Betalfield 3: DICE Finally Give Us A Date

Tanks a lot ahahahahahahaahahahahahaaaaha

A date for you: September 29. That date is when the much-awaited open beta for Battlefield 3 will commence. It will run until October 10.

Another date for you: September 27. That date is when people who pre-ordered BF3 PC via EA’s trouble-makin’ Origin platform or who made the mistake of coughing up for the Limited Edition of last year’s Medal of Honor reboot will get to access the beta.

More details and FAQs and things here, and there are system requirements and some singleplayer footage we may not have already shown you below, if you like. Oh, and some no doubt divisive news regarding the PC beta specifically: “ORIGIN WILL BE USED TO DISTRIBUTE THE BETA INSTALLATION AND RUN THE GAME AND THEREFORE NECESSARY TO PLAY.” Their capitals, not mine.

System requirements for you:





And now that footage. This is from the singleplayer mission Operation Guillotine, which I had a look at myself recently:

NOISY, and sadly from a 360 build. But looked really good in non-compressed motion, I assure you.


  1. Bosscelot says:

    I’m hype.

    • staberas says:

      Me 2, about the game not Origin.
      Also no buy until they sell it on steam , i dont need another EA downloader on my pc.

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      Hello, Hype.

    • coldvvvave says:

      I’m wait and see.

    • Tuskin38 says:


      Good luck never playing it then.

    • CMaster says:

      Yeah, even if they were to relent and sell it on Steam in the end, that would just mean you’d have to have both Steam and Origin running, which is surely the worst of both worlds?

      (Actually, a lot (most?) non-Steamworks games bought through Steam don’t actually need Steam running to work. Just find the exe in steamapps and run it.)

    • Tuskin38 says:


      Some you can run right from the Steamapps folder, but more and more non-steamworks games are requiring Steam to run.

      I don’t remember exactly what game it was, but I used to launch it all the time from the EXE, but then one day I couldn’t anymore, it launched steam.

    • chrisjr says:

      I believe you can run origin games without actually having origin running, or at least the full program doesn’t start up.

    • jay35 says:

      Maybe he’ll skip it like some folks skipped MW2. Wtf do you know. It’s almost guaranteed to be a buggy debacle at launch anyway, so it’s not like waiting to see if they relent and offer it through Steam would be that big a deal.

    • empfeix says:


      I think most games being sold on Origin do not require it to run while playing. But I think Battlefield 3 is required to run Origin to play it if I read correctly.

    • Tams80 says:

      Can someone explain to me how Steam is that much better than Origin?

      They both greatly restrict off-line play. If I where to try and put Steam into online mode now for instance, it wouldn’t let me go back to off-line mode after trying to connect. It would just try connecting ad infinitum.

    • Magnetude says:

      It uses Origin for multiplayer, so even if they do sell it on Steam eventually that just means installing and running two levels of DRM instead of one. And the comparison with people ‘skipping’ MW2 doesn’t really hold because the CoD games are a guaranteed once-a-year event, whereas DICE have said they’re not planning to annualise Battlefield.

      Golly I’m sick of comments complaining about Origin/GFWL/etc without saying anything insightful.

    • Kadayi says:


      There’s been no clarification on that tbh. The most they’ve said is that the game requires origin, which really isn’t that different from their games requiring EADM for patches etc in the first place. People got their knickers in a twist about the game needing Origin for the beta, but again it’s their choice of resumable downloader (no different than GoGs downloader truth be told). Sure I get some people are unhappy about EA not selling it via Steam, but that’s their choice. I think it’s a dumb as hammers move myself, however as a gamer I’m more interested in playing games at the end of the day than cocking a snoot at a publisher over how they sell their game.

    • Synesthesia says:

      well, for one, steam lets me purchase their games in dollars, the same as amazon, ebay, and any other internet salesplace. Origin instead, tells me im european because i speak spanish, and scams me into Euro pricing, which is maybe the most inflated currency in my country right now, and region locks me out of my own continent. So yeah, thats a reason, maybe. Believe me, i tried to buy this game. I want to play this game.

  2. Nero says:

    I’m looking forward to try it. Too bad I will be on holiday from 1-8 oct :(.

    • GenBanks says:

      You mean you don’t spend all your holidays playing games?

    • Creeping Death says:

      He might be one of those poor unfortunate souls that has to spend their holidays with *shudder* family… :/

  3. Surgeon says:

    A bit disappointing that it is the same single map and game mode as the Alpha.
    Especially seeing as Operation Metro didn’t do BF3 justice at all.
    It felt like an infantry only 32 player TDM game, which we all know it isn’t.

