Sound The Horns: Red Orchestra 2 Released

That disc on top fires out and bounces of walls, chopping off enemies' heads, before whooshing back into place on the weapon. It's the alt-fire.

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is now a game you can play. If you buy it. Which you now can. This is the standard of journalism you get from me after 1am. Far better to ignore me and watch the launch trailer below.

You can buy the game in something called a “box” directly from Tripwire. Or you can get the game from most digital download sites, so pick your favourite. My favourite would be one that gave out free naps.

Shush John, show the trailer:

Actually, if I awake myself from my stupor for a moment, it’s worth noting that Tripwire have pulled no staggered territory release bullshit here. They’ve fully acknowledged that there are No Oceans, and released the game worldwide on a Tuesday. For that I give them five high fives.


  1. Nullkigan says:

    We have an unofficial rps server up at , located in europe

    There will be manshoots tomorrow!

    (probably after several patches because the game is now even buggier than it was during beta)

    Forum thread: link to

    • innociv says:

      My name on Steam is the same as here. So, see you guys there.

      And this game is well worth buying.
      Half the cost of that-other-game, and I bet I’m going to get way more multiplayer fun out of it.

    • thanks4nothingtripwire says:

      Okay. First of all, I want to start off my post by saying I’m NOT a troll. Literally. I’m just an irate, over worked and underpaid gamer that spent good money on RO2 only to be surprised with it’s lack of performance. Yes, lack of performance.

      As a warning to all gamers out there, DO. NOT. BUY. THIS. GAME. If for whatever reason you are gifted it, or given it to play for free, go hard. But do NOT waste your money on it. For one, unless you’re willing to spend over 2k on a machine JUST to play a 50 dollar game (if you do, please look into the definitions and examples of darwinism in today’s society), then you’re not going to have nearly as much fun as whatever a-hole made that demo.

      Some facts:
      1: it does not actually look that good. That is a tiny screen with a high resolution, sure. But when you actually get in game and have to nerf your settings just to avoid constant game crashing, timing out, and/or horrendous FPS problems, the game looks like a SLIGHTLY modified original RO. Which leads me to my next point…
      2: Tripwire’s original game ‘Red Orchestra: Ostfront’ was FAR superior to this game in almost every aspect, including looks. This game is only SLIGHTLY flashier than the original, with way more bugs, worse controls, and a far more unreliability where performance is concerned. “Oh but poster, they’re working on the bugs and should have it fixed soon!” To this, I say bullsh***. If that was their initial concern, why not just make it right the first time? Why should we settle for an inferior product, just because Tripwire is a little nervous about BF3 and CodMW3? I hate both those games and their companies, but you know what? Tripwire, you should be scared. A lot more scared than you would’ve been if you made the game properly to begin with. What’s worse, having a handful of dedicated RO1 players who are interested enough to buy RO2 regardless of those other two crappy games? Or the dedicated RO1 fans who played this P.O.S. game and immediately uninstalled it / started fighting for a refund, and who are not going to ever pick it up off the shelf again, and may even deter others from doing the same?

      In short, not only did you do poor programming to create a shotty game, but you made a poor choice not to give it your all and get it right the first time for the marketing world. As a consumer, I hope you get your act together. And as someone that was practically robbed of 40 dollars, I hope you go bankrupt.

      Sincerely, someone with a PC that far surpasses your reccomended settings, and who has done everything your bs forums have said to try and improve performance. It’s not me, it’s you.

  2. D says:

    Press _key not set_ to use the cover system.
    Yep. Had great fun in the beta nonetheless.

    • Theory says:

      I got “press <…> to take cover” in the released version. After much pressing of < and > while listening to the commandant repeating his instructions over and over I realised that when rebinding all my keys (for DVORAK, before you whine) I’d left cover empty. <…> means “no key bound”.

      On top of that, half of the prompts refer to the default keys even after you’ve changed them successfully! Luckily it displays them in two areas of the screen and the second, smaller display gets it right.

      Oh yes, and I’ve also not been able to connect to a server yet. The first time I was given a connection lost error, after which the server browser stopped working. The second time I appeared (as a spectator) under the terrain with blurry textures all around, then the game crashed. I might try again later today or I might give up and wait for the patch.

