And: Eurogamer Expo Returning In 2012

I don't know what this is.
Yes, the Eurogamer Expo, of which our Indie Games Arcade was a tiny part, will be happening again next year. We’ll be there, of course, with our beards and our indie games. Next year’s event will take place between September 27th and September 30th, once again at Earl’s Court. It seems like people generally had good things to say about the event, perhaps because Eurogamer’s worryingly youthful bossperson, Rupert Loman, limited the number of tickets that could be sold for the event, allowing people to get to the games they wanted to play without having to queue for too long. Hopefully that’ll be the policy next year, too.

We, meanwhile, decided to put indie gamers in a black box with pop music playing outside, because that was some kind of metaphor. Anyway, did you attend the expo this year? Will you attend it next year? Will you come to our drink up next year? Will John be getting married again on the same weekend? All good questions.


  1. Bodminzer says:

    People mardying about not enough space

    • Mike says:

      Joking aside, the indie games are all great and it wouldn’t have taken much to double the floorspace for it. There was a bloody massage parlour there for goodness sakes.

      Also, Indie developer session next time, please.

  2. jellydonut says:

    I hope to be there next year.

  3. Chris Evans says:

    I will be there next year, and if things work out, I will make it to the drinking session too :D

  4. Disaster says:

    It was great checking out the indie games at Euroexpo. It’d be good if you could make it wider next year, I kept awkwardly brushing against fat people.

  5. Bull0 says:

    I’ve only been the once, in 2008. It was a bit limited and as ever extremely console-heavy – there were a couple of indie games, call of duty, and some manner of far cry 2 tournament when I went and that was IT for the PC – but it’s clearly got more PC love this year and I think i’m going to have to reassess my opinion of it :) I did enjoy queueing up for Left 4 Dead about nine times. And those guys who own a real-life Rhino APC were there, so that was cool. Ah, memories…

  6. GenBanks says:

    I will definitely try to come next year, I enjoyed it. And the RPS meet-o-chat was a highlight of the day.

  7. Mehbah says:

    I may be late in this observation, but it should be called E2.

    • Bull0 says:

      I think they’ve called it that on here before (Think it was Lewie P? )

  8. sinister agent says:

    Combine the two, and have someone from RPS marry the winner every year.

    Or possibly the loser. Depends on your outlook.

  9. TotalBiscuit says:

    Do us a favour and make the arcade a bit wider plus less glossy screens and awful lighting next time. Makes the filming so much easier.

    Yes this is a selfish complaint.

  10. Bishop says:

    Hopefully next year I’ll have my (yet to be announced) indie game in the booth.

  11. Milky1985 says:

    “We, meanwhile, decided to put indie gamers in a black box with pop music playing outside, because that was some kind of metaphor. Anyway, did you attend the expo this year? Will you attend it next year? Will you come to our drink up next year? Will John be getting married again on the same weekend? All good questions.”

    Yes i will be coming against next year (assuuming i get tickets), but sunday tickets are awful for freebies/developer session/having anyone of any recognisability there.

    Yes i will come to your drinks again, hopefully can help break the credit limit on your credit card this time around, rather than payin for my own drink like a mug!

    Although i was a little worried when i saw the magicka wizard, those guys and drinking parties don’t tend to go well together, explosive results! (all accidential of course)

    Oh and moer room for the indie arcade! I couldn’t stop and loko at the games because unless i was playing on them, i was blocking the aisle!

  12. Burning Man says:

    “Will John be getting married again on the same weekend?”

    That’d be odd. To say the least.

  13. MerseyMal says:

    Well hopefully go next year and possibly for more than one day this time.

  14. TheApologist says:

    It was a really good time, and I would go back next year. As you rightly point out, they had limited the numbers of people and so I got to play the games I wanted to play and see the things I wanted to see.

    Well organised, and a pleasure to attend. Congrats to Eurogamer, and their event people, and to RPS – the indie games arcade was one of the highlights.

  15. Geurge says:

    Was surprised at how much space there was and how easy it actually was to get on the games I wanted to.

    Annoyingly, I completely messed that up for myself and spent 2 hours in the retro zone, and another hour and a half in the tournament zone. Didn’t even think of lining up for Skyrim/Batman. The only game I actually got in a queue for was Battlefield 3, everything else was just, walk up to the game and wait 5 minutes for the guys in front on you to finish playing, was really good.

    Definitely going next year and possibly going on 2 days, depending on how many games there are.

  16. Nihil says:

    I attended both the meet-o-chat and the Expo. Big thanks to everyone involved, it was a very enjoyable weekend.

    Indie Arcade: I would agree with the others that the indie games arcade was a bit too narrow, very warm and the lighting was pretty dazzling, but the games were great as was actually getting to play something on a PC at the event (GW2 aside).

    Expo overall: I was really annoyed at the number of things being shown on the lolXbox, would it really kill them to have a couple of PCs on each stand?

  17. Buzko says:

    18 comments (and one spambot from mzddlin, who sounds like some sort of Welsh wizard) and nobody’s commented about the alt-text? It’s a PvZ Zombie, silly!

    Anyway, sounds like people had a grand time. More of this sort of thing.

  18. Excelle says:

    Eurogamer was great – first proper game con I’ve been to. Next year I will be going for two days though – just Saturday was not enough.

    Also, the Indie Arcade was a little cramped – hopefully next year we can have a little more space and more indies! I got grabbed to play Stellar Impact, which I wasn’t bothered about until I played it. Thanks Indie Dev – new great game to play!

  19. Tom OBedlam says:

    I have to insist that Paradox dress Quinns up as King Arthur next year.

  20. Punizher says:

    i will be there for sure!