Going Balloonistic: Rage

nothing is exploding on this picture for some reason

Just in case anyone was worried that Rage might end up just being Slightly Miffed, the launch trailer, which you may have seen on a televisual device, has come along to remind us what the game is really about. Angry music and mutants being clobbered. Of course, there is actually more to it than that but it’s important to emphasise that the following things will be happening: giant mutants will clamber toward you threateningly, vehicles will flip over and explode, and balloons will deliver explosive payloads to incredulous enemies. See below for proof.

I didn’t even mention the stabbing and that’s right at the start! I’d highly recommend you watch again just to pay close attention to the desperate mutant’s reaction to the balloon. He cannot believe this is the slapstick fashion in which he is going to die. Wonderful.

Of course, this being a launch trailer you may be thinking the game has been launched. Of course not. There will probably be a release trailer when that happens on October 4th in North America and the 7th for Europe.


  1. Anthile says:

    It does look a bit colorless in the trailer, doesn’t it?

    • elfbarf says:

      I’m seeing gray, brown, and a tiny bit of red. Yep, pretty original.

      And personally, seeing “Best Console Game” pop up 6 seconds into the trailer isn’t a selling point for me.

    • jplayer01 says:

      Nowadays, I’m pretty sure modern graphics engines can’t show more than two colours (not including shades). It would at least explain why Gears of War, Crysis 2, Rage, DXHR (gold anyone?), and so on are so … pigmentally challenged.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I agree, except about Crysis 2. That changed colour all over the place.

    • kikito says:

      Brown is realistic!

    • Vandelay says:

      And gritty!

    • Leandro says:

      I thought we were getting over that trend, with games like Crysis 2 and Bullestorm. Bbut apparently not.

      Still speaking strictly about FPSs, these guys should take a look at Bioshock Infinite or Serious Sam 3. Color is good!

    • bear912 says:


    • Sicram says:


    • Xerian says:

      I got shot! JAM IN MY EYES! SO REAL!

    • pipman3000 says:

      Colours other then dirt brown, blood red, and dull blue are lost technology like Damascus steel.

    • Jad says:

      Are we really making the standard “I am surprised that this game is mostly brown and I don’t like this modern trend” complaint for an id game here?

      I remember there were plenty of jokes about Quake’s color scheme back in 1996.

    • Glycerine says:

      It’s just to save the characters they’d use putting Quake 2 in that list of ‘From the people who brought you’s. There’s a recession don’tchaknow, they’re being responsible!

    • BathroomCitizen says:

      Quake 2 had a lovely orange tinge.

      How cannot remember that nostalgic Strogg-skyline?

    • yiqiwanga says:

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    • arash says:

      The internet is your friend mate – and the key word is “Radiosity”
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  2. Bull0 says:

    Anyone else notice how few of the shots fired in the trailer actually bloody hit anything?

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      If you watch closely the trailer explains why with the words “Best Console Game” in large print near the beginning.

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      Try playing any game with the crosshair turned off. It is required for decent footage.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Well, like all FPS which are released on consoles, gameplay trailers are made with a gamepad, because it gives a smoother animation when you turn, more pleasant for a trailer.

      So it could explain why they have difficulties following precisely a target.

      (Not saying that you can’t be precise with a gamepad, but you won’t have the same quality of target-following/pointing that you get with a mouse, which is normal given that one is a pointing device and the other a joystick.)

      Though it’s probably because the person playing for the scenes is not ideal with the controller. I guess that the equivalent for a mouse would be some awkward pointing around the target, before and after, and missing. And It would in general be a much “shakier” visual, less pleasant for a trailer.

    • Bull0 says:

      @DigitalSignalX :D

      I generally concur with you guys, it just struck me that those guns all seemed a bit inaccurate and I had a sudden terror realization that the game may use iron sights and they just weren’t for the trailer. Because no id game of mine has iron sights!

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Killing Floor has no crosshair and is bloody amazing.

    • TheDreamlord says:

      I still don’t understand how people play FPSs in consoles with pads. I admit that I rarely use my PS3 and have little experience with it, but damn, a gamepad for precision shooting games? What’s the point?