      For a parting shot, there is huge amounts of Z-fighting in the horizon of the training map and the campaign AI is terrible. It’s a good job I loved RO1 or I’d be looking for a refund at this point.

  3. shitflap says:

    That looked AWESOME!

  4. bear912 says:

    Unfortunately, John, it’s up to the publisher how much is charged for nap packs.

    • mkultra says:

      How have you not gotten a reply to that one yet.

      Have a high five. Butthole.

  5. Anucer says:

    Am i one of the few that seems to get uber high ping?

    well probably not since everyone on certain servers has uber high ping : l

    Besides that new Issue the game is awesome

    • Nullkigan says:

      There seems to be some sort of issue with the way Unreal Engine 3 handles networking – to the server admin, a 64 player instance is taking up half of one core on his CPU which is fine. To the players, that same server has pings of 150-350. As soon as the population drops to 50, the pings stabilise around 90ish, which is Bad Company 2 levels. A ping test directly to the server may return something like 17ms.

      The problem is that there’s no hardware issue detected by the admin. Everything looks fine (hell, he could run two instances with those stats!), but obviously performance is sub par. And there’s nothing he can do about it – if he tries to make the game use multiple cores, it actually makes performance /worse/ as the threads juggle between cores.

      To get acceptable performance for a 64 player server, Tripwire initially recommended hardware which is simply NOT available to most. An i7-2600K cannot cope on stock speeds (yes, I know it’s not a server chip, but I’m using it as an example). So GSPs would have to charge upwards of £2 a slot per month to ensure performance…. which nobody is going to pay as the going rate for most games is about 80p – £1.25.

      The problem is exacerbated by Tripwire deciding to include an unlock system and then restricting the servers you can get xp on. Then deciding that they’ll allow anyone (within reason) to host such a server, provided they fill out a form. This DOES filter out Johhny Dynamic IP with a 2/0.25 mbit connection and his wonderfull 64 slot server that only he can get kills on, but there are still a LOT of GSPs and clans out there without the technical werewithal to provide and maintain proper servers.

      So what I’m saying is, don’t bother with 64 player servers for the next few weeks. Hit up 48 and 32 player ones whilst these issues are resolved.

      Official TWI servers SHOULD be ok, but watch out for people imitating the naming scheme to get more people on their server.

    • Anucer says:

      well from what i saw, games with punkbuster gives me like 500 pings in game while PB off games gives me around 200 (yay iT’s better, but still not playable : /) even 38 players server seems to have this issue so far. everyone around 150-200 ping.

    • Rii says:


      Lots of interesting info there, thanks. So are there other UE3 games that push >32 players and suffer from the same issues or is RO2 treading new ground here?

    • Ranger33 says:

      The pings and performance were really good (for me anyway) before the patch that added PunkBuster. Hopefully they will get it figured out or drop PB, which seems to give me problems in a lot of games.

  6. Gundato says:

    Been playing through the SP (did a few rounds of the beta). Loving every second of it.

    Ironically, the thing that managed to annoy me the most about the beta’s MP (so MP in general) is what I don’t like in SP :p

    If I am doing well as a rifleman, I don’t want to become an elite rifleman or a marksman. I LIKE my iron sights and bolt-action. In MP, they try and tell me to get promoted, and I say thee nay. In SP, I die and I get stuck with a scope or a semi-auto.

    That said, the SP campaign feels pretty much like an FPS “remake” of Men of War (HISS!!). Right down to the slightly clunk controls, massive casualties, and awkward historical framing story :p

    • Mattressi says:

      Nooo! :( I was worried that the new class/levelling system would stop me from using an iron-sighted bolt action and now it sounds like it will. I still often play RO1 and almost always play as a regular rifleman with a bolt action. Doesn’t matter that the Australian server only has a handful of people on (if any) and all the ‘good’ slots are open – I want to be a rifleman!

      Anyway, I’ll still be getting this game; it’s the only game that I’ve had unreserved excitement for in a long time. Games like Skyrim I look forward to, but I know that it will be much worse than it seems right now (see: every lying comment that the devs made about Oblivion, compared to the reality). This game, however, I just can’t wait to play. I love the devs, the way the games release has been handled and the game itself, if it’s anything like RO1. It’s a shame that my computer is currently so screwed up that Mount and Blade and RO1 won’t even run without stuttering :(

    • Gundato says:

      To clarify, at least as of the beta, you are given the option to be promoted during combat, or you can stay as the blessed rifleman.