    • ChromeBallz says:

      They’re probably trying to stresstest the core gameplay systems rather than the maps. Check for imbalances, trends and player tactics that could shed some light on where more number tweakers are needed.

      At this stage in development, they won’t be able to do more than that, not this close to release.

    • CMaster says:

      I’ve no intention of pre-ordering, although there’s good odds I’ll get this game some way down the line. It is a bit disappointing though, you’d have hoped to see some of the epic warfare promised.
      Still, let us know how it feels, pre-ordering types.

    • Surgeon says:

      I was hoping for 64 man Conquest with jets for the beta, that should be stress-tastic :)

      I think you’ll be pleased CMaster, it feels amazing.
      The running, crouching, proning and jumping is brilliant.
      And the vaulting animations are so superb you almost forget you’re in a war, and just end up doing a steeplechase around the map instead.

    • Tuskin38 says:

      I was disappointed as well, but this build, Unlike the alpha will have all the graphical options. The Alpha was Locked at ‘Low’ according to the devs.

    • MisterT says:

      some srtess test, only 1/2 the players.
      makes 64 player conquest look like an afterthought .
      g.g. DICE

    • Magnetude says:

      I’m looking forward to this immensely. I’m on call that week (have to be near a computer at all times in case a website needs fixing) and this is going to save me.

      Didn’t get to try the alpha but I saw some trolling going round about the lack of tessellation etc, glad we’ll be able to crank the settings up this time.

  4. Njordsk says:


    Metro rush, 11 days. And all that hype to say the last day of september? It’s still my most awaited game even, but that sucked

  5. Bull0 says:

    In what way would anyone expect the beta not to require Origin, really?


    “Medal of Honor remake”

    …not convinced it was a “remake”, really. It was more a “lazily titled sequel”. Fully agree that anyone who bought the Limited Edition probably cried bitter tears, though.

    I’m not as fussed about battlefield 3 as someone who recently bought a very powerful desktop PC for gaming should probably be. I really can’t get over my skepticism that the infantry combat can be anything other than the seven shades of dull that it has been in every battlefield game prior. The footage I’ve seen really ought to have convinced me, because it does look like it’s improved lots, but yet I remain unconvinced. Also, self-healing tanks.

  6. Chizu says:

    2 days is all we get early for having purchased Medal of Honor?

  7. Alec Meer says:

    POLITE NOTICE: if you’re not at all interested in the subject matter of a story here, please don’t waste everyone’s time by saying so, and instead just go read/comment on the next story of interest to you. That a story/game you are not personally interested in exists will not result in any harm coming to you, I promise.

    • Unaco says:

      This should probably be at the bottom of every article/top of every comment thread. When you put focus on the Comment box, this should pop up and require a mouse press and a small CAPTCHA maths problem to be solved.

    • GenBanks says:

      lol agreed

    • Orija says:

      Think about the pageviews.

    • Dana says:

      Im hyped for Bf3 and Im looking forward to play beta of this game. Thank you Alec about informing me about the beta date, and system requirements as well. See you on the Battlefield !

    • Groove says:

      I love RPS.

      Simply showing some courtesy and people even vaguely tolerating each other is a fantastic thing on the internet.

    • Askeladd says:

      Yeah, I really like the comments on your articles RPS, thank you very much.
      Most of the comments have ‘content’.
      Those that aren’t meaningful are mostly funny.

      Oh and BTW: Nice pun, I just saw it on the third time reading the headline.

    • rocketman71 says:

      I’m interested in who isn’t interested, but whatever.

  8. lunarplasma says:

    The REAL question is if they’ll start pre-loading the game before that date. Otherwise, surely even EA’s servers won’t be able to handle that many people downloading the game at once?

    • Matchstick says:

      Can you think of a better way to conduct a stress test of the Origin server infrastructure ?

    • lunarplasma says:

      Stress test of the people trying to download it too!

    • Delusibeta says:

      I was going to point out that Origin is basically the old EADM system, but then again EA needs a dry run for The Old Republic, and this is a good excuse as any, since you can assume nobody’s paid for it after the 29th.

    • akumen says:

      EA said that there will be pre-download available for BF3 although the game will be locked until midnight of release date. Beta should stress test their servers nicely.

  9. briktal says:


  10. Flukie says:

    They could of at least given us a vehicle map, you can’t exactly do balance tests without one.