    • ThTa says:

      It was initially shown as a commercial in between some sport on ABC, they didn’t hit anyone because they weren’t allowed to show any blood.

      The “gamepads, duh” argument is valid too, I guess. ;)

    • bear912 says:

      Here’s hoping things blow up, disintegrate, and are dismembered in suitably gratifying ways when bullets actually hit things. Dismemberment generally makes shooting monsters much more interesting.

    • Syra says:

      You can see them deliberately missing and cutting the frame when explosions and or a stream of bullets would hit something because its a TV commercial and they cant show any gore at all.

    • Bull0 says:

      There’s the answer I was looking for. Thankyou, cyber-sleuths.

      I KNEW there was something fishy going on.

    • HelderPinto says:

      That’s because if they were to show blood the rating would go up for the trailer.

  3. konrad_ha says:

    I wish I was excited about this. But the more trailers I see the less I am impressed. It just looks so … not very interesting.

    • Garg says:

      I’m the opposite; I started off distinctly “meh” but the more I read and see the more I warm to it.

    • GenBanks says:

      Yeah I’m with Garg… Actually pretty interested in this now (not because of this trailer but other articles/videos) even though I wasn’t interested at all at first.

    • plasticsaint says:

      Yeah, the more trailers and interviews I read about RAGE– the more I absolutely NEED it. The funny thing is, up until they started showing real gameplay footage I was going to pass on it.

    • Zogtee says:

      I didn’t care about it at all, but then I watched John Carmack’s keynote from QuakeCon and I was sold. The pre-order is now sitting in my Steam library waiting to be unleashed.

    • Burning Man says:

      It might be good. It’s certainly not innovative. I happen to not find it appealing, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that I can’t think of any obvious reasons why I should, because it hasn’t got something I can’t get/haven’t already gotten elsewhere.

    • Chaz says:

      Initially I wasn’t too excited by this either, but the last few traliers have really got me stoked for it and I have it on pre-order now. I just hope it’s not a bit of a let down, but it’s ID, so my hopes are high.

    • Premium User Badge

      bsplines says:

      Initially, I didn’t find appealing, but they have done a really good job in the marketing department. The bits and pieces I have seen look at least solid

  4. maybe an idiot says:

    Well the good thing about that trailer is that it reminded me how good A Perfect Circle can be.

    • SanguineAngel says:

      HELL YES :D

    • AmateurScience says:

      You needed reminding? :D

    • Solidstate89 says:

      Kinda surprised they went with this song. While I do love it myself, the whole premise of this song is to blind the individual from actually caring about anything – one such item that you could do it with is videogames to keep the masses distracted if you will.

      I still love the song, and the beat fits surprisingly well with the trailer, but the lyrics of it…don’t fit quite so well.

  5. liquidsoap89 says:

    “Best Console Game”… That is released on 3 DVDs with an optional 22 GB install, or 1 Bluray with a mandatory 8 GB install.

    “Best PC Game” probably wont be true either, but at least it’ll be closer.

    • Mollusc Infestation says:

      I think that would be “most logistically feasible game”.

    • Bayonetto says:

      What has that got to do with the price of fish?

  6. torchedEARTH says:

    As trailers go – that contain actual gameplay – I am rather excited.

    I like the sound track that appears to include samples from the sound effects from the game. Maybe it doesn’t, but even so, it’s very nicely done and makes me want to own a copy.

    Well done ID.

    • Mollusc Infestation says:

      The music and the “brown” made me think of Quake 2. For me, this is a very effective marketing strategy.

    • ninjapirate says:

      The music makes me think that the boogeymen are coming.
      I need to step away from the window and go back to sleep.

    • jonfitt says:

      This is the first thing I have seen or heard from this game which makes me think I might one day want to own a copy.

    • Manburger says:

      The song is Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rythm of the War Drums by A Perfect Circle:
      link to youtube.com

      I agree that the trailer is quite spiffy!

    • PoulWrist says:

      It’s “Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums” by A Perfect Circle.

      Edit: Guess I should’ve refreshed before posting :p

    • Hanban says:

      Looks real neat! Probably gonna pick it up!

