Here’s A Video of Ridge Racer: Unbounded

Where are all the ridges?
We’ve already had a slight glimpse at Namco Bandai’s upcoming Ridge Racer Reboot by way of a fairly flashy trailer, but now, courtesy of automotive-specialists VVV Gamer, here’s some fresh (off screen) footage showing what a pair of races in the new Ridge Racer might look like.

Looks a bit like Burnout, huh?

I’m somewhat sick of “cinematic takedowns” and charging up my boost bar in racing games these days, but RRU does seem to be full of opportunities to smash into things (and I don’t think I will ever get sick of smashing into things), and the GIANT LETTERS AND NUMBERS dotted around the track for your HUD are rather stylish.

I expect it’s going to be the city-building that really sets RRU apart from the competition: There’s been plenty of competent smashy bashy racers over the last few years, but none that have let you build entire cities, so far. Can’t wait to see more of that.

There’s some funny banter in the video too. Nice one, Alan.


  1. sakmidrai says:

    I hate racing games but they made Flatout that I absolutely love. Hopefully I will have fun with this game too!

  2. SirKicksalot says:

    This is Flatout with a new name. Obligatory purchase.

  3. _PixelNinja says:

    I never understood all the enthusiasm around the Ridge Racer titles.

    To me the driving was unpleasant: no sensation of speed, the feeling that drifting was random and the fact that when you merely graze another car you slow down so much that half the other cars pass you by. I could talk about rubber band AI but that concerns a lot of racing titles sadly. I was hoping this time around they might have changed the driving but the video did not give that impression.

    The only Ridge Racer I had some fun with was R4: Ridge Racer Type 4. But that was quite some time ago and I can’t remember why… Maybe the because of the JogCon?

    Any fans of the series out there that could tell me what they like? (I’m genuinely interested).

    • Merkoth says:

      Ridge Racer fan here! IMO, Ridge Racer has a certain stylish vibe to it that I can’t find in any other racer, it has great music and very nice tracks. I also certainly *love* the drifting, I’m aware that it isn’t realistic at all, but I really like speeding through corners like there’s no tomorrow, exactly between rival cars (without touching them, of course). I even like the fictional cars, they give RR even more personality that sets it apart from other racing games.

      In any case, I can understand why some people don’t like RR, and in fact, I’m pretty sure some of my favourite features aren’t considered nice features by many gamers.

      And I don’t recommend skipping this game just because you don’t like RR, it doesn’t seem to have much of RR besides the name :)

    • _PixelNinja says:

      Thanks for your honest reply.

      I certainly agree on the music (I’ve still got the menu music of R4 in my head) and the car models are indeed very nice. However my qualms pertain to the actual gameplay; in my opinion it takes away from the rest. That’s just me though. I’m open-minded — I’ll have no problem giving this title a try before passing judgment.

  4. Pie21 says:

    It’s Ridge Racer!

  5. MaXimillion says:

    Looks far more Burnout than Flatout than I would have expected from Bugbear, a shame really. Then again there’s still a lot of development time left to add more dynamic elements to the track.

  6. Manburger says:

    Yeah, I thought Flatout was rather enjoyable as well! So a bit of Flatout + Burnout sounds quite good.

  7. icupnimpn2 says:

    Since Criterion and EA have delivered an unplayable, unoptimized mess (for my pc) with Hot Pursuit, I think I need to jump ship to the Flatout devs and stay positive for RRUeded.

  8. Kollega says:

    So, it’s basically Burnout, but smashing into obstacles means continuing rather than a crash and quick restart, and you can build your own cities to race in. Probably worth looking into at some point.

    I wish one of the good racing game developer made something science-fictiony, though (one about space-future, or dieselpunk, or what have you) – i’d love to see cars and landscapes crazier than RL ones.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      It’s worth picking up a second hand Gamecube and tracking down a copy of F-Zero GX, I reckon. Best futuristic racer out there. It has amazing backdrops.

    • Radiant says:

      Wipeout on the PSP is also good.
      But then again you can’t really best the design of Wip3out.
      TDR knocked that out the park.

  9. LuNatic says:

    Arcadey racers are a dime a dozen these days, but I’d be tempted to drop ~$30 on it if they polish it nice.

  10. Radiant says:

    Flatout that good?

    I bloody LOVE /some/ of the Ridge Racer games.
    The PSP version in particular is so full of what makes Ridge Racer great it’s become the default UMD in my PSP.

    I don’t understand the decisions made for this game.

    You have shades of Burnout and shades of Split Second but both those games are the very best at what they do, so where does that leave this other then it’s branding?

    This to me is Ridge Racer:

    I do like the track side ui elements though. Very snazzy.

  11. Muzman says:

    The tunnel pylons must break away so people who choose the white Fiat Uno don’t have an unfair advantage.

  12. karumpa says:

    Is it just me or does the car seem to be floating 2 feet off the ground?

  13. Navagon says:

    I like Bugbear’s stuff. But Namco Bandai? Damn, even by game publisher standards they’re cunts. I think the most morally acceptable option is to pirate the game and post the cash direct to Bugbear.

  14. adonf says:

    Is it free-to-play? I’m losing track with all these Title:Sub-Title racing games.