    Oh wait its not a test its a demo. Just a demo with an excuse for being buggy.

  11. Spookie says:

    Yummy. I can’t wait to try it out on my rig.

  12. kulik says:

    0:44 Is that guy wearing a black glasses during a night op?

    • CMaster says:

      Clearly, his vision is augmented

    • Davee says:

      No, he’s clearly too cool not to wear shaded glasses all the time. I mean, he’s the guy having to help everyone up and over the wall, isn’t he? It’s a very cool job. Really.

    • CMaster says:

      To be fair, while shades are a bad idea, surely with all the dust, shrapnel, etc etc in that sort of combat environment, some for of eye protection would be a good idea for everyone?

  13. db1331 says:

    I’m one of the ones who bent over for Origin. I only did it for the two free games though (I’m a cheap slut). It is kind of funny how EA gave me a free copy of MoH for pre-ordering BF3, and I get the same early beta access as the suckers who paid $60 for MoH at release.

    I was really hoping the beta would be the Caspian map, but I’ll take what I can get. Metro is an absolute camp-fest at the first stage, and since 90% of the players ignored the objectives, the defenders won just about every round. Once you blow the first set of objectives and head down into the tunnels though, oh my is it a great time…

    • ShineDog says:

      It didn’t help things that the guns were lazer accurate and squad spawning was broken. They’ve said publically that they have addressed these things and given the map some work, so I don’t think we can say with any certainty it’s still going to be an enormous shitfest of a map.

  14. CaspianRoach says:

    But I want it to run on my WinXP :(

    • Askeladd says:

      Buy the Win 7 Systembuilder Ed. It won’t hurt you.

    • Pod42 says:

      Only reason I upgraded from XP was for this game, it’ll be worth it but yeah XP ftw.

    • Askeladd says:

      Win 7 64 Bit with 8GB RAM.
      I had XP, I never looked back.
      I don’t want this to turn out into a OS fanboi contest, so I’m gonna back away from that.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Let me pat you on the back with all your powerful PCs, some of us don’t upgrade that often. And yeah my installing win7 on 32bit machine with 2gb of RAM will not make any games run faster. So I don’t see how buying a copy of OS is justified in this position.

      And I’m not saying that Win7 is worse than WinXP, not at all. In fact I do find some of the design choices there interesting and comfortable but I clearly see and know that this system needs a better computer to make the most of itself.

    • TormDK says:

      Most be sad living in 2006 CaspianRoach.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      My PC runs 90% of modern games on medium to high setting so I’m pretty happy about it for now. I don’t need ubersampling or AAx16 to enjoy a good game. Seeing as BF3 can run on ps3/xbox360 my PC should be able to run it as well. And yeah, PC components are overpriced in Russia. And average wage in my city is about 500 euros a month if not less.

    • Shortwave says:

      I just want to let you know that Windows 7 with some light settings adjustments will honestly run better than XP does on older machines like yours. So yes it could also help game performance.
      I actually install 7 on older laptops “made for xp” now just because of that.
      It usually ends up feeling like a new computer and feels a lot more fluid and responsive.
      Some basic things i do.. Turn off indexing, classic theme and other fancy visual effects.
      Fuck it go turn off User Account Control so you don’t get annoyed by warnings.
      Google “Take Ownership menu Windows 7” which adds a quick button to have privileges on anything.
      Annnnnnnd, yea! Seriously will run better, I swear on my soul!

      But I totally agree that your system has no excuse not to play any game on the market respectively.
      All we need to go do is compare the numbers. : P No brainer.. Consoles are after-all more or less six year old computers.. All PS3 has done is remove features instead of upgrade them notably, beyond now using less power consumption and a smaller CPU. : / That is why I enjoyed Carmac’s video a while back about game scaling and yadda’ yadda! I’m a mid-high end hardware guy (Amd x6 / 8gb / 6950 2gb) but I totally get the important of utilizing what we buy and the value of it’s longevity, but for different reasons that you. I’m honestly rather upset with how things are lately. I have all of this extra juice but no games even use it. What’s the point? Poor business ethics, scammy bastards!

      I’m actually insulted that the RADEON 6950 is only it’s reccomended, hah. It’s the most expensive thing in my case and more or less new on the market. With 2gb of Vram in it! Like fuck sakes man.. : /

      Good thing I don’t plan on buying this game.
      DLC, no mods, EA keeps screwing over their customers (Which includes myself) and I don’t want to support them any further. As in, supporting their distribution service. Maybe if their games stop adopting all the latest fads and focused more on their actual core fans. Reselling old maps now.. LOL. K’ sorry, I wrote a novel. Bye.