      I just get annoyed during the SP campaign, since they have you respawn as one of your squadmates. And usually the only survivors are the snipers who were hanging back, which gives me a yucky scope :p

    • wengart says:

      The promotion thing is to prevent one player with a kick ass load time and connection from camping sniper forever. If you do particularly well one round you are given the choice to kick someone out of their slot and take it. This prevents people who don’t know what their doing from taking important slots while giving other players a chance to try it out.

    • bear912 says:

      I never had any difficulty selecting rifleman in the beta. I wouldn’t think that would have changed since then, but I could be wrong.

  7. Bluebreaker says:

    This game is a fucking disaster.

    • nootron says:

      World War II was most definitely a disaster. Millions died.

    • GenBanks says:

      Yeah man, no helicopters, wtf.

    • sinister agent says:

      If there’s going to be a disaster, I’d at least prefer that there were fucking involved.

    • Novotny says:

      best fucking disaster I’ve had in a while.

    • Bhazor says:


      It certainly sounds better than that time I got a splinter in my glans from having sex on a desk.

    • Astroman says:

      Yeah, I played the original RO and I’m absolutely hating this. It’s much faster paced, maps feel smaller and tighter, animations are glitchy, every round I played one team just steamrolls the other. The MG guy is running at the front of the assault ramboing people for god’s sake. Not to mention friendly AI in single player is the typical useless “stand in your face” bots.

    • HolyLiaison says:

      Thankfully Steam let me cancel my pre-order a few days ago before this invaded my hard dive. The beta pretty much destroyed all hope I had for this game in the span of 30 minutes.

  8. BellTollsForThee says:

    LOL funny article and straight to the point.
    That fumbling tone reminds me of Jeremy Clarkson from TopGear.
    Good stuff

    • MiniMatt says:

      That fumbling tone reminds me of Jeremy Clarkson from TopGear.

      Now you’re just being cruel :o)

      John, come back from the window. John? Come on, calm down, it’s ok, there there.

  9. Capt Fatbeard says:

    The game in general is good, apart from the game crashing to desktop after a while. But I’m sure this will be fixed soon, hopefully.

  10. felixduc says:

    Been playing a few hours.

    Lots of wonky things with the game engine. I have a monster rig and am running everything on Ultra. It’s smooth as butter with 64 players — but the depth of field is awful. The anti-aliasing is terrible. Clipping is frequent. And the engine simply doesn’t draw polys quickly enough. The explosions and attendant effects are shoddy looking. Snipers are far too dominant — the small distances encountered make the “realistic aiming” far too easy.

    It looks, and sounds, like a mod — definitely not like the AAA title it’s trying to bill itself as. I was a huge fan of RO1 and have some background with this title. I don’t even think it’s a patching issue. The flaws lie in the fundamentals of the game.

    I hope that the historical clan community will make this a worthwhile game.

    As it stands right now it’s a smelly pile of shit.

    • Commisar says:

      ouch, so not the BF3 killer that SOOO many here thought it would be, hahahaha. oh well, will probably pick this one up over a steam sale of something like that.

    • Serge says:


      I was skeptical at first but now I’ll wait too.

      While I do understand people liking it, It really felt like a mod(From videos I’ve seen).

    • felixduc says:

      I keep playing because I want it to be something it simply isn’t.

      Like Bweahns said, it’s an average looking DX 9 game, on a profoundly dated engine. It’s 2011. I have a $3,000 PC. You had the fan base, you had the hype, you had the ad campaign, presumably you had the funding — and this is what you give me?

      I’m not saying it isn’t without worth. It’s still RO. It has still has the excellent, frenzied, complex gunbattles that make you feel as if every moment is your last. But RO1 had that. I wanted more polish. I wanted a AAA title with the same RO1 mechanics.

      Publishers that release AAA titles spend $X million in development. It’s painfully, regrettably obvious that Tripwire simply didn’t make the same level of commitment here. Even the UI is clunky and dated. And the graphics…ohh… the graphics. They’re so poor. They’re the Tiny Tim to my PC’s Uncle Scrooge. The engine can’t handle the bloom it wishes so hard to create — you’re killed by a sniper hidden not with terrain but by the game engine’s inability to handle draw distance fast enough for you to react, much less see the little bugger.

