PC’s Batman Arkham City Slips To November

This is impressive. The slip is not.

Sigh, the disease is spreading. Batman: Arkham City on PC, formerly set to be released alongside the consoles, has been pushed back a month. The 360 and PS3 versions of Warner’s game are still coming out on the 21st October, but our version has been given the ambiguous and extremely unhelpful date of “November”. Absolutely no reason is given, so we’ve contacted Warner to find out what’s up.

Meanwhile, four new colourful screenshots don’t exactly make us feel much better about it. They’re below.


  1. Matt7895 says:

    There’s lots of games coming out in the next few months that I’m eagerly anticipating… this, Rage, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, and Uncharted 3 for the PS3. My bank account is going to be horrible to look at.

  2. DickSocrates says:

    Only hope is Warner aren’t so stupid as to try and release this at the same time or after Skyrim, meaning it comes out early November and we aren’t forced to wait longer than 2 weeks.

    I was very annoyed at first, but ultimately, whatever. I understand their reasons and piracy is a problem so fair enough. We found out just far enough in advance to make it less of an issue, but from what I understand they had planned to announce it officially much closer to release date to catch people off guard and bounce them into buying on console rather than taking the easy piracy route; this news leaked out. Not sure how much crossover there is between console gamers that have a PC capable of running Arkham Asylum/City properly who don’t also buy their games.

    Maybe this tactic works (maybe it doesn’t), but it shows complete disregard for loyal fans that fully intend to purchase the game. Now instead of being able to join in with the launch period buzz, we have to sit on our hands like lemons (the type of lemon that has hands). Avoiding spoilers is going to be harder, going to have to stay miles away from any forums.

    Anyone hoping for some sort of compensation DLC should put that out of their minds, Warner, like any big company would rather cut you if it meant they could get your money than do anything nice. Rocksteady themselves may feel some compunction, but who knows, maybe they support this action. Maybe they’ll throw in a free pointless skin. I doubt it.

    Time to move on. Wake me up in November.

  3. MonkfishEsq says:

    Who else thinks that there’s going to be a fucking shit load more people who would have bought it pirating it out of spite now? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

    Treat people like criminals and they start acting like criminals.

  4. Ridnarhtim says:

    Uh-Oh. That’s treading dangerously close to Zelda time.

  5. Shooop says:


    Well, at least Rage is out at the beginning of October.

  6. Grayvern says:

    This shit has to stop.

    It’s either a false conception of piracy or If I was being cynical it’s a plot to stop a migration to pc given the long life of this console generation.

  7. elnalter says:

    8 hour game, i don’t care.

  8. Milky1985 says:

    So if they are delaying by a month then the PC verison gets the Pre-Order DLC thrown in with all purchases for the delay right?

    Havn’t we reach the point of fraudenlent release dates been given out for pc games yet, this mysterious 1 month delay has happened enough times to be an obvious pattern so any company that waits untila month before release to annouce a month delay shoudl be hit with a fine for false advertising