patches, and why people keep renaming them free DLC instead.

    • Prime says:

      ‘Expansion’ was/is also a fine and reasonable term. I think ‘DLC’ has just stuck because it suits marketing morons who prefer Initialisms over real words. Like that horrid ‘IP’ that people keep using because they think it makes them sound more serious.

  8. Prime says:

    Awesome. Beats shoes any-fucking-day.

  9. James Allen says:

    Here is my review of Starpoint Gemini. It’s actually quoted on the retail box :)