Pacmaniac: Forget-Me-Not

It's aMAZEing. Sorry.

Sometimes it’s hard to write about a game because of its complexity, or because I admire so much about a project but know that I’m probably one of the few people in the world who will really love it. Other times I’ve spilled coffee all over my keyboard. And then there are times like this. The only reason it’s hard to write about Forget-Me-Not is because it means I have to stop playing it. And I want just one more go.

The first time I died, on a pathetically early level, a phrase began bouncing around inside my brain: “Realtime roguelike-like, not Spelunky but procedural-Pacman with a gun and, hello, there’s Jeff Minter influencing things over in the corner.” There was a pause and then some previously dormant mob of synapses raised an eyebrow: “Destructible mazes?” Normally, when phrases eventually fall out of my brain I spruce them up a bit but I’m leaving those raw.

Originally an iOS game, Forget-Me-Not can now be yours, free of charge, on both Windows and OSX. This version is harder. faster and more balanced, apparently. So even if you’ve finger-jabbed it before, it should be worth having another go.

I want to go into detail about the time I realised I was shooting myself in the backside, the first time a wall blew out or the horrific yet amusing moment when two caterpillar creatures filled almost the entire maze. But the best thing to do is to stop reading my witterings and go download it. OSX version here.

It won’t take long to work out if it’s for you. If it is, you’ll quickly realise that it never ends. It gets harder and harder, more and more chaotic, and then you die, start again, and it’s different, then it gets harder and harder until you die again. Then you have to stop and tell other people about it and maybe even do some actual work. But then you go back in because it feels like the sort of game where if you just keep playing, you’ll see even more crazy stuff. It never stops giving.

Now, stop reading. You’re not even supposed to have carried on for this long. Off with you.


  1. mojo says:

    yes, but does it have achievments?

  2. juandemarco says:

    The download points to the Windows version. I’m on a Mac. Where is your elitism, man?

  3. Bodminzer says:

    Got a link the OSX version? *ducks*

    e: Oh right, just go here: link to

  4. PixelProspector says:

    Awesome arcadey dot gobbler! Somekind of modern classic that would have been a huge hit in the arcades back in the days….

  5. Lambchops says:

    I’m sure this is the type of thing I’ll enjoy for a bit then give up because I’m just hopelessley rubbish at it.

  6. Bodminzer says:

    Just to sound like a big entitled fuckup for a second, but is it that hard for developers to allow remapping controls? My right cursor key misbehaves and id much rather WASD it up than deal with that.

  7. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    I love this, even though I haven’t the faintest idea what’s going on.

  8. MrWolf says:

    I wait for the FPS reboot, thanks.

  9. mbp says:

    Back in the 1980’s every computer game was like that. They just got harder and harder until you died. Then came a wave of enlightenment in the early 1990’s and folks started making computer games that normal human beings could actually play all the way to the end and finish.

    F*ck nintendo hard. I don’t want to go back.

    • phlebas says:

      Um. Weren’t ‘nintendo hard’ games generally ones that were finishable, just, y’know, really hard?

  10. brulleks says:

    Is your character supposed to fire constantly or is something going wrong on my pc? It means the bullets keep wrapping round the screen and hitting me up the arse. Please don’t tell me that’s part of the challenge.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      It’s part of the challenge. Although later on, it comes in useful. Noone can sneak up on you when your own bullets are hitting you in the arse.

    • PleasingFungus says:

      Grab a key, and you (mostly) won’t have to worry about shooting yourself in the butt!

      (Picked this up when it came out on the iPhone, had a lot of fun with it. Feel a bit silly now that it’s out for free on PC/Mac, but hey, it was worth the $2.)

  11. dakl says:

    best iphone game this year, and then some. and extra points for all that haywire fm synthesis in the game.

  12. Lambchops says:

    Well that was proper bloody mental but confusingly brilliant. Got to level 6 or so at best didn’t have the foggiest what was going on!

  13. princec says:

    This game is just wonderful.

    Cas :)

  14. disperse says:

    Full screen mode?

    Also, it crashed when I finished my first game. Probably a security problem with it trying to write my score in a new file under Windows 7.