    • pistolcm says:

      Do note that the System Specs are set by the creators of the game. Not some guy on RPS. If it says “you need this to play” you need that to play.

      Yes, those are the MINIMUM required to launch the game. That doesn’t mean “oh you have old PC? You raunch grame rite aray!” it means “Compatible GPU not found, you may be able to launch the game, but shiiiiiii is gonna be f’d up.”

      And by “modern games” do you mean games made for the console and ran on a PC? This “modern game” has its minimum requirement where most games have their recommended requirement set (most games -recommend- 8800 GT, this game has that card as the bare minimum).

  15. GenBanks says:

    Any word on whether Alpha players will have early access to the beta?

    • Tuskin38 says:

      I doubt it. But I’ll get getting it early anyways because I pre-ordered off Origin.

    • Rehykja says:

      I received an email after the Alpha saying I have “priority” access for the Beta. No clarification in the email on what “priority” means though.

    • Tuskin38 says:

      You’ll probably get it 2 days early like the Pre-order people and Medal of Honour LE people.

  16. Rehykja says:

    So does Origin still have all that awful “we can scan everything on your PC and use it for marketing” crap going on? If so, I’m out and will be canceling my pre-orders for this game as much as it breaks my heart.

    • Askeladd says:

      Oh, I feel with you. But I’m staying adamant about origin. I refuse to run more than one digital distributioning service. The internet is flooded enough with programs that are similiar to each other but somehow try to bind their userbase with a particular feature to them. Thats just a marketing trick and I refuse to give in.

    • Christian says:

      Didn’t they soften that recently? RPS reported about it afair.
      So now it only says that it collects data regarding the game (of course more nicely worded..).

    • Rehykja says:

      Here’s what I could find about the updated EULA aside from the happy feel good marketing fluff they amended:

      Old: “You agree that EA may collect, use, store and transmit technical and related information that identifies your computer (including the Internet Protocol Address), operating system, Application usage (including but not limited to successful installation and/or removal), software, software usage and peripheral hardware”

      New: “The non-personally identifiable information that EA collects includes technical and related information that identifies your computer (including the Internet Protocol Address) and operating system, as well as information about your Application usage (including but not limited to successful installation and/or removal), software, software usage and peripheral hardware.”

      To me it sounds pretty much the same. They’re still collecting the same data, but they swear to play nice about it. I’m not sure I’m cool with that. If they had an opt-out it’d be a non-issue for me, but I don’t see why they need all this info about software that’s not related to their service or game.

    • Shooop says:

      Only bit that’s changed is “We promise we won’t sell what we find to other people.”

      So they can still scan your entire computer if you press “Agree.” So fuck ’em.

    • Rehykja says:

      That’s pretty much my take. I’m going to see if I can get in touch with EA and get them to clarify if they mean “Software” referring to Origin alone or to “software” when they say it can scan your PC. If it somehow means that it can only scan Origin related files and for EA games I don’t have as big of a problem with it.

      I’m pretty sure I just want to play BF3 so bad that I’m praying for miracles.

    • Shooop says:

      No one with any reason would. But since all they’ve done is add “Oh we won’t sell anything we find to anyone” instead tells me that’s not what they intend.

      It would have taken 5 minutes at most (if no one in the office was good at typing) to make it say, “We won’t scan anything but EA files tied to Origin” in legal speak. It’s not there because they don’t intend to set that limit.

      The real question is why RPS is still hyping a game that has spyware THEY THEMSELVES reported it to have?

    • Shortwave says:

      That is seriously messed up.

  17. Christian says:

    While I’m quite fine with Origin (worked nicely enough during the Alpha), and as much as I’d like to be excited about this…this has a shallow taste to it:

    1. No stats carry over from the Beta. While I sort of understand that, it’s still disappointing. Wasn’t the main incentive of pre-ordering (except for early access to the map-pack) that you get sort of a head-start? So the only thin I get for pre-ordering are two days early access on
    2. just one map (which is kind of small and felt a bit repetitive)
    3. which doesn’t count for anything?

    So after the hype I do feel a bit disappointed to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited for this game and can’t wait to play it..but this…I don’t know, I would have expected a bit more there.