      I’m on a 3.0 ghz i7 with a 2GB Radeon. The Witcher 2, DXHR, and Crysis 2 load my system as much as a quick shag with an emulator running Final Fantasy IV.

      The best analogy I can summon is… IL2: Cliffs of Dover. Go read what the sim crowd has to say about that little, *cough*, “hotly anticipated sequel.”


      Goddamnit, Tripwire. God. Damn. It.

    • feda says:

      Funniest load of bullshit I’ve read in a while, felixduc. Keep the jokes coming, retard.

    • felixduc says:

      Impressive insights, feda.

      Your comment is about as relevant as the cheese — if you had spelled it correctly.

    • Bhazor says:

      Well I’m sure we’re all very impressed you managed to spend $3000 on a computer. Well done.

      But where on earth did you get the idea this was a AAA budget game?

    • felixduc says:

      Sorry, I was fooled by the full page background ads on nearly every major PC gaming site into thinking it was just another indie mod. The numerous previews, video interviews, and anticipatory articles fooled me, too.

      My apologies. If you hold this title to the standard of “Oh wow! Unknown Indie Developer Releases Under-The-Radar-World-War-II-Shooter!” then two fucking thumbs up, pattycakes.

      After all, this is the website that played two hours of Fallout: New Vegas and called it a load of crap.

    • Rii says:


    • bear912 says:


    • Bhazor says:

      Ahh so you mean Sengoku has the same budget as Call of Duty MW3 because they can afford an advert on RPS? Got it.

    • stahlwerk says:

      if only there were a stronger word…

    • felixduc says:

      Ah yes, the old Straw Man argument.

      You’re right, friend. Sengoku — look at its presence here! — received nearly identical build-up. In fact, its advertising strategy was so brilliant that it only sought the pounds (dollars? dinars? doesn’t matter when you’re making money hand over fist like Paradox Interactive!) of RPS subscribers.

      It decided to forgo the mainstream potential of the American market like Tripwire did. I mean, obviously Paradox could afford it — ad rates on RPS aren’t cheaper than Gamespy or Steam, are they? Impossible! Tripwire wanted to keep our expectations low, just like Paradox Interactive. Why aim for a mass-market release? Let’s just keep this little RO2 thing quiet and English.

      Brilliant bit of sleuthing on your end!

    • Lipwig says:

      the graphics are fine.

      instead of paying hundreds of people to render 10 million polygons in SASAZOAAXO shader effects i get the impression that theyve focused on what matters

      the gameplay

      if you’re keen to spend $3000 on state of the art lighting effects, go ahead. if that’s what you get out of gaming then i also recommend the battle for LA film because the graphics on that were amazing and nothing else even mattered

      as far as being a game goes and all that implies

      it’s really really good. i don’t know how it compares to RO1, but i haven’t seen too many bitter fans so im optimistic that it’s similar or a step up. my own experiences have been delightful. i Love the realism. it promotes real world tactics, it creates all guns unequal and unbalanced but ultimately makes that less meaningful with the addition of real bonafide team based strategy. having to confirm that the enemy is wearing a different hat and a different shade of grey before you take your shot lest you team kill. love it. love it so much. brutal realism just expands the amount of stuff you have to consider and the unnerving tension of crawling behind a foot high wall hoping nobody flanks you.

    • AlonePlusEasyTarget says:

      @felixduc: Quiet and English? What do you mean by that? Did you mean Tripwire trying to stay to their roots which is being English? Do you even know it is based on Georgia, US? Lots of misinformation in your rants man. Not cool.

    • Gaytard Fondue says:


      You do know that Steam “ads” cost exactly 0.00 units of dosh, do you?

    • wengart says:

      RO2 is definitely a bit faster than RO1 and the gameplay style revolves around displacement and cover where in RO1 it revolved around sway.

      By this I mean in RO1 you could find a could spot that stopped sway and you would be relatively safe because you had the advantage in most encounters. Your enemy would move into your area and be at a great disadvantage because they would be in a place they did not nullify sway. Whereas in RO2 its about cover and movement. You need to be behind something hard and peek out every once in a while to check for targets. You need to move from position to position. Since it’s so much easier to hit targets 100m away.

