Serious Sam 3 And Knuckles

Have you played that headless bomber iPhone game? I have. That's my story. I hope you liked it.

These Rich Knuckles / Serious Sam 3 helpline videos aren’t ever going to stop, are they? As long as that man has breath in his body, he will just keep on uttering catchphrases, puns, mum gags and snarky digs at the competition. And reassuring people that 16-player co-op does not count as an orgy.

(I heard a rumour they filmed 13 thousand of these videos back to back. 3,124 cameraman died in the process. Knuckles ate their festering corpses in order to keep going himself, though he left all the fingers. He doesn’t like fingers. That’s just what I heard, anyway.)


Here are the other Knuckles videos, in case you missed ’em.


  1. Enzo says:

    I saw a Quick Look of the Beta version of this game on GiantBomb. It looked horrible, amateurish and boring.

    • Bull0 says:

      I think horrible and boring are probably too subjective to fairly apply but the series does have a certain amateurish, homebrew charm to it

    • Enzo says:

      It looked like it’s way more amateurish, “homemade” than the previous Serious Sam games. Also, for some reason they thought it would be a great idea to add realistic “modern warfare” weapons and ironsights to a Serious Sam game. Huh?

    • jokomul says:

      Enzo, I’m not really sure how you can say it looks more “amateurish” than the previous games. In TFE, once you get halfway through the game the environments are all the same. Textures are all similar or identical, and objectives are all very basic and similar. It really can’t get much more “homemade” than that.

      That being said, Serious Sam is a great way to just get in there and blow shit up, regardless of how “homemade” it looks. And to be honest, I really don’t mind the addition of iron sights. My favorite weapon in TSE was the Sniper Rifle because I prefer the feeling of being accurate through a sight rather than just using little white symbols on the screen to instantly hit everything I aim at.

    • ArtyFishal says:

      Enzo, are you referring to this link to , because that looks great to me! Serious Sam is not for everyone. Also the people playing suck at Serious Sam.

    • Unaco says:

      Adding “realistic “modern warfare” weapons and ironsights to a Serious Sam game” is, I believe, what we would term ‘taking the piss’. And why is it such a bad idea? It doesn’t seem like they’re dropping all the other, crazy kind of weapons… it just means MORE guns.

    • skurmedel says:

      As far as I can see it’s only one weapon with iron sights, and it’s the Modern Warfare joke-one.

    • dmadrfe says:

      Iron sights, reloading and sprinting ? This is not Serious Sam…

    • abigbat says:

      I’m sure it’ll be great fun but I was shocked at how bad the visuals were in that build. Looks like fucking Delta Force: Land Warrior.

    • televizor says:

      They keep saying during the video “very early build, the game should be coming out this year” so I don’t think that video’s saying too much about the polish.

    • pupsikaso says:

      That preview built just seems like a quick throw-together, more like a proof of concept than anything else. I mean it’s got placeholder Doom and the earlier Sam sound effects ffs. How can you possibly judge the game on something like that? Wait for some proper trailers.

      Also, that COD weapon made me laugh so hard :D

  2. msarge says:

    I, sadly, will probably get this game for my Xbox so couch coop will be slightly easier to pull off.

    • jokomul says:

      You could always plug your PC into a nice big screen and use controllers too. The PC version has split-screen capabilities.

    • Balobam says:

      NO. That’s a bad PC gamer. Very bad. Get this for PC, connect it to your TV and play splitscreen there.

    • IckyThump says:

      Whoa, there’s splitscreen? On PC?
      I’m so happy…

    • Snuffy the Evil says:

      If you really want to, you can hook up some Wii remotes to your computer with Bluetooth and end up in some sort bizarre Casual-Hardcore PC limbo.

  3. Ovno says:

    This man is very annoying, I must stop watching these videos….

    Looking forward to the game though

    • LionsPhil says:

      It’s worn thin now.

    • Wooly Wugga Wugga says:

      I think they’ve just run out of features to punt. Except for the repetition I’m enjoying these. Mr. Knuckles has a certain charisma.

    • westyfield says:

      Well luckily for you, Devolver say that it’s “the third and final” Rich Knuckles video.

  4. says:

    like a bouse

    like a bouse

    • Skabooga says:

      Thankfully, Rich Knuckles doesn’t strike me as a man who would sheeeet on someone’s desk (like a bouse)

  5. Shooop says:

    I’ve had this pre-ordered every since you guys told us about Fork Parker’s Twitter account.

    I regret nothing.

  6. wodin says:

    Can’t get why people are entused for this game…looks mediocre and seems repetitive…so why the excitment?

    • lijenstina says:

      Like life itself.
      It’s a poetic metaphor about existence fighting through hordes of boring, dreadful days until a headless kamikaze politician blows everything up.

    • Shooop says:

      It’s a throwback to the old days of shooters when you ran around and shot things instead of hiding behind chest high walls, playing whack-a-mole with rifles until the enemy respawn cycle stops. It’s not trying to be original, it’s trying to be a fun shooter.

      And 16 player co-op. When was the last time we ever had that?

    • Thermal Ions says:

      I also struggle to work out why I would buy SS3. I own the HD remake of SS1 and even (or maybe because of) having played it through recently with a group of friends I left wondering what this version will really add to the experience to drive me to buy it.

    • Dominic White says:

      New enemies, new environments, new weapons, and scaling to up to16-player co-op. Why would you ever buy any sequel if not for those?

  7. Nazsha says:

    Well, I like the fact that there doesn’t seem to be regenerating health, which makes me very interested.

  8. pupsikaso says:

    With these kind of adverts let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into another Daikatana.