Squad Up: MoW:AS Getting Update, Sequel (!)

Is this tank...
Men Of War: Assault Squad’s men of development have sent word that they expect to fling an update at the game later this week. There’s also going to be more DLC to follow, and then more to follow that, if they word of DMS’ Chris Kramer (below) is to be believed. Which it is.

He also says: “we are discussing a new title for the series, which is an entire rework of the present game from the ground up”, which is quite, quite exciting.

The patch includes about a bajillion new things, mostly fixes and balances, but also some new weapons and stuff, including two new spot-the-difference tanks (pictured). The new DLC will include five new multiplayer maps, and a new game mode, which we asked about…

RPS: Can you tell us a bit about how the new game mode will play out?

Kramer: Day of Victory provides an interesting and refreshing change from the game modes currently in Assault Squad. It is comparable to a “king of the hill” style mode, where you succeed by capturing a single fortified flag in the center of a map. We also changed the resource allocation and starting budgets of players, so your payback rate is slightly higher, but resources come in a bit slower. These settings allow players to enjoy the mid game longer, utilizing light/medium tanks effectively without the fear of heavy armor and punishing them slightly less for making mistakes. This combination of a single flag coupled with our new resource system leads to a very intense, action packed game mode perfect for a quick round or a ranked match.

... the twin of this one?
RPS: Are the new maps all for the new game mode?

Kramer: Yes, all the new maps allow for Assault Zones, Combat and Day of Victory game modes. They are specifically designed and balanced to fit each mode.

RPS: What can you tell us about future plans for the Men of War games?

Kramer: Currently, we see a lot of opportunity to make Men of War: Assault Squad an even better experience. Our plans are to continue working on additional patches and DLC, which will deliver exciting content, improved gameplay mechanics and new features to enhance the overall quality of the game. For example, we are working on a small, but significant multiplayer add-on to Assault Squad, which likely will be available for free to all our players if we continue our DLC success. Lastly, we are discussing a new title for the series, which is an entire rework of the present game from the ground up. It is too early to talk about details, but one thing is for sure, we are eager to enhance this series significantly.

RPS: Thanks for your time!


  1. Nullkigan says:

    Sounds good.

    I only really want two things from the series: mission variety and big battles. Assault squad lacked the first (but made up for it by being fun with others) whilst Vietnam completely missed the second (and, arguably, the first as well). You didn’t even get to use a helicopter!

  2. Torgen says:

    It’s not the size of the gun, it’s how you use it.

  3. feffrey says:

    Looks like another world of tanks article and it is featuring an ISU-152.
    Nope, it’s MOW:AA, lol

  4. Eggy says:

    Strictly speaking it’s an assault gun rather than a tank but 152 mm of pain works wonders on even the heaviest German tanks. Make sure to hit on the first shot though, reloading is a bitch.

    • olemars says:

      The SU-152 was popular among russian troops for its ability to pop the turret clean off a Tiger.

  5. Shinan says:

    Lastly, we are discussing a new title for the series, which is an entire rework of the present game from the ground up.

    I wonder if it’s an FPS…

    • Mr Bismarck says:

      It’s actually “Men of War : Voice Acting Hero (MowVAH)” – a beat matching game like Guitar Hero where you press keys at appropriate times to make your tiny men shout “For the Motherland!” and “The Aim is in the reach zone!”

  6. Terics says:

    After the patch I’ll try multiplayer finally. Until then. I’m going to go back and play MoW vanilla singleplayer. Those mission on the AS engine would be great.

  7. A-Scale says:

    MOW:AS was a big disappointment. The single player lost the campaign feel I liked so much, lost its context in the bigger picture of the war, and the multiplayer is laggy to the point of being unplayable.

    • GraveyardJimmy says:

      MOW:AS is a multiplayer title. There is no campaign, just some “skirmish” missions. The game is pretty much completely designed around PvP matches.

      It improved the engine and succeeded in its aims as a multiplayer strategy game for me, with some pretty good support post release.

    • hunsnotdead says:

      So you wanted an FPS too?

      Also, Assault Squad lacks single player. It has coop(that can be played alone if someone likes to play Battlefield with bots), and a proper one this time around.

    • -Spooky- says:

      Try MoW:Vietnam then .. only 4 ply camp. coop my azz. Where is the full skirmish mode from AS?!

    • Phinor says:

      As it happens, MoW:AS is my favourite of the MoW games for singleplayer. There’s no campaign with poor story and voice acting but rather just hours and hours of very solid gameplay.

    • A-Scale says:

      If you weren’t playing MoW FOR the bad voice acting and story elements you weren’t getting the full experience.

    • olemars says:

      Guys this is bad.

  8. GraveyardJimmy says:

    Day of victory gamemode came in the last patch a fair while ago, along with 5 maps. There is to be another map pack if I remember correctly, but not sure there will be another game mode.

    Also not a big fan of the “like us on facebook and we will patch the game faster” idea, especially not since they said that they will endeavour to complete it in a single weekend, despite this being announced over a month before the patch will actually be released.

  9. TsunamiWombat says:

    *checks the tanks*

    Different guns, kemosabi, Check the barrels.

  10. nimzy says:

    I am uncomfortably reminded of how often I play World of Tanks. Not only can I name that tank, I can tell you what the model numbers of the two guns in the separate images are.

  11. Gunrun says:

    My favourite part about the update is that they’re not going to release it till they get enough Likes on Facebook.

    • educatedfool289 says:

      My favourite part about your post is that it is a lie.

  12. Koozer says:


    Who says games aren’t educational. That reminds me, I need to go on WoT.

  13. Javier-de-Ass says:

    hey kramer. stop being steam only ffs.

  14. Walsh says:

    Has there been no WoT for Vietnam? I DEMAND MY FREE CONTENT!

  15. Davee says:

    Browser fail, please ignore.

  16. Davee says:


    Sorry. I’ve always been a WWII-interested kind of guy but it’s only after playing World of Tanks for some time that I’ve actually managed to memorize the looks and names of the less-common tanks.

  17. Nostra says:

    For anyone interested to actually watch some great MoW:AS Multiplayer shoutcasts i recommend to everyone to check out this youtube channel.

    That dude is both commentating matchups and organizing a tournament at the moment and updates fairly often
    link to youtube.com

  18. Vinraith says:

    Three words: Dynamic Campaign Mode.

    That is all.

  19. PleasingFungus says:

    Hasn’t Day of Victory been out for a while? I know I’ve seen it in the map-select screen.