Tron Don: Saints Row 3’s Virtual Reality

It looks like Volition are not yet finished with their campaign to subvert everyone’s expectations regarding Saints Row: The Third. I thought the craziest it could get is maybe a bigger poo truck than in the second game, but here we see an entire digital world squeezed inside the digital world of Steelport. As Saints Row: The Third’s urban warfare spills over onto the digital cyber-world, it seems like it’s going to take more than just guns, cars and explosives to put the Saints back on top.

Custom soundtrack support please.

Saints Row 3 is due out on November the 15th in North America, and November the 18th in Europe. Here’s what our Alec made of an hour spent playing it last month.


  1. Longrat says:

    Well that wasn’t a very informative article.. Any more screenshots or videos or information at least?

  2. Shadram says:

    This game just went from “awesome” to “AWESOME”. Who needs GTA, anyway?

    • LionsPhil says:

      I grinned so freaking hard when I saw the little Armour Battle tank game inamongst all the modern third-person glowy shooting.

      See, there’s good gameplay hiding in SR3 after all.

  3. Dawngreeter says:

    This can’t possibly be true.

  4. Dana says:

    GTA4 looks like Sims in comparison.

    • rayne117 says:

      With all these GTA-h8r Saint Row fans out and about, you have me hoping the game will be a huge bust just so I can drink your tears as I drive over 10 pedestrians and watch their bodies realistically flop over my car.

      You’re those pedestrians.

    • mjig says:

      I think for most of us it’s less that we’re “h8rs” and more that the Saints Row series has carried on the true GTA style while GTA4 went off in a different direction. That direction being backwards.

  5. Eamo says:

    Making six seconds of music and looping it for 2 minutes does not a track make.

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      True, it should last at least six.

    • Starky says:

      It literally is 2 bars of music, looped with no variation except for a brief bit in the middle where he mutes the bass out.
      And that is it.

      It is a good 2 bars of music, but you’re right, it isn’t a track – it’s a loop.

  6. thepaleking says:

    So when is Saint Rows 3 going to realize how boring our real world is, and morph reality to fit the world of the game?

  7. GoliathBro says:

    Levels of want reaching critical mass.

    Take your skyrims and your amalurs and your serious sams and shove it.


    • Felixader says:

      I take them if you don’t like them, thank you very much.

  8. suibriel says:

    An ENTIRE digital WORLD?

    Whoa! That’s amazing!

    Wait.. wait… it says here that… guys, it says here that it’s just a single level. Not sure where you pulled this ‘entire world’ phrase out of. I’ll fire off an email and have them use it on the back of the box though.

  9. 2late2die says:

    Wow, this game for me just went from “it’s crazy enough that I might try it” to “holy crap this game is so mad I must try it” :)

  10. Teddy Leach says:

    I’ve pre-ordered it. I can’t take it any more. I want this yesterday.

  11. bill says:

    Deckers is from shadowrun, right?

  12. Kollega says:

    Wow. Just… wow. I did read about this whiny Matt Miller and his gang of “cybergoths”, but i certainly didn’t expect that one of the levels is going to take place in the virtual reality they have built.

    When i started saying this game was cyberpunk a month or two back, i certainly wasn’t wrong – it’s the future in the guise of today. And i usually don’t like cyberpunk… but if it has airstrikes, Luchadores, fursuits, and mancannons, i’m certainly gonna make an exception!

    • PodX140 says:

      Ehh… I wouldn’t call it cyberpunk, even the digital world. it doesn’t give out a futuristic vibe really, just… digital I guess. It looks like crazy club effects or something, but nothing really… punkish about it. Also: That’s just a single level (From what I hear), the inclusion of modern buildings/weapons in the actual game really doesn’t help your case.

  13. Koozer says:

    Thay was a bloody awful collection of looped notes. Doubly bad when Firefox randomly locks up and forces me to hear half of it.

  14. psyk says:

    The markerting for this game is like those film previews that show all the good bits.

  15. metalangel says:

    I am very very wary of this game, after THQ said there were ’40 days of DLC’ and the fact that MX vs ATV: Alive had half the game missing for you to buy separately.

    I SHOULDN’T BE MADE TO WORRY LIKE THIS, considering how much I loved SR2.

  16. MadTinkerer says:

    SR3 has a scenario based on (at least) Lawnmower Man crossed with TRON crossed with Hackers crossed with… Tank for the Atari 2600? And the faction’s name is a Shadowrun reference? All right, ALL RIGHT. FINE. I’ll pre-order it! You happy now, THQ?


  17. Alexander Norris says:

    This is the first thing that has me mildly interested in SR3, even though it will probably be a one-mission gimmick.

    Mostly because “deckers” + TRON.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      Same, because this is the first video that actually hints at the plot of the game rather then just “LOOK YOU CAN SHOOT POO. DID YOU SEE THE HUMAN CANON AND GIANT DILDO BAT” in flashing disco.

    • Dominic White says:

      There’s been three or four ‘serious’ plot-related trailers released already. Not sure what you’re complaining about.

  18. mjig says:

    Love the neon tron cars, I hope they have bikes.

    With Saints Row fitting so well into the sort of extreme over the top 80s action movie, it’s weird that the previous games didn’t put more of a focus on 80s soundtracks. Hope we’ll see more in 3, or at least custom soundtrack options.

  19. Brumisator says:

    OMG you can play combat! (atari VCS)

  20. Urthman says:

    Mostly pointless alternate skins unless physics differs in the digital realm.

    Fantastic if it does.

  21. tungstenHead says:

    It makes me wonder what else is up the Saint’s sleeve if THQ’s marketing department was willing to spoil *this*.

  22. shoptroll says:

    I don’t know what I just watched but this game is getting awfully tempting.

    Shame on Lewie for not linking something from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Right city, wrong neighborhood :p

    • Wulf says:

      Yep. The Tron: Legacy soundtrack was truly magnificent. That’s one track that… oh my gosh, it does weird things to the mind when listening to it if you have even an ounce of romance and/or imagination in you.

      (Also… Tron: Legacy was a beautiful film. It was everything that a sequel should be. It not only continued in the spirit of the first film, but it then far surpassed it and took it to heights that a cheesy nerd film from the ’80s could only have dreamed of. There. I’ve said it. I feel better.)

  23. Zogtee says:

    Well, fuck yes.

  24. kud13 says:

    i’m… starting to want this.

    and the shadowrun reference was a great touch.

  25. BathroomCitizen says:

    I don’t say this often, but… I’m so going to buy this one.

  26. Wulf says:

    I am highly amused by this silliness. More silly and not-taking-ourselves-so-damned-seriously is required in the gaming industry. This looks so silly as to the point where it could almost have been developed by Cryptic. I appreciate that. Tired of all the po-faced seriousness. Where did the humour of games like Ultima VII go?

    Well, this is funny, silly, and… well, I’m going to get this. It’s just too silly.

  27. PastyAndUnhealthy says:

    I can’t possibly be the only one who just said, “Hey, it’s Oracle!”, can I?