      Graphically it looks pretty damn good on ultra. I mean of course you can’t compare it to AAA games like BF3 because whether you like it or not Tripwire is just a big indie. They don’t have the amount of time, cash, or people the BF3 has. On the other hand RO2 most certainly looks better than COD7MW3.

      Also the draw distance has never given me any issues with spotting people, although it is now much easier to hide in rubble. Are you sure you just didn’t see him?

    • arccos says:

      Wow… alot of people have become significantly emotionally involved in the success of this game, and seem unable to take valid criticism where offered.

      This is a $40 minimum game. Its not a $10 mod or a $15 indie with a heart. It is a full cost, and hopefully fully featured, online shooter. Its competing in an already glutted genre where even some of the big games are going free to play.

      Yes, gameplay matters. So do the graphics. So do the animations. So does the single player. If the game is going to compete in that price range, it better be pretty damn solid all the way around.

      If this game was released in this state by EA or Ubisoft, what would some of your responses be?

  11. Zulthar says:

    – Bad optimization
    – Laggy servers
    – Stats don’t work

    But I’m having a BLAST with this game anyway. Lots of cool details which make the atmosphere and experience amazing.

  12. Bweahns says:

    Server browser crashes, game runs like a 1 legged dog despite being a very average looking directx 9 game. Crossfire also isn’t supported yet but that’s understandable.

    Wish I hadn’t heard of this game until a month or two from now when hopefully this annoying shit will be fixed.

  13. neoghoul says:

    Damn that damnable thing!No, damn Germany for getting their censoring hands on every wwii-themed game out there, making no exceptions.
    Can someone tell sth. about the story here?
    Is it again about the embittered, quirky little man trying to takeover the world all by himself? That scenario is just so lame and overused. :X
    Funny thing though… just the other day i read about those movies and games, all having THE one evil opponent one has to defeat in order to secure all-embracing peace. I’m a fan of irony….and moreover of sleep… ought better get some now

  14. Demiath says:

    Great, a new military shooter with significant online features. How 2011.

  15. Skusey says:

    If the mouseover text were true I’d buy this instantly.

  16. DOLBYdigital says:

    I agree with others that even though there are some issues with the browser, I’m still having a blast with the game. It really plays well with a full server and good commander/squad leaders. I do feel that there are a lot of new players though, the last game I played I had 15 kills and 1 death which was by my own team mate :p

    People will get used to this style though and I can see this game getting better and better with patches etc… Tripwire are good at post release support (at least with killing floor)

    • Duckpoop says:

      I would consider myself pretty decent at Unreal Tournament, but that’s about the only competitive online FPS I’ve played much of. Besides that, all I can really think of is the ~3-4 hours of TF2 I’ve played where I just ran around as scout doubling jumping like in UT with mixed results while people yelled at me for not capturing points :P

      I really want to try to get into this game, but I imagine I will be terrible at it at first. I’m glad to hear you are having fun with it! Likely another newbie to help pad your k:d ration joining soon :)

  17. John Connor says:

    Is this low settings or does the game just look like shit?

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      Yes. To both.

    • Calneon says:

      I think it looks great.

    • Phinor says:

      I see some people calling the game ugly but I just don’t see it. Maybe it lacks the absolute top notch visuals and gimmicks but I think the game looks stunning thanks to the very specific look it has. I’ve seen my share of BF3 and it looks superb but RO2 is a game made by a a handful of people, by a very small company in comparison. Looking at the horizon with 50+ players fighting tooth and nail for their positions on a map like Spartanovka is something I’ve not quite seen anywhere else.

      The situation reminds me of Source engine games (HL2, DoD:S etc.) back in 2004 or so when some people were calling them shite looking but I thought they were the best looking games available. To this day I think HL2 looks great and hasn’t lost much in terms of visuals.

    • Snakejuice says:

      Phinor: This is so true, the Source engine must be the best engine ever made for PC, I mean most games that use the Source engine like HL2, CS:S, DOD:S, Dark Messiah, Portal 1/2 looks really really really awesome to this day!

  18. wazups2x says:

    It’s a rough launch. I’m just hoping Tripwire fixes all of the major issues quick.

  19. scorpionbruno says:

    felixduc I couldn’t agree more with your opinion .

