TV Confuses Arma With Real Life

Hey, everyone, please join in with the rest of the internet and laugh at ITV. They’ve only gone and made a documentary about Gadaffi’s links with the IRA, and then used footage from Arma II to illustrate it. “IRA Film 1988” it says over a dodgy Frapsing of Arma II. No, they actually did that. Presumably, as PCG points out, because of this dodgy YouTube video. You can watch the clip in question below. (This spectacular stupidity was originally discovered by the BI Forums.)

The timing of this event, given recent trends, is impeccable. Good times.


  1. Thermal Ions says:

    The video embedded in the RPS article has now been pulled.

    Submitted the story to Australia’s Mediawatch (link to Might be good for a filler for them – they usually focus on Australian media snafu’s.

  2. Dammokles says:

    This story is already starting to hit mainstream media:

    link to

    link to