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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Special Deal

Update: Buy Mirror’s Edge.

Oh dear. I’m going against doctor’s orders here. I was told to take some time off work after having two of my wisdom teeth out yesterday, but I don’t think the doctor realised that my job is just pressing buttons on a keyboard in the right order. Still, I am feeling a bit ropey, and my head isn’t quite straightened out after my general anaesthetic, so if I’ve missed anything obvious, or said anything that doesn’t make sense: That’s probably why. SavyGamer is still going, so that’s a web site you maybe want to visit. Here’s this week’s best value downloads:Portal – Free
Oh Valve. <3.

Here's John's verdict of this, all the way back from 2007:

This is Valve’s trademark knowledge of the player put into a new genre. Because it knows how you’re going to think as you walk into a room, it is once more manipulating you, both to aid and hinder, such that when listening to the commentaries on a second run through, you’ll feel like the marionette of some lunatic benevolent puppeteer. You thought you looked up at one point because you were inspired to by your own ingenuity. But no – they tricked you into it. The cads.

You’d have to be crazy-silly to still avoid playing what I think is Valve’s best get yet, when they are offering it for free. This promotion ends on Tuesday, so get it asap, and make sure to tell your friends.

DEEPAK FIGHTS ROBOTS – £3.23/€3.69/$4.95
ALL CAPS, indeed. John said this of DFR:

The wonderful sitar funk appears throughout the game, in increasingly surreal and eye-distorting levels. And it’s a lot of fun. The challenges don’t ramp up too quickly, and there’s infinite lives to ensure things are focused on fun. There’s bunches of bonuses to collect, including further nods to Bubble Bobble in the form of fruit and letters. (I’ve yet to find an umbrella that lets me skip levels.) And my favourite feature are the “shields”, animal friends that’ll accompany you, and take the brunt of a collision with a robot. On death the robots will occasionally make remarks, and I think this must be the first game in which the baddies have offered “MY CONDOLENCES” after I’ve died.

Sounds fabulous. VIDEO.

Star Wars: Republic Commando – £3.49/€4.49/$4.99
Alec has Retro’d and then Re-Retro’d this, and it’s totally worth a look. It’s on sale as part of the general Star Wars promo at both Steam and Direct2Drive (UK/USA), where both Kotor for £3.49/€4.49/$4.99 and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga for £7.50/€8.58/$9.95 are also stand out deals.

Darksiders – £5/€5/$5
I didn’t get on too well with this. There’s definitely entertaining moments, but it just felt sloppily designed, with weak puzzles and badly put together set pieces throughout. Here’s Jim’s impressions:

The game is often impressive to look at, despite a few blandments. It borrows heavily from the chaos and imperial imagery of the Warhammer universes, but that’s probably a good thing, both because that maximalist ludicrousness is just a great palette for a supernatural biff-bonanza, and also because this same developer is making the 40k MMO, and if this is anything to judge things by, they’re not going to have any trouble creating the necessary art assets to making it look suitably hyper-gothic.

Deal of the week
Time Gentlemen, Please! – 43p/€0.59/$0.77
Apply coupon “lewiepsspecialdeal”.
Here’s a special deal, from me to you, via Dan taking pity on my post-dental-surgery feebleness last night. What a sweetie. Here’s Wot Alex Thought of Time Gentlemen, Please!

TGP’s heroes, Ben and Dan, are openly overjoyed to be in an adventure game – delighted by the puzzle-potential of a newly-swiped item, and considering their inventories a physical record of joy and adventure. Often, the two will turn to each other after a clever/awful pun or ridiculous puzzle solution and both let loose a massive, shit-eating grin: they’re in a videogame, and they love it.

A great deal at full price, but it’s an utter steal for this discounted price. Use *credit card* on *internet*.

Also of note:
Tex Murphy 50% off promo.
Men of War – £2/€2/$2
Cryostasis – £2/€2/$2

For constantly up to date news on the best gaming deals across all platforms, get yourself over to SavyGamer.

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