  20. Mattressi says:

    OK, I just watched the trailer and I have a question for those who own the game: what is the weird blue/red motion blur thing (is it supposed to be 3D with red/blue glasses?) and can I disable it? It hurts my head. If it was just when big explosion went off, that’d be OK, but many times the character wasn’t even in combat and was just turning or running and the entire world separated into red/blue/colour planes. Please tell me there’s a way to turn this off, because I don’t think I’ll be able to play this game if I can’t. In real life, when I turn my head, I might lose a bit of focus, but I sure as hell don’t get triple vision, with two of those visions being a red and blue filter :S

    • Thants says:

      Blue/red motion blur? I didn’t see that in the trailer.

    • Mattressi says:

      I take it back: I think my computer must have screwed up. If I play the trailer in 1080 from the start, it shows blue/red motion blur throughout the trailer. If I turn it down to 480 it’s fine; then I let it play a bit, then turn it up to 1080, and it’s still perfectly fine. Weird error on my computer’s part :S

  21. Squiddity says:

    Oh, sure, guys, you whine and complain when big companies make WWII games, calling them unrealistic or too prevalent, but as soon as an small independent developer makes a multiplayer WWII FPS, you’re all over it, despite the historical inaccuracies present in the very title and the fact that it’s a WWII game.

    For SHAME.

    Did I sarcasm right? I think I sarcasmed right. I hope so.

  22. coldvvvave says:

    We don’t need another brown-grey manshoot FPS!

    Oh wait, RPS actually likes this one, nvm.

    • Loveschach says:

      I don’t mind a brown-grey manshoot as long as it’s not the sort that makes war look like an action movie with macho grit-man and grit-world running face-first into machine guns alone or taking a rocket on the chin and surviving. In RO2, if run out in the open without looking, you’re liable to get shot. If you’re too close to a grenade, you get blown up, and the entire time every soldier around you sounds absolutely terrified to be where they are.

      That’s a manshoot done right, I think.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      It’s a realllllly thin line, isn’t it? I admit I am often baffled as to why some get the hate and some get the love.

    • Jesse L says:

      Here’s a hint: there’s more to it than color palette.

  23. HermitUK says:

    It’s been a rough launch. Even the beta veered between playable, laggy, and entirely broken seemingly at random with each update. Hopefully in a couple of months most of the issues are ironed out. I’d hate for this to go the way of BRINK and have a dodgy launch cripple the player base.

  24. Brise Bonbons says:

    I can deal with poor performance and bugs. I can deal with crashes and stat tracking being broken. I can even deal with paying $40 for what is essentially a big ol’ mod. Hell, those things just add character!

    My make or break issue – Is the core gameplay there? Because I’m skeptical at this point: Unlocks, progression, loss of location-based damage. Bayonets that are permanently attached, reduced gun sway, reduced map size…

    This game has all the signs of an indie studio trying to chase mainstream audiences by compromising their unique vision, and it’s keeping me from dropping money on the game.

    So, there’s the rub. Is this true to the spirit of RO:Ostfront? Is it an indie game with a unique, idiosyncratic vision that it pursues doggedly? Or has it become another brown manshoot aiming for accessibility?

    P.S. yes the launch has been rough, and that’s unfortunate. It looks terrible for all involved. It still isn’t enough to turn me off – only the core design decisions are.

    • Veeskers says:

      “loss of location-based damage”

      Are you sure about this one? It seemed pretty unique…

    • JB says:

      Having been shot in the wrist, calf, chest (and so on) seperately whilst playing, I’m thinking that one is still in there.

    • Cerzi says:

      Yeah, there’s even specific kill icons for shooting people not only in the head, but the heart and the balls. Getting shot anywhere else and you have a chance of surviving if you bandage the wound quick enough, and the damage is also shown on your portrait (similar to RO1 iirc). Bleedouts from limb wounds are not uncommon.

    • wengart says:

      It’s essentially the same as RO1 but the change in gun play means the cover and displacement are king instead of RO1s sway reduction.

      In other words. In RO1 you could camp a window wich would reduce your weapon sway and be king of the street for a while because no one else had the sway reduction. In RO2 if you camp a window you’re gonna be dead pretty soon. You need to stand back in the house, keyhole yourself, fire and move. Overall it’s a much richer experience.