    • torchedEARTH says:

      Thank you Manburger and PoulWrist. I didn’t realise, but I appreciate you taking the time to let me know and a link too! <3

  7. CaspianRoach says:

    I was really surprised when I saw RAGE being advertised on AMC’s Breaking Bad this season. One of the main characters was playing it and I was like ‘Wtf, this game is not out yet!”.

  8. BrightCandle says:

    The actual game play videos have made the game look relatively good (although hardly innovative or interesting) but this trailer doesn’t do the game justice.

    ID sold out the PC market, they toned down their games graphics to do so. They were previously ahead of everyone else doing more with limited resource. This bland affair is what they come up with after going out on console as well! The console has had a dramatic effect on the quality of this game. The fact its not a terrible one with awful controls doesn’t change its credentials. Shame on ID Software, they know better.

    • Vandelay says:

      As you don’t like it, can I have your copy? No idea how you’ve already got it though…

    • DrGonzo says:

      I can’t see what’s wrong with this. I don’t remember id innovating particularly. Graphics wise, certainly and this looks suitably shiny and also very bland as were all their games.

      id do people getting shot in the face. I saw a lot of people getting shot in the face in this trailer.

      I think you’re vastly overreacting. The game isn’t even out for a start.

    • Mollusc Infestation says:

      That’s business.

    • Amun says:

      There’s always Doom 4 to look forward to. Maybe that will push the boundaries* in a way that you’re hoping for.

      *I realize it will also be using Id tech 5.

    • Chaz says:

      SO ID release a game that is going multiplatform, and what AAA game isn’t these days, and somehow this means Id have “sold out the PC market”? Personally even from the videos I think it’s looking great and we all know the PC version will have more graphical bells and whistles than the console versions anyway. What makes you think they would have done anything different had it been PC only? If anything if it was PC only it probably would have meant they would have had less of a budget to throw at it.

  9. Radiant says:

    Wait what? THREE DVDS?
    What the hell is this? Lord of the Rings? Porn?

  10. MFToast says:

    A Perfect Circle is kind of weird choice for a video game trailer soundtrack…. but it works! Looks cool!

  11. Turin Turambar says:

    This is not a new trailer, but the tv spot unveiled two weeks ago. But whatever! we will be playing in a week or two…

  12. ghazbanbodarr says:

    Ummmm so that A Perfect Circle track they’re playing in the background is an anti-war song….

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      I’d say it’s a song that’s more about avoiding the conformity that is embedded in consumerism, revolting against the imperialism inherent in capitalism and the blindness of Americans to their political leaders – but certainly war is a big part of that message which does make it a bit strange. It is a very powerful song though.

  13. AmateurScience says:

    The more I see the more I really want to play this. It’ll probably have to wait till 2012 though. I will be buying Deus Ex once I get back from Forn Parts and then Skyrim and whatever random stuff RPS points my way will basically take up the rest of this year.

  14. Strutter says:

    They’re rocks and sand what else would you paint them?
    I’m moderately excited for this since it’s a new Carmack game and the multiplayer mad max style sandbuggy deathmatch looked really fun.

  15. wodin says:

    Brown is the new black which is the new rainbow.

    Apart from that the animations in this game look superb…all studios should take note.

    If I was going to buy one FPS before Xmas this would be the one.

  16. steamingnewell says:

    “SO ID release a game that is going multiplatform, and what AAA game isn’t these days, and somehow this means Id have “sold out the PC market”? Personally even from the videos I think it’s looking great and we all know the PC version will have more graphical bells and whistles than the console versions anyway. What makes you think they would have done anything different had it been PC only? If anything if it was PC only it probably would have meant they would have had less of a budget to throw at it.”

    BF3. That’s a AAA that is NOT catered to consoles. It’s a directx11, keyb+mouse PC only game. That’s the real PC game, not this multiplatform Rage standard fps clone game.

  17. Fo says:

    Looks damn good to me, day one purchase, that and Dark Souls.

  18. Shadowcat says:

    I feel like the other footage I’ve seen from Rage actually looked better than this trailer, which is kinda weird. Still interested, but not on account of this. Of course, they’re requiring Steam, so I’ll be waiting for a big ol’ discount in any case.