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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Clawing Back

Time to engage your value-subroutines, make sure your fiscal-cortex is online, and it’s probably best if you have your payment method of choice to hand too. It’s the bargain bucket: Your handy receptacle for collecting the best download deals in every weekend. If your thirst for cheap games isn’t satiated by this bountiful selection, why not take a visit to for more of the same. Here’s the deals:Duke Nukem 3D [Atomic Edition] – £1.87/€2.19/$2.99
The most technically advanced, competently designed and visually polished Duke Nukem game out there. Duke Nukem 3D has levels with more than one way through them, it lets you carry an arsenal of multiple weapons at once, and has graphics that neither look like ass, or give me a headache. Revisiting this might be a good way of washing the taste of DNF out of your mouth.

Men of War Bundle – £14.99/similar prices in other currencies
Includes Men of War, Red Tide & Assault Squad, and here’s the triple threat of Jim flavoured opinions on them: Men of War, Red Tide & Assault Squad. Here he is singing praises of the first game:

This is perhaps what’s most exciting about this wargame: diversity that leads to an organic, evolving experience. I only wish all the other RTS games we seen so far this year had as much scope for messing around, coming up with madcap plans, and clawing back victory from the brink of ludicrous, hyperbolic defeat.

Osmos – £2.16/€2.51/$3.43
Apply coupon “afteryousir”.
Here’s a beautiful little abstract puzzler. It’s all about moving a blob around, and then absorbing other blobs, then listening to the pretty ambient sounds, then carrying on absorbing blobs even after you’ve passed a level, because it’s nice to be tidy. Osmos doesn’t outstay it’s welcome, or try to overstretch it’s ideas, and whilst I probably wouldn’t recommend it to everyone at full price, for a bit of spare change, I’m happy giving it a universal recommendation.

Civilization V – £7.50/€12.50/$12.50
The long-running turn based global-strategy powerhouse hit it’s fifth entry earlier this year, there’s some great new touches in Civ5, and it’s obviously the prettiest one yet, but I can’t help feeling like I was a bit happier playing Civ4. It’s still Civ, though, and even at it’s most wobbly, Civ is a tonne of fun. Alec gave his in depth appraisal here, and conveniently Adam told us about the very much worth your attention Civilisation V NiGHTS mod just yesterday.

Deal of the week
50% off all Arma games
A franchise-wise sale here, as both Arma games, plus all the various bits of expansion and DLC have all been reduced by half. Here’s Jim on Arma 2:

Arma II game is already divisive: it was always going to be. It’s impossible to examine this game without seeing it as a kind of exemplar of some of the larger issues about what is good and bad about PC gaming: the unfinished code, the performance issues, the difficulty of breaking into established communities – all these things will push people away. But the sheer scope: the raw materials that BIS have forged for gamers to make their own entertainment, their own stories with. I can’t say that’s a bad thing.

What PC games are is a wide open landscape, and that monstrous, uneven terrain is only getting larger by the day. Thank fuck for this twisted little peninsula of realism, without it gaming would be a whole lot less interesting.

Best to double check the pricing on these before you buy anything though. It’s actually cheaper to get Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead seperately than it is to buy them together in Combined Operations (Combops), or at least it is in the UK.

Also of note:
Gratuitous Space Battles – £5/similar prices in other currencies
Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection – £2.99/similar prices in other currencies
10% off at Direct2Drive UK/USA with coupon “afteryousir”/”watulukngat”.

To always stay up to date with the world of discounted gaming, head to

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