    • Brise Bonbons says:

      Sorry I was vague about location damage – I was referring to things like having your gun shot out of your hand, getting blurred vision from surviving a head wound, and having your movement slowed due to leg injury, which I understand were present in RO:OST

      I feel like the bleed-out system definitely has some good gameplay ramifications, but it’s still a worrying loss of complexity. Or maybe it leads to more actual choice. I just don’t know.

      As to the rest of the replies – thanks! Reading random impressions on the TWI forums has just been so frustrating, with one person saying it’s amazing and the next complaining about how it doesn’t feel like an RO game anymore. Normally I’d give TWI the money out of principle, but I’m broke – and there are a ton of other games that deserve money – out of principle – coming up.

      Guess I’ll just wait and see how things turn out. Though I’m terrified that this rough start will see RO2 having the same short shelf life that most non-AAA MP FPSs have had recently. The sad, slow deaths of games like Lead and Gold and S8: Prejudice has made me extremely wary of buying into indie games that rely on a solid MP community. It’s a real shame.

  25. Grape says:

    Wow. The game really does run like shit. We’re talking “unplayable”, here.

    I know there’s this famous bug that causes some ATI-cards to run the game like crap even though the actual machines are quite powerful, and it looks like I’ve caught it.

    And I was looking forward to this one. Lovely.

    • Phinor says:

      Yep, there’s still something weird going on with random computer setups. My ATI (6970) is running the game nearly flawlessly. Everything at ultra but shadows (at high) and I’m mostly in the 60-70fps range. Then the next guy with nearly identical setup tells me that he’s running at 20-30fps with settings at medium.

  26. TimA says:

    Hmm, I seem to be one of the few here where the game ran absolutely fine in beta, and I don’t have a high-end system.

    Also, the game is brilliant. I’ve been playing RO since the UT2003 mod, and this is the best so far. Can’t stop playing, I just love it.

    • Grape says:

      Hmm, I seem to be one of the few here where the game ran absolutely fine in beta, and I don’t have a high-end system.

      You don’t have a high-end system, and that’s exactly the point.

    • TimA says:

      Ohh, ok, I see. That’s a shame.

      Does it not work with settings turned down? I think it looks pretty good on medium.

    • wengart says:

      I have a top end rig and should probably be getting close to if not above 60 fps on ultra, but I average 40 fps right now. It doesn’t make the game unplayable and if you don’t check your FPS counter you probably won’t notice but it is odd.

  27. Grape says:


  28. GallonOfAlan says:

    I think the deciding factor as to whether a WII manshoot gets the love or hate is how much it will appeal to frat-boy fuckclumps blaring on teamspeak, or otherwise.

  29. metalangel says:

    And here I am stuck in Swindon in a meeting about railway performance figures when I could be fighting the Great Patriotic War Of Great Stalinness! Still, I’ll be home eventually…

  30. Njordsk says:

    I trully hated it for the first couple of hours. Now I’m loving every minutes of it. It’s tough, but rewarding, ugly but great.

    It’s just a toy for me, waiting for BF3, but it’s a great toy. Sure it does have some problems but it’s so fun playing it.

    • gornmyson says:

      I am really having trouble getting going, but i can see how it could be very rewarding..
      Also tiding the time with it until BF3 makes me an early christmas.

  31. brkl says:

    Guh, this seems like a big disappointment. But it’s hard to say since in the current state I can’t even complete the tutorial. Jesus, what a buggy game.

  32. Synesthesia says:

    Rough launch, but i played a few hours yesterday and god does this game grow on you. My first real firefight really got me. people dying Everywhere, moving from cover in turns, looking everywhere for targets and threats, bullets wheezing, DAMN. So good.

    Smoke textures definitely need more work though.

  33. Necroscope says:

    So far so good for this gamer. Apart from a few glitches loading in a customised splash screen and the training level flashing up before my eyes before setting out on the 3rd [i think] single-player mission its been great fun. I’m enjoying the tense multiplayer firefights! Ping to a UK labelled server I joined was smooth enough, I didn’t notice any performance drops that impacted gameplay. Also enjoying some hilarity of bantering with other gamers watching me noob it up has been fun too :) My view is the graphics are great. There is enough detail. More stuff is likely to mean more clutter. Is that really going to be worth it?