    I was holding with the pre-order because it wasn’t quite clear to me how this would happen and I’m glad I did. I guess there’s not a lot of reasons left to pre-order on Origin then for 60,- € when I can just wait until close to release and then buy it for 30,- from or something..

    I think the “right” way would have been to have the open Beta and *then* two days early access to the game for pre-order-people.

    hehe, nice. I read the post’s title again and laughed.

  18. celozzip says:

    does anyone know how big it’ll be? i wont bother if it’s ridiculous. i see the specs say 20gb but i assume that’s only for the full game.

  19. SoggySilicon says:

    Battlefield is so good that sometimes one forgets Origin is running… then sometimes it will crash (Bf) or (in my case) someone will message you on steam and it will tab you out… and your reminded how mediocre Origin is. Steam and Origin are both store fronts, but Origin “feels” more commercial and far less personal than Steam.

  20. kickme22 says:

    @people saying you can play without Origin. It is quite a bit of trouble to do so. The way I had it set up I added the BF3 exe to steam. Launching on Steam launches origin. Which launches your webbrowser that takes you to the Battlelog website. Where you sign in. Then you chose your game mode then origin launches BF3.

  21. Unaco says:

    Any word on which Browsers will be supported for this BattleLog thing? Better have Lynx support.

  22. Visualante says:

    I’m willing to try this Origin nonsense but only if they let me pre-load. I won’t bother otherwise. I’m expecting this thing to be several gigabytes.. it’s going to take me several days to download probably. Barely worth my time.

  23. iainl says:

    Wow, those are some serious specs. My graphics card doesn’t quite hit minimum, and it normally runs every game also on 360 just fine.

  24. Theory says:

    To run BF3 on Ultra you will need TWO of the latest graphics cards. Looks like us mortals will be sticking with High!

    Edit: in retrospect, given my 3 year old GPU perhaps I’m being a little optimistic there.

    • akumen says:

      “A little”? I admire your sense of humour sir ;) I have a 1.5 year-old GPU that is a hair above the recommended and I don’t think I’ll be running on high. They said that recommended is for medium settings, FYI. I am assuming 1080p and 60fps medium kind of settings but no idea what AA/AF setting they are using.

  25. Carra says:

    Mmm, I’ve got a 8800 GT.

    About time I’m looking to upgrade my pc :(

  26. tossrStu says:

    A date for you: September 29. That date is MY BIRTHDAY

  27. Shooop says:



    …So then, how about a review of Red Orchestra 2 RPS?

    • pistolcm says:

      Why would you pirate a game renowned world-wide for its multiplayer?

      Did you pirate BF2142 because you didn’t like EADM, and just play bots all day?

    • Shooop says:

      Obviously so you realize how there’s much better other mutliplayer games out there and actually buy those instead. While keeping EA’s dirty eyes out of your computer.

  28. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    A mistake? I do not think so – I got a nice T-shirt with Dusty and I thoroughly enjoyed both single-player and multi-player of MoH reboot. Worth the full price for me.

  29. DOLBYdigital says:

    Sweet! Looking forward to the release but the beta will hold me off for awhile. Those specs are not too bad, will probably be getting a gtx 560 sooner or later but will see how the beta runs first. I was hoping for some vehicle action but oh well

  30. Jabberslops says:

    I hate the idea of Origin, but… I want to play Battlefield 3. So what I have done is bought a new hard drive just for BF3. I needed a new hard drive anyway, because I wanted to separate my uhh… “Work” from my games. I have all my other hard drives disabled on my Games drive.

    • Persona Jet Rev says:

      A colleague just came up with the same idea. But I’m not sure if I want to install (and boot) a seperate Windows installation just to play this game. It’s a bit absurd and it’s not like there aren’t other good games to play.

      I’m still wondering about the legality of it all. Making you accept some pretty invasive conditions in order to play the product you actually bought doesn’t sound right to me.

    • pistolcm says:

      Thats way too much of an annoyance. STEAM does the same thing, as do other MMO games like World of Warcraft and even WCIII (via the Warden anti-cheat scanner). They all collect non-personal information.

      Origin doesn’t look at your porn and sell that information. It just plain doesn’t.

    • Shooop says:

      That you would feel the need to do this just to play one game is beyond ridiculous.

      Is it so hard to just not buy the thing?

    • Shooop says:

      @Persona Jet Rev:

      Just about anything’s legal as long as the user clicks “Agree” these days.

  31. swedishbacon says:

    Surprising low.
    Dont think i will need